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Juan Garcia-Herreros, Snow Owl – “NORMAS”

Accomplished Colombian bassist and composer playing 6 string contrabass electric guitar.  There are pushing-the-envelope latin-jazz and more conventional jazz pieces here. The 1st track even stretches the 8 bar  traditional ‘clave’ into a 10 bar phrase for a rhythmic twist. Other details include a Balafon feature (trk. 2) and a solo Bass Clarinet  intro on […]

Matt Mitchell – “FICTION”

Philadelphia based pianist/composer’s debut recording.  These 15 pieces were conceived as ‘etudes’, short exercises meant to improve his ability to integrate improvisational techniques into his composed music. Angular, abstract and emphatically played as duos with percussionist Ches Smith.  Many are only 3 to 4 minutes long but dense with virtuosity and on-the-edge mentality.

Nashaz – “NASHAZ”

While taking a cab to a gig in his native New Orleans, the Egyptian driver suggested that guitarist  Brian Prunka should study the Oud…..a fateful suggestion that led to a profound immersion in the study of that instrument and the eastern music system known as Maqam. These jazz/Arabic crossover pieces by Brian beautifully capture the […]

Leonard Thompson – “WAYFARE”

Complete absence of bombast here. Apt descriptors would be; Lyrical, thoughtful, subtle, sophisticated. All composed by  Thompson, these pieces beckon your attention like a soft siren song.  Rewards listeners who appreciate nuance.

Tom Dempsey – “SAUCY’

Classic  guitar/B3 organ/drums trio with Mr. Dempsey’s style coming out of the Wes Montgomery/Grant Green lineage. 50/50 originals and covers. Fine playing.  Swingin’ and soulful.  

WRUV 2014 Rock Singles – April Mix

WRUV 2014 Rock Singles – April Mix 1. The Black Angels – Diamond Eyes (blue horizon) 2. The Raveonettes – The End [Doors Cover] [cleopatra] 3. Wall Of Death – Light My Fire [doors cover] [cleopatra] 4. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Simple and Sure [slumberland] 5. Rodrigo Y Gabriela – The Soundmaker [ATO] 6. Hank Williams III & The Melvins – Okie From […]

Saintseneca – Dark Arc

Dark Arc is the latest album from Ohio band Saintseneca who are fronted by singer/songwriter Zac Little. Their music sounds like a mix of the weird folk of Neutral Milk Hotel with the emo of Cursive or Bright Eyes. The single “Happy Alone” is the most accessible song on the album, with a very catchy […]

The Honey Trees – Bright Fire

The Honey Trees are a pop duo out of California consisting of Becky Filip and Jacob Wick. They specialize in slow, sad, pretty love songs. Filip is the stronger vocalist of the two, giving powerful vocals to songs such as “Nightingale” (one of the more upbeat numbers on here which reminds me a little of […]

Mr. Pauer-Dare Remixes

Dare feat. Ana & Maye Osorio is a single from Mr. Pauer. The original edit has a Lounge feel with Latin influences and has been called Electropico. The remixes are a mix of Dub, Dubstep, Afrobeat, Latin Jazz along with an instrumental and acapella version. The tracks are upbeat and sunny but have a nice […]

Jack Beats-Beatbox

Beatbox is an EP from Jack Beats. The tracks are Deep House with touches of Electro Hop. The tracks are funky and dance floor friendly. Tracks: All Good except FCC: 3

Giganta-Force EP

Debut from Eleni Adamopoulou otherwise known as Giganta is an EP titled Force. The music is a mix of Bass Music and IDM with elements of New York House and Electro Hop. The music is chunky and beat-bopping with wobbly synths and tweaked vocals. Giganta wanted to bring some upbeat vibes to her native city […]

Throwing Snow-Pathfinder

The latest from artist Throwing Snow is an EP titled Pathfinder. The music is Post Dubstep with Bass Music and has elements of Post Rock, World Beat, Gothic and Electro Rock. The sound is quite diverse and dynamic. It has the grit of the Dubstep and Bass Music but with the other genres added it […]


The latest from Tycho is an album titled Awake. The album is very similar to his previous work, Dive, with very dreamy, sunny Ambient tracks. There is a little more guitar and drums on this album giving it more of an upbeat tempo. While I enjoy Tycho’s sound it is a little one dimensional and […]

Conrad Clifton-Picture In Picture

The latest from Conrad Clifton is an album titled Picture In Picture. The music is a mix of Bass Music and Post Dub Step with undercurrents of Jungle and Drum&Bass. The music also has a slight Dance groove to it as well giving the music a little extra energy. This is a solid effort from […]

Panther God-Golden Changes

Full length debut album from artist Panther God is titled Golden Changes. The music is mostly Electro Hop with elements of Synth Pop and Jazz. The music has been described as “warm bass lines and synths meet a medley of samples and thick percussions”. There is also some 8-bit thrown in as well. Overall this […]

Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

Mac DeMarco, the easy-going Montreal songwriter who’s the sole inventor of the “jizz-jazz” genre, has returned with a wonderful new LP, the breezy Salad Days. Never has nonchalance sounded so appealing. Though just as airy and carefree as his last record 2, Salad Days is the mark of a tired man who’s newfound success has […]

PORNO MAGS // PORNO MAGS (Self-Released)

Lo-fi 60’s revivalist garage rock from Chicago, combining elements of early proto-punk, surf, and new wave. It’s impossible to google search their name for an album cover. I tried. PLAY: 1, 4, 7, 5, 9 FCC: clean RIYL: together Pangea, The Black Lips


Home-recorded minimalistic psych-pop. Most tracks are pretty easy listening, with personal lyrics presented by watercolor vocals soaked in reverb. Pretty chill release overall, every track is worth a listen. PLAY: 3, 4, 6, 8, 1, 2, FCC: clean RIYL: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Colleens- Wild Dreams

     Colleens are a quiet indie group based out of San Antonio, Texas. Acoustic guitars, relaxing vocals, and mellow rock rhythms. Give it a spin. FCC: Clean RIYL: Band of Horses, Brendan Benson, Dr. Dog, Elvis Perkins Play: 1, 2, 5, 6

Michael Gordon–Rushes

One long piece for 7 bassoons named after the reeds that are used–“a non-stop barrage of ethereal rapid-fire points of sounds..” per the composer. Very electronic. Sample.

Glenn Kotche–Adventureland

Wilco composer and percussionist, Kotche has composed tunes with percussion background, but with depth from other instruments ( gamelan, strings, piano, clarinet).  Performances by Kronos Quarte, Eighth Blackbird  and Gamelan Gala Tika. Definitely abstract and interesting in its variety. Play!

Der Prinz

Transcriptions of popular pieces for guitar trio, rock, latin, movie scores and a few original compositions performed by the Montreal Guitar Trio (MG3).

ANTH: Latin – The Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove (World Music Network)

A collection of rare and largely unknown mambo, rumba, salsa, cumbia, & descarga tracks from Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, & even the USA. Some vintage, some new. Choose your own favorites from a wide assortment!

Broken Bells – After the Disco

James Mercer from The Shins and producer Danger Mouse release their second album as Broken Bells. What makes After the Disco different than their self-titled debut is now Broken Bells sound like their own band rather than a Shins album produced by Danger Mouse. It opens with the excellent six minute opening track “Perfect World”, […]

We Are Scientists – TV En Francais

TV En Francais is the fifth album from We Are Scientists, who are known for songs like “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” and “After Hours” as well as some funny music videos. They are from California but could easily be mistaken for being British, as they play a style of guitar pop comparable to bands […]