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David D’Anglo-Born In Paradise

Born In Paradise is an album from David D’Angelo. The music is a mix of Electro R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop sensibilities surrounded by Ambient soundscapes. A very smooth debut album. RIYD: DJ Frane, Taylor McFerrin Tracks: All Good

Moon Boots-First Landing

Debut album from artist, Moon Boots, is titled First Landing. The music is mostly Electro R&B with some tracks having more of a Deep House feel. Several guest artists appear including King Kona, Antony and Cleopatra. Overall a pretty solid and smooth debut. RIYD: Disclosure, RUFUS DU SOL Tracks: All Good

Maya Jane Coles-Take Flight

Maya Jane Coles has released her second album, titled Take Flight. It’s an adventurous endeavor, twenty four songs, very ambitious for a sophomore album. The music mixes Trip Hop, Post-Dubstep, dialed down Deep House and Downtempo. The tracks have a solid sound to them but are a little one dimensional. After hearing the first couple […]

Hype Williams-Rainbow Edition

Rainbow Edition is the latest from the duo Hype Williams. The original duo was composed of Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland. They retired and the duo of Slaughter and Silvermane has revived Hype Williams. The music still retains its obscure sound, not quite Hip Hop, not quite IDM, not quite 80’s Analog Synth (you can […]

HimeHime-Bath Texts

Bath Texts is an album from Seattle based artist, HimeHime. The music has a lush Ambient/Downtempo vibe that’s becoming part of the Seattle sound. Mellow and sort of soothing, I’m listening to this on a cold, rainy day with a hot cup of coffee which seems to be the right mood for this music. RIYD: […]

Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society-Ride Under Trees

Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society’s track Ride Under Trees has been remixed. The disc contains the original edit plus four remixes. The music and remixes are rooted in Ambient but there are variations including Ambient Dub and Atmospheric Ambient. All of the tracks have a floating, dreamy feel to them which makes for either a good […]

GRiZ-Good Will Continue

Good Will Continue is the latest from artist GRiZ. The music is a mix of EDM and Glitch and is very upbeat and frentic. The dance floor calls! RIYD: Bassnectar, Gramtik Tracks: 2,5,7,9 FCC: 3


Chicago-based chillout producer, Edamame, has released his latest work titled Bask. The music has a mellow Ambient, Downtempo vibe with organic elements to it. Very similar to Tycho or Bonobo this is a good album to relax to. RIYD: Tycho, Bonobo Tracks: All Good

Michael Simonetti-MIKE FEEL LOVE

MIKE FEEL LOVE is a two track single from Michael Simonetti. The music is pure Disco Dance with some touches of Funk thrown in. Very upbeat and fun to listen to. RIYD: The Juan MacLean, Kraak and Smaak Tracks: All Good

Bulkhead-Lunch Truck

Lunch Truck is an album from Bulkhead. The music has a Minimal Techno vibe that is heavy on the beats and pounds away. Very nice! RIYD: No Moon Tracks: All Good

Lafa Taylor & Aabo-Already Found

Lafa Taylor & Aabo’s track Already Found has been remixed. There are eight remixes and the music is a mix of House, Disco Dance, EDM, And Electro R&B. All the tracks have an upbeat, dance floor friendly vibe. Tracks: All Good

Benni-I & II

I and II is the latest work from New Orleans artist Benni. The music sounds like a soundtrack from a John Carpenter film or other 70’s and 80’s sci-fi or horror films. Heavy on the analog synthesizer with a dark, brooding vibe, Benni creates a haunting soundscape with a retro feel. RIYD: John Carpenter, Vangelis, […]


CARVE + GAZE is the latest from WEN. The music sounds like a mix of IDM and Electro Hop but from the far future. The music has a spacey yet dark feel and it draws you right in. RIYD: Clark, Fhloston Paradigm, Actress, Legowelt Tracks: All Good

Twin Tail/Quiett-Fountains

UK producer Twin Tail and Denver based duo Quiett teamed up and produced an album on the Hush Hush label titled Fountains. Lush and woozy, it’s got a Tycho feel but a little more upbeat. It get’s you grooving without too much effort. Good to listen to while doing the dishes or if you have […]

Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar,Shabaka Kutchings-A.R.E Project

Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar and Shabaka Kutchings have being doing some excavating in the remote regions of this planet and discovered this album titled A.R.E. Project. Hieroglyphic Being’s music seems to have come from the ancient magic of the God’s. He called forth the Disco’s of Imhotep in his last album and with the help […]


EGO is an album from artist RAC (pronounced ar-aye-see). The music is super smooth and is a mix of EDM and Indie Dance. Most of the tracks feature a guest artist (including Rivers Cuomo from Weezer) providing good variety and keeps the hour-plus album from getting stale. RIYD: Classixx, Holy Ghost! Tracks: 3,4,7,8,11,14

Kai Whiston-Fissure Price

Fissure Price is an album from artist Kai Whiston. The music is a little chaotic and a bit hard to describe. There’s definitely an Experimental element here with components of Dubstep, Bass Music, Ambient and UK Grime. It’s a little different and has a refreshing feel to it. RIYD: Forest Sword, Four Tet, Machinedrum Tracks: […]


KINGS is an album from Frameworks. The music is a mix of Downtempo and Organic House with elements of Jazz, Classical and Asian Influences. The music is smooth and chill with a lush, natural feel. RIYD: Bonobo, Maribou State Tracks: All Good

Lafa Taylor /Aabo-Feel

Feel is a collaboration between vocalist Lafa Taylor and producer Aabo. The music is pretty upbeat and mixes elements of Electro Hop, Electro R&B and House. Very fun to listen to. RIYD: Disclosure, Duke Dumont Tracks: 2,4,5 FCC: 1

Sontag Shogun-Patterns for Resonant Space

Patterns for Resonant Space is an album from artist Sontag Shogun. The music is very Experimental and is anchored by the piano. The trio’s pianist, Ian Temple, listened to various recorded sounds and composed his music on the spot to those sounds he heard. The music has a deconstructed feel, you imagine abandoned buildings or […]


The Act of Hesitation is the most recent release from Daktyl. The music is a little hard to describe, there are elements of Electro-Hop, 8-Bit, Bass Music and Ambient. The tracks feel a little disjointed but have a decent sound overall. RIYD: Mount Kimbie Tracks: 1,4

Crooked Colours-Vera

Australian trio, Crooked Colours, debut with an album titled Vera. The album is a mix of Indie with electronica for a smooth, slick sound. A pretty sweet debut. RIYD: Bob Moses, Hot Chip Tracks: 2,3,5,7,8,9

Bogus Order- Zen Brakes vol. 2

In 1990 Bogus Order released Zen Brakes the very first release on Ninja Tune. 27 years later they have released a follow up album titled Zen Brakes vol. 2. The music overall has a pretty mellow vibe with elements of Trip Hop, Dubstep, 8-Bit and Downtempo. The music has a bit of mystery to it […]

Voluptas Mors-Innocence

Innocence is the latest from Voluptas Mors. The music has a Lounge-y, Trip Hop vibe with a seductive, mellow feel to it. Very smooth. Tracks: All Good

Kabanjak-Dubs and Downs,

Kabanjak’s most recent release is titled Dubs and Downs. The album has a straight forward Reggae sound with a smooth mellow vibe to it. Perfect to chill to with a cold drink on a hot summer day. Tracks: All Good