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O’Death Out of Hands We Go

Haunting vocals with fiddle and banjo.  Very easy to listen to.  Full of talent. Try 1,2,3,10,11

J.E. Sunde

Wonderfully simple acoustic folk with great depth, pleasing vocals and harmonies that harken to the 70’s. Slightly religious FYI. Easy to listen to FCC 0 Try 1,2,3,9,10 RIYL Milk Carton Kids, Simon and Garfunkel

Balance Problems

yMusic ensemble is back with their 2nd release  of contemporary chamber music on New Amsterdam Records. This collection features young and upcoming composers Muhly, Balter, Dancigers and Sufjan Stevens amongst others. Play most!

Friedrich Kuhlau–Violin Sonatas Vol. 1

Very gracious, Romantic works for violin and piano. Play!

Allen Anderson–An Opportunity for Mischief

Fairly intense, abstract works for solo piano, or cello, or sax quartet  or small ensemble.

Joanne Shenandoah- Joanne Shenandoah

A 1989 release from this well loved artist from the Oneida Nation.  There are 3 tracks written by the late Floyd Red Crow Westerman, 35 Miles, Going Back and They Didn’t Listen.  She accompanies herself on guitar and her Native language.  Check out her latest release Nature Dance (in the air studio).

Sampler With Medz Hawk- Tea Hawk and Redhawk Woman

This sampler is from Medz Hawk.  Their website is here: The music of this Duo is a balance in voice, message, feelings, spoken word, poetry…from Tea Hawk,”The knowledge and wisdom reflects the light of his ceremonial experiences within each and every song.  From Redhawk, ” our music is conscious, cosmic communication”. Review and listen til […]

Sampler Of Tunes- Redhawk Woman

A spoken word artist with some sweet digital beats.  This sampler from her soundcloud site here:  All tracks are of a style Redhawk calls “Conscious Cosmic Communication”.  These tracks are radio ready and the advice she gave goes something like play as much as you want on the radio!  Look for the Medz Hawk Sampler […]

21st Century American Trumpet Concertos

Interesting collection of trumpet concertos, all varying in style, rhythm. Play!

Martin Boykan–Music for Piano (1986-2007)

Highly abstract, but not necessarily atonal works for solo piano. Interesting in their own way.

Contemporary Works for Clarinet

Very abstract works with some atonality, not easy listening. Try trks 4-6, 9+ 10.

Timothy A. Helisek–Cognisance

Lyrial, minimalist, well-known piano music by Glass, Adams, Part, Cage and one by the pianist.

Woman at the New Piano–American Music of 2013

Contemporary pieces for solo or two pianos, lots of staccato here.

Hozier – “Hozier”

This is a borderline album in the context of whether we should really be playing it at all. It is very poppy, and seems more apt for other local radio stations. Having said that, this is a really good album. Track 3 (“Jackie and Wilson”) is great, and will probably be a Top 100 song […]

Banks – “Goddess”

Modern R&B chanteuse brings some sultry sexiness to a kind of tired genre. Reminiscent of Beyonce’s latest album, with its minimalist production & subtle throbbing soundscapes. Her voice is a bit stuck in the higher registers, but it can be very effective at times. Imagine if Rhianna did a XX album. Play: 1, 4, 10, […]

White Violet – Stay Lost

Stay Lost is the sophomore album from Athens, GA band White Violet. They play a mix of folk rock with dreamy guitar jangle. Stay Lost would make a perfect soundtrack for a Sunday drive through the desert. Some Interesting lyrics that take a back seat to the music. These songs are pretty and pleasant but […]

White Arrows – In Bardo

In Bardo is the 2nd full length album from Los Angeles band White Arrows. They play a style of  psychedelic pop rock that mixes modern and retro sounds, much like a more electronic version of the non-singles on MGMT’s debut album. The songs are melodic with keyboards and falsetto vocals. The album doesn’t sound particulary […]

Rural Alberta Advantage – “Mended With Gold”

I really, really, really, like this album. Particularly track 3 (On The Rocks). This is a really nice collection of heartfelt/earnest, songs, that are executed in a very immediate & attention-grabbing manner. A major reason for this is their drummer, whose percussive work is astounding. They sound like; if Neutral Milk Hotel & The Lumineers […]

Shining Bird – “Leisure Coast”

Good quasi-experimental synth-pop. Smooth, low, masculine vocals over jangling guitar & numerous synth parts create laid-back/chill summer beach vibes. Nice blend of organic instrumentation (acoustic guitars, percussion, etc) and flute-like synth parts. Interesting debut album, but I wish it came out in June. It would’ve made a killer summer soundtrack album. Kind of album that […]

Once In A Red Moon- Joanne Shenandoah

This amazing singer-songwriter gifts us with songs about her Nation (Oneida) and in the tradition of story-telling each song is a re-embering of Traditional values.  From  Canyon Records this CD was originally released in 1994.  Full of feelings and folk-style singing with many verses in Oneida language.  Play All.

Breaking Boundries-Wild Band Of Comanches and Northern Cree

Recorded live at Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow in Salt River Maricopa Indian Community, Arizona.  Sung in Plains Cree and vocables and Comanche.  These 2 popular Pow Wow Drums that produced this CD in the spirit of unity.  Track 11 called Waterkeeper is also a prayer asking Mother Earth for knowledge to do something to […]

Loving Ways-Joanne Shenandoah-A. Paul Ortega

Originally released in 1991 (new to WRUV FM Burlington) these songs are like classics for Native Music Listeners .  The introductions to the songs are special.  Track 5, Paul sings in his native tongue.  Track 9 is sung by Joanne, To Those Who Dream.  All the songs are  “dedicated to those in love, out of […]

Singing Lights-Tony Duncan and Darrin Yazzie

In a new release from Canyon Records with Tony Duncan, the award winning flute player, and Darrin Yazzie on a beautiful “graceful” guitar melodies.  Tony says, “music has always been a way of healing, a way to bring calm and peaceful energy back into one’s life…of love and healing..bring you a sense of balance.”   […]

Stephen Situm–Nocturne

The composer has a background in movie scoring and other music genres. These pieces  (mostly quiet) reflect dreams and also the composer’s wine “Ghost Waltz”.

Anna Weesner–Small and Mighty Forces

As the title implies, these are pieces for small groups or solo, varying instruments, that build in intensity. Interesting. Trk 6 with voice.