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The Telescopes – Where Do We Begin? (Single) (Tapete Records)

Release date: April 14, 2023 RIYL: Sonic Youth, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine FCC: None Hazy, shoegaze-inspired hypnotic rock with a solid groove. One of two singles off their full album coming out May 19!


Canadian bluegrass artist Bella White’s second album offers more of the somber yet entrancing country feel that she excels at. White’s strong vocals are backed by warm bluegrass instrumentals and her melancholy lyrics pull together the bluegrass vibe. Even on the tracks where White is accompanied by only her acoustic guitar, she is able to […]

This Room-Three Beat Slide

With smooth vocals starting off this single, this song’s background music features harder guitar and darker beats that captivate the listener. FCC: clean Label: Self-released

Give a Little Love-Michael Maloney

This single features a catchy, rock, synth mix background soundtrack for Maloney’s echoing vocals. The song features captivating backup vocals and creates an almost techno vibe with the message “give a little love to me”. Label: Self-released FCC: clean

Tarbox – 34

RIYL: Audioslave, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam FCC: Clean Label: Self-released If you need to get pumped up, this song is for you. Sounds straight out of the 90s Seattle grunge scene. Epic drums and a sick guitar solo. Check it out!

Divorce Court – 140

Label: Self released RIYL: FCC: clean New single from Divorce Court is a slow, moody track that still has all the bet parts of a modern psychedelia–lots of synth and a great baseline beneath very melancholy vocals.

Weval – Remember

Label: Technicolour RIYL: Howling, Tycho, Mort Garson FCC: Clean Start With: 2, 5, 6, 10 Funky and unexpected. Synth-heavy feel that sort of hypnotizes you with wavy lyrical distortion. European electronic influence is definitely prominent but the Denmark-based duo does a great job of creating their own sound. Bounces back and forth between a darker, […]

Obituary – Dying of Everything

Label: Relapse Records Release Date: January 13, 2023 These Tampa death metal pioneers are on a tear. Many were ready to write the literal obituary for this band. However, Obituary has released two recent records demonstrating resiliency and an evolving sound. This album is a banger. The Wrong Time is savage. Prepare for death! This […]

Phoneboy – Moving Out

The album is overflowing with a positive feel and overall good vibes. Listening to this album has me yearning for summer. Each song is upbeat and pop-like without being cliché. There’s a variety of instrumentals from song to song, and the vocals are always on point. This album is a great thing to listen to […]

Bunny Michael – Angels Everywhere [EP]

NOTE: MUST CENSOR IF PLAYED Label: Self-Released RIYL: Eartheater, Mykki Blanco, Lafawnda FCC: #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (All are not clean. Must censor.) Check Out: #1, 2, 5 From Promoter: “Bunny Michael is a multi-disciplinary artist, their EP Angels Everywhere is an expedition about holding on to love in a world of chaos and […]

Devin James Fry – Retrellion

Label: Self-Released RIYL: PAULA PAULA, Miyashita Masumi FCC: Clean Check Out: #2, 3, 9 From Promoter: “Devin James Fry is pleased to announce the release of his new album Retrellion on April 11, 2023. Retrellion is a departure from his previous sound, which typically featured him fingerpicking a guitar, either alone or in the context […]

Kevin Morby – This Is A Photograph II b/w Five Easy Pieces Revisited [Single]

Label: Dead Oceans RIYL: Bedouine, Sharon Van Etten, Julia Jacklin FCC: Clean From Promoter: “Here, Morby returns to his landmark album’s bottomless themes with new wisdom, new imagination, and the winking, looping callbacks that tie his full body of work together in uniquely special ways. “Everything you once thought was familiar,” he continues, “suddenly appears […]

Alfa Mist – Variables

Label: Anti- RIYL: Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Talib Kweli FCC: #2 (Not Clean) Check Out: #1, 3, 7 From Promoter: “Traversing luscious, big band swing, head-nodding boom-bap rhythms and yearning melodies, the record is expansive, soulful and moving, in both body and spirit. On Variables, his second release for ANTI-, Alfa achieves his most fully-realized, expressive […]

Santa Cabaça – BIKE

Brazilian psychedelic rock band BIKE’s latest single, “Santa Cabaça”, has a moody sound that grows a bit more upbeat as you move through the three songs of the release. This single was released as a precursor to BIKEs upcoming album “Arte Bruta”, which will be out on May 5. Speaking to this album, frontman Julito […]

Darn That Dream – Arturo O’Farrill

Eight time Grammy winner Arturo O’Farrill’s latest single, Darn That Dream, is vibrant and engaging to listen to. O’Farrill’s mastery of the piano here is clear. This single features two songs, the first, Darn That Dream, is exclusively piano, while the second, Un Poco Loco, features elements including percussion and a groovy baseline. Both songs […]

to me- Pinkshift

Pinkshift’s to me is your emo phase all grown up. It reminds me of bus rides when I was in the 7th grade and melodramatic theater runs. But, it is brought into this decade with its sophisticated instrumentals and haunting vocals. If you want to relive your teen years, or just need a song to […]

Härvest- Poison Ruin

Härvest is Poison Ruin’s second full album since 2021, and features many songs that have some harder rock with heavy guitar and drum instrumentals. Some of the songs give eerie vibes, with crow noises in the background. This album brings you back into the 80s and 90s rock and punk rock scene, with a more […]

The Window Is The Dream – Jana Horn

Austin based singer songwriter Jana Horn’s new album The Window Is The Dream is an ethereal and compelling journey that chronicles Horn’s experiences with love, relationships, friendships, and much more. Horn’s beautiful voice blend well with a complex but digestible instrumentation that breaks the mold of traditional indie-folk. Highlights include “Days Go By” and “Energy […]

Another Celebration at the End of the World- Mammoth WVH

Another Celebration at the End of the World is a fast paced and groovy track that combines all the good of indie rock and classic rock. WolfGang Van Halen has some big expectations to live up to in the music industry with his band Mammoth WVH. This single, off of upcoming album Mammoth II proves […]

Sick Day- Teen Mortgage

Teen Mortgage’s Sick Day is a single that brings traditional punk into the modern day. The fast paced vocals remind the listener of 80s punk but a modern instrumental makes the song super interesting and a song you can rage and boogie to. Would totally recommend checking out their other stuff as well.  FCC: Clean  […]

Manzanita – Shana Cleveland [Hardly Art]

Soft, ethereal, moody pieces from La Luz’s lead guitarist/vocalist. Includes some interlude tracks (2, 5, 10) that would be fun for transitions!

Winona Forever- Acrobat

Winona Forever is an indie bedroom pop band showcasing their spicy guitar riffs paired perfectly with classic mellow tones. The album starts out with a softer tone to it, creating an almost nostalgic feel which then leads into their upbeat pop song Pen Pal. This album will take you on a  beautiful mellow synth rock […]

William St. Hugh–Anamoly

Minimalist strings, drones–slow rhythms but tense

Living Language

A collection of piano works by varied composers and musical eras. Play!

Time Phrase Trio

Abstract works composed collaboratively for trombone, guitar, electronics and percussion. Play!