Monthly Archives: February 2013

Hang Time- Hang Time

Really under-produced and wordy grunge pop. Sounds like a basement show. Relies heavily of the synth, guitar relationship. Cute, listenable and familiar. Check it out. RIYL: Harrison Bighler (lulz), Fletcher C Johnson FCC: YER GOOD! CHECK OUT: 2,3,6  

Grave Babies- Crusher

This music is really good. It combines the best of all worlds. The heaviess/darkness of metal, the melancholy of pop and the authenticity of lo-fi. The album has serious weight, with an intense sense of longing attached to each song. While it sounds and feels like typical grunge, it has accomplished a dynamic and empathetic […]

Warm Soda- Warm Soda

Warm Soda is the dude from Bare Wires. After the dissolution¬† of one fuzzy-buzzy grunge pop band, he teamed up with Thee Oh Sees label, Castle Face and started Warm Soda. The songs maintain their lo-fi, garage feel while remaining completely inside of the “pop” sphere with songs like “Violent Blue” and “Jeanie Loves Pop,” […]

Autre Ne Veut- Anxiety

Autre Ne Veut is an electro indie dude named Arthur Ashin from Crooklyn, NY. Off of Mexican Summer, this is anything but grunge rock. The album is a mix of Diamond Rings-esque shrill and confessional vocals and warped 1990s R&B samples. The album is accessible, yet it takes risks. There is a dissonance to each […]

Lost Animal- Ex Tropical

Atmospheric dream pop, expansive soundscapes and all of those words that one uses to describe indie-pop. Jarrod Quarrel is using his keyboard to create some seriously ambient tunes. At times catchy, at others bizzarre, the album works.

Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy- What the Brothers Sang

A tribute to the Everly Brothers, these songs emote everywhere. Sung by two folk legends-to-be, the album straddles the genres of blues, folk and indie. Check it out. RIYL: Peggy Honeywell FCC: CLEAN CHECK OUT: 2,4,8,12

Ariel + the Undertow

Ariel + the Undertow is the self-titled album from a soulful lady who sings some melodic and beautiful cuts. Now with a full band, the album retains its “sad girls singing sad songs” genre title, but adds a bit more variety to the instrumentation.