Monthly Archives: September 2015

Similar Motion

Very differing works: 2 modern/avant and 1 impressionistic. Play most!

Danish & Faroese Recorder Concertos

Mostly flowing, contemporary works, a bit ethereal, for recorder and orchestra. Play!

Music for Harp

Beautiful  contemporary works for harp with accompaniment,  by Harrison, Peterson, Cage, & Reiter. Play, Play, Play!

Chas Smith–Twilight of the Dreamboats

One long ambient, piece with metal sound sculptures and guitar. Sample.

Barber, Bartok, Jarrett

Keith Jarrett performs works by Barber, Bartok and his own improv piece. Jazzy embellishments, his own the best.

Got a Little Rhythm

Popular American songs over the last century.

Louis Moreau Gottschalk–A Night in the Tropics

Lovely late 1800’s American piano pieces. Play!

Live@NonClassical Vol. 1

Live performances of classical/avant-garde works–good cover of Tom Waits “What’s He Building?” Play!

Zones–Philadelphia Percussion Project Vol. II

Fairly abstract, almost avant-garde works for percussion. Gauger’s nice marimba/vibraphones, bells, etc.

Echoes of China–Contemporary Piano Music

Mostly very lyrical, delicate pieces. Nice!

James Moore & Andie Springer–Gertrudes

A collection of highly variable works for resonator guitar , voice and violin, spanning quiet to odd! Creative.

Max Richter– from Sleep

Works exploring the connection of the brain and music during sleep. The composer hopes these pieces will put you to sleep!With synthesizers, organ, piano, strings, some voice. Ethereal, ambient, quiet, nice!

Leonardo Balada–Concerto for Piano, Winds and Percussion

Highly varying pieces, mixing stridency, modernism and lyricism by an early advocate of experimental, electronic music. Sample longer works.

Parisian Impressions

Beautiful late 19th to early 20th century works for flute & piano. Some relatively unknown or forgotten composers/pieces. Play!

Eric Nathan–Multitude Solitude

Energetic works for horns, wind, string quartet or piano. Contemporary.

Peter Gregson–Touch

Ambient works for synthesizer, cello, piano and string orchestra. Play!

Vieux Farka Toure & Julia Easterlin – Touristes (Six Degrees)

Cross-cultural collaboration between the “Jimi Hendrix of Mali” (Vieux) and a talented early-career American vocalist who ventures into soul, blues, jazz, & pop on various tracks (Julia). Lots of variety here. Smokey vocals & smokin’ guitar make for a really nice mix.

Tom Teasley – Dreams of India (self-released)

Our former Cultural Envoy in the Middle East, a master of percussion, returns with another evocative collection of rich sonic tapestries, this time inspired by traditionally Indian & Middle Eastern themes, embellishments, & instruments. Has a quiet, meditative feel. Nice! Official website

Tigger Benford & Party – Vessel of Gratitude (self-released)

Percussion oriented World-jazz fusion composed by Rutgers University professor Benford, who also plays the marimba & amadinda (Ugandan xylophone) on this recording. There’s also violin, oud, & bazouki (like a mandolin), which adds Middle Eastern flavors. Nice stuff! Official website

Western Standard Time – A Big Band Tribute to the Skatalites Vol II (self-released)

Said to be (Vol II of) the first old-school big band ska project, undertaken with more than 20 world class ska & big band jazz musicians. Really tight & dynamic horn section, true ska percussion, & brilliant arrangements!

Nano Stern – Mil 500 Vueltas (self-released)

From busking on the streets of Santiago Chile to filling stadiums with fans, Nano has been hailed by some as the best Chilean singer/songwriter of his generation. Music ranges from Latin folk-pop to gorgeous romantic ballads. UVM Lane Series performance: Oct 8, 2015 Official website

Midnight Snack-HOMESHAKE (Sinderlyn)

Homeshake’s newest record is a night album. The oozy synthesizer tones and drum machines beats keeps your head nodding off like your sleepily watching a movie, yet you cannot surrender to sleep because you want to hear the next song. It is a slice of 80s bedroom-pop with a twist of R&B. The twangy guitars of […]

B’lieve I’m Going Down-KURT VILE (Matador)

A more acoustic and ethereal effort than Vile’s last release. The whole album expertly plays at the contrast between light music and dark lyrical content and how Vile can blend those aspects like paint on a palette to show light in dark topics and darkness in light music. It’s an album that touches on many […]

The Fratellis – Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied

Label: Cooking Vinyl The Fratellis are back with a new album of their brand of catchy, bluesy rock. On Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied they incorporate some country/folk elements and many of the songs are based on acoustic guitars. Some recommended songs to check out are lead single “Baby Don’t You Lie To Me!” as well […]

Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss

Abyss is the latest album from “doom folk” singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe. This album is both her most accessible work but at the same time some of her darkest and most powerful work emotionally. The music throughout is dark and foreboding, with haunting vocals. At times noisy like on opening track “Carrion Flowers”, other times very […]