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Mexico City Blondes – Blush [Burger Records]

What if Portishead made a record in 2019? One can’t help but wonder if this was one of the musical interests Allie Thompson and Greg Doscher bonded over in Santa Barbara, California when they decided to make music together as Mexico City Blondes. Smooth and familiar from start to finish, their debut album on Burger […]

Tim Hecker – Anoyo [Kranky]

More fantastic experimental electronic music from Canadian composer Tim Hecker, featuring a Tokyo gagaku ensemble. An ensemble of this type consists of at least 16 musicians playing only traditional Japanese woodwinds, strings and percussion instruments. It’s 30 minutes of immersive, addictive, and completely unique compositions that perfectly follows Hecker’s last album Konoyo, which also relied […]

THE VOIDZ – The Eternal Tao [Single] // RCA

The Voidz team up with Mac DeMarco, who produced their newest single, “The Eternal Tao”! The Voidz are known for smashing genres together mixing alternative, rock, electronic and experimental sounds to create their own underground visionary environments. With Julian Casablancas sturdy at the helm, this band of madcaps features the talents of guitarists Amir Yaghmai […]


Third Album from Brooklyn folk rock artists proving to be emotionally raw, powerfully vulnerable and full of realness that will make us question truth and find the light in the darkest of moments. Lyrics that create a fragile and direct line between the inner self and the outer world. Beautiful vocals, melodic acoustics and swirling […]


Finnish composer explores “moods and modes”, operatic with surround sound/electronics, percussion and strings. Label: Ravello Start with: 3,4,5,7,8 RIYL: Meredith Monk, Joan La Barbara FCC: clean

GUIDED BY VOICES – Zeppelin Over China // GBV

Massive 32-song release from the prolific Robert Pollard & Company. Despite the long run time, this album does not drag on, instead firing off quick indie gems in rapid succession. Polished sound throughout that features a diverse mix of high energy and laid back tracks. Riff-centric sound with plenty of great hooks to keep you […]

SATELLITE PILOT – Lovely Day // True Sight

Somewhat Avant-Garde Psychedelic Pop with a strong 60’s psychedelia influence. Dreamy vocals that sometimes drift behind an impressive variety of instrumentation. Interesting pop music that challenges conventional pop norms at times. Label: True Sight Records Start with: 2,3,5,6 RIYL: Ariel Pink, Panda Bear, of Montreal, Animal Collective FCC: 9  

LAST DINOSAURS – Yumeno Garden // Dew Process

Upbeat and dreamy Indie Pop. Great alternating use of distortion and jangly guitar sound. Very light throughout with a happy and upbeat mood during the first half that settles into a more somber and introspective tone on the back half. Solid instrumental sound throughout featuring great depth. Label: Dew Process Start with: 1,2,3,4,7 RIYL: of […]

Paul Lewis–Harpscape

Very lyrical, classical and jazzy contemporary solo harp pieces. Nice!

Spark–Common Sense Composers Collective

Contemporary string pieces mixing classical and abstract, one with like rap, varied works.

Nikoghayos Tigranian– Armenian Folk Dances

Solo piano pieces from the turn of the last century,  intense vs lyrical, from one of the first Armenian folk music collectors/composers. Play!

Haze Mage- Chronicles

Haze Mage– Chronicles Grimoire Recordings 2019Apr19 4/5 Haze Mage hail from Maryland, playing stoner doom with cannabis and fantasy themes. Title track sparks the mind with slow, hazy licks ala Monster Magnet. Storm Blade charges furiously, blistering drumwork. Bong Witch tempts with sultry, stripped-down riffs. Priest of Azatoth opens with foreboding vocals cut with precise beats. […]

Us3r – 1985 [DeepWater]

If you thought 1993 was a good year, take another look at 1985. Back to the Future was the highest grossing movie at the box office, and Chrysler had just turned Grandma’s grocery getter into a menacing torque monster. We had Nintendo, New Coke, the Cold War and lost Route 66. What a time to […]

Clay Beds [Hush Hush]

A couple of electro pop weirdos based out of Tacoma, Washington called “Clay Beds” make their recording debut on Hush Hush Records with thick beats, ambient undertones and washed out vocals. At only six tracks, this cassette only release is densely packed with intricate sound layers spanning R&B, hip hop, dream pop, and rock. It’s […]

Jayda G – Significant Changes [Ninja Tune]

The debut album from Canadian DJ and producer Jayda Guy on Ninja Tune is smooth downtempo dance music for any crowd. Actual orca recordings followed by an arrangement of string instruments on “Orca’s Reprise” is a beautifully sad piece that underscores the artists interest in biology and conservationism. Preserving the natural world is a theme […]

VAMPIRE WEEKEND – Father of the Bride // Spring Snow

Good things come to those who wait, but for Vampire Weekend fans, six years of waiting has felt like an eternity. The New York City icons are finally following up 2013’s Modern Vampires of the City, with an ample 18 track LP, titled Father of the Bride. Whether inspired by the Steve Martin comedy or […]


Kevin Abstract of BROCKHAMPTON has released third full studio album, ARIZONA BABY- produced by Jack Antonoff and fellow BROCKHAMPTON member Romil Hemnani. ARIZONA BABY, which he has said he made “out of survival,” is a loose document of an artist who has weathered life’s bruises and is ready to reckon with his religious past. The […]

In Tandem–Solos & Duos

For a variety of duet combinations, all contemporary, some lyrical, others tense.  Greve’s Aria for trumpet and organ nice! Play!

Music from New Zealand for Two Guitars

Modern works for guitar duet, Body’s with African elements. Play!

BECK- Saw Lightning [Single] // Capitol

After a 30 year career, including 13 studio albums and 7 Grammy wins, Beck seems to be embracing collaboration more than ever. In 2019 alone, the 48-year-old has worked with Robyn, The Lonely Island, Jenny Lewis, and Cage the Elephant. With his 14th album on the horizon, Beck has returned with a new single, “Saw […]

CIRCA WAVES – What’s It Like Over There? // PIAS

Much like the ocean tides that their name suggests, Circa Waves are going with the flow. Shifting away from their usual guitar-centric sound, the band chose to embrace elements of pop, in turn, escaping the trap of monotony that an indie rock band might find themselves in by their third album. After re-discovering an old […]

ARMS AKIMBO – Seven Dollar Paycheck

On Arms Akimbo’s new EP Seven Dollar Paycheck, the band taps into the post-emo garage rock, a genre at its apex when the members met at Loyola Marymount University. Having opened for bands like Walk the Moon, The Animals, and Said the Whale, much of the record focuses on the duality of being a touring […]

Grand Duo

Three pieces for clarinet and piano, 1 classical, 1 Romantic, 1 modern. Lovely!

Portuguese Perspectives–Music for Oboe, Piano and Strings

All contemporary pieces, play most!

Old Fashioned

Art songs from  beginning of  20th century, popular, performed by baritone and piano.