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The Belle Brigade- Just Because

This is a fairly standard poppy-folk-ish album, nothing terribly special just easy to listen to. Strong female vocals with folk undertones, nice to listen to. FCC: Clean   RIYL: Janis Joplin, The Submarines, most poppy music   Play: 4, 7, all!  

Falling Off Maps- A Seaside Town In Winter

A Seaside Town In Winter is a relaxing indie album with plenty of acoustic guitar, quick (but not overpowering) drums, and minimal vocals. It is certainly angsty, but then again the tital of the album certainly hinted at that. Overall, Falling Off Map’s new album is definitely one to try if you are into standard […]

Honeymilk- Lean On The Sun

Swedish band, Honeymilk’s new album Lean On The Sun is a really cool, very chill rock album. Their sound is very guitar heavy, and the vocals are largely chanted and drawn out. They have a fairly standard alternative indie sound, but the guitar solos are super precise and might-I-say bad ass. Give it a try! […]

El Ten Eleven- For Emily EP

  El Ten Eleven’s For Emily EP is an interesting combo of tycho-esque ambient beats and soft indie-rock. Overall this is a pretty cool sounding album, definitely give it a spin. Start with number 1 if this is your first go around. FCC: Clean!   Play: 1, 2, 3 RIYL: Tycho, Faded Paper Figures, Hello […]

Black Pistol Fire- Hush Or Howl

Excellent blues-rock duo from Canada. Black Pistol Fire sounds like a combo of the bluesy-ness of The Black Keys, and the rawness of The White Stripes. Simple, bold guitars and standard rock n roll drum lines. Definitely give this one a try, one of my favorites of the new music finds lately. The whole album […]

Revivalists- City of Sound

Damn good band from New Orleans. Intense, bad-ass old-school rock n roll with a healthy amount of distortion thrown in. They kind of sound like Chris Cornell if he was in an overall better mood… and had more friends to play with. There are guitars, horns, drums, vocals, and all the other essentials for a […]

Howler- World Of Joy

OK, I know I’ve got a special place in my heart for anything Howler puts out… but I promise to try to be as objective as I can on this one. Super fun, catchy band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This album has elements of indie-rock, surf-rock, and of course garage-rock. Super repetitive, super visceral, and loads […]

Colleens- Wild Dreams

     Colleens are a quiet indie group based out of San Antonio, Texas. Acoustic guitars, relaxing vocals, and mellow rock rhythms. Give it a spin. FCC: Clean RIYL: Band of Horses, Brendan Benson, Dr. Dog, Elvis Perkins Play: 1, 2, 5, 6

The Dandy Warhols- Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia Live At The Wonder

     The Dandy Warhols have nailed it again with their new live album. Loads of fun, but a little slower than …The Dandy Warhols Come Down. Still, however, it is similar to the simple goodness of The Dandy Warhols’ previous musical endeavors… That being said, If you like the Dandy Warhols, you are already […]

Broken Gold- Residency At Hundo Beach

 Fairly standard pop-punk. Lots of distortion, ok vocals. Overall a fun album; give it a try if you are into upbeat indie, or other pop-punk groups. FCC: Clean RIYL: Front Bottoms, Los Campesinos!, Enter The Haggis Play: 3,2,1,5

Drive By Truckers- English Oceans

Great Album, typical Drive By Truckers. This album is a solid mix of slow and fast songs, and is super easy to listen to. Twangy guitars, solid vocals… Give it a listen. FCC: 1 RIYL: Cracker, Gov’t Mule, Frank Turner Play: 12, 3, 4, 2

Carsick Cars- 3

Carsick Cars comes from China! This indie-pop band has a fairly standard sound: high pitched, melodic guitars, standard drums, etc… but they are super exciting because they are the first indie-pop band I have heard from China. Overall a solid, fun indie album. Give it a try! RIYL: Los Campensinos!, Nous Non Plus  Play: 1, […]

Glow Mechanics- Schmo Mechanics

The Glow Mechanics’s new album Schmo Mechanics is a solid hip hop release. Clever lyrics and melodic, analog beats combine to make a cool sounding, easy listening album. Give it a spin… FCC: 2, 8 RIYL: Danny Brown, The Cool Kids, Pharcyde Play: 4, 7

Devlan James Band- Mint Condition

Devlan James Band’s new album Mint Condition is a fun, funky blues-rock album. Wailing guitars, powerful drums, and simple vocals make this album a good listen. FCC: Clean.  RIYL: Destroy All Monsters, The Dictators, Gov’t Mule  Play: 2, 1, 3, 5, 9

The Deadmen- The Deadmen EP

     Washington DC based roots rock group, The Deadmen, have come out with an awesome new EP. The album is an easy-to-listen to rock album with country-esque lyrics, and melodic guitars. Pretty standard in the ways of roots rock, but surprising to see an album like this coming from the DC area. FCC: Clean. […]

New Madrid- Sunswimmer

     This four piece indie group out of Athens, Georgia creates cool, relaxing soundscapes with elements of folk, rock, and country thrown in. Although the album was meant to be listened to, start to finish, the songs themselves provide more manageable snippets of New Madrid’s interesting sound. If you like relaxing noise rock and […]

Ryan Webster: The Point Of Pointlessness

Los Angeles recording artist Ryan Webster’s new album The Point Of Pointlessness is an interesting combination of folk, and alternative rock. Distorted guitars combined with country-style vocals create an interesting, and frankly catchy album. His songs are repetitive, and have an upbeat air about them. Give it a listen!   Play: 1,2,4,9,10 (FCC: Clean)  RIYL: Cracker, […]

Daytona- “Daytona”

Solid indie-pop album from NYC trio Daytona. Daytona is comprised of members from Wild Yaks, The Siberians, and Harlem. They have a sunny, upbeat sound comprised of dreamy electric guitars combined with caribbean inspire drums and cool, minimalist vocals. Great easy-listening album, and the unique guitar riffs scattered throughout the songs are a really nice […]

Tim Kasher- Adult Film

Tim Kasher of Cursive and Goodlife has just released his new LP “Adult Film.” After a long break from recording he released the album with Saddle Creek music. Kasher combines pop, rock, and electronic in this unique sounding album. Driving drums, and electronic undertones are overlaid with powerful bass, jamming guitar, and of course Kasher’s […]

Chris Kasper- Bagabones

  Chris Kasper is a Philadelhpia based folk-rock songwriter with an awesome blues-y ssound. His new album “Bagabones” was recorded in a small cabin outside of Woodstock, New York. The album was recorded on a pawn-shop tape recorder and is an awesome combination of haunting instrumentals and soothing vocals. Label: EastGhost Music, ASCAP Play: […]