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VERZACHE – Messed Up [SINGLE] // self-released

From promoter: “On his latest single, “Messed Up,” Toronto-based producer Verzache sings about the turbulent mindset that follows a break-up. Starting out producing trap-inspired beats, Verzache has recently leaned into more lo-fi production, bridging acoustic sounds and laid back electronic production in a way that feels as organic as it does synthesized. This duality lends […]

OKEY DOKEY – Once Upon One Time // Park The Van

From promoter: “Okey Dokey is no longer a band. Indeed, what was once the Nashville duo of Johny Fisher and Aaron Martin has decided to do what no other band has ever done and grown into something bigger… a community. Where most bands attempt to use their exclusivity and fame to attract their fan base, Okey Dokey wants […]

CHINA CLUB – Ming & Zhizhi // self-released

From promoter: ” If you’re yearning for an auditory trip to another dimension, listen no further than China Club. Originally a two-piece from Dallas, TX, the band pivoted to a collective of musicians headed by Kamaron Black (he/him, they/them). Their eclectic soundscapes reflect a marriage of East and West and were borne from a camaraderie […]

NAILBITER – Brace // Hand Drawn Dracula

From promoter: “Nailbiter is the alter ego of Josh Korody, Toronto’s studio guru and producer (known for his work with shoegaze bands WISH and Beliefs). Following his critically acclaimed EP Waveshaper, Korody dove face first into the Techno scene, focusing his creative energy on experimentation rather than form. His next release, Brace (out October 30) is a collection of freeform ideas, experimental […]

REPTALIENS – Wrestling [EP] // Captured Tracks

From promoter: “Reptaliens’ Wrestling EP differs in two major ways from the groups previous releases: It is the first recording project engineered, produced, and mixed entirely by the songwriting duo of Bambi and Cole Browning. Also, it stylistically differs greatly from anything the band has released before, resulting in a darker and more emotive sound, […]

THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS – Made of Rain // Cooking Vinyl

The Psychedelic Furs hit us with their first full length album since 1991! Full of heavy guitar driven melodic and chaotic tracks, Made of Rain is a nice taste of the 80s group gone 2010s rock. Complex instrumentation and a lot of fun melodies makes for a really complete sounding album. If you want to […]

Mastodon – Medium Rarities

Release date: September 11, 2020Label: Reprise Records Mastodon released Medium Rarities to satisfy fans during a long gap between full-length records. This record includes a couple of new tracks, instrumental versions of their hits, some live tracks and a couple of B-sides. Fallen Torches is powerful and probably the best track on the whole album […]

Maple Run Band – Maple Run Band [Back Pasture] (LOCAL)

Local Americana quartet Maple Run Band’s debut album feels totally timeless – despite being brand new (apart from one Roger Miller cover), these songs feel like they’ve always been around. Real campfire sing-along material, with gorgeous guitar licks and harmonies as well.  Track Picks: 2, 4, 9 FCC: Clean RIYL: The Avett Brothers, Gram Parsons, […]

Chazzy Lake – Sup, Circumstance [Self-released] (LOCAL)

The debut solo album from Charlie Hill (also known for his work with J Bengoy) presents an engaging blend of lo-fi, Americana, classic rock and new wave. His songwriting, in terms of lyrics, hooks and melodies, is as strong as ever. A strong recommendation! Track Picks: 2, 6, 8, 9 FCC: Clean RIYL: Fruit Bats, […]

Reid Parsons – Alone [Self-released] (LOCAL)

The latest release from Vermont native Reid Parsons is a slice of smooth, soulful blues, subtle and understated to its benefit, with pristine guitar leads and vocal harmonies.  FCC: Clean RIYL: Grace Potter, Marcus King, Warren Haynes, Sarah King

Madaila – West [Future Fields] (LOCAL)

The first of four EPs announced for release in 2020 by Mark Daly’s one-man band Madaila, West takes a rootsier approach to the project’s sound without sacrificing any of their songcraft. A gorgeous collection of harmonic folky rock with a psychedelic twinge. Track Picks: 1, 2, 5 FCC: Clean RIYL: Lord Huron, Iron and Wine, […]

The Larkspurs – Live at East Montpelier Meeting House [Self-released] (LOCAL)

The first release from local roots revival quartet The Larkspurs features a mix of originals, covers and adapted standards played with freshness, vigor and passion. Track Picks: 1, 3, 6FCC: Clean RIYL: The Wild Reeds, Oh Hellos, The Head and the Heart

Couchsleepers – Only When It’s Dark (Self-released) [LOCAL]

The debut full-length from Harrison Hsiang’s project Couchsleepers typifies his brand of “folk songwriting that tastes like indie rock,” with lyrics centered around romance, heartbreak and insomnia. Track picks: 2, 3, 7, 9 FCC: 7 (clean version available in station and on Subsonic!) RIYL: Pinegrove, Peach Pit, Theo Katzman

Honey and Soul – Separate Her Heart [Tank Recording] (LOCAL)

The new single from Burlington folk trio Honey & Soul is a particularly gorgeous acoustic piece, with soaring strings and gentle guitars topped with passionate three-part harmonies. FCC: Clean RIYL: Brandi Carlile, Iris DeMent, Alison Krauss, The Wild Reeds

Francesca Blanchard – Make It Better (Tone Tree Music) [LOCAL]

The Burlington-based singer-songwriter’s first full-length in five years takes listeners through various aspects of a failing relationship. Highlights include the anthemic title track and “Baby,” a very catchy number with a striking vocal “guitar” solo. Also available is “Make It Better (with friends)” – a new version of the title track recorded in quarantine featuring […]

Madaila – Madaila (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Mark Daly abandoned plans for a series of sonically distinct themed EPs after one release this year, instead choosing to put out this self-titled collection which returns to the synth-pop stylings of his earlier work, with lyrics addressing pressing social issues relevant to the current day. FCC: Clean Track Picks: 1, 2, 6 RIYL: Miike […]

Willverine – Save the World [Self-released] (LOCAL)

The second single from local indie-pop producer Willverine is a slow-paced, drony electronic number with devotional lyrics delivered in low tones, which gradually builds to a triumphant peak enhanced by trumpet and live drums. FCC: Clean RIYL: Hippo Campus, NNAMDI, Joji

Marcie Hernandez – Light a Torch [Self-released] (LOCAL)

The new single from Burlington singer-songwriter Marcie Hernandez blends a modernized retro soul groove with Latin flourishes of piano and trumpet (courtesy of UVM’s Ray Vega) and bilingual lyrics which reference Hernandez’s Puerto Rican roots and Emma Lazarus’ “New Colossus.” FCC: Clean RIYL: Amy Winehouse, La Quinta Estacion, Andrea Cruz

Maple Run Band – Hangin’ ‘Round (Self-released) [LOCAL]

One of Vermont’s premier Americana acts, Maple Run Band’s latest single gives a country spin to an old Lou Reed song. With their lead and backing vocals and clean electric guitars sounding as great as on their recently released debut album, this track will fit neatly into any playlist with a bit of twang. FCC: […]

Sarah King and the Guilty Henchmen – What Happened Last Night [Self-released] (LOCAL)

VT-based blues artist Sarah King turns out a particularly smooth and soulful set of ballads on this album, with detours into harder, funkier material on the title track and “The Gun.” Track picks: 1, 4, 5, 6, 11 FCC: Clean  RIYL: Erin and the Wildfire, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Marcus King

Putamayo Presents – Brazil [Putamayo World Music]

Really fun Brazilian music. Awesome rhythms that are so infectious.

Rachel Angel – Highway Songs [Public Works]

Country folk music that is reminiscent of Esther Rose. Recommended!

Allegra Krieger – The Joys of Forgetting [Northern Spy]

Folk music but with an amplified end that sounds similar to Big Thief. Enjoyable!

numun – voyage au soleil [Musique Impossible]

Minimalist in the style of the Eno/Fripp duos. New agey type spa music that is actually pretty decent (do not think spa music is a knock). Shoegaze fans might enjoy!

Eli Winter – Unbecoming [American Dreams]

3 extended pieces from this guitarist, Eli Winter, in the John Fahey type bag. Dreamy and floats nicely like Michael Hedges. Pretty stuff.