Monthly Archives: December 2022

Barre Philllips & Gyorgi Kurtag Jr.–Face a Face

Improvisations for electronics and double bass–other worldly.

Avner Finberg–The Four Seasons of Isolation

For violin + electronics, somber works and Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven with music.

Andrew List–From the Heart of Ra

Interesting works for viola + strings, contemporary. Play!

Through Broken Time

Modern African composers and minimalist works for flute, play! Piano accompaniment.


Works for bassoon and accompaniment from various musical eras.

Sarah Belle Reid & David Rosemboom–NOWS

With synthesizers, computers, electronics + instruments, sci-fi sounding works.

Debussy & Ravel–The New Epoch

French composers’ works for cello, piano, violin–post-impressionistic. Play!

Steven Ricks–Assemblage Chamber

Abstract works, varied instruments–harpsichord, strings, guitar. Interesting!

Globe Travel Homeland

Piano duo + percussion, all contemporary/abstract. Play!


Drums, guitar + electronics, very abstract, by various composers.

Mateusz Ryczek–Cello Works

For cello and strings, electronics too. Abstract, plucking, keening works.

On the Move

Ensemble Alternance performs plucking/picking strings by various composers. One with flute.

Alex Lubet–songs in time of plague

Slow works for dulcimer in 17 tunings. Play!

Lakota Music Project

Works by Lakota composers–with Native American drums, flute and western instruments.

The Mountain Says No – Unemployer (cave of legends) [LOCAL]

Hailing from Enosburg, VT, The Mountain Says No have a truly unique sound. Different tracks on their latest album pull from prog, psychedelia, and jam-band music in equal measures, with vocal stylings ranging from distant and ethereal to in-your-face shouts. Now finally available on all streaming services! Track Picks: 2, 4, 5, 8 FCC: Clean  […]

Make Believe – Garrett Bryan and the Travelling City Committee (Fulton Amusement)

In their third album, Garrett Bryan and the Traveling City Committee take listeners through the story of two people. The album is full of powerful production and folky melodies. Some tracks are upbeat and rhythmic with building vocals, while others are more stripped down.  Track Picks: 4, 3 FCC: Clean RIYL: Chris Stapleton, The Head […]

It Is Lighter Than You Think – Silver Liz (Extremely Pure)

Silver Liz is the musical project of couple Carrie and Matt Wagner, known for their exploration of a variety of genres. This album primarily features soft doubled-vocal melodies over loud guitar and drums to create the classic indie rock sound. The tracks range from big, loud, complexly-produced, songs to reflective tracks with layered vocals and […]

All Is Quiet – Susan Cattaneo (Susan Cattaneo/Jersey Girl Music LLC)

All is Quiet is a melancholic album with clear vocals over acoustic guitar melodies. All of the songs use poetic lyrics and slow-building harmonies to create the mood. Simplistic but effective production with a folk, singer-songwriter feel.  Track Picks: 1, 2, 7 FCC: Clean RIYL: Indigo Girls, Brandy Carlile, Crosby Stills & Nash

Deanna Petcoff – To Hell With You, I Love You (Royal Mountain Records)

To Hell With You, I Love You, uses somber lyrics to create a mix of rageful and heartbreaking tracks. Deanna Petcoff’s album is full of emotion and has lots of variety. Her voice stands out on each track, though some are backed behind gritty guitar and drums and others are voice and piano alone.  Track […]

Eddy Lee Ryder – “Cold River”

A melding of classic rock and traditional country music, Ryder’s single “Cold River” delivers a hauntingly whimsical song with sparkly riffs and moody rock melodies. RIYL: Bat For Lashes, Blonde Redhead, Mazzy Star

Pillow Queens – Leave The Light On

Irish indie band from Dublin, Pillow Queens’s second album is an “exploration of the uncertainty of emotions” which speaks for itself through the vocals. It shifts in and out of melancholic tones and has a swirly mood throughout its songs. Driven by powerful, spacey guitars and big-hitting drums that collectively make this album is worth […]

Marcus King – Young Blood

Release Date: August 26, 2022 Label: Republic Records Marcus King‘s new release, Young Blood proves that he has become a musical juggernaut…plain and simple. On this release, King draws from his musical influences to capture the sound of Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top. He does not disappoint. Lie Lie Lie is a standout anchored by a […]

Gus Englehorn – Dungeon Master (Secret City Records)

Brilliant outsider punk music. Despite its obscurity, the album is very palletable, and musically impressive. Englehorn’s expressive lyrics work in perfect unison with adventurous instrumentals to project incredibly complex emotions. Track Picks: 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10

Monophonics – Sage Motel (Colemine Records)

The ever-impoving Monophonics team up with Kelly Finnigan to produce this lineup of crafty, soulful arrangements. Production quality is outstanding – a multitude of instruments come together to create a very full sound, the vocals shining through the rolling drums and driving bass. Funk, soul, and jazz styles are implemented throughout the album. Track Picks: […]

Emma Cook – Meet My Maker [Questionable Company] (LOCAL)

Local singer-songwriter Emma Cook’s latest single is a folk-country tune about the changes and questions that arise on life’s unstoppable journey towards death – and is nowhere near as ponderous or depressing as that description would suggest. Instead, it sounds like a mid-tempo dance in a dusty barn, with brushed drums, upright bass, fiddle and […]