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Transcriptions of Brazilian modern works, for recorder quartet. Fun!

New Nordic Piano Music

Abstract, modern (1960’s-80’s) solo piano, lots of staccato and rhythmic variations. Play most!

Anne Neikirk–Spring Shadows

Abstract, mostly lyrical works for sax, flute, harp or percussion, with subtle electronics

Prisma vol. 3

Gracious, new orchestral works, fairly short and varying in intensity/stridency. Play most!

Charles Amirkhanian–Loudspeakers

Pianola/player piano and MIDI and text-sound pieces with electronics and voices.

Presenting Liz Hogg

Works for or transcribed for guitar, from several musical eras, nice mix!

Dancing on Glass

Varying, nice string chamber pieces by women composers, all contemporary.

From Shadow to Light

Modern Polish wind works–elegant, gracious. Play!

Gloriosa Trio

Modern and contemporary works for piano trio, all varied. Play!

Kate Amrine–This Is My Letter to the World

Trumpet-based pieces with inspiration/words on political issues, abortion, climate change…

Clickable–The Art of Persuasion

Flute and percussion (vibes, marimba etc) with words covering the topics of social media, novels, ads and folk stories.

Lines at Dusk

Interesting contemporary horn-based works with accompanying winds and piano.

Arnold Schoenberg–Violin Concerto, Verklarte Nacht

Modern/abstract orchestra w/ violin–some stridence, but also quiet, very nice. Play!

Etereo–New Music for Flute

Mostly solo flute, contemporary, some strident pieces but predominantly quiet, Helmuth’s with electronics. Play!

Dirk-Michael Kirsch–Isles of Dreams–Chamber Music for Harp

Lovely contemporary works for harp with winds/ strings. Excellent!

Mirrored Glass

Wonderful minimalist pieces by Southam and Glass, transcribed for marimba. Play!

Extant Blues

Trio Accento performs contemporary works varying in ambience and rhythm, including jazz and kazoos!

French Cello Music

Lovely Impressionistic cello pieces by Debussy, Koechlin, Ravel, Faure and Boulanger. Play!

Franco Margola–Music for Mandolin

Modern works for mandolin, with guitar, violin and/or piano, with elements of Renaissance, but not quite. Play!

Diana Cemeryte–Recorder & Accordion

For recorder and/or accordion, some discordance/loudness vs. almost lyrical.

Bhavani’s Oboe

Modern works for oboe with flute and/or piano. Nice mix!

Rez Abbasi & Isabelle Olivier–OASIS

A mix of classical/jazz and world sounds with harp, guitar and tabla, most pieces by Abbasi or Olivier, a few transcriptions. Play!

Rose Petals-Canadian Music for Viola

New Canadian pieces for viola and piano duo, lyrical to stark, almost atonal. Play most!

Miguel Farias–Up and Down

For a variety of instruments (winds, percussion, voice, electronics), varying works with plucks, stops, beats and other sounds from the instruments. Sample.

Henry Charles Litolff–Piano Trios

Romantic works for violin, piano and cello. Gracious!