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Eric Whitacre–Marimba Quartets

Lovely marimba works, both slow and fast. Play!

Nocturnes and Lullabies

Some of these are fairly tense and strident for piano nocturnes, all contemporary and interesting!

20th Century Flute Sonatas

Modern flute works demonstrating the instrument’s power and ranges. Prokofiev’s piece well-known.

Xiaogang Ye–December Chrysanthemum

Combining Western and Asian instruments/styles, beautiful  chamber works.

Cooke, Jones & Williams–Oboe Sonatas

Modern to contemporary works for oboe and piano, one by the oboist. nice!


Works by Saint-Saens, Ginastera, Debussy and others, transcribed for harp, mandolin and guitar, all modern. Play!

Svetlana Bukvich–Extension

Electronic/mixed media works inspired for contemporary dance–with voice, drones, ambient soundscapes.

Drew Whiting–In Lights Starkly Different

Ranging from loud, abrupt to lyrical, abstract works for saxophone and electronics. Play most!

Wind Music–Atlanta Chamber Winds

Modern to contemporary, varying in rhythms, abstract. Play!

Glossolalia/Lines on Black–Wet Ink Ensemble

Works by two composers who are members of Wet Ink Ensemble, Alex Mincek and Sam Pluta, highly abstract with group collaboration/improvisation for flutes, sax, piano, percussion, electronics, voice and violin. Play!

Dan Trueman–Songs That Are Hard to Sing

Really interesting works for strings and percussion/bit klavier, a little microtonal. Sample!

Ilari Kaila–The Bells Bow Down

Lovely, lyrical, abstract and contemporary works for string quartet and piano by Finnish composer. Play!

Zephyr Quartet–Epilogue

Australian string quartet with compositions by its members, classical/folk/blugrass. Excellent!

Alan Hovhaness–Across the Ages

Combining Eastern and Western musical styles, gracious, modern works for cello/piano and one with percussion.

Hans Werner Henze–Works for Double Bass

Excellent modern works for solo double bass, multiple basses, and/or orchestra.

Andrzej Karalow–THROUGH

Contemporary, abstract chamber works with staccato, silent spacings and lyricism. For strings, clarinet and percussion.

Flute/Clarinet Chronicles–Crescent Duo

Contemporary works for flute and clarinet. Some voice. Nice!

Civitas Ensemble–Jin Yin

Interesting Asian/Western works by living composers. Excellent!

Robot Koch–The Next Billion Years

Ambient, electronic/techno + strings/drums/winds. Excellent!

Kancheli–33 Miniatures

Works by Kancheli, Altunyan and Tsintsadze, demonstrating “simple piano” pieces, some with cello. Play!

Barry Mills–Vol. 6 Interbeing

Intentionally lyrical, rhythmically varying pieces for a variety of instruments, some voice. Lovely!

Quartet Quintet

London Symphony Orchestra Percussion Ensemble performs a variety of works/transcriptions by Reich, Corea, Simcock and others. Play!

Beyond the Horizon–New Music for Lever Harp

Lovely originals and transcriptions, all modern/contemporary. Play!


All contemporary works for viola with the violist singing/ talking or other vocal sounds, some almost sound Baroque. Interesting!

Horn Monologues

A variety of solo horn works/transcriptions, many first recordings of these modern works. Excellent!