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Richard Carr–Places I’ve Walked

Lovely, evocative works for a variety of instruments, inspired by his world-wide treks. Environmental sounds, voices in addition to instruments. Play!

Swan Hennessy–Complete String Quartets 1-4

Romantic yet modern  works for string quartet. Play!

Mieczyslaw Weinberg–24 Preludes

Composed between 1960 and 1970, cello solos here transcribed for violin–tense, keening, emotional.

Simon Zochbauer–Achad

Trumpet + string quartet, modern/contemporary, varying. Nice!

Dileramando Reis–Guitar Music

Lovely guitar pieces, modern, Brazilian. Play!

Speak, Be Silent

Four contemporary composers, quiet or staccato or loud. All pieces very different.

John Robertson–Virtuosity

Nice orchestral works, some fairly short, clarinet concerto particularly nice!

Forgotten Dreams–Australian Guitar Music

All contemporary solo guitar pieces. Nice!

Christoph Enzel–Rosary

Smooth, ambient, mostly sax forward pieces, occasional strings, vocals. Play!

Ylva Klog and Andrea Tarrodi–Piano Pieces

Solo piano pieces, mostly minimalist, quiet works by two composers. Nice!

Cormac Byrne and Adam Summerhayes–Stone Soup

Fiddles, Indian strings, percussion works with Indian, Middle Eastern, and Irish folk elements. Play!

MIchael Zev Gordon–In the Middle of Things

Contemporary works for clarinet, violin, piano and cello, solos, duos or all, either languid or staccato. Interesting!

Juri Seo–Respiri

Contemporary string pieces, trk 2 like a modern Bach–wide range of string sounds. Play!

Paul Muller-Zurich–String Quartet op. 4

Very gracious modern string quartets and a trio by a Swiss composer. Very nice!

Michele Rabbia, Gianluca Petrella, Eivind Aarset–Lost River

Meandering, improvised pieces for drums, electronics, trombone, guitar. Pieces are varied, some more electronic/avant than others. Play!

Duo Fantasy

Violin and piano duos by 3 composers, early 20th century plus one modern. Bax’s particularly nice!

Colour and Light–20th Century British Piano Music

British works, modern, either lyrical or abstract, and most very short. Play!

Simonne Draper–Portraits in Guitar

Contemporary and modernized traditional sounding guitar, with some,  I thought somewhat marred by electronic orchestra.

Robert Schumann–Fantaisie, Kreisleriana, Kinderszenen

Known and lovely solo piano pieces, Romantic!

Daniel Elms–Islandia

Electro/acoustic pieces, minimal, lyrical, all inspired by the people and places of NE England. Nice!

Jeffrey Brooks–The Passion

Three pieces for amplified large ensemble, rhythmically varying. Play/sample!

Direct Contact

Solo piano pieces by varied composers, all modern/contemporary. Excellent!

Paul Lewis–Harpscape

Very lyrical, classical and jazzy contemporary solo harp pieces. Nice!

Spark–Common Sense Composers Collective

Contemporary string pieces mixing classical and abstract, one with like rap, varied works.

Nikoghayos Tigranian– Armenian Folk Dances

Solo piano pieces from the turn of the last century,  intense vs lyrical, from one of the first Armenian folk music collectors/composers. Play!