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Rough Magic

Interesting, abstract choral works.

These are works composed in the style of other composers but in microtones. Nice!

Bruce Wolosoff–Paradise Found

For cello + piano, lyrical works celebrating the Earth.


Abstract and lyrical commissioned works–piano, violin + cello.

Pinnacle Vol. 3

Contemporary works for winds, strings or various combinations, mostly lyrical. Play!

Breathing, Remembering, Dissolving

The Kukuruz Quartet composed of 2 pianos and 4 pianists perform commissioned works, abstract, highly varied. Some with tape.

Souvenir d’Espagne

Works by Turina and Castelnuovo-Tedesco for strings–modern.

Camille Saint-Saens–Sonatas

Impressionistic works for violin and piano, varied rhythms. Nice!


Interesting mix of tuba and other instruments, Classical to contemporary.

whole heart

Cellist Claire Bryant performs interesting contemporary, abstract pieces accompanied with viola/violin,

Giorgio Colombo Taccani–Watcher

Abstract works built on fragments of other works, various instruments.

Gail Kubik–Symphony Concertante

Abstract orchestral works.

I Dreamed of Invisible Journeys

Kevin Kastning and Mark Wingfield perform improvisations for 36 contra guitar (and others) with electric guitar.

British Cello Works Vol. 2

Gracious Romantic to modern works.

Herbert Howells–Piano Music 2

Gracious, lively Romantic to modern solo piano.

Steve Reich–The String Quartets

Fairly intense works with voice about 9/11.

I and Thou

Highly varied cello duos, lyrical to edgy.

Kevin Puts–The City

For varied instruments, oboe, marimba etc., contemporary works. Play!

Mette Henriette–Drifting

Flowing, lyrical sax with other occasional instruments.


From different eras, gracious works for harp and piano.

Illustrazioni–20th Century Italian Piano Music

Gracious, modern solo piano, varied rhythms.

Peter Gregson–String Quartets 3 & 4

Lyrical, minimalist string pieces. Play!

Alex Temple–Behind the Wallpaper

Spoken/sung songs + string quartet.


Mostly impressionistic works for harp and oboe, some Latin. Nice!

Roberto Sierra–Sonatas 1-3

Mostly robust piano solos.