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Kevin Kastning & Balazs Major–Kismaros

Further explorations and improvisations for percussion and 30 string contra-alto guitar. Play! Advertisements

Poul Ruders–Occam’s Razor

Composed since 2000 on, guitar-based pieces, solo, duos, quartets, with other instruments. Mostly very short pieces, varying rhythmically. Play!


Modern/ Romantic South American music for or transcribed for, classical guitar, including pieces by Piazzolla, Lauro, Gismonti and others. Play!

Jenny Olivia Johnson–Sylvia Songs

Songs for an hommage to Plath’s work and living places, with instruments, electronics and tape.

Douglas Anderson–One at a Time

Abstract solo works for a variety of instruments, some with tape. Interesting!

Michael Winkler–midlife

Lyrical, contemporary guitar pieces, varied rhythmically. Play!

Ravel and Debussy Sonatas

Blake Pouliot and Hsin-I Huang perform known pieces for violin and piano. Nice!


Argentinian and Spanish composers’ pieces transcribed for flute, gracious. Play!

Music of David Loeb–Musica Transcpacifica

Combining Western & Japanese voice and instruments, decidedly Asian in tone. Play!

James Tenney–Harmonium

Heavy on strings used with droning and repetition, rising and with voices and other instruments. Trks 3 + 4 mimic Asian instruments. Sample.

No Era

Areon Flutes (flute trio) performs these ethereal, ambient works by Clay, Aminkikia and Brown. Play!

Music for Violin & Guitar

Transcriptions of works, some well-known, for violin and guitar. Includes pieces by Ibert, Part, Mozart, Dowland and Piazzolla amongst others.

Marc Mellits–Smoke

Highly varying works with jazz, funk, rock, classical for a nice mix of instruments: marimba, guitar, strings and sax. Play!

40 Years of Contemporary Music

The title refers to the 40 yrs in which Grupo Encuentros has performed. The works range from late Romantic to modern and contemporary, by composers from Europe and Latin America, including Ginastera, Boulez, Berio and Villa-Lobos.

Hans Werner Henze–Violin and Viola Works

Really nice, semi-abstract, modern works for either violin or viola. Play most!

Ravel, Franck, Ligeti, Messiaen

Works for violin and piano, from late Romantic to modern era, performed by Duo Gazzana. These are diverse pieces, Franck’s well-known. Play!

Hommage aux Demoiselles Eissler

Music from the Romantic era for harp and violin. Gracious and lovely.

Bruch–Scottish Fantasy

Joshua Bell and Academy of St. Martin in the Fields perform these forceful and emotive pieces by Bruch, known for his choral compositions, not his instrumentals. Play!

Monica Houghton–Of Time & Place

Interesting contemporary pieces for a variety of instruments,  solos, duos and groups, some voice. Lyrical and abstract. Play!

Steve Tibbetts–Life Of

Quiet, ambient guitar with cello and percussion, jazz based with classical elements. Nice!

James M. Stephenson–Liquid Melancholy

Contemporary works for clarinet, with oboe, orchestra or piano. Elegant. Play!

Guitar Music of Carlo Domeniconi

Solo guitar works withd Anatolian, Arabic and Spanish influences. Play!

George Antheil–Specter

Early works of a modernist/avant-garde composer, unexpectedly lyrical. Play!

The Spirit of Sound

Harp & percussion works with Asian, Spanish and Armenian elements. Beautiful!

Fantaisies Brillantes

A mix of pieces for flute & guitar from different eras and genres. Play!