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Portraits of England

English works for clarinet and piano, mostly modern. Play!

Brahms–String Sextets

The Cypress String Quartet chose Brahms for their final recording. Elegant, with Baroque, classical and Romantic elements. Play!

Bohemian Trio–Okonkolo

Really nice mix of classical with jazz, and Afro-Cuban rhythms (piano, cello and sax). Play!

Dana Jessen–Carve

Commissioned works for bassoon and electronics with additional sounds, some quite odd, others more accessible.

Canadian Panorama

Modern Canadian pieces for various wind configurations, varying in style.

Hat Trick–Garden of Joys and Sorrows

Modern and contemporary works for harp, viola, and flute. Play!

sevenfive–The John Corigliano Effect

Gaudete Brass performs pieces inspired by Corigliano, contemporary, varying in style.

Michael Byron–The Celebration

Flowing, strident and lyrical music for piano quintet with baritone voice and poems by Anne Tardos. Play/sample most!

Mari Kimura–Voyage Apollonian

Violinist Mari Kimura performs her own pieces and others’ with electronic effects. Play most!

Tchaikovsky–Works for Violin & Orchestra

Well-known, Romantic pieces, gorgeous!


Elegant contemporary and modern pieces for saxophone covering a range of rhythms and styles. Play!

Dialogues–Flute & Piano

Modern works for flute & piano by Juon, Lauber and D’Alessandro. Play!

Erik Griswold–Ecstatic Descent

One long piece for prepared piano (bolts, screws, rubber, paper, cardboard) utilizing the whole keyboard and its percussive ability.

Joseph Livingstone–Resurrection Time!

Highly diverging works seeking to symbolize both resurrection in religion and in surviving difficulties. A wide range of instruments, some jazz, avant and classical elements. Interesting!

William Hellerman–Three Weeks in Cincinnati in December

One long, seamless piece for solo flute using very difficult techniques: multiple stops, whistle tones and abdominal tremolo. Only Robert Dick has played this piece from 1979.

Sergio Cervetti–Sunset at Noon

Pieces inspired by those who have died from incurable illness and/or neglect. A variety of instruments and rhythms (minimalism with folk and classical elements).

Saint-Saens, Ravel, Gershwin–for Piano & Orchestra

French and American works, post impressionist. Nice!

Playing Favorites

Mostly contemporary works for trombone and piano. Play!

Max Richter–Solo Piano Works

If you like Philip Glass’ piano, you will probably like these lyrical, minimalist pieces. Play!

Nicholas Chase–Bhajan

Electric violin with computer and electronics–very spacey and sci-fi! Sample!


Symphony band music featuring winds, and some voice to female poet’s works. Some nice pieces!

Chamber Works of Henri Marteau & Alexander Zemlinsky

Pieces by two early 2oth century composers–featuring winds, viola, cello. Play!

Schumann, Bach & Brahms

Marta Argerrich and Itzhak Perlman perform these classic pieces.

Dover Quartet Plays Mozart

You know this composer and his beautiful works…

Darius Milhaud–Complete Violin and/or Viola Sonatas

Lovely, Neo-Classical works. Play!