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Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo–Ethereal I

Improvisations for piano, contra-stringed guitar and electric guitar. Meandering, as the title suggests, ethereal. Play! Advertisements

Passages–Music for Flute & Horn

A diverse mix, modern or Romantic pieces.

Roberto Sierra–Works for Cello & Piano

Mostly intense, abstract works, some quite nice!

John Cage & Tom Johnson

Nice mix of pieces for all (or any!) instruements and one with voice counting. Johnson’s “Rational Melodies” are particularly striking. Play!


Sybarite5, a string quartet specializing in 21st century pieces, performs works by Dan Visconti, Andy Akiho and others. Play!


Beautiful, modern classical guitar, Brazilian and more with pieces by the guitarist, Jose Fernandez Bardesio. Play!

Nordic Noir

Mari Samuelsen and her brother Hakon have commissioned new works from Scandinavian composers. These are minimalist, quiet works. Play!

Keith Jarrett–Tales from Our Time

Acclaimed pianist Jarrett performs his own works, more classical than jazz, but a melding of the two.

Giacinto Scelsi–Music for Solo Cello

Keening, droning solo cello pieces, and interesting in their own abstract way. Play! All composed prior to 1974.

Neil Thornock–Cosmology

Ethereal, abstract, Impressionistic solo piano pieces. Play!

Georges Bizet–Piano Works

Romantic, bravura solo piano pieces, yet modern in sound. Play!

Leon Gurvitch–Poetic Whispers

Impressionistic piano pieces, some improvisations with a mix of works by the pianist and others. Play most!

Faure, Franck, Ravel & Poulenc

Cello and piano works by these Romantic, and Impressionist French composers. Play!

Brian Buch–From the River Flow the Stars

Very interesting contemporary, abstract string quartets, lots of sound changes. Play!

Piano Cubano

Modern pieces by Lecuona, Farinas and Alen–sprightly, gracious and lilting. Play!

Steven Kemper–Mythical Spaces

Inspired by myths, electro-acoustic with robotic instruments. Mostly quiet with slow starts.

Steven Burke–Dreamforms

Very emotive and ethereal, contemporary works for strings with piano or clarinet. Trk 6 is more forceful. Sample due to length. Play!

Trasfigurazioni–Flute & Harp

Abstract, contemporary works for flute & harp by Italian composers. Play!

Bo Gunges–12 Studies

Two versions of each piece, usually one with piano, the other with alto sax & harp or strings & accordion. Minimalist, nice!

Eric Klein–The Myth of Tomorrow

Really interesting, varied pieces for a variety of instruments, all contemporary. Play!

Claude Debussy–Images, Children’s Corner…

Beautiful Impressionistic piano pieces, some very well known. Play!

Raffaele Calace–Music for Mandolin Quartet

Pieces for or transcribed for mandolin quartet by a Neapolitan composer from the early 1900’s. Beautiful ethnic string pieces–you can here similarities in music from Latin America.

Giacinto Scelsi–Collection Vol.8

Scelsi’s  frequently abstract works predate avant-garde, so surprisingly on this disc, there are some highly lyrical pieces for violin, cello and piano. Play!


A mix of pieces, classical, avant, discordant, to more lyrical and playful. Some with harpsichord.

Alla Elana Cohen

Fairly abstract pieces for cello & piano, some discordant, others more mellow