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Kuniko Kato Plays Bach

Bach like you’ve probably never heard–marimba transcriptions of some of the cello suites and violin ¬†sonatas. Play!

Salvador Brotons–Complete Works for Flute Vol. 1

Contemporary flute pieces–from 1975 forward with duos as the composer’s favored structure–one piece with Catalan elements. Play!

Derek Charke–In Sonorous Falling Tones

Flute-based pieces, with other instruments punctuating, abstract, moody, interesting! Play!

Phillip Ramey–Music for French Horn

Varying contemporary pieces for French horn, some abstract, jarring or smooth, quiet. Play!

Dream Weaving–New Zealand Guitar Music Vol. 3

Lovely contemporary classical guitar pieces from 1951 forward, and one wild electric guitar piece from 1992! Play!

Impressions–Harp & Oboe Works

Pieces by Ravel, Debussy and Sluka–Ravel’s Le Tombeau de Couperin very well-known. Sluka’s pieces gorgeous! Play!

New Discoveries

Fun and gracious pieces from 1960 forward by various composers for wind trio (oboe, clarinet, bassoon). Play!

Bright Sheng–Northern Lights

Chinese composer Sheng combines Chinese and Western musical styles. On this disc he explores Scandinavian folk with Appalachian and Chinese mixes. Stunning!

Gustav Holst–Chamber Music

Holst is considered a composer evocative of the English style with its romantic tendencies, but with his own modernity added. Really interesting pieces! Play!

International Connections Vol. 2

The Verdehr Trio (violin, piano, clarinet) commissioned or had re-arranged all of these pieces for them. Contemporary  and varying in style ( Asian, Impressionistic, Latin). Play!

Hear in Now–Not Living in Fear

Nice melding of jazz, classical, avant and some folk, each piece composed by one of the trio (violin, cello, double base, some voice). Varying in tempi. Play most!

Stuart Saunders Smith–Full Circel

Flute- based avant-garde works, some with accompaniment ( guitar, percussion, piano, strings). Very accessible and variable. Play!

Laurence Crane–6 Trios

The Ives Ensemble performs these interesting works  composed between 2008 and 2016 based in piano varying with cello, flute, strings. Abstract, not quite avant-garde. Play!

Niels W. Gade–Piano Works

Gracious solo piano pieces with that salon sound style from the turn of the 19th to the 20th century Play most!

Tiger Dance–Contemporary Marimba

Nice works for solo marimba ( one with synthesizer, another with multiple instruments). All contemporary except a version of the Lord’s Prayer. Play!

Michael Kurek–The Sea Knows

Highly melodic works predominantly for harp, ambient but textured, and long. Play or sample!

Duo Virtuoso II–Honegger, Ravel, Schulhoff

Modern works for cello and violin, variable in intensity and style. Play!

Simon Pironkoff–Skin.double

Works for quarter-tone accordion, some quite strident and grating, others not. Most with instrumental accompaniment (sheng, string trio, clarinet).

Taking Charge

The trio Assem3ly (percussion, flute & piano) performs contemporary pieces by various composers, some bordering avant. Play!


New pieces from composers of the Society of Composers for various instruments, classical to avant. Play!

David Patterson–#Ferguson

Inspired by growing up in Ferguson, MO, now associated with race issues, these are memory pieces, some with Native American flute. Play!


Percussionist Christoph Sietzen performs a wonderful mix of modern/contemporary works for marimba or percussion. Play!

Salvatore Sciarrino–Complete Works for Violin and Viola

Very abstract, modern to new, primarily strident works, accessible.

Les Exquises Allegories

A mix of eras and styles for flute and piano, calm to vigorous. Play!

Thomas DeLio–Selected Compositions (1972-2015)

Avant-garde works for tape (some slow starts) or piano or piano with voice and percussion. Interesting!