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Returning to Heights Unseen–New Music for Flute

Very abstract works for flute, electronics and sounds. Advertisements

The Hands Free

Wild mix of classical/avant-garde and bluegrass–banjo, accordion, strings.

The Eloquent Saxophone

A collection of pieces for sax/piano or transcriptions, revealing the varying styles the classical saxophone can perform. Play most!

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky–The Seasons Op. 37 & Album for the Young

Gracious, lovely The Seasons and fun storytelling Album for the Young. Short  piano pieces. Play!

After the Tryst

A collection of contemporary works for sax and piano by Beamish, Nyman and others. Play most!

Terry Riley–Dark Queen Mantra

String works by Riley and Scodanibbio. Riley’s sweet with guitar, Scodanibbio’s Baroque-like with some atonality. Play!

David Osbon–Anthems After Prometheus

Contemporary pieces for piano and violin, varying from lyrical to more strident.

Sheree Clement & Perry Goldstein–Tour de Force

Clement’s Piano Preludes composed over a period of 30 yrs with abrupt rhythm changes and abstract (nice!) and Goldstein’s one piece also attractive.

Music of Alexander Klein & Mieczyslaw Weinberg

Mostly gracious piano pieces by Klein  from early 1900’s with a lively piano sonata by Weinberg (1955). Play most!

Harvey Sollberger–The White Labyrinth

Abstract, staccato to smooth flute pieces, modern and contemporary. Play most!

Igor Karaca–Handful of Dust

Bosnian composer living in Sarajevo during the siege reflects the melancholy and chaos through these vary different pieces based in saxophone. Play!

Zhen Chen–On & Between–New Music for Pipa and Ensembles

In my opinion, sort of a disconcerting mix of lyrical classical “lite” with wonderful pipa music overlying by a Chinese-born composer who combines Eastern and Western elements in his works. Do play.

George Perle–Orchestral Music (1965-1987)

Perle sought a “return to tonality” in 1937 and his music is modern, abstract, not quite lyrical yet still engaging. Play all!

With All Strings Attached

Nice mix of modern oboe chamber music with strings, by Larson, Bolcom, Moravec and others. Play!


Robert Young and group performs abstract, contemporary pieces that are a mix of classical, jazz and avant-garde. Play most!

Nicole Chamberlain–Three-Nine Line

Excellent, recently composed pieces for flute, piccolo, music box, piano with lots of percussion. Play!

Amos Elekana–TRIPP

Abstract, rhythmically varying considerably, with a mix of instruments and electronics. Play most!

NEONflicker–saxophone H2/4 duo

Fun, contemporary pieces composed for sax  or saxes, duo or more. Play!

Fantasie–Music for Violin & Harp

Elegant and Romantic + modern pieces–a nice range and mix of composers. Play!

Stuart Weber–The Fifth Row

Guitar pieces and transcriptions of all kinds of music, performed in historic theaters. Play most!

John Alan Rose–Ineffable Tales

Highly varying pieces, some “Broadwayish”, trk 5 is really interesting with violin, orchestra.

Francesco di Giuseppe–Music

Sweet, gentle, lyrical classical guitar with some folk elements. Play!

Moto Bello

Trio Casals (violin, cello, piano) perform many lovely, contemporary works. Play!


Classical/avant-garde works for violin, by Rothenberg, Mazzoli and Futing among others. Some screeching, but not all.

Subtle Degrees–A Dance That Empties

Three movements (long) for saxophone and percussion. Mvts 1 & 2 more flowing, mvt 3 cacophonous.