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Kind of Jazz

“Classical” Jazz as composed and popularized by Gershwin, especially, and Horovitz, Schulhoff, Bernstein and others, for clarinet and piano. PLay!

Lounge Lizards

Modern, two-piano works. Title track is multiple jazzy movements. Play!

Lou Harrison–Violin Concerto

Modern works for violin with or without gamelan. “Double Music” composed with John Cage. Play!

Zoomorphs–Chamber Music with Marimba and Percussion

Fun pieces for marimba with wind band, flute or horns. Play!

Two Bridges

Really interesting, new, abstract, harp duets by Muhly, Akiho and DeSena amongst others. Play!

Parisian Inspirations

Gentle, impressionistic works for flute, some with piano by French composers. Play!

A Road to Europe–Modern Chinese Chamber Music

Lovely, contemporary chamber pieces with Asian rhythms. Play!

Color Theory

Prism Quartet (saxophone) with percussion performing all contemporary pieces. Play!

Baltic & Beyond

Beautiful, contemporary works for piano and violin from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Play!

Zhen Chen–Ergo

Highly lyrical, beautiful pieces with piano, pipa, erhu and/or voice. Play!

Leo Ornstein–Complete Violin Sonatas

Interesting mix of  modern sonatas, lyrical to strong. Play most!

The Living Earth Show Presents: Dance Music

Varying pieces from electric to lyrical, with percussion and electric guitar.


Very modern, abstract flute-based pieces, variable in lyricism

Nuorvala 7.13

Varying from piece to piece, avant to classical (Five Pieces) Play!

Wayne Vitale & Brian Baumbusch–Mikrokosma

Contemporary gamelan, breaking the traditional rules. Play!


The classical crossover cello duo famous for transcribing rock works for cellos has released this album of movie music with the London Symphony Orchestra. Good if you are a fan of popular movie music.

In the Light of Ravel

Lovely, modern and abstract, yet lyrical works for harp and various accompaniment. Play!

Forever Beeler–Sonatas and Soli of Alan Beeler

Animated and mostly very short works for various instruments (vibraphone, piano, flute, violin, horns) varying rhythmically. Play!

Cras–Works for Piano Solo

Jean Cras was a career Naval officer in the French service (ending as a rear admiral). A polymath, he found time to compose. These are lyrical, interesting works.

Carosello di Fantasie

Decidedly abstract works for sax, but accessible, Scelsi’s quiet.

Cello Style

A collection of modern, abstract solo cello works, including Henze, Stockhausen, Britten and Sciarrino, amongst others. Play!

Mappa Mundi

Canadian Guitar Quartet performs a collection of mostly modern, abstract pieces with one transcription of Vivaldi. Play!    

Aorta–Music for Piano & Electronics

Vicky Chow performs works by Andy Akiho and Daniel Wohl amongst others, ranging from quiet abstract to staccato. Play!

Crystal Mooncone–Listening Beam Five

With diverse instruments (bells, bike horns, digital insects and more) these are ambient, somewhat droning and eerie works, interesting!

Ralph Towner–My Foolish Heart

This is a gorgeous album by Towner, known for his elegant guitar work especially in the jazz world. Here, he seems more classical, perhaps because he’s using either classical or 12-string guitar. Play, play, play!