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West Meets East

These are abstract pieces by Western composers, contemporary, both lyrical and less so. Play! Advertisements

Doug Bielmeier–Betty and the Sensory World

Described as electronic music for meditation. Too loud in my opinion, but each to his own. Sample.

Afierossis–Solo Cello

Somber, elegant and modern pieces for solo cello by Ligeti, Sallinen, Rozsa and more. Play!

Empyrean Atlas–Poly Rush

Really cool works for electric guitar, minimalist with African rhythms, spacey sounds and more! Play!

Trios for Violin, Harp & Cello

Except for Schubert’s piece, these are modern works by Ibert, Renie and Halvorsen. Nice!

En Voyage–Music for Violin & Cello

Violin & cello duets are not usual–these range from gracious to forceful all modern or contemporary. Play most!

Wine Dark Sea

A collection of pieces for wind ensemble (Univ. of Texas) all contemporary, Ticheli’s jazzy, Mackey’s more forceful. Interesting. Sample!

Trios for Two

Two performers, three instruments (viola, piano/percussion), highly varied collection ranging from loud, to quiet and eerie. Play most!

Mille Morte–Recital Pieces for Bassoon and Piano

Quite a varied collection of works, most of them modern a few from an older era. Chihara’s are great!

Stefano Battaglia–Pelagos

Mostly improvised, some compositions, for solo and prepared piano, lyrical, quiet, except for two that are struck on the strings–nice!

Transient Canvas–Shift

Avant collection of works for bass clarinet and marimba, mostly quiet, some force–sample/play!

Bjorn Meyer–Provenance

Mostly echoey,  solo electric bass, flowing,  repetitive. Nice!

Tom Johnson–Plucking

Minimalist composer Johnson has composed some lovely works for performed by Just Strings and others–Rational Melodies is delightful. Trk 11 has spoken commentary by the musician.

Giacinto Scelsi–Piano Works

Scelsi has composed some avant pieces for other instruments. These works are surprisingly gracious and abstract. Play!

Stanley Grill–At the Center of All Things

String quartet pieces that are contemporary, yet have elements of Classical and Baroque eras. Play!

Maurice Ravel–Complete Solo Piano Works

Larissa Dedova performs–a mix of known pieces with lesser known. All impressionistic, mostly lyrical and flowing, some more forceful. Play!

Andres Segovia Archive–French Composers

Guitarist Roberto Moronn Perez performs pieces composed in the 1920’s, with one in 1962.  Nice–play most!

David Lang–thorn

Flutist Molly Barth performs abstract pieces with some accompaniment (piano, percussion)–ranging from staccato, to flowing. Play!

Charles Wuorinen, Vol. 3

Mostly contemporary vocals, storytelling style with compelling, abstract instrumental accompaniment.

Inner Voice

Nice mix of old & contemporary trumpet pieces with piano  or djembe. Play!

Sonatas & Nocturnes–19th Century Gems for Bassoon & Piano

This disc has works from little known composers from the 1800’s. Nice, elegant, some intensity. Play!

Romantic Music for Harp

Title says it all! Play!

Serenata Passacaglia

A beautiful collection of mandolin and strings pieces–modern Greek, Italian, French and more! Play, play!

Dorothy Hindman–Tightly Wound (Music for Strings)

Abstract, plucking, droning and keening strings with lyricism peppered throughout.

Bohuslav Martinu–Chamber Music

Modern Czech, trios (violin, viola, piano) with a range of influences—folk, Renaissance and more. Play!