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Forest of Dreams

Guitarist Callum Henshaw performs a nice mix of classical, Romantic and modern works. Play! Advertisements

Padma Newsome–The Vanity of Trees

Solo work by member of the Clogs, with voice, combining elements of folk, avant, classical and pop.


Wild, avant/garde works for sax/accordion/strings, all interesting and varied. Play/sample!

The American Viola

Romantic/modern pieces, gracious plus one contemporary work. Some beautiful pieces here and includes female composers as well. Play!

David Feurzig–Lingua Franca

UVM’s own David Feurzig here has a collection of fun, varied pieces for piano, viola, cello, voice, and mixes thereof. “Homages” are clever imitations of the styles of other composers. Play!

Kate Soper–Ipsa Dixit

Soprano/new music vocalist/composer Kate Soper here sings/talks texts of philosophers/ideas/language and expression. With musical accompaniment by Wet Ink Ensemble.

Frost Symphony Orchestra Live!

Varied, contemporary orchestral works, interesting in rhythms. Play!

Hidden Gems

Baroque through to contemporary reed quintets, transcriptions and originals. Play!

Mosaic–Burning River Brass

Transcriptions for brass from ballets, theater and other works, Baroque through modern.

Canyon Songs–Music for Solo Horn

With pieces inspired by nature and/or religious devotion,most contemporary and sonorous–some lovely works here! Play!

A QSF Journey

Quartet San Francisco performs works from with traditional elements from around the world–African, Chinese, tango–most pieces written by the violinist of the group, Jeremy Cohen. Play!

Kevin Kastning–30/36

Original compositions/improvisations for 36-string double contraguitar and 30-string contra-alto guitar (designed by the composer)–ambient, flowing, nice tone. Play!

Jordan Munson–Until My Last

Ambient, mostly slow, quiet  electronic works. “Anew” with voices, whisperings, flowing.

In Your Head–New Music for Piano 4 Hands

Interesting pieces, with a fair amount of staccato, abrupt changes. Play most!

Parts to Play

Varied pieces for violin, some with piano–all modern to contemporary, a little bravura. Andres’ and Larson’s works lovely!

Franz Schubert–Die Nacht

Lovely transcriptions for viola and guitar of Schubert and Burgmuller works. Play!

Ed Martin–Journeys

Mostly flowing, abstract works for solo piano. Play!

Alla Zingarese

The title translates as “in the Gypsy style” and these pieces (mostly transcribed) reflect the emotive mix of classical, western and gypsy (folk from Central and Eastern Europe) styles. CD 2 has quieter pieces. Civitas + Gipsy Way perform.

ROCO–Visions Take Flight

ROCO, an ensemble from 1 to 40 instruments, commissions new works from contemporary composers. This 2 CD set has excellent pieces, stylistically varied and engaging. Play!

Many New Trails to Blaze

The University of Alabama at Birminghan Chamber Trio (UAB Trio) consists of clarinet, trumpet and piano, an unusual combination. This CD reflects their commissioned works and are so very interesting! Play!

Amos Gillespie–Solo!

Chamber music for a nice variety of instruments (sax quartet, sax duo, strings, and/or winds), a bit staccata, and abrupt. Play!

Mark Lackey–Fairy Tale

A mix of classical and avant works for an interesting variety of instruments (guitar, various winds, percussion, marimba, strings) and some re-mixes with electronics. Nice!

Georg Philipp Telemann–Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord

The prolific Baroque era composer Telemann here graciously uses the baroque violin with harpsichord. Maybe “plunky” to our ears, but an example of that era’s musical style and taste. Play!

Salvador Bacarisse–Le Jour de l’An

Although titles under one composer, there are works by Jesus Bal y Gay as well. All from early 20th century for a mix of harp, flutes and other winds. Play!

Mark John McEncroe–My Symphonic Poems

The title word “poem” describes these gracious, swelling works inspired by nature and the seasons. Play!