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Carl Rutti–Harp & Piano

Duo Praxedis performs these gracious works. Play!


All contemporary works by Asian composers, graceful, lilting, abstract. Play!

Andrea Padova Plays Lo Muscio

Abstract, Impressionistic piano pieces, some jazzy, some “interpretations” of well-known works.

Ullman, Krasa, Schulfhoff, Haas

Bennewitz Quartet performs works by these Czech composers, all perished by the Nazis. Intense, sad, nice.

Patterns–Chamber Works

Varied, contemporary works for guitar, strings or percussion. Play!

20th Century Harpsichord Concertos

I am not normally of fan of the harpsichord, but these are excellent, interesting works, especially Rorem’s. Play!

David Haney–Birth of a City

Meandering mix of avant, jazz, trombone blurts, strings and improvisations for quartets.

Rob Keeley–Chamber Music

Fun works for a variety of duos, trios, instruments, all contemporary.

Henryk Gorecki–Symphony No. 3 “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs”

As the title infers, sad, beautiful orchestra works for soprano. Sample!

Joseph Fennimore–Music for Four Hands

Modern waltzes, varying rhythmically, composed over 40 yrs.

Evolutionary Spirits

The Crossing performs these ethereal, slow pieces with piano accompaniment.

Futurism and Early Italian Avant-Garde

From early 20th century solo piano–variable Italian works, Malpiero’s nice!

Rand Steiger–Coalescence Cycle Vol. 1 soloists and electronics

Evocative works for solo or duos–note titles for inferring music. Play!

Elliott Miles McKinley–Three Scenes

Varying works for brass or sax quartets or mixed. “Four Grooves” excellent!

Salvador Brotons–The Complete Works for Flute Vol. 3

Modern and contemporary works for solo, duos and mixed sextet. Play!

Robert Muczynski–Complete Piano Sonatas Op. 9, 22 & 35

Modern/contemporary solo piano, fairly abstract, lost of keyboard range.

Giorgio Netti–necessita d’interrogare il cielo

Very avant works for solo sax, keening, warbling, meandering.

Tango Ladeado

Tangos, original and transcriptions, older to contemporary with accordion and cello. Play!

Clarinet Classics at Riversdale

Nice collection of works from classical era on to modern. Play!

Resonating Colours 5

From composers of the Hong Kong Composers Guild, varied, a mix of instruments, interesting–some bordering avant-garde. Play most!

John Mackey–Asphalt Cocktail

Wind band works, some quiet, gracious, others boisterous and booming.

They Persisted

Works by women composers, late 19th and early 20th century, as leaders in music, composition and other activities. Varied pieces for horn trio or duo.

For the Peace of Cities

Dark, somber works for orchestra, inspired by awful events throughout the world.

Twentieth Century Oboe Sonatas

Classical, Romantic and Modern works, fast or slow. Play!

Francesco di Fiore–Concerto Ostinato

Very interesting works for varied instruments–harpsichord, guitar, piano, etc.