Category Avant Garde

Scott Wollschleger–Soft Aberrations

String pieces with mixed with vocals, abstract,  accessible. Advertisements

John Adams–Alarm Will Sound Meet the Composers

With  explanations of the works, two pieces by Adams, Chamber Symphony and Son of Chamber Symphony–gracious, busy, repetitive.

Jesse Jones–Ephemera

Varied pieces for different instrumental combos + voice in some–lyrical or somewhat eerie. Sample due to length.

David Virelles–Gnosis

Hard to describe as this CD has pieces that are equally both classical, jazz and avant in both, with elements of Cuban music. Play!

Mara Gibson–Sky-Born

Abstract, staccato-stopped pieces for piano, or sax or strings.

Doug Bielmeier–Betty and the Sensory World

Described as electronic music for meditation. Too loud in my opinion, but each to his own. Sample.

Empyrean Atlas–Poly Rush

Really cool works for electric guitar, minimalist with African rhythms, spacey sounds and more! Play!

Transient Canvas–Shift

Avant collection of works for bass clarinet and marimba, mostly quiet, some force–sample/play!

Bjorn Meyer–Provenance

Mostly echoey,  solo electric bass, flowing,  repetitive. Nice!

Tom Johnson–Plucking

Minimalist composer Johnson has composed some lovely works for performed by Just Strings and others–Rational Melodies is delightful. Trk 11 has spoken commentary by the musician.

David Lang–thorn

Flutist Molly Barth performs abstract pieces with some accompaniment (piano, percussion)–ranging from staccato, to flowing. Play!

Dorothy Hindman–Tightly Wound (Music for Strings)

Abstract, plucking, droning and keening strings with lyricism peppered throughout.

Nicholas Deyoe–“for Duane”

Weird, alienating voice, keening strings, intense. Some solo voice. Accessible.

Barbarella Reloaded

Marco Cappelli’s Italian Surf Academy is back with the wild and fun rearrangement of the soundtrack for Barbarella–60’s surf/psych today! Play!

Antti Samuli Hernesniemi–Bridge

Finnish composer, on this CD mostly noisy, fast and roiling pieces for piano and clavinova (an acoustic piano with digital processing capabilities).

George Lewis–Assemblage

Experimental music for various sized intrumental combinations. As the title suggests, it’s a mix–dissonant, aggressive and at times lyrical. Sample.

The Early Immersive Music of Joan La Barbara

Highly avant pieces for voice and electronics. Trk 3 has instrumental accompaniment.

Daniel Lentz–River of 1000 Streams

28 min. piano piece with layered echos. Ranges from droning to clear. Sample.

Qasim Naqvi–FILM

Analog music in a tribute to the MOOG by drummer Naqvi, for the film Tripoli Cancelled–ambient.

Iannis Xenakis–Orchestral Works

Very avant pieces, trk 3 more accessible. Trk 1 is the original version, and a first recording. Sample.

Petits Artefacts

Varying solo bass works performed by Nick Photinos, including pieces by Lang, Ghys, Dessner & Le Boeuf amongst others. Play!

Steve Mackey & Jason Treuting–Orpheus Unsung

Electric guitar and drums makes for a wild, yet surprisingly gentle at times, storytelling duet of Orpheus and his tragedy. Play!

Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo–Invocation

Lovely improvisational pieces for classical guitar and extended string classical guitar. Play!

Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements–Even this late it happens

Really nice improvisational pieces for saxophone and many-stringed classical guitar. Play!

Diego Conti–String Quartets

A mix of quartets and movements–some quite busy and intense, others flowing and gracious. Play most!