Category Avant Garde

Travis LaPlante–Green of Winter

Saxophone Quartet layered, droning works, some dissonance.


Greg Stuart performs these abstract solo percussion works by various composers.

Mihailo Trandafilovski–Polychromy

Very abstract, droning works for various instruments, slow.

Da Wei Wang & Tatsu Aoki–Yes Strings Attached

Ambient, droning electric guitar + electric shamisen.

Personal Noise

Sarah Plum performs violin pieces with electronics/computer. Interesting!

Eren Gumrukcuoglu–Pareidolia

For Electronics, strings, piano, very abstract pieces.

Dorone Paris–COAL

For various saxophones, abstract, sometimes harsh sounds.

I, A.M.

Interesting works for violin + electronics. Play!


For baritone voice and winds–abstract, even odd works.

Nick Revel–Dream Collider

Ambient electronic pop/rock/classical. Nice!

Matias Vestergard–Idylls, Elegies

Very abstract works for strings from a Danish composer who is quite popular.


Very abstract works for string orchestra, trk 1 slow start.

Kimia Hesabi–Nemano Gaona

Abstract viola and electronics, lots of plucking.


Halla Steinunn Sefansdottir performs this collection of Icelandic oral hymns with electronics + strings.

Brian Harnetty–Words and Silences

Spoken voice on thoughts of the Cistercian monk Thomas Merton, with instruments.

Kaija Saariaho–Works for Cello

Abstract, mostly intense cello pieces.

Ethereal V

Ambient improvisations for guitar, percussion, orchestrations by Kevin Kastning, Sandor Szabo and Balazs Major.

James Romig–the complexity of distance

Distorted power chords on electric guitar, one hour long!

Anna Thorvaldsdottir–Aerial

For varied instruments, slowly building, dark sounds, but interesting.

Andrew McIntosh–Little Jimmy

Percussion/piano works, slow, plucking and abstract.

Julius Eastman–Vol. 2 Joy Boy

Wildly varied works for strings, electric guitar, voice and others. From a composer who was not recognized when alive and has been recently rediscovered.

Matthew Burtner–Icefield

Sound sculptures of glaciers and ice, electroacoustic. Play!

Gerald Barry–In the Asylum

Compositions over 30 yrs, mostly slow, abstract yet jerkily lyrical.


Voice, electronics, mixed media and electronics inspired by guns and gun violence.

Horatiu Radulescu-Plasmatic Music Vol. 1

For clarinets, tape and other media, long, fairly abstract works.