Category Avant Garde

Mike Frengel–Music for Guitar & Electronics

Varied, decidedly avant and abstract works, but some country pieces!

Anna Thorvalsdottir–Rhizoma

Rumbling, dark, slow works, very abstract, for winds,percussion and string ensemble.

Dorothy Hindman–Blow by Blow

Abstract and varied works for wind and percussion. Some beautiful pieces!


Combining Korean and western instruments, definitely different aural explorations–abstract. Performed by gamin.

Strings & Hammers

The McCormick Percussion Group performs these fairly abstract works, some with slow start, most longer than 5 mins. Play most!

George Lewis–Rainbow Family

First recorded in 1984, a live performance of electronic music instruments, improvising with computer.

Chris Brown–Some Center

Poetry put to abstract music with 43 tone tuning…

Matthew Burtner–Six Ecoacoustic Quintets

Percussion/electronics/voice, pieces inspired by natural themes.

Alan Braufman – The Fire Still Burns [Valley of Search]

After the alto saxophonist recorded his debut record in 1975, he went into a period of sideman work and eventually reemerged with this 2020 effort including original pianist Cooper-Moore. Out of the world, fiery barn burners are juxtaposed with sweet melodies. Well rounded and a beautiful work!

Thomas Meadowcroft–The Great Knot

Australian composer inspired by the distances there, and by “cheap” instruments not used in art music–drum machines, old tapes, etc. Long, somewhat droning works.

Jordan Dykstra

The composer is seeking to create new sounds from exploring multiplying harmonic series which leads to more notes. What results seems to be vibrating, droning, all made by a variety of instruments. Sample.

Tomas Gueglio–Duermavela

Very abstract, avant works for various instruments, interesting!

Hubert Howe–Harmonic and Inharmonic Fantasies

Computer works exploring the parts of sounds: overtones, partials and whether harmonic (pitch) or inharmonic (individual sounds). Generally meandering, ambient, but some dissonance.

Flute XXI

Excellent collection of Italian composers’ modern works for a variety of flutes. Play!

Patricia Brennan – Maquishti [Valley of Search]

Gorgeous solo vibraphone with effects brought forth by Nabil Ayers and Alan Braufman’s new label Valley of Search. Indeed there is a searching element here and what that is so dreamy. Not a dull moment.

Gerald Levinson–Now Your Colors Sing

Interesting works composed over 40 yrs, contemporary for large ensembles, smaller ensembles and solos. Play!

Killer Instincts

Sarah Maria Sun & the Gurks perform these wide ranging songs–cabaret, rock, broadway–about bad people. Raucous!


Patchwork Duo (drums and saxophone) performs these pieces that were composed for them–abstract, including jazz, avant and rock elements. Sample!

Huang Ruo–into the vast world

Combining Chinese and Western musical elements and some voice, these are symphonic pieces ranging from sweet and lyrical to boisterous and brash. Play!

Right Now in a Second

Transient Canvas performs contemporary, abstract clarinet and marimba pieces. Play!

Jeff Morris–Close Reeding

Electronic with acoustic insruments, otherworldy, like sci-fi music. Play!

Emiliano Turazzi–Quelli che Vivono

Very abstract, with very slow starting, mostly quiet droning works for strings, electronics or recorder.

Perishable Structures

Percussionist Bonnie Whiting performs very abstract pieces, with spoken voice, by various composers and one of her own.

Smoke, Airs

Wet Ink Ensemble performs very abstract soundscapes with electronics and acoustic instruments. Sample!

Brendon Randall-Myers–Dynamics of Vanishing Bodies

Electric guitar quartet Dither performs these minimalist vs loud, aggressive works. Play!