Category Avant Garde

Payton MacDonald–Modules

Meandering, avant marimba w/ electric guitar/ drums. Play!

Kai Schumacher–Rausch

Evocative, beautiful and varying solo piano pieces with effects. Sometimes sounds like strings. Excellent!

Ben Melsky

Harpist Ben Melsky performs these pieces with Ensemble dal Niente, all contemporary composers. Nice mix of instruments! Play!


Inspired by their trips in the early 90’s to Hiddensee, Cello, piano and electronics, gracious, minimalist, ambient works. Play all

This Bliss – Dramatization of Real Events EP

Spaced out electronic rock, lofi sounds, R&B influence. Label: Mint 400 Records Play: 1, 2, 5 FCC: Clean RIYL: Portishead, St. Lucia

Karlton Hester– Quantum Elders Ballet

Avant pieces for tenor sax, flute, piccolo and others.

Arboles de Vidrio–Musica Contemporanea para Piano

Interesting, mostly lyrical, contemporary Mexican solo piano pieces. Nice!

Tuple–Darker Things

Varying avant works for 2 bassoons!

David Haney–Birth of a City

Meandering mix of avant, jazz, trombone blurts, strings and improvisations for quartets.

Futurism and Early Italian Avant-Garde

From early 20th century solo piano–variable Italian works, Malpiero’s nice!

Rand Steiger–Coalescence Cycle Vol. 1 soloists and electronics

Evocative works for solo or duos–note titles for inferring music. Play!

Giorgio Netti–necessita d’interrogare il cielo

Very avant works for solo sax, keening, warbling, meandering.

Hannah Lash–Filigree

Jack Quartet performs these very abstract, plucking to flowing works. Trk 8 fairly dissonant.

Suzanne Ciani – Flowers of Evil [Finders Keepers]

Absolutely weird music for the Buchla Synthesiser and voice based on the poem Elevation by Charles Baudelaire. Originally recorded in 1969, it proved too future. The album quickly faded into obscurity, and is being released on vinyl for the first time this July. Frankly, it just isn’t music. Your party guests or pod mates are […]

John Zorn–Cat O’ Nine Tails

As is the norm for Zorn, dissonance, cacophony vs silence and lyricism.

Erika Fox–Paths

Abrupt rhythmic changes, staccato beats, with various instrumental combinations. Sample longer pieces.

Soli for Tuba, Zheng, Horn, with Percussion

The McCormick Percussion Group performs abstract, varying works with varied instrumental combinations. Those with zheng are particularly nice!

Morton Feldman–for Bunita Marcus

With his trademark quiet, slowness, these are  solo piano works that are flowing, with rhythmic  changes, spaces, minimalist. Nice!

Will Healy & Shouthouse–Cityscapes

A mix of pieces with classical/avant/jazz/electronic and rap voice, inspired by New York City.

Daniel Wohl–Etat

Electroacoustic works with a nice variety of instruments, varied rhythms.

Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi–Tacit-Citation

Fairly abstract works for electronics, fixed media, voice and/or instruments. Instrumentals interesting.

Donnacha Dennehy–Surface Tension

Two pieces, one for percussion (minimalist) the other for string ensemble, winds, percussion, building to dissonance.

Richard Carr–Places I’ve Walked

Lovely, evocative works for a variety of instruments, inspired by his world-wide treks. Environmental sounds, voices in addition to instruments. Play!

Speak, Be Silent

Four contemporary composers, quiet or staccato or loud. All pieces very different.

Michele Rabbia, Gianluca Petrella, Eivind Aarset–Lost River

Meandering, improvised pieces for drums, electronics, trombone, guitar. Pieces are varied, some more electronic/avant than others. Play!