Category Avant Garde

Right Now in a Second

Transient Canvas performs contemporary, abstract clarinet and marimba pieces. Play!

Jeff Morris–Close Reeding

Electronic with acoustic insruments, otherworldy, like sci-fi music. Play!

Emiliano Turazzi–Quelli che Vivono

Very abstract, with very slow starting, mostly quiet droning works for strings, electronics or recorder.

Perishable Structures

Percussionist Bonnie Whiting performs very abstract pieces, with spoken voice, by various composers and one of her own.

Smoke, Airs

Wet Ink Ensemble performs very abstract soundscapes with electronics and acoustic instruments. Sample!

Brendon Randall-Myers–Dynamics of Vanishing Bodies

Electric guitar quartet Dither performs these minimalist vs loud, aggressive works. Play!

Timothy Frechen–Broken

Awake Percussion performs these abstract pieces, varied, some dissonance.

Singing in the Dead of Night

Eighth Blackbird performs these pieces by Lang, Wolf or Gordon, inspired by lyrics from the Beatles. Interesting!

Ekphrasis–New Music for Horn and Electronics

There are some very lyrical pieces here without electronic distortion. Play!

Richard Carrick–lanterne

Highly varying pieces with varied instrumentation ranging from abstract to lyrical. Play most!

Travis LaPlante–Inner Garden

Meandering, slow works for sax, drums and wind chimes–quiet. Sample.

Scott Lee–Through the Mangrove Tunnels

Inspired by his childhood in the swamps in FL, really interesting, ambient string quartet pieces, with piano and drums, mixing jazz and classical/avant-garde elements. Play!

Ash-Fure–Something to Hunt

Experimental, electro-acoustic soundscapes, somewhat dark, but not completely. Sample.

Ghost Layers–TAK Plays Scott Miller

Electro-acoustic soundscapes, interesting!

Stara–The Music of Halldor Smarason

Very abstract, ambient and dark string quartets, sometimes quite strong. Also one guitar piece.

Gerald Eckert–absence

Long, quiet tonal explorations, mostly with acoustic instruments, one with live electronics and tape. Sample!

Immaterial Possession – S/T [Clandestine]

Interesting, deep almost Velvet Underground-y vibe to this rock band. Morbid and heady in the best way.

Asher Gamedze – Dialectic Soul [On The Corner]

A powerful show of compositional abilities and musical poetry with the deep, research-oriented ethnomusicology that would make the most booky academic blush. Asher Gamedze recorded Dialectic Soul to be submitted in conjunction with his doctoral thesis in South African music, specifically jazz in the age of apartheid. The juxtaposition between the percussive freedom of African […]

Selene Saint-Aime – Mare Unadrum [Komos]

Foreboding, dark music from Saint-Aime and a chamber jazz-like lineup. Obvious comparisons to Esperanza Spaulding could be made, but the bassist has so much more of her own sound and style. Classically informed, as well as the m-base movement of saxophonists. Incredible and requires a multitude of listens.

Eivor – SEGL [Self-Released]

Comparisons to Bjork, another prominent Scandanavian artist, could be made when speaking of Eivor and her new album Segl. Eivor presents lilting, semi-electric beats with lilting voices and a myriad of textural playing.

Jeff Morris–Hearing Voices

Vocal sounds with electronics. Sci-fi ish!

Jobina Tinnemans–Five Thoughts on Everything

Electronic, meandering soundscapes with natural sounds.

Forward Music Project 1.0

Cellist Amanda Gookin performs these solo cello pieces with electronics, sounds, voices, all composed by women. Very abstract and varied.

Georgia Anne Muldrow, Jyoti – This Walk [eOne Music/SomeOthaShip Connect]

Hard to categorize, polyrhythmic, syncopated goodness from Georgia Anne Muldrow. Play for sure!

David Felder–Les Quatres Temps Cardinaux

Sonic texts/poems of Neruda, Daumel and others, for soprano, bass, and the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, electronics.