Category Avant Garde

Lou Harrison–Violin Concerto

Modern works for violin with or without gamelan. “Double Music” composed with John Cage. Play!

Color Theory

Prism Quartet (saxophone) with percussion performing all contemporary pieces. Play!

The Living Earth Show Presents: Dance Music

Varying pieces from electric to lyrical, with percussion and electric guitar.

Nuorvala 7.13

Varying from piece to piece, avant to classical (Five Pieces) Play!

Carosello di Fantasie

Decidedly abstract works for sax, but accessible, Scelsi’s quiet.

Aorta–Music for Piano & Electronics

Vicky Chow performs works by Andy Akiho and Daniel Wohl amongst others, ranging from quiet abstract to staccato. Play!

Crystal Mooncone–Listening Beam Five

With diverse instruments (bells, bike horns, digital insects and more) these are ambient, somewhat droning and eerie works, interesting!

Jeff Herriott–Stone Tapestry

Ambient, quiet and abstract pieces for percussion, some with flute. Play!

Flamethrower–New Music for Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Interactive Electroacoustics

As the title indicates, works for horns with additional computer effects–definitely abstract, eerie.

The Space Between Us

Akropolis Reed Quintet plays a collection of avant/abstract pieces the first two odd with voices yelling, babies giggling and then follows with some lyrical, beautiful pieces. Nice mix of sounds with the instrument combination! Play!

Applesauce Tears- Commuters

The awesomely named Applesauce Tears first album is a unique blend of Ambient free-form noise, mixed with shoegaze, and some nicely orchestrated cinematic pieces. Full of dreamy moments and trippy transitions, this is a great album for anyone who has wanted to travel the cosmos of the mind. RIYL: AIR, Washed Out, Caribou Tracks: all Label: […]

Bravade! Works by Bellina & Van Eyck

A mix of avant-garde and Baroque pieces for recorder–nice!

Dana Jessen–Carve

Commissioned works for bassoon and electronics with additional sounds, some quite odd, others more accessible.

Mari Kimura–Voyage Apollonian

Violinist Mari Kimura performs her own pieces and others’ with electronic effects. Play most!

Erik Griswold–Ecstatic Descent

One long piece for prepared piano (bolts, screws, rubber, paper, cardboard) utilizing the whole keyboard and its percussive ability.

Joseph Livingstone–Resurrection Time!

Highly diverging works seeking to symbolize both resurrection in religion and in surviving difficulties. A wide range of instruments, some jazz, avant and classical elements. Interesting!

William Hellerman–Three Weeks in Cincinnati in December

One long, seamless piece for solo flute using very difficult techniques: multiple stops, whistle tones and abdominal tremolo. Only Robert Dick has played this piece from 1979.

Nicholas Chase–Bhajan

Electric violin with computer and electronics–very spacey and sci-fi! Sample!

Jerome Combier–Gone

Contemporary avant-garde for various instruments–eerie, weird, silences, staccato elements.

Pierluigi Billone–Sgorgo Y N oO

3 long, increasingly raucous pieces for electric guitar–wild.

Claudio Ambrosini–Song Book for Guitar

Very abstract works for solo guitar, interesting mix of rhythms. Most pieces under 3 mins. long.

Gyorgy Ligeti–Piano Concerto

Very abstract pieces ranging from droning to staccato, an interesting variable mix of pieces for solo cello (trk 1 very slow start), ensemble, orchestra and piano.

The Wilderness Within-Khueex

“Khu.éex’ translates to “potlatch” in the Tlingit language. Using Alaskan Tlingit music as inspiration, the band performs contemporary funk/jazz improvisations to lay a foundation for traditional vocals which are layered and interspersed with spoken word and storytelling.” website:   With a new CD in the works for 2017 this Seattle, Washington based band, Khueex  and The […]

Texture and Light- Inner Space Odyssey

Synthy-80’s type stuff. Very Aphex Twin but with melodic vocals. I didn’t love it but check it out if you love the electro feel.

Lei Liang–Luminous

Varying, abstract pieces for quartet, piano, percussion or contrabass solo. Trk 3 most accessible, sample others.