Category Avant Garde

Ashley Walter-Sweet Anxiety

Cellist Walters performs abstract/avant works by Deyoe, Berio, Smith and others, ranging from droning, tapping and slapping. Sounds from a cello that you wouldn’t expect. Advertisements

Conrad Winslow–The Perfect Nothing Catalog

A mash up of the sound of walking, voices, instruments, electronic sounds, animals…

Brian Belet–Sufficient Trouble

Kyma (visual programming language for sound design according to wikipedia) with altered voices, instruments, sounds.

Heavy–Solo Violin

Fairly intense solo violin pieces by Abras, Doderer, Placidi and others. Avant.

Robert Black–Possessed

Double and natural sounds recorded in Moab, Utah, this is Mr. Black’s exploration of a duet with nature.

Joseph Daley Earth Tone Ensemble (Jaro) 7 Deadly Sins

The concept is each song depicts a different Sin, so each composition has it’s own personality. At times it can be Orchestral and classic, others are a complete assault of the senses, and some are beautiful and romantic. The musicianship stands out in each song and you can tell it’s performed by masters. 3 was […]

Ken Walicki–Cyberistan

Electro-acoustic works for a variety of  instruments–mostly gentle, trk 5 aggressive. Play!


Grand Valley State Univ. New Music Ensemble performs these avant-garde works ranging from ethereal to computer/ robotic and sci-fi sounds. Play most!

Martin Boykan–Rites of Passage (Chamber Music 1992-2012)

Abstract/ avant works, highly variable evoking a sense of unbalance, starkness. Play most!

Society for New Music– Music Here & Now

A collection of  interesting pieces by Deemer, Wanamaker, Woods and others, all contemporary, varying in rhythms and instrumental spotlight. Play or sample, as some are quite long…


Guitar Trevor Babb performs layered, multi-track electric guitar pieces by Reich, Lang and one by himself, amongst others. Play most!

New York

Avant-garde works from early 20th century forward (Varese, Carter, Reich, Cage and Feldman amongst others). Reich’s pieces with voice and tapes about WTC.


Bent Frequency Duo Project (sax & percussion) perform these avant and very abstract contemporary pieces.

Kevin Kastning & Mark Wingfield–The Line to Three

Continued improvisations for many-stringed guitars & electric guitar, one with piano,  percussion. Play!

Grant Cutler–Self Portrait

Mostly mellow, ambient pieces for piano, electronics, organ, also some strings and sax, one with voice.


A play on Beethoven, this trio performs a variety of new music ranging from pulsing electronic to minimalist and/or ambient. Play!

Hear in Now–Not Living in Fear

Nice melding of jazz, classical, avant and some folk, each piece composed by one of the trio (violin, cello, double base, some voice). Varying in tempi. Play most!

Stuart Saunders Smith–Full Circel

Flute- based avant-garde works, some with accompaniment ( guitar, percussion, piano, strings). Very accessible and variable. Play!

Simon Pironkoff–Skin.double

Works for quarter-tone accordion, some quite strident and grating, others not. Most with instrumental accompaniment (sheng, string trio, clarinet).

Taking Charge

The trio Assem3ly (percussion, flute & piano) performs contemporary pieces by various composers, some bordering avant. Play!


New pieces from composers of the Society of Composers for various instruments, classical to avant. Play!


Percussionist Christoph Sietzen performs a wonderful mix of modern/contemporary works for marimba or percussion. Play!

Salvatore Sciarrino–Complete Works for Violin and Viola

Very abstract, modern to new, primarily strident works, accessible.

Thomas DeLio–Selected Compositions (1972-2015)

Avant-garde works for tape (some slow starts) or piano or piano with voice and percussion. Interesting!

Yassen Vodenitcharov–Blue Echo

Highly stylized, staccato and varying pieces, contemporary. Play!