Category Avant Garde

Erik Griswold–Ecstatic Descent

One long piece for prepared piano (bolts, screws, rubber, paper, cardboard) utilizing the whole keyboard and its percussive ability.

Joseph Livingstone–Resurrection Time!

Highly diverging works seeking to symbolize both resurrection in religion and in surviving difficulties. A wide range of instruments, some jazz, avant and classical elements. Interesting!

William Hellerman–Three Weeks in Cincinnati in December

One long, seamless piece for solo flute using very difficult techniques: multiple stops, whistle tones and abdominal tremolo. Only Robert Dick has played this piece from 1979.

Nicholas Chase–Bhajan

Electric violin with computer and electronics–very spacey and sci-fi! Sample!

Jerome Combier–Gone

Contemporary avant-garde for various instruments–eerie, weird, silences, staccato elements.

Pierluigi Billone–Sgorgo Y N oO

3 long, increasingly raucous pieces for electric guitar–wild.

Claudio Ambrosini–Song Book for Guitar

Very abstract works for solo guitar, interesting mix of rhythms. Most pieces under 3 mins. long.

Gyorgy Ligeti–Piano Concerto

Very abstract pieces ranging from droning to staccato, an interesting variable mix of pieces for solo cello (trk 1 very slow start), ensemble, orchestra and piano.


The Wilderness Within-Khueex

“Khu.éex’ translates to “potlatch” in the Tlingit language. Using Alaskan Tlingit music as inspiration, the band performs contemporary funk/jazz improvisations to lay a foundation for traditional vocals which are layered and interspersed with spoken word and storytelling.” website:   With a new CD in the works for 2017 this Seattle, Washington based band, Khueex  and The […]

Texture and Light- Inner Space Odyssey

Synthy-80’s type stuff. Very Aphex Twin but with melodic vocals. I didn’t love it but check it out if you love the electro feel.

Lei Liang–Luminous

Varying, abstract pieces for quartet, piano, percussion or contrabass solo. Trk 3 most accessible, sample others.

Specific Gravity–Music of Steven Roens

Very abstract, intense works for strings or piano, other pieces with soprano voice.

Henry Kaiser–Playola

“A collection of curiosities for airplay–1977-2002”. Guitarist Kaiser and his many collaborators here perform something for everyone–rock, avant rock, jazz, avant jazz, blues, folky, with humor. Play!

Tod Dockstader–From the Archives

Works from 2000-2008 from newly found electronic files, from a well-recognized composer.

Gene Pritsker–Melodies Alone Can Proudly Carry Their Own Death

Avant chamber pieces for solo, duo and trio instruments. Play most!

Alvin Lucier–Two Circles

Very abstract electro-acoustic pieces, droning, knocks, voice–sample.

Book of Memory

Beautiful, contemporary works by Paul Lansky and Jason Treuting peformed by Janus Trio (flute, viola, harp). Treuting’s pieces have voice. Play!

Ken Thomson–Restless

Abstract works for cello and piano or piano alone. Title tracks particular nice!

Timothy Dunne–Metaphrase

Edgy, intense (mostly) pieces for chamber orchestra, with piano, english horn, voice and/or violin up front. Play!

Mick Rossi–160

With prepared piano, horns, drums, etc. a wild mix of pieces with electronics. Play!

Danny Clay & Joseph M. Colombo

Two long compositions, continuing the series of diverse works by SF Area composers. First pieces is for guitar quartet & string quartet, starts staccato, continues more quietly. Second work if for two pianos, eight hands–minimalist.

Mikel Kuehn–Object Shadow

Accessible, abstract, electro-acoustic works for a variety of instruments: solo guitar, saxophones, cello, etc. Play!

Huang Ruo–Red Rain

Works for solo piano or solo cello or both–energetic, flowing and changeable. Play!

Jon Gibson–Relative Calm

Per the title, these are a mix of electronic and acoustic pieces ranging from calm to more energetic, for keyboards, sax and/or winds, percussion. Play/sample!

Furia y Silencio

Contemporary pieces for flute and ensemble, both electronic and acoustic, by young Mexican composers. Play!