Category Avant Garde

Anne Neikirk–Spring Shadows

Abstract, mostly lyrical works for sax, flute, harp or percussion, with subtle electronics

Charles Amirkhanian–Loudspeakers

Pianola/player piano and MIDI and text-sound pieces with electronics and voices.

Kate Amrine–This Is My Letter to the World

Trumpet-based pieces with inspiration/words on political issues, abortion, climate change…

Clickable–The Art of Persuasion

Flute and percussion (vibes, marimba etc) with words covering the topics of social media, novels, ads and folk stories.

Diana Cemeryte–Recorder & Accordion

For recorder and/or accordion, some discordance/loudness vs. almost lyrical.

Miguel Farias–Up and Down

For a variety of instruments (winds, percussion, voice, electronics), varying works with plucks, stops, beats and other sounds from the instruments. Sample.

Devonté Hynes – Queen & Slim (Original Motion Picture Score) [Domino]

The artist more widely known as Blood Orange throws a Ken Burns effect on his production technique for the score to 2019 American romantic drama film Queen & Slim. Having no real knowledge of the film, one would expect an emotionally evocative viewing experience based on the soundtrack. Melancholy and drawn out are the piano, […]

Joanna Bailie–Artificial Environments

Taking urban sounds and manipulating with time and electronics, including street, train and  other environments.

Walter Zimmermann–Lokale Musik

For a wide variety of instruments and ensembles, pieces that are not quite lyrical nor atonal, with rhythmic changes.

Marco Momi–Almost Nowhere

Three long pieces for saxophone, electronics, percussion and piano–quite a variety of sounds from the instruments. Sample!

Mirrored Spaces

A collection of abstract, contemporary works for solo guitar or electric guitar–excellent!

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

The Prism Quartet is back with this release of saxophone quartets by well-known contemporary composers: Steven Mackey, Julia Wolfe amongst others. Sonorous to wild! Play!

Peter Van Zandt Lane–New Cartography

String works exploring technological and mechanical effects on life, varying rhythmically, for quartet or ensemble.

Hior Chronik–Blind Heaven

Ambient, electronic works with some voice, piano, vibraphone, mostly slow and droning. Play!

Wax & Wire

Varying works for an interesting mix of instruments–cello, sax, piano, clarinet, percussion. Play!

Ayman Fanous & Frances- Marie Uitti–Negoum

Improvisations of classical guitar or bouzouki and cello (one & two bows), ranging from lovely Middle Eastern to wild.

Potential Differences

Raucous, wild, fun or droning works for electric guitar quartet!

David Dzubay–all water has a perfect memory

Abstract works ranging from intense or lyrical for a variety of instruments.

come closer

Works for bassoon, long, varying in tempo, nice!

Ori Barel–Centrifugal Force for Player Piano

Rhythmically varying works, mostly intense and fast. Sample.

Donald Reid Womack–Intertwined

Combining Asian and Western strings–eerie, tense, very interesting works. Sample.

Matt Sargent–Separation Songs

Based on hymns of William Billings (1770), Baroque yet contemporary string quartets with over dub.. Sample!

Friedrich Jaecker–paradis

A variety of works for piano, some with voice, glasses–minimalist, abstract, lots of silences.

Shadow Blues

Flute trio “Trio D’Argent” performs these works for Asian flutes with urban sounds, works by varied composers and by a member of the trio–lyrical to environmental sounds.


A collection of avant works for violin or transcriptions for, performed by the composers and Jennifer Koh–eerie, squeaky or lyrical. Play!