Category Avant Garde

Michael Pisaro-Liu–Radiolarians

Noise elements both harmonic and melodic + droning.

Christopher Trapani–Horizontal Drift

Microtonal works for a variety of instruments. Play!

Jason Treuting–Nine Numbers

Voice/hand claps/percussion, definitely different.

Adrienne Elisha–Anthelion

Mostly very abstract works for strings and/or orchestra, some very strident.

Casper Hill – Living Creatures

Casper Hill’s third album release integrates a variety of sounds from soft, moving ukulele to chaotic guitar noise, with emotional, touching lyrics throughout. It feels like a collage that is so difficult to decipher you must allow yourself to float down the winding river it paints. Living Creatures transcends genre, and is simply the purest […]

Into The Green

Electroacoustic or acoustic clarinet, varied works, abstract.

Wilfredo Terrazas–the Torres Cycle

For various instruments, somewhat discordant, abstract.

Stefania de Kennessey–in her words

As title says, talking with interesting electronic music.

James Dashow–Soundings in Pure Duration Vol. 2

Electroacoustic works with wind instruments, eerie, mechanical.

Spoldzienia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble

Avant-garde works by Polish composers and others. Varied.

Asger Baden–“If the Music Stops They’ll Eat Him Up”

Ambient electroacoustic experimental music, flowing. Play!

The Sonic Arts Ensemble–Live from the Multiverse

Electroacoustic works for percussion, bowls, squeaks–improvisations.

Saxspectrum 3–New Music for Alto and Soprano Saxophone

A mix of fairly abstract to more accessible/lyrical works with piano, tabla and/or didgeridoo.

Baljinder Sekhon–Alchemy

Interesting, abstract saxophone-based pieces in quartet with piano and other ensembles. Play!

Jerome Begin–Post

Solo piano with electronic processing. Performed by Jerome Begin and David Friend.

6 Pieces for Gamelan Slendro

Gorgeous gamelan/wind/ string pieces, Javanese and avant-garde. Play!

Nick Vasallo–Apophany

Orchestral works with a metal, sharp edge.

Marcel Zaes– Parallel Print

First made in software, percussion and piano plucking iterations.

MC Maguire–Saturation Velocity

Multilayered electroacoustic works, brash and variable, with piano or cello and CPU.

Temporality of the Impossible

Very squeaky, plucking and creaky violin works.

Eric Nathan–Missing Words

Fairly abstract works for a variety of instruments and ensembles.


Improvisations for trio, flute + electronics by Jane Rigler, Curtis Bahn, Thomas Ciufo.

Convergence II

Kevin Kastning, Sandor Szabo and Carl Clements improvised these ambient guitar, electric guitar and sax pieces. Nice!

Malcolm Goldstein–because a circle is not enough

Very abstract, squeaky, thumping or keening works for bowed instruments.

Adam Roberts–Bell Threads

For a variety of instruments, lyrical to strident and interesting.