Category Avant Garde

David Dzubay–all water has a perfect memory

Abstract works ranging from intense or lyrical for a variety of instruments.

come closer

Works for bassoon, long, varying in tempo, nice!

Ori Barel–Centrifugal Force for Player Piano

Rhythmically varying works, mostly intense and fast. Sample.

Donald Reid Womack–Intertwined

Combining Asian and Western strings–eerie, tense, very interesting works. Sample.

Matt Sargent–Separation Songs

Based on hymns of William Billings (1770), Baroque yet contemporary string quartets with over dub.. Sample!

Friedrich Jaecker–paradis

A variety of works for piano, some with voice, glasses–minimalist, abstract, lots of silences.

Shadow Blues

Flute trio “Trio D’Argent” performs these works for Asian flutes with urban sounds, works by varied composers and by a member of the trio–lyrical to environmental sounds.


A collection of avant works for violin or transcriptions for, performed by the composers and Jennifer Koh–eerie, squeaky or lyrical. Play!

Robert Carl–Splectra

Harp and digital effects–nice! Sample!

Tristan Murail–Portulan

A mix of accessible avant works (winds, strings, piano and/or percussion), some more abstract and forceful than others. Play!

Craig Vear–Black Cats & Blues

Cello with digital effects, sounds, voice–abstract to odd.

John Croft–Seirenes

For a variety of instruments, mostly meandering, quiet, abstract. Play!

Carlos Cipa–Retronyms

Mostly ambient, slowish works for a variety of strings, winds, percussion. Play!

Maija Hynninen–Dawn Breaks

For instruments, electronics, and voice, mysterious and wandering pieces. Play!

Music from Seamus 28

Various composers of the Society for Electro-acoustic Music and their highly varying works: sounds, electronics, voice with some instrumental manipulation. Sample.

Jessica Meyer–RING OUT

Interesting fierce works for strings, voice or chorus.

Flux–Society of Composers Inc. Vol. 35

Lots of variety here in content, and instruments–lyrical/abstract to weird voice.

James O’ Callaghan–Alone & Unalone

Reminded me a bit of a soundtrack for a suspense film–tense, staccato, bleats of winds and silence–sample!

Julian Zyklus – Four Dimensional Waves [Hush Hush]

As far as long format conceptual records go, it’s one stranger thing after another. The debut album from Italian electronic musician Julian Zyklus is “based on the cyclic idea of a universe born through a white hole that moves and grows through four-dimensional waves before arriving at its final black hole”. It could be a […]

Terry Riley–Sun Rings

Kronos Quartet, Volti and recorded space sounds make up these pieces about life on earth,  the songs of the cosmos and human disruption. Liner notes excellent. Play!

blāācmäjik – Plight of the Avian Aliens [Cubby Control]

Looking to get weird? Try some ritual music from this San Francisco based synthesizerist. The frequencies which make up this album will have you lost in the world’s largest corn maze, but at least you found a playlist for that haunted house party. To be so odd, it works. Release Date: 7/19/2019 Play: 1, 8, […]

Afro Yaqui Music Collective–Mirror Butterfly

Spoken word/songs and music about indigenous populations, oppression, and the earth–jazz,  Latin American and Asian elements.

Toshio Hosokowa–gardens

Very quiet, slow works flute, strings & piano. Sample most!

Payton MacDonald–Modules

Meandering, avant marimba w/ electric guitar/ drums. Play!

Kai Schumacher–Rausch

Evocative, beautiful and varying solo piano pieces with effects. Sometimes sounds like strings. Excellent!