Category Avant Garde

Rough Magic

Interesting, abstract choral works.

These are works composed in the style of other composers but in microtones. Nice!

Breathing, Remembering, Dissolving

The Kukuruz Quartet composed of 2 pianos and 4 pianists perform commissioned works, abstract, highly varied. Some with tape.

Giorgio Colombo Taccani–Watcher

Abstract works built on fragments of other works, various instruments.

I Dreamed of Invisible Journeys

Kevin Kastning and Mark Wingfield perform improvisations for 36 contra guitar (and others) with electric guitar.

Steve Reich–The String Quartets

Fairly intense works with voice about 9/11.

Alex Temple–Behind the Wallpaper

Spoken/sung songs + string quartet.

Alvin Lucier–Swing Bridge & Sizzles

With organ and orchestra, drone pieces, reflecting the energy from the sounds of the organ.

Kevin Kastning & Laszlo Gardony–Levitation I

Improvisations for piano and 36 string contra guitar. Abstract and lyrical.

Collin J. Rae–Pandemia

Very dissonant works with synthesizers reflecting the pandemic.

Avenue 64

Co-improvisations by 3 musician/composers (William Roper, Cassia Streb & Tim Feeney)–abstract sounds with bones, bells, glasses, spoken word…

Ekphrastic Discourse

Improvisations by three musicians/composers: James Ilgenfritz, Sandy Ewen and Michael Foster for bass, guitar and sax, abstract to avant.

Gilbert Galindo–terrestrial journeys

Varied works, strings, percussion, piano, winds. Play!

Michael Byron–Halcyon Days

Abstract percussion/marimba or piano–play!


Voice + electronics, some instruments–a bit of dissonance but varied works.

New Mexican Music for Saxophone Quartet

Avant-garde music by Mexican composers for sax quartet–interesting sounds, meandering.

J.E. Hernandez–Voces Fantasmas

For voice + electronics + strings, songs of Mexican experience. Intense.


Varied percussion + flute works, lyrical to abstract, modern.

Bryn Harrison–three descriptions of place and movement

Long, contemporary ambient/abstract string pieces, droning.

Chaos + Contemplation

Very abstract varied works for sax + percussion, some dissonance.


Both classical and abstract, lovely, keening works for viola.

Mauricio Galeano–Colloid

Abstract collection of guitar pieces, lots of hard plucking. Interesting.

Evgueni Galperine–Theory of Becoming

Minimalist works but acoustically varied–voice, trumpet, strings–sound collages.

David Tudor–Rainforest IV

Sounds of the rainforest with electronics–somewhat of a cacaphony.

Matt McBane–Bathymetry

Minimalist works for moog/electronics/percussion–sci- fi sounds.