Monthly Archives: November 2016

Local Objects

Guitarist Zsofia Boros performs a collection of solo guitar pieces from modern and contemporary composers, including Di Meola, Pinter, Gismonti among others. Play!

Mikel Kuehn–Object Shadow

Accessible, abstract, electro-acoustic works for a variety of instruments: solo guitar, saxophones, cello, etc. Play!

Meredith Monk–On Behalf of Nature

Stunning new album from Monk, highly lyrical with marimba, vibraphone, harp and others, in addition to voices, flowing and wandering. Play!

Bruno Bavota–Out of the Blue

Echoes of Philip Glass, highly lyrical, textured pieces for piano with occasional accompaniment of guitar, electronics, cello, violin. Play!

Carl Reinecke–Chamber Music for Clarinet, Horn & Piano

Gracious, Romantic and modern pieces, play!

We got it from here…

A Tribe Called Quest’s long overdue album, “We Got It From Here…” is finally released! 18 years in the making, this is an amazing album, worth spending some serious time with. They are hip-hop legends for a reason—the lyrics, the beats, it is a really special album. FCC: Clean Play: 1, 2 (all of them!) […]

Vandana Vishwas – Parallels (self-released)

Third CD from this award-winning vocalist &  music scholar who was raised in India but is now an architect in Canada. This time she’s blended Indian musical traditions with other genres (see track names) in really inventive ways with pleasing results. Official Website

James Whetzel – Beatology Volume 1 (Olin Place)

New explorations into the rhythmic possibilities of the funk beat – 31 variations in fact! All tracks composed & performed by Whetzel, a multi-instrumentalist & master of the sarod – a many stringed fretless instrument played like a guitar. Lots of electronic instrumentation here as well. Includes subtle Asian flavors. Listen on Bandcamp here

ANTH: Africa – African Rumba (Putumayo)

In the decades after WW II, the influence of Latin rumba, mambo, & cha cha cha on African music was massive. Here this influence is celebrated with tracks from top African bands, sometimes working with some well-known Cuban collaborators. Nice music for Latin dancing.

Flight- Cindy Paul

From Alberta, Cindy Paul is Metis and Cree and has a beautiful creamy voice that wants to sing you a country song.  Her title track has enthralled many and quickly became a favorite of Moccasin Tracks.  She sings to contemporary issues like Somebody’s Daughter speaks to gender violence.  play all.

Somewhere In There-Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Jazz and Contemporary Lakota Flute with Tiokasin Ghosthorse and friends.  Tiokasin is from the Cheyenne River Lakota.  Joyful Moon track has children’s voices and there is a track with a greeting from Tiokasin that includes his native language.  Enjoy this upbeat instrumental with flute including horns, keyboard, banjo and more.  Play all.

Huang Ruo–Red Rain

Works for solo piano or solo cello or both–energetic, flowing and changeable. Play!

21st Century Spanish Guitar–Vol. 2

Pieces composed within the last 7 yrs by Spanish composers. Excellent!

Charles Wuorinen– Eighth Symphony, Fourth Piano Concerto

Very abstract, edgy and intriguing works performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Play!

Debut–Guitar Recital

Jonas Khalil performs a lovely collection of modern/contemporary pieces by Ysaye, Cassado, Arnold, Bogdanaovic and one of his own pieces. Play!

The Preludes Project

Piano preludes by Chopin and O’Riordan, whose contemporary pieces are particularly interesting and evocative. Play!

R. Murray Schafer–Ariadne’s Legacy–Works for Harp

Two CDs of works for harp, solo or with duet/ensemble, some voice. CD1 more “traditional” but still contemporary, CD2 more edgy, and with voice. Play!

Jon Gibson–Relative Calm

Per the title, these are a mix of electronic and acoustic pieces ranging from calm to more energetic, for keyboards, sax and/or winds, percussion. Play/sample!

Japanese Guitar Music Vol. 3

Beautiful contemporary works for guitar, with or without harmonica (!). Play, play, play!


An interesting mix of works for tuba, modern to contemporary and avant, Lang’s with voice. Play!

Furia y Silencio

Contemporary pieces for flute and ensemble, both electronic and acoustic, by young Mexican composers. Play!

Early Musings–New Music for Violin

A collection of new pieces for electric and acoustic violin–abstract, ranging from sweet to sharply staccato. Play most!


Reflections is an album from artist Kastle. The music is a mix of Electro Hop, R&B, Bass Music and Drum&Bass. You hear elements of Machinedrum and Burial and the tracks have that nice mix of grittiness and smoothness. Tracks:All Good

Vanishing Twins-Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure is the most recent release from Vanishing Twins. The music combines, Jazz, Retro 60’s Pop, Electronica, and Rock. The album has an experimental quality to it and isn’t something you hear everyday. Tracks: 3, 5, 8, 9

The Micronaut-Forms

Forms is the latest from The Micronaut. The music is a mix of Ambient Dance, Ambient Bass Music and R&B. The music has a similar vibe to Machinedrum’s latest Human Energy and has an upbeat yet mellow vibe to it. Smooth and easy to chill to. Tracks: 2,5,6,10,12