Category Classical

Paul Reale–Caldera with Ice Cave

Varying works, tense vs. lyrical, strings with piano or chimes. Play most!

Toshio Hosokowa–gardens

Very quiet, slow works flute, strings & piano. Sample most!

Let’s Meet at the Horizon

Works for double bass and violin. All contemporary, quiet to strong. Play most!

Payton MacDonald–Modules

Meandering, avant marimba w/ electric guitar/ drums. Play!

Kai Schumacher–Rausch

Evocative, beautiful and varying solo piano pieces with effects. Sometimes sounds like strings. Excellent!

Strahlen. Licht.–New Compositions for Guitar Solo

Maximilian Mangold plays  these works, all interesting in their own way. Play!

Confini–Works for Saxophone Quartet

A mix of modern/contemporary/avant pieces. Nice mix!

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Hermitage Piano Trio performs these Romantic and early modern works.  Lovely and some well-known.


Aquarelle Guitar Quartet performs transcriptions for guitar quartet, flute–a mix of eras, some well-known works. Play!

Ben Melsky

Harpist Ben Melsky performs these pieces with Ensemble dal Niente, all contemporary composers. Nice mix of instruments! Play!


Inspired by their trips in the early 90’s to Hiddensee, Cello, piano and electronics, gracious, minimalist, ambient works. Play all


Transcriptions for marimba, strings and percussion of some well-known contemporary and classic jazz–with works by Pat Methany, Chick Corea, Mongo Santamaria and others. Play!

David Bruce–The North Wind Was a Woman

With mandolin, strings, voice, percussion– contemporary, evocative works with a Renaissance feel. Nice!

Mikolaj Gorecki–Zan Tontemiquico

Interesting, somewhat intense, contemporary Polish works for trio and small orchestra. Nice!

Tangos…and Something More

Modern/avant tangos,  instrumental, some with voice. Play!

Amor Fati

Gracious, transcriptions and originals, modern and and contemporary. Play!

George Kontogiorgos–Dancing with Centaurs

Varied sax pieces, all contemporary, with piano or strings.

Istvan Anhalt–the timbre of those times

Somewhat intense, interesting orchestral works, contemporary.

Karlton Hester– Quantum Elders Ballet

Avant pieces for tenor sax, flute, piccolo and others.


Moving through eras, Romantic to modern, lots of Latin American composers! Play!

Alla Elana Cohen–Quaestiones et Responsa

Very interesting works for a variety of instruments and/or chamber orchestra

Gianluigi Trovesi & Gianni Coscia–La Misteriosa Musica della Regina Loana

From Umberto Eco’s novel/autobiography “The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana” come these pieces based on either actual references to pieces or created impressions for clarinet and accordion. Play!

Great Pianists as Composers

Known as pianists (Schnabel, Lipatti and Gould) and one each of their compositions from 1930’s to 1940’s. Varying and interesting. Play!


Very interesting contemporary string quartets. Smart’s jazzy and beautiful. Play most!

Nights Bright Days

Brass + organ works from Baroque to contemporary, some with voice. Nice!