Category Classical

Alexandra Streliski–Inscape

Ambient, highly lyrical, delicate works for solo piano. Play! Advertisements

Clusters–American Piano Explorations

Very short, highly abstract solo piano pieces, some very lyrical, others robust and strong,

Stuart Saunders Smith–New England

Abstract, abruptly changing, yet lovely vibraphone pieces. Play!

Brass Roots

Nice mix of pieces from robust to lyrical (w/ harp)– play!

Stanley Grill–Rustling Flights of Wings

Songs from various poets works with lovely piano and violin accompaniment.

Chen Yi–Concertos for String Instruments

Varying pieces for Western and or/ Eastern instruments. Some keening tones, but nice mix of instruments and rhythms. Play!

Concertante–Modern Works for Guitar

Contemporary classical guitar with Latin elements by Campbell Ross or Ariel and Gerardo Dirie. Play!

Kutavicius, Balakauskas and Martinaitis

Lithuanian composers’ works for chamber orchestra. Note: trk 1 was included twice from the download files, without  track 2. Works range from traditional to quite classical though these are modern composers.

4 Woods + 1 Sax Play Rameau and Ravel

Transcriptions of classical and modern pieces for winds and sax. Nice modernization!

Waking the Sparrows

Duo of soprano and guitar, varying styles and composers. Musical accompaniment lovely.

David Lang–Mystery Sonatas

Abstract, solo violin pieces, mostly slow and gracious. Play!

Paul Lansky–The Long and Short of It

Wonderful pieces for winds, or guitars or horn. Play all!

Vincent Persichetti–Piano Music

Modern solo piano pieces, staccato or flowing, mostly short. Nice!

Kamyar Mohajer–Pictures of the Hidden

Contemporary chamber works, some with voice and Eastern elements. Play!

Samuel A. Livingston–Gentle Winds

Gracious pieces for winds and strings, play!

Elizabeth Vercoe–Butterfly Effects

A mix of instruments (harp, flute, piano, vibraphone and others) w/o voice or with, texts from poets and writers. Play most!

John. Cage. Guitar.

Transcriptions from solo piano for guitar and prepared guitar. Nice!

Direct Message–20th & 21st Century Works for Trumpet and Piano

Nice mix of modern (post  1900) pieces. Play most!

Ray Chen–The Golden Age

A mix of pieces, classical, jazz, traditional for, or transcribed for violin and orchestra. Play!

Ted Coffey–Works for Dance

Pieces composed for dances, ambient sounds, computer noises, some droning. Trk 5 cacaphonous.

Kyle Gann–Hyperchromatica

Avant and just intonation solo and triple piano pieces, computerized. Interesting, not much atonality. Play!

Byron Richard O’Keefe–Orchestral Works

Contemporary,  yet Romantic, beautiful orchestral pieces. Play!

Arthur Gottschalk–Art for Two

Jazzy, abstract and contemporary works for sax, clarinet and/or piano.

Music for Bassoon and Piano

Modern works for bassoon, piano and flute by various composers–Dutilleux, Tansman, Boutry, Saint-Saens and others.

Joseph M. Levin–September

Lyrical pieces for piano, flute and clarinet–play!