Category Classical

Susie Ibarra–Talking Gong

Percussion + piano/flute with Filiippino influences, jazzy. Play!

Mind & Machine

For a variety of instruments and electronics, some lyrical others fairly electronic, one with theremin sounds.

Gina Biver–Nimbus

For voice, poetry and electro-acoustic accompaniment–nice music.

Gods, Rhythms, Human

Abstract, modern and varied works for percussion. Nice!

Zibuokle Martinaityte–Saudade

Lithuanian composer exploring emotions, flowing long works, somewhat sad.

Small Is Beautiful

Modern solo pieces from 19ll onward, abstract and lyrical. Play! (mostly 2 mins or less)


For flute, oboe & bassoon, modern and lyrical works, some with voice. Play!

Edward Gregson–Instrumental Music

Gracious, lyrical and modern works for orchestra and soloists. Play!

Pioneers–Piano Works by Female Composers

Works from the 18th century on, by women composers with families and societal constraints.

Bela Bartok–String Quartets Nos. 1,3, & 5

The Jerusalem Quartet performs these lovely, modern string quartets with Hungarian elements. Play!

Wesley Fuller–Seven by Seven

Works spanning 50 yrs, originating with tape and acoustic instruments– sci fi sound

Fair Wind

Kai Strobel performs this excellent collection of percussion works (vibraphone, marimba etc.) mostly contemporary. Play!

American Music for Guitar & Piano

Modern works for guitar by Joplin, Nazareth, Gershwin and others. Varied, jazzy and classical. Play!

Yann Tiersen–La Plage

Transcriptions for guitar of beautiful, minimal works. Play!

Against Method

Works by younger composers, varied and abstract for winds, strings and/or guitar. Play!

Cotatcha Orchestra–Bigbandova Elektrnika

A collection from various composers of classical/jazz or solely jazz electronics, varied rhythmically

Robert Moran–points of departure

Neo-classical mix of styles, voice and instruments, viola, symphony orchestra.

Scott Lee–Through the Mangrove Tunnels

Mixing jazz, avant/classical, contemporary works inspired by the swamps in Florida. Nice!

Der Makabere Zirkus

Contemporary tangos with electric guitar, ukele and bandondeon.

Betty R. Wishart–Moods

A mix of originals and transcriptions of pieces, abstract or jazzy, the preludes are lovely.

Contemporary Colours–New Music by Maltese Composers

Shortish orchestral works, abstract and varied.

Kari Ikonen–Impressions, Improvisations & Compositions

Pure improvisations or some compositions inspired by art, blues and Japanese music. Play!

Robert Honstein–SOUL HOUSE

Lovely, flute-based pieces inspired by his NJ childhood home. Play!

Music from SEAMUS vol. 29

Society of Electro-acoustic music composers–a variety of sounds, from bird like to weird electronics.

American Violin Sonatas

Two American composers, Goldmark & Reinagle, from Classical to Romantic.