Category Classical

Matthew Burtner–Glacier Music

Water sounds and added sonification of dying glaciers–ambient, sad and beautiful. Play! Advertisements

Great Southern Land–Australian Trumpet Music by Brendan Collins

Contemporary works for trumpet, piano and some trombone. Nice!

Hakan A. Toker–Messing Around—with the classics!

Toker re-arranges all kinds of baroque, classical  and jazz pieceswith jazzy-classical inflection. Some pieces work better than others, the more modern works in my opinion.


Nice combination of saxophone and flute, contemporary pieces, play!

Dennis Kam–Several Times

Pieces composed over 40 yr span, varying, intense, abstract. Play most!

Gottschalk and Cuba

100 yrs of Cuban piano music influenced by Louis Moreau Gottschalk–Creole and American. Play!

Gene Pritsker–Eclectic Music Extravaganza Live

Wild, genre-mixing avant with jazz, classical, rock and electronic, shout voice. Trk 7 FCC in title at least. Lyrics were difficult for me to understand.

Leon Kirchner–Music for Orchestra

Fairly intense, forceful works,s, but varying rhythmically.

Hayes Biggs–When You Are Reminded by the Instruments

Widely varying works for a variety of instruments (sax, piano, strings, orchestra, steel pan) or choir.

Alvin Curran–Endangered Species

Taking art songs, traditionals, etc. rendered fairly cacaphonous with all kinds of sounds, noises, voices of all kinds.

George Crumb–Makrokosmos I-III

Abstract, forceful works for amplified piano, percussion, some voice. “III” quite lyrical. Play!

Echoes of Bach

Mike Block’s exploration of Bach and other composer’s Bach-like pieces. Play!

Nikolai Kapustin–Complete Chamber Works for Flute

Jazz inflected , contemporary works for flute, strings and piano. Nice!

Payton MacDonald–Solo Marimba Commissions Vol. 2

Five marimba pieces, varying in style and length. Play!

Songs Without Words

With Baroque instruments, (baroque oboe, viola da gamba and harpsichord) Songs from theBaroque to pop  and modern interpreted

Debussy and Ravel–Strings Quartets

The Jerusalem Quartet performs two string quartets, both recognizable and wonderful, by Ravel and Debussy. Play!

Notus–Of Radiance & Refraction

Collegiate chorale group performs contemporary works, some with musical accompaniment and electronics.

Michael G. Cunningham–Mezzanine Seat–Works for Orchestra

Mostly short orchestral pieces, contemporary. Play!

Series Noir

TV and movie theme songs performed by sax with harp and electronics. Lots of ambient, meandering pieces by well-recognized composers–Glass, Richter, Des Plat, Zimmer…Play most!

Sonidos Surenos–Art Songs from Argentina, Mexico & Brazil

Songs from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, gracious classical with native musical elements.

Hans Winterberg–Chamber Music Vol. 1

From 1940’s through the 50’s, these are modern sounding, abstract works for winds, strings, piano. Play most!

The Scene of the Crime

A collection of pieces for trumpet with percussion, ranging from abstract, to highly lyrical marimba! Duddell’s and Brostrom’s works particularly nice!

Songs From Chicago

American narrative songs from Chicago, most composed in the early 1900’s, with piano.

Aaron Siegel–A Great Many

For percussion and clarinet, one piece 24 mins. long, lyrical, ambient.

Transient Canvas–Wired

Mostly slow, quiet and abstract works for marimba and bass clarinet. Play!