Category Classical

Bowed Colors

Contemporary works for viola, some piano and children’s voices. Nice!


Varied percussion + flute works, lyrical to abstract, modern.

Anders Koppel–Chamber Music

Contemporary pieces for strings /mandolin and very interesting! Play!

Chamber Music with Viola

British composers’ ( Bowen, Britten, Holst) works for viola, early 1900’s, gracious.

Bryn Harrison–three descriptions of place and movement

Long, contemporary ambient/abstract string pieces, droning.

Clemans Christian Poetzsch–chasing Heisenberg

Lovely, flowing and ambient piano pieces, all contemporary. Play!

Carl Reinecke–Piano Concertos

Romantic era piano concertos, lovely!

Chaos + Contemplation

Very abstract varied works for sax + percussion, some dissonance.


Both classical and abstract, lovely, keening works for viola.

Center Chamber–Chamber Music with Saxophone

Contemporary works for sax or the forgotten connosax (sax + english horn + heckelphone created in 1928 with a vaudeville sound). Nice!

Mauricio Galeano–Colloid

Abstract collection of guitar pieces, lots of hard plucking. Interesting.

Miguel del Aguila–Orchestral Works

Lovely, mostly lyrical orchestral works with Latin elements.

Evgueni Galperine–Theory of Becoming

Minimalist works but acoustically varied–voice, trumpet, strings–sound collages.

Jesse Passenier– Fight for Light

Contemporary orchestral works, the marimba pieces are delightful! Play!

Vignettes–Music for Trumpet & Brass

Works for solo trumpet or with accompaniment, varied, all modern,

Ludwig Van Beethoven–Complete String Quartets–Vol. 3, The Late Quartets

Considered difficult to perform, almost voice like for strings.

Antonin Dvorak–Poetic Tone Pictures

Solo piano pieces with Czech folk elements. Play!

Cesar Franck–Piano Rarities

Romantic era piano works. Lovely!

Irminden–One Hundred Years of Bulgarian Piano Trios

European and Asian, folk based piano trios. Varied.

David Tudor–Rainforest IV

Sounds of the rainforest with electronics–somewhat of a cacaphony.

Matt McBane–Bathymetry

Minimalist works for moog/electronics/percussion–sci- fi sounds.

Classics of American Romanticism

From mid 1800’s, orchestral works both intense and lyrical by Bristow and Fry.

Balmorhea–the wind

Gorgeous, ambient, lyrical works for strings, guitar, celesta, voice.

The Genius of Ysaye

Romantic/modern works for viola, violin, cello–beautiful and emotive. Play!


Contemporary works for saxophone quartet, abstract and varied, flowing.