Category Classical

Diana Cemeryte–Recorder & Accordion

For recorder and/or accordion, some discordance/loudness vs. almost lyrical.

Bhavani’s Oboe

Modern works for oboe with flute and/or piano. Nice mix!

Rez Abbasi & Isabelle Olivier–OASIS

A mix of classical/jazz and world sounds with harp, guitar and tabla, most pieces by Abbasi or Olivier, a few transcriptions. Play!

Rose Petals-Canadian Music for Viola

New Canadian pieces for viola and piano duo, lyrical to stark, almost atonal. Play most!

Miguel Farias–Up and Down

For a variety of instruments (winds, percussion, voice, electronics), varying works with plucks, stops, beats and other sounds from the instruments. Sample.

Henry Charles Litolff–Piano Trios

Romantic works for violin, piano and cello. Gracious!

Baltic Inspiration

Works by Malcys (Lithuanian) and Vasks (Latvian) for piano quartet, both contemporary and varying in textures, rhythms. Play!

Spot On!

Music for euphonium by composers from various countries, combining classical and jazz elements, including ney. Interesting!

Svein Hundsnes–Clavinatas Nos. 1-7

Somewhat intense solo piano works by a Norwegian composer, with lots of toccata and energy, abrupt changes in rhythm, contemporary.

Joanna Bailie–Artificial Environments

Taking urban sounds and manipulating with time and electronics, including street, train and  other environments.


Works for violin and cello, Baroque, Romantic to modern, highly varying.

Northern Lights–Finnish Favorites

Gracious, Romantic with folk elements, all fairly short solo piano pieces from early 20th century. Play!

John Luther Adams–Become Desert

Part of his trilogy about nature, this is a 40 min. piece celebrating and despairing deserts (human-made). Spacey, quiet, beautiful for symphony.

Leonard V. Ball Jr.–Worlds Translucent

Abstract works for string duet or string with piano, not always lyrical but evocative of the subject (night visions, trees, assorted daily activities). Play!

Souvenirs–Music for Oboe and Piano

From Romantic to modern, a diverse mix of works from composers from 5 countries. Nice!


Quey Percussion Duo (vibraphone, marimba, assorted percussion) performs these contemporary works, all varying. Play!

Gary Schocker–Sonatas for Flute and Piano

Gracious, lyrical, contemporary works for flute and piano. Lovely!


Mostly modern solo cello works by European composers, a range of rhythms, nice mix!

Sandor Balassa–Complete Piano Music Vol. 2

Modern to contemporary very short piano pieces, sweet and lively.

King Mangoberry–Music of Ricardo Lorenz

Booming often, abstract pieces, lots of changing rhythms for wind symphony. Interesting!

Poul Ruders Edition Vol. 15

Covering the past with contemporary flavor and vigor, for piano, harpsichord and symphony orchestra.

Alexis Aranda–Conciertos

A mix of concertos, quiet and lyrical or strong, for flute, guitar, piano and/or orchestra. Play!

David Maslanka–The River of Time

Gracious, contemporary pieces for wind ensemble, with flute and cello. Quiet.

Walter Zimmermann–Lokale Musik

For a wide variety of instruments and ensembles, pieces that are not quite lyrical nor atonal, with rhythmic changes.

Heitor Villa-Lobos–Concertos and Chamber Works

Nice works for a mixed small ensemble–harmonica, or guitar, harp, piano with Brazilian flavor.