Category Classical

In Tandem–Solos & Duos

For a variety of duet combinations, all contemporary, some lyrical, others tense.  Greve’s Aria for trumpet and organ nice! Play!

Music from New Zealand for Two Guitars

Modern works for guitar duet, Body’s with African elements. Play!

Grand Duo

Three pieces for clarinet and piano, 1 classical, 1 Romantic, 1 modern. Lovely!

Portuguese Perspectives–Music for Oboe, Piano and Strings

All contemporary pieces, play most!

Old Fashioned

Art songs from  beginning of  20th century, popular, performed by baritone and piano.


Nice mix of pieces for classical guitar, Romantic to modern, various composers with different styles. Play!

Thad Anderson–Lines & Spaces

Compositions for percussion, strings, live processing using his “duration lines” theory–building layers of sound–ambient, minimialist, nice!

Hindemith, Heiden, Skolnick–Works for Violoncello and Piano

Unknown, or rarely performed pieces. Skolnick’s particularly wonderful! Play!

Richard Aldag–Broadway Boogie-Woogie

Title is for one piece, not necessarily indicative of the “post tonal”, not atonal, rather lyrical pieces for various instruments, most compositions within the last 6 yrs.

George Enescu–Works for Violin and Piano

Works composed throughout his life, 1890’s up to 1940. Modern!


Lovely works for oboe, clarinet and bassoon, Romantic to modern. Wonderful sonority. Play!

Robert Palmer–Piano Music

Modern works by a forgotten American composer, irregular rhythms. Play!

Clemens Christian Poetzsch

Based on piano, electronics, some strings, these are ethereal, flowing and mostly quiet works. Play!

Truman Harris–A Warm Day in Winter

Contemporary, rhythmically varying pieces with interesting instrumental combinations. Play!

Alex Weiser–All the Days Were Purple

Lovely pieces of poetry in Yiddish, by both Jewish and gentile poets, with strings, percussion and piano. Play!

Grace Williams–Chamber Music

Modern works for a variety of instruments and combinations ( trumpet, strings, piano, winds). Play!

Simon Laks–In Between

Really interesting, modern works, varying stylistically in their classicism. Play!

Refracted Resonance

Rhythmically varying, producing interesting sounds from the guitar. Play/sample!

At Home and Abroad

Contemporary works for guitar and violin, abstract but also Latin! Play!

Beyond the Traveler

From 20th century Arkansas composers, solo piano works that vary greatly in style an\

Chamber Music of Stephen Rush

From lyrical to abstract, interpretations of images by the musicians. Imaginative!

Kindred Spirits

Robust, varying pieces from a range of eras.

Johann Kaspar Mertz–Fantasias for Solo Guitar

Following the piano styles of Chopin and Mendelssohn, lovely Classical works.

Kinan Azmeh–Uneven Sky

Clarinetist Azmeh performs his own and others’ works–Middle Eastern, nice!

Time, Place, Spirit

Romantic and modern works for flute/piano, lilting, gracious. Play!