Category Classical

Ashley Walter-Sweet Anxiety

Cellist Walters performs abstract/avant works by Deyoe, Berio, Smith and others, ranging from droning, tapping and slapping. Sounds from a cello that you wouldn’t expect. Advertisements

David DiChiera–Letters & Fantasies

Gracious works mostly for voice with piano, some lovely instrumentals for duo, or solo piano. Play!

Conrad Winslow–The Perfect Nothing Catalog

A mash up of the sound of walking, voices, instruments, electronic sounds, animals…

Brian Belet–Sufficient Trouble

Kyma (visual programming language for sound design according to wikipedia) with altered voices, instruments, sounds.

Dinos Constantinides–Songs for Epirus

Mostly gracious, elegant and etherealĀ  pieces based on flute solo or with accompaniment. Play!

The Pythiad–Jim Gailloreto’s Jazz String Quintet

Vocal works with string quintet, more classical than jazz, hence released under Origin’s Classical branch. Nice pieces, especially Jaco Pastorius.

Gavin Bryars–The Fifth Century

Ethereal choral works by Thomas TraherneĀ  composed in the 17th century, here with saxophone quartet.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach–Tangere

Baroque pieces performed on a tangent piano, not a harpsichord, and sounds more fluid. Play!

Alma Espanola

Spanish works from the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s performed by classical guitarist Sharon Isbin and voice by Isabel Leonard. Gracious and elegant.

Philippe Manoury–The Book of Keyboards

Beautiful compositions for vibraphone and percussion, abstract, contemporary. Play!

Danish String Quartet–Last Leaf

An interesting mix of Danish traditional pieces with originals by the quartet’s members. Nice!

Heavy–Solo Violin

Fairly intense solo violin pieces by Abras, Doderer, Placidi and others. Avant.

Richard Wernick–Concerto for Cello and Ten Players

Abstract pieces, ranging from intense, some quiet, and still intense. Play!

Louis Moreau Gottschalk–of Louisiana, Selected Works

Bouncy, rhythmic solo piano pieces, influenced by his living abroad in Brazil and the Caribbean, this American composer is considered a multiculturalist in the early and middle 1800’s. Play!


Mostly modern solo flute pieces by Brazilian composers. Play!

Voices Reimagined–The Yargo Trio

A mix of Classical and modern pieces, transcriptions for flute, saxophone and piano. Nice!

Winter’s Warmth–Contemporary Works for Orchestra

Really interesting pieces, varying, ranging from sweet to tense. Play!


Solo guitar works and transcriptions/arrangements by Takemitsu and Ourkouzounov. Outstanding in grace, silence and beauty. Play, play, play!

Robert Black–Possessed

Double and natural sounds recorded in Moab, Utah, this is Mr. Black’s exploration of a duet with nature.

Bohuslav Martinu–Small Storms

A collection of miniature pieces for cello & piano–modern and nice. Play!

Ori Barel–Small Town

Modern pieces for solo piano, abstract and interesting–sample those that are long.

Robert Beaser–Guitar Concerto

Contemporary orchestra with guitar, folk elements, not so overwhelming for orchestral works. Play!

Elliott Carter–Late Works

Abstract pieces for orchestra with some interesting outstanding solos especially Two Controversies and a Conversation for percussion, piano and chamber orchestra.

Trip Trip Trip–as one who listens to the rain

The English label Willowhayne Records signed this intriguing guitar trio originating from Bogota, Colombia with pieces either composed for them or arranged by them ranging from traditional, lyrical, dreamy to forceful. Play, play, play!

Stephen Dodgson-Guitar Chamber Works

Contemporary works (1963 on) for guitar quartet with accompaniment (violin, cello, flute, voice). Nice!