Category Classical

Thoughts and Prayers–Music by Larry Bell

Some lovely works in tribute and memorium to individuals murdered or dead.

Symphonic Chronicles Vol. 1

Varied works for orchestra–jazz, minimalism etc. all contemporary.

Intersections–Khemia Ensemble

For voice, with abstract, mostly quiet chamber/electronics.

First and Last

French Romantic organ works by Franck and Vierne.

Jakub Polaczyk–Union Square

Contemporary works for a variety of instruments/combos. Play!

Vaughan Williams Live vol. 4

Romantic and modern works for orchestra including the lovely Tallis Fantasia. Play!

Darn That Dream – Arturo O’Farrill

Eight time Grammy winner Arturo O’Farrill’s latest single, Darn That Dream, is vibrant and engaging to listen to. O’Farrill’s mastery of the piano here is clear. This single features two songs, the first, Darn That Dream, is exclusively piano, while the second, Un Poco Loco, features elements including percussion and a groovy baseline. Both songs […]

William St. Hugh–Anamoly

Minimalist strings, drones–slow rhythms but tense

Living Language

A collection of piano works by varied composers and musical eras. Play!

Time Phrase Trio

Abstract works composed collaboratively for trombone, guitar, electronics and percussion. Play!

MA–space between

A mix of contemporary (mostly) with a few Romantic solo piano works. Lei Liang’s works especially expressive.

Justin Holland–Guitar Works and Arrangements

An important African-American composer/arranger and publisher for guitar works in the 1800’s.

Hilary Tann–Luminaria Magna

Choral + organ sacred works, contemporary.

Robin Stevens–Chasing Shadows

Modern/contemporary works instruments not frequently used (double bass, clarinet quintet, doubling piccolo). Play!

ACE Composers II

Continuing a series of contemporary works by composers, this album featuring father and sons works for mixed instruments. Interesting!

Augustin Braud–Contremouvement

For varied instruments, abstract, fragmented, and interesting!

Britta Bystrom–Letter in April

Abstract works for strings and other instruments. Nice!

Folk Themes

Folk inspired piano pieces by 5 very different composers, from different eras. Play!

Robert Raines–Into the Eternal

Contemporary works for flutes with various other flutes and instruments, voice and/or electronics. Nice!

William Duckworth–The Time Curve Preludes

Post-minimal, lyrical and abstract solo piano works, some with voice.

Sam Hayden–Solos/Duos

Abstract, for varied winds, strings, interesting with abrupt stops, rhythmic changes.

Emilie Cecilia LeBel–Field Studies

Interesting, abstract works for instruments/electronics, long.

London Cello Connection

Varied contemporary works for cello + orchestra. Play!

John Cage–Sonatas & Interludes

Works for prepared piano (inserted objects, wood, erasers, etc under the strings) resulting in a toy-piano sound, composed from 1946-1948. Abstract.


Piano works (some with flute), by Ives and Bauer, remarkably modern for the years in which they were composed.