Category Classical

Liszt of the Harp

Romantic works for harp by Liszt and Elias Parish-Alvars–gracious. Play!

Don Walker–Chamber Music for Mixed Ensembles

Very abstract chamber pieces for an interesting mix of instruments. Play!

Guitar Vibes

Modern, abstract,  guitar + string quartets by Brouwer, Sierra, Pujol, and Maier. Play most!

New American Masters Vol. 6

The Palisades Virtuosi continue their performances of American works–contemporary for flute, clarinet and piano. Play!


Pianist Vastek performs mostly ethereal pieces by Cage, Dennehy and Harrison, with instrumental accompaniment. Play most!

Fernando Bernadon–delight/delirium

An interesting mix of avant works with some jazz elements–vibes, piano, clarinet, harp, etc. in mixed configurations. Play!


Contemporary string quartets, by Mazzoli, Lang, Greenstein and others. Play!

The Edge of Time–Paleolithic Bone Flutes

Reconstructed paleo bone flutes performing modern pieces–eerie with percussion. Play!

Dress Code

From Baroque, jazz, rock, varying string quartets.

From My Beloved Country

Contemporary piano pieces from S. African composers. Play!

Ross Feller–X/Winds

Fairly abstract, differing pieces for various instruments and mixes.

Hidden Gems

Covering musical eras, woodwind pieces from the Renaissance to contemporary. Play most!

Robert Paterson–Spheres

Really nice abstract piano trios. Play!

Transhuman–Piano Four Hands

Contemporary, abstract, lyrical works by relatively young composers. Play most!

Travelogue–Music of David Loeb

Traditional instruments from around the world used in contemporary pieces, abstract. Play!

John King–Free Palestine

Middle Eastern strings, both intense and quiet. Nice!

Twilight Remembered

Really good flute & percussion pieces. Play, play, play!

Ming Tsao–Plus Minus

Fairly abstract, intense works with a mix of instruments. Mirandas Atemwende is a chamber opera.

Stefan Aeby Trio–To the Light

A mix of somber, quiet classical/avant + jazz. Nice!

A MIraculous Tale: Mixed Music for Percussion & Saxophone

A lovely mix of pieces ranging from quiet to lively, one with Middle Eastern elements, all contemporary. Play!

The Music of Jeffrey Jacob–Reawakening

Mostly elegant, gracious and solemn pieces for solo, duet and ensemble. Play!

Rory Boyle–Music for Clarinet

Modern works spanning 40 yrs–varied rhythmically.

Kevin Kastning–A Connection of Secrets

Mr. Kastning’s latest solo effort of improvised, ambient and flowing guitar pieces. Plus one piano work! Play!

Out of This World

Modern sax pieces, with piano, by Gotkovsky, Maslanka, Bozza and others.

Kind of Jazz

“Classical” Jazz as composed and popularized by Gershwin, especially, and Horovitz, Schulhoff, Bernstein and others, for clarinet and piano. PLay!