Category Classical

Jean Sibelius–Piano Works

Gracious, Romantic  and early-modern piano works. Play!

Argot Trio–Mostly Mississippi

Pieces for trio of piano, violin and clarinet, by composers either southern by birth or by residence (except Katchaturian)–all modern. Play most!

Wayne Peterson–Transformations

Contemporary pieces both brash and quiet, for sax quartet or orchestra.

Trumpets in the Baroque

Trumpet with organ (not an instrument that I appreciate) in these Baroque pieces by Bach, Albinoni, Telemann and others. Slower pieces meditative.


Guitar Trevor Babb performs layered, multi-track electric guitar pieces by Reich, Lang and one by himself, amongst others. Play most!


Modern violin and piano works from different cultures and styles. Lutoslawski’s particularly nice!

New York

Avant-garde works from early 20th century forward (Varese, Carter, Reich, Cage and Feldman amongst others). Reich’s pieces with voice and tapes about WTC.

Journey to America–20th Century American Piano Music

All American composers (Lees, Primosch, Cowell and Larsen) modern and stylistically varying. Play most!

Amir Elsaffar–Not Two

Excellent mix of Middle Eastern with jazz orchestra, flowing, with punctuation of pecussion. Play!

Andree-Ann Deschenes–Villa-Lobos/Castro

Solo piano pieces by Villa–Lobos, Castro and one fun piece for piano and percussion by Vitier. Nice!

Dalia Raudonikyte With–Solitarius

Contemporary, abstract pieces for various solo instruments ( sax, guitar, clarinet ) and one for chamber orchestra. Play most!

Balys Dvarionas–Complete Works for Violin and Piano

Modern, Romantic pieces from 1946 on to 1970. Lovely!

Jane Antonia Cornish–Into Silence

Quiet, meandering, ambient works for strings and//or piano. Play!

Walk in Beauty

Piano pieces inspired by Native American themes, chants, by quite a variety of composers–Higdon, Adams, Gann amongst others. Play!

Ghost Dialogues

Contemporary pieces for trumpet, solo or with accompaniment (sax, voice or piano) Nice!

Russian Guitar Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Four CDs of great music from early 1900’s to today. Nice!

Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues–Different Voices

Mix of folk, Asian or Indian elements, harmonica and string quartet. Fun! Play!

I Was Like Wow–Contemporary Music for Oboe

A mix of pieces for bassoon ranging from lyrical to abstract/avant. Play!

Xavier Jara–Guitar Recital (Guitar Foundation of America Competition)

Classical guitar pieces ranging from Baroque to contemporary including works by Assad, Bogdanovic and Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Play!

Hans Abrahamsen–10 Preludes, Six Pieces

Modern, abstract originals and some transcriptions of Satie and Nielsen for string ensemble.

Paul Hindemith–Complete String Quartets

All of his string quartets, evocative, modern, performed by the Amar Quartet. Play!

Fred Lerdahl–Vol. 5

Abstract works following the concepts of the “music module”–the human brain can understand only so much musicality. Pieces for wind, piano, piano trio and chamber orchestra.

Carlos Sanchez Gil–Tangata

Beautiful collection of pieces for two guitars and or ensemble. Contemporary with some abstract elements. Play!

Mark John McEncroe–Dark Clouds in Life

A few dark orchestral pieces plus some lyrical piano. Play!


Bent Frequency Duo Project (sax & percussion) perform these avant and very abstract contemporary pieces.