Category Classical

A Peruvian Sojourn

Andean inspired works for flute + piano. Play!

George Enescu–Piano Quartet No. 1

Two works varied in tempo, lyrical or powerful.

William Dietz–A Second Look

Nice collection of bassoon-based works. Play!

Nightscapes for Harp

Gracious works for harp over time. Play!

Elizabeth Raum–Chasing Light and Sound

Modern works for tuba and piano. Interesting!


Contemporary, varied works for wind, percussion and/or strings.

Karl Kohn–Encounters

Interesting, varied works for flute & other instruments. Nice!

Beethoven Complete String Quartets Vol. 2

Beethoven’s “middle quartets”, Romantic.

Malpiero, Ghedini–Cello Concertos

Pieces from 1930’3 to 1951, modern varied, some stridency.

A Touch of Blue

Varied songs for sax + piano, from 1920’s onward.

Finding Home

Widely varied contemporary works for ensemble, flute, guitar.

W. T. Matiegka–Six Sonatas Op. 31

Classical to Romantic era solo guitar. Nice.

Five Minutes for Earth

Lovely collection of harp works, contemporary. Play!

The Future is Female Vol. 1–In Nature

Solo piano pieces by women composers, through the musical eras Romantic to contemporary. Varied and interesting. Play!

Primavera I–The Wind

Inspired by Botticelli’s painting of Primavera, these are all commissioned works, abstract performed by Matt Haimovitz. Play!

Flow of Music

Works by Dvorak, Rosauro and Zollner for string orchestra. Varied. Dvorak’s Serenade for Strings known and lovely. Play!

Adrienne Elisha–Anthelion

Mostly very abstract works for strings and/or orchestra, some very strident.

George Walker–Five Piano Sonatas

Beautiful modern works for piano, 1950’s on, by an African-American composer. Play!

William Susman–Quiet Rhythms Book I

Minimalist, ambient solo piano works. Play!

Into The Green

Electroacoustic or acoustic clarinet, varied works, abstract.

Emigre and Exile–Arcomusical

The berimbau instrument with Afro-Brazilian origins is explored here. Beautiful percussion!

Wilfredo Terrazas–the Torres Cycle

For various instruments, somewhat discordant, abstract.

Stefania de Kennessey–in her words

As title says, talking with interesting electronic music.

Chinoiserie–Building New Musical Bridges

European + Asian works performed by guzheng and guitar. Play!

Frederic Hand–Across Time

Gracious solo guitar performed by the composer, some voice.