Category Classical


Aizuri Quartet performs abstract, new pieces written for them, all American composers, ranging from intense, to quiet. Play most! Advertisements

Jacques Charpentier–72 Etudes Karnatiques

Seventy-two Indian mode, microtonal piano pieces. Odd but attractive, mostly short.

Robert Fuchs–Complete String Quartets Op. 52, 68, 71 & 106

Gracious, elegant, Romantic string pieces.

J. S. Bach–The Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord

Baroque, title says it all.

Nicholas Vines–Hipster Zombies from Mars

Mixing classical/abstract, experimental solo piano pieces.

Night Triptych–Guitar Duos

Contemporary, ethnic, guitar duos, Japanese, Middle Eastern amongst others. Play!

Global Tapestry

Lovely, varying genre works for clarinet and piano, as title suggests, from different geographical areas ( India, France, Latin American, etc.) Play!

Joseph Fennimore–From My Window

Varying in style and rhythm, contemporary solo piano pieces.

John Cage–The Works for Piano vol. 10

Staccato, abrupt changes, forceful banging, very abstract but accessible solo piano.

Tango Fado Duo

A mix of tango styles both Spanish and Latin American, mostly modern.

Resurrection–12 Ensemble

First release on the contemporary branch of Harmonia Mundi, Sancho Panza label. The 12 Ensemble specializes in contemporary string music. Here are pieces by Lutoslawski, Dessner and others. Bryce Dessner’s works excellent! Play!

John Liberatore–Line Drawings– Chamber Music

Contemporary, nice mix of instruments/duos including glass harmonica, sax and percussion! Play most!

Lowell Liebermann–Piano Music

Lovely, lyrical solo piano pieces. Play!

Japanese Guitar Music Vol. 4

Gorgeous contemporary pieces, some with flute, (one solo flute). Play!

Beau Soir–French Music for Oboe and Piano

Lovely, modern, mostly Impressionistic works by Debussy, Faure, Ravel, Messiaen, Koechlin and Silvestrini. A few transcriptions, as well. Play  most!

Lejaren Hiller–Sonatas

Pieces for violin and piano, varying fromd intense, abstract to more “classical”. Play most!

EOS Guitar Quartet–20+

Covering 20 yrs of recordings, these include a variety of genres: Jazz, New Age, world, avant and classical. Play most!

Scott Barton–Stylistic Alchemies

HIghly electronic, abstract works for guitar, some voice, strings. Interesting!

Bruno Giner–Chamber Music

Raucous works for an interesting mix of instruments, most long. Sample.

Reason & Reverence–Works for Orchestra

Varying orchestral pieces, some very short, play most!

Christian Wolff–Two Orchestra Pieces

Two abstract, intense, yet accessible pieces, one for 3 orchestras! Sample.

Zeno Baldi–Bonsai

Somewhat atonal, abstract and electronic works for varied instruments and effects. Interesting! Play!

Five Seasons

Gorgeous, contemporary pieces for guitar, soprano voice, vibraphone. Play!

Maurice Ravel–Solo Piano Music

Impressionistic, flowing piano pieces, favorites of many pianists. Play!

New Jersey Percussion Ensemble at 50 Vol. 1

Concertos ranging from lyrical, percussive and zany. Play!