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darkDARK – Heathered (Self Released)

Welcome to Heathered, the synth-heavy debut EP from electronic duo darkDARK. According to the band, the record is about relationships. “Everything from the first moments with someone, which can be so amazing and fleeting, to the times where you’ve forgotten who you both are, change, and evolve […]” darkDARK recently told Consequence of Sound. Haley Bonar’s […]

Juana Molina – Halo (Crammed Discs)

Take a trip into Latin Folktronica with Argentinian born singer-songwriter and an actress Juana Molina. Having not heard of Molina before, it’s unknown what differentiates Halo from her previous six albums.  Tracks like “Los pies helados,” “Cosoco,” and “Cara de espejo” are upbeat and catchy, but the album’s general demeanor is pretty cloudy. The nearly 57 minutes of echoing vocals and […]

Los Angeles Police Department- Self-Titled

Ryan Pollie is the sole creative genius behind LAPD. He has released one full length and a handful of singles before signing to Anti Records. This latest release, the first released on Anti, dips heavily into elements of psychedelic indie-pop with some surf pop vibes. Occasionally, like on track 3 and 4, he even crafts […]

Violents and Monica Martin- Awake and Pretty Much Sober (Partisan Records LLC)

Soft electronic with some hints of dream-pop. Really pretty, airy vocals. That’s about it. RIYL: The XX, Phox, Phantogram, Warpaint, Depression Cherry- era Beach House Play: 1, 3, 7 FCC: clean

BNQT- Volume 1 (Dualtone)

New “indie super group” featuring members of Midlake, Band of Horses, Franz Ferdinand, and a couple other bands. Soft indie rock, at some times experimental, at others very predictable, but pretty vocals and interesting lyrics with an abnormal amount of alliteration. Definitely worth a listen. (I thought 9 was a stand-out track. Can’t play it on […]

The Courtneys- The Courtneys II (Flying Nun Records)

Cool up-and-coming girl band. This album is all about light and airy indie-pop with sweet, echo-y vocals. The lyrics have a bit of a teen-angsty vibe but still fun to listen to. There’s also a little bit of that fuzzy garage rock sound that keeps you coming back for more. Really good! RIYL: Hinds, Best […]


Members of this band “Two Wampanog and one Choctaw (from Louisana) ” they tell us on the tracks labeled WBAR that include short radio skits done with humor. Its “Phunkee” its “Soul” its “Blues” and can be heard live on the Traditional Wampanog Territory in various Cultural Centers and social gatherings. This debut album is […]

Another Sexless Weekend – Uniable Thwange (Self-Released)

Uniable Thwange is a the debut album of Another Sexless Weekend… AKA… Julian Foster. The UVM student has a clear love for classic psychedelic rock n’ roll. His music bleeds 50’s and 60’s. Reminiscent of The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry. A wonderful collection of sounds, and danceable grooves on this record. The […]

Transhuman–Piano Four Hands

Contemporary, abstract, lyrical works by relatively young composers. Play most!

Travelogue–Music of David Loeb

Traditional instruments from around the world used in contemporary pieces, abstract. Play!

John King–Free Palestine

Middle Eastern strings, both intense and quiet. Nice!

Twilight Remembered

Really good flute & percussion pieces. Play, play, play!


Bouncing back and forth between slower, angry tracks and dancey, almost-western rock makes for a super dynamic album. The connection to JPNSGRLS is definitely evident in some of the tracks, as it’s the solo project of frontman Charlie Kerr, but the record is thematically varied, introspective, and worth individual recognition. Guitar-driven and good for angsty […]


Full of energy and good for dancing, each song is under 3 minutes so the album never loses steam. Catchy lyrics, raspy lo-fi vocals, and angsty love themes sound like garage, 60s rock, and new wave had a baby. RIYL: King Tuff, Black Lips, Wavves, The Cure Play: 1, 3, 7, 11, 12 | FCC: 6

Slowdive – “Slowdive” [Dead Oceans]

The highly-influential UK shoegaze pioneers are back with their first album in 22 years. The self-titled album was recorded in Oxfordshire and mixed in Los Angeles by Chris Coady, who has worked with a slew of bands that owe a sonic debt to Slowdive: Beach House, Grizzly Bear, The Antlers, TV On The Radio, and […]

Ming Tsao–Plus Minus

Fairly abstract, intense works with a mix of instruments. Mirandas Atemwende is a chamber opera.

Stefan Aeby Trio–To the Light

A mix of somber, quiet classical/avant + jazz. Nice!

A MIraculous Tale: Mixed Music for Percussion & Saxophone

A lovely mix of pieces ranging from quiet to lively, one with Middle Eastern elements, all contemporary. Play!

The Music of Jeffrey Jacob–Reawakening

Mostly elegant, gracious and solemn pieces for solo, duet and ensemble. Play!

Rory Boyle–Music for Clarinet

Modern works spanning 40 yrs–varied rhythmically.

Kevin Kastning–A Connection of Secrets

Mr. Kastning’s latest solo effort of improvised, ambient and flowing guitar pieces. Plus one piano work! Play!

Out of This World

Modern sax pieces, with piano, by Gotkovsky, Maslanka, Bozza and others.

KELLY LEE OWENS – “KELLY LEE OWENS” (Smalltown Supersound)

Mixing deep clubby, electronic beats with haunting vocals and pop tendencies, this is a spectacular and unexpected CD for the dance-floor. FCC: Clean PLAY: 2, 3, 8 RIYL: Arthur Russell


Strings and light piano keys surround a calm, soothing voice on many of the tracks. The album is a little melancholy, nostalgic and sedated— there’s some good storytelling on here.  FCC: Clean PLAY: 1, 2, 4, 10  RIYL: Haux, Basia Bulat

TOMA – “AROMA” [self-released]

Playful but complex indie-pop from a group that is “dedicated to the art of pop songwriting.” Catchy, cheesy and breezy, this is a good album to listen to and sing and along with while you soak up some sun. FCC: Clean  PLAY: 1, 5, 6   RIYL: Of Montreal, Phoenix, Flaming Lips