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Fuzzy folky alternative rock.  Raspy vocals, electronic sounds married with Americana, “bucolic and stripped down acoustic guitars soon give way to pulsing synthesizers, raw guitar solos, psychedelic flourishes and Abbey Road Leslie speaker rotations” about sums it up.  If Pavement and Wilco had a baby who wanted to add some synthy stuff to their music, […]

Sinikka Langeland–The Half-Finished Heaven

Gorgeous folk and contemporary works for kankle (Northern European dulcimer, with varying numbers of strings), sax, percussion and viola. Play, play, play!

Adolf Jensen–Piano Music Vol. 1

A forgotten German Romanticist–play!

Die Soloflote Vol. 5 Moderne 1960 bis 2000 (Solo Flute)

Modern solo flute pieces by 20 or more composers–abstract, mostly beautiful. Play!

Charlie Rauh–Innocent Speller

Electric guitar, quiet, ambient–nice!


Summer-pop vibes with Vampire-Weekend-esque drums and meter. Upbeat and optimistic, the album delivers some heavier rockers (#6) and some lighter drum-and-finger-picked/acoustic tunes (#7, #10). Track 8 is straight rawk.  Opener is definitively poppy and #11 reminiscent of Head and the Heart in both percussion and vocals..  Many reviews say this album takes a few listens […]

Restless Ones-HEARTLESS BASTARDS (Partisan Records)

A punch to the stomach comes with this music as it plays out and the vocals are yelped. There is a lot of emotions in the music and the vocals push those along as well. The album hums along at a happy bop with melodies that play around the distorted bass and guitars. TRACKS: 2,3,4 […]

Black Mountain-BLACK MOUNTAIN (Jagjaguwar)

Rock n’ roll being revisited. There are vocal back and forths that give the vibe of a live show; there are big solos that climax in hushed vocal harmonies. The sound is swampy and builds around blues riffs. You could call it musical regifting with the band’s use of old sounds reimagined in this new […]

Verge-TOWN MEETING (self)

Folky, Americana, country that is very calming in the vocal arrangements. There are great stories, as all country-folk albums are meant to have, and the musical arrangements are very pretty with hints of influence beyond the typical realm. TRACKS: 1,2,4,5,10, RIYL: Shakey Graves, Grateful Dead


Smooth vocals blending Father John Misty with Alt-J and Herman Düne over simple fun songs “reminiscent of Randy Newman, Brian Wilson, and Elton John” as well as Ben Folds.  Easy cinematic pop with clean musicianship, lyrics, and vocals.  Definitely some folk flare with very throwbacky-70s-pop backdrops. PLAY: 3, 4, 10, ALL | FCC: Clean | […]

The Shade-METRIC (Fat Possum)

Powerful electronic pop ballads. The music is aggressive and calls for all of the attention that it is given; it moves around with cool melodies that glide over the music like a skate over the icy electronic grooves. The whole EP keeps it light and does not dwell on some of the darker ideas that […]

All Are Saved-FRED THOMAS (Polyvinyl Records)

I could not conceive what was cooler while listening to this album; was it the laid-back guitar-driven music that gave each song a pulse or the descriptive lyrics and ideas that were spoken over each note just melodic enough to be considered singing? Fred Thomas plays it cool and seems to understand it. His songs […]

This Thing We Got-CHERRY BIKINI (Armand Abagliani)

Electronic music that is composed of delayed synths that create a chill atmosphere with a heavy dose of manipulated vocals. The music is awesome for a montage of a fun day at the mall. It has a very heavy pop sound with a clear influence of 80s movie scores like Beverly Hills Cop or Fletch. […]


Slinky guitars and rambling drums that build soulful composition with a unique walk. The music continues to build and build until there is a full sound of beauty that blends blues guitar with Americana airiness. It is a grab bag of influence with cool lyrics that slide seemingly effortlessly out of the singer and create a […]

Nothing Matters-DIAMOND YOUTH (Topshelf)

Diamond Youth present very sweet music that shows a bit of sadness that really only shows in the slightest note change in their melodies. The music is grand and sweet, similar to a gigantic sour gummy worm. It swallows you up in the apparent happy rock and power chords, but their is definitely a scene […]

Superheaven – Ours Is Chrome

Label: Side One Dummy Ours Is Chrome is the sophomore album from Pennsylvania band Superheaven (formerly known as Daylight). They play a style of heavy guitar rock that mixes grunge and shoegaze that is heavily influenced by the music of the early 90’s. This is an album of very sludgy, downer rock yet has a […]

Seven Davis Jr.-Good Vibes

Good Vibes is a sampler from Seven Davis Jr. The music is an upbeat, fun mix of Disco Dance, Funk, Soul, and has a little bit of experimentation mixed in. The tracks don’t have a “standard” sound which helps set them apart from the rest of the pack and this has a good backyard barbeque […]

Pictureplane-Hyper Real Remixes

Pictureplane’s Hyper Real Remixes disc has three versions of the Hyper Real track plus the track Total Confusion. The different versions are mostly rooted in Dance and are all upbeat and dancefloor friendly. Tracks: 2,3

Jean-Michel Jarre and M83-Glory

Glory is a single from Jean-Michel Jarre and M83. The disc contains five versions of the track which are rooted in Synth Dance but also has Jarre’s Classical touches mixed in. The remixes are a little more upbeat than the original but still have a similar vibe. Tracks: 2,5

Fort Knox Five-Pressurize the Cabin

The latest from Fort Knox Five is titled Pressurize the Cabin. The music is a mix of Funk, Soul and Hip Hop. The album features many guest artists including Flex Mathews, Ashley Slater and Mustafa Akbar to name a few. The album is super groovy and will fill all funky needs. Tracks: 1,4,6,7

Suplington-Tokyo Reflections

Tokyo Reflections is an EP from artist Suplington. The album EP contains four original tracks plus five remixes. The music has an Ambient Dance, Ambient House vibe and sounds like Tycho sped up. The tracks are mellow yet upbeat and there are some hints of Atmospheric Bass Music as well. Another Youngbloods album that you […]


Smooth, sultry soul music reminiscent of Van Morrison meets Pops Staples meets Taj Mahal meets pieces of The Band’s repertoire.  Some tunes are swingin’ (#6 + #9) with horns, some are soulful doo-wop (#5) and others are more traditional in their soul/R&B vibes.  Track 10 is a spacious acoustic+tambourine arrangement highlighting Leon’s vocals nicely with backing […]

For The Town-SONREAL (Capitol)

Canada has shed its puffy jacket as the “nice country up north” to reveal a bullet-proof vest with a red maple leaf over their heart. With Drake repping the 6, Sonreal’s new album is full of references to some of the most frequent topics of rap albums; there are drugs, girls, self-importance, pop culture references, […]

Can’t Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour-LEONARD COHEN (Sony)

Leonard Cohen’s tour is recorded and a select few tracks are placed on a CD for the future’s sake. The songs are so clean and his voice comes out of the tape with his raspy growl that is oddly pretty paired with the poetic lyrics he draws out, the music wrapping around each word and […]

Disposable Friends-HUMBLE BRAGGERS (Admirable Traits)

Slow burning electronic jams with soaring vocals that give a retro feeling akin to the 80s slow ballads. There is more energy than the typical jam ballad, but the feeling is there so I will write it. Keeping the synth players in business, the album is centered around the synth and vocal pairing. The group […]