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About Love

This is a band from France made up of Katty Besnard (vocals), Marine Neuilly (guitar), Anais Vandervyvere (drums) and Louise Basilien (bass). They play punk rock with a hint of garage and only a dash of pop. Most songs have a 70s punk feel ala Iggy And The Stooges. Tracks 4, 9 and 12 are […]

Get Over It!

Care Bears On Fire are described as a pop-punk and the band is headed by Sophie (guitar and lead vocals), Izzy (drums and backing vocals) and Jena (bass and backing vocals). The music is sugary pop-punk with a good dose of the Go-Gos meets The Donnas. Vocals are somewhat cloying but otherwise, the drums and […]

Raisin A Ruckus

Long-running octet on variety of uptempo fun blues, swing with brass.

Low On Cash, Rich On Love

Guitarist, singer-songwriter on a mix of blues that Asbury Park sound from the 70’s, 80’s ala Bruuuuuce and others.

New York Daze and Knight

1992 recording by tenor saxophonist and rhythm section on postbop originals.

The Furniture Moves Underneath

Quartet-guitar, trumpet, bass, drums on artprogrockavantjazz with some heavy dirges and three quieter floating melodic pieces sounding like Bill Frisell/Ron Miles collaborations.

Release The Saviours

Septet of Vancoverites on Avant jazz-prog rock. Frenetic at times, walls of sound w/weaving lines. A few ambient quiet moments.

Black Unstoppable

Chicago based AACM member, flutist, leader, composer leads group on originals that encompass blues, avant garde, R&B, modal and postbop. Exciting arrangements, inspired playing.

Live @ Green Mill

A lesser-known saxophonist from Chicago leads small groups in passionate extended originals. Nice work on ballads, solo development by veteran.

Pearls Before Swine

Guitarist leads modern creative group in tunes with many twists and turns, a Beatles and Monk cover. Very interesting.


Guitars, cello, reeds on short moody atmopsheric pieces to artsy explorations all with a creative twist. Not mainstream jazz.

Circle The Path

Violin, bass, drums on avant/modern creative tunes, some edgy scraps-bangs-plucks on violin. Great bass lines by Joe Fonda. Some subdued.

Panta Rhei

Top Danish keyboardist on brilliantly realized solo piano improvisations. Inventive, passionate and gorgeous.

Sharp Turns

French brothers on bass and drums lead group through tightly performed postbop, modern mainstream originals and 1 Coltrane tune.

Swim The River

Quartet where guitar and sax take floating melodic lines over rock-ish rhythms. Blend of jazzfolkindierockimprovisedmusic.

Live @ 1971 Monterey Jazz Fest

Legendary singer w/4 octave range and great expression on lively fun set. Beatles cover only misstep in otherwise winning performance.

Cry For Peace

Guitarist leads small groups through postbop-mainstream originals and 2 jazz standards.

Cry For Peace

Guitarist leads small groups through postbop-mainstream originals and 2 jazz standards.

The Best Of Quartet West

Bassist and his group focus on subtle, quiet, melodic ballads. Pretty without being maudlin.

The Engines

Four Chicagoans on bass, drums, sax, bone associated w/ Vandermark on extended improve that rocks with free improve, unison passages and searing solos. Firehouse Gallery 12/9/07

Live @ 1965 Monterey Jazz Fest

Legendary trumpetor, composer, band leader , bebop and latin jazz pioneer out having fun with his sextet at the time.

On Meaning

Saxophonist leads small group on tart, modern creative originals often with staccato drum and bass type attack.

A Life In Time

Promo disc culled for 4 disc set tributing work of legendary drummer who has worked w/most of biggest names in jazz from bebop and on.

A Time For Everything

Young Israeli virtouso painist on pop covers and originals with wide stylistic variation, sense of fun/humor.

Live @ ’63 Monterey Jazz Fest

Fine date by trumpetor, innovator, arranger/composer.