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Marta Argerich and Friends Live from Lugano 2015

Pianist Argerich’s annual series of concerts with guests in Lugano, 3 CDs of works from Classical, Romantic to modern composers. Play!

Alberto Ginastera–One Hundred

A centennial celebration of Argentine Ginastera and  his “Latin American style”. Beautiful works for orchestra with harp, guitar, piano. Play!


Combining viola (western/classical) and percussion performing commissioned works celebrating Jalal al-din Rumi’s poetry and “deep listening”. Poetry is in liner notes, live in performances. Pieces by Ziporyn, Satoh, Ljova and others. Play!

Gustav Helsted–Decet & String Quartet

Considered a modern of the late Romantics–beautiful pieces both flowing and passionate. Play!

Double Concertos for Violin & Clarinet

Nice mix of contemporary works for violin/clarinet/orchestra. Play!

Neil Rolnick–Ex Machina

Machine (computer) and instrument intermingled (sax, piano, cello). Sample due to length or play!

Cronomias–Hommage a Abel Carlevaro

Contemporary works for guitar–play!

John Gibson–Traces

Electro-acoustic works of found sound and changed instrumental sound: guitar, piano, Chinatown, faucets–pulsing, alive. Sample or play!

Thrive–Areon Flutes

Beautiful, eerie, floating works for the flute family (whistles, ocarina, flutes) by contemporary composers. Play, play, play!

Wies de Boeve–Double Bass

A collection of works for double bass solo or with piano from Romantic to modern composers: Bottesini, Jonegen,  Piazzolla and more. Play!

Johann Gottlieb Goldbert–Beyond the Variations

The Goldberg known mostly for “the Goldberg Variations” by Bach but whose music is not heard often. These are Baroque pieces for strings and basso continuo ( keyboards with another bass string instrument) Play!

Marcel Khalife – Adalusia of Love (Nagam)

Lebanese Oud master & composer Marcel Khalife performs with his two sons Bachar (percussion) & Rami (piano), plus Jilbert Yamine (kanoun – like a zither). Here he has set to music the poetry of the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008). The music is beautiful, and quite moving!

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – Madjafalao (Because)

This band was founded in Benin Africa in 1968, releasing more than 50 albums into the 1980s, and then reformed with some of the original members in 2008 and released a new CD in 2011. Now here’s another CD full of new music that sounds fantastic & yet remains firmly rooted in highlife & Afrobeat, […]

Bitori – Legend of Funana (Analog Africa)

The Forbidden Music of the Cape Verde Islands! From these small islands, 200 miles off the coast of West Africa, here is the accordion-based funana music of the working classes, banned under Portuguese colonial rule for decades, but resurgent after independence in 1975 and finally recorded in 1997 by the great funana master Bitori & […]


Toronto based artist Uladat has released three singles El Fantasma del Emperador Implacable, the track Ejercitos, Ejercicios, Ejecuciones, and Rusalka. The music has a Dark Ambient, Tribal, IDM feel that is haunting and mysterious. Rusalka has a similar sound to Guerra which also has a strong Tribal feel. The music reminds me of some kind […]

Army of the Universe-1999 & The Aftershow

The latest from Army of the Universe is 1999 & The Aftershow. The music has a mix of Big Beat and 90’s Industrial giving the music a bombastic feel but is still very dance floor friendly. A little gritty but worth a listen. RIYD: Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy Tracks: 1,2,5,8,11 FCC: 6,10

Noise-Little lions/Automatic Remixes

Little Lions and Automatic, two tracks from Noise have been remixed. The original edit of Little Lions has an Indie Rock vibe and Automatic has an Alternative vibe with some Dub thrown in. The remixes range from House, Ska, Rock, EDM, and Techno. There’s a nice variety here and worth checking out. Tracks: All Good

Pusher-New Laces

Toronto based artist, Pusher, debuts with his album New Laces. The music has a “neon” feel with a mix of 90 R&B, Pop, Trap and EDM. The music is a little bland but not bad. Tracks: All Good


SURVIVE’s sophomore album is titled RR7349. The has a Dark Synth/Analog Synth vibe with some experimentation thrown in. There’s also a sci-fi feel as well. Two of the group’s members scored the soundtrack to Netflix’s Stranger Things so that might give you an idea of what the music is like. Tracks: 2,4,6,7,9

Friendships-Nullarbor 1988-1989

Nullarbor 1988-1989 is the latest from the Australian duo Friendships. The music has a dark, rough edge to it but and has some serious beats. The music manages to blend the genres of Dubstep, IDM, Drum & Bass, Tribal and Industrial together rather than mix them. Usually when there are different genres put together you […]

Vanishing Point–Saxophone and Organ

Really interesting duo or of sax and organ (to which I am not normally partial), transcriptions of modern and traditional works and an original commission. Play!

Marty Regan– Vol. 1 Splash of Indigo

Nice mix of contemporary works for various instrumental mixes and groups, quiet, and wittily busy and some poems in Japanese voice. Play!

Robert J. Martin–Embrace the Wind

Fairly abstract works for string quartet inspired by the variations in wind. Play!


Usually described as “garage punk”, Cosmonauts takes on psychedelia and dream pop on their new EP, “A-OK”, released on Burger Records. Definitely one to check out! LABEL: Burger Records FCC: Clean PLAY: 1,2,5,8 RIYL: Allah-Las, Parquet Courts, White Fence

Green Day – “Revolution Radio”

Green Day is a notorious pop-punk band that was far more relevant ten years ago than they are today,.but for some reason they still are releasing albums this day. If you didn’t get enough of these guys a few years back when they jammed three of their albums down our throats, then this album will […]