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Tombstones In Their Eyes – A Higher Place (Kitten Robot Records)

Tombstones In Their Eyes’s A Higher Place is a solid shoegaze release. Its psychedelic droning entices you to vibe out while simple, ear-wormy, and laid-back melodies provide the hook. Sonically, its multi-layered production is not dissimilar to the drone of My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive, or the subtle aggressiveness of Ride or Catherine Wheel. The […]

Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy [Ninja Tune]

From promoter: “Speaking about the title, the band write that Heavy Heavy could be a mood, or it could describe the smoothed granite of bass that supports the sound… or it could be a nod to the natural progression of boys to grown men and the inevitable toll of living, a joyous burden, relationships, family, […]

Guy Bergeron–Awakening

Works for solo guitar or banjo, gracious and sweet.

David Loeb–Hidden Pathways

Interesting, diverse works over 40 yrs, including Asian instruments. Play!


Nice mix of varied pieces, instruments and composers. Play!

Brian Minor, Saxophone

Modern works for sax and woodwinds, varied.

Ekphrastic Discourse

Improvisations by three musicians/composers: James Ilgenfritz, Sandy Ewen and Michael Foster for bass, guitar and sax, abstract to avant.

Strike, Strum & Stride

Highly varied works with American Jazz sound or abstract. Nice!

Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff–Sonatas for Cello & Piano

Gracious, elegant and romantic works for cello and piano. Play!

Alexander Borodin–Symphony No. 2

Intense orchestral works, classical too modern by Borodin, Vella and Vassallo.

Edward Hart–Under an Indigo Sky

Interesting contemporary works for symphony. Play!

Kevin McKee–Complete Music for Brass Quintet

Contemporary works for brass by trumpeter/composer. Excellent!

David Post–Concertino a Cinque

Contemporary works strings, piano or clarinet in homage to other composers. Play!

Gilbert Galindo–terrestrial journeys

Varied works, strings, percussion, piano, winds. Play!

Michael Byron–Halcyon Days

Abstract percussion/marimba or piano–play!

Pierce & Jonas–20th Century Masterpieces for Two Pianos and Orchestra

Modern works from 1940’s through 1960’s.

it feels like

Contemporary/abstract/jazzy solo piano.

Anthony Iannaccone–Looking Back, Moving On

Robust, contemporary symphonies and other works.

Death Valley Girls – Island in the Sky [Suicide Squeeze]

Subverts the preconceived notion/template of the “Girl Group”. Reminds me a bit of Cindy Lauper is she adopter a similar sonic palate to The Cure. RIYL: LA Witch, Acid Dad, King Tuff FCC Clean

Judson Claiborne – Live Active Culture, Vol. 1 [Self-Released]

From promoter: Live Active Culture, Vol. 1 is a new album from Chicago-based folk rock project Judson Claiborne. In Vol. 1, chief songwriter Chris Salveter reflects on the vulnerability and sacrifices of the working class during plague times, the significance of water as an elemental resource, metaphor, and astrological symbol, the need for female bodily autonomy within family structures, and […]

Waldo Witt – Long Daze, Dark Nights [Self-Released]

From promoter: “Waldo Witt artist embraces 60s and 70s psychedelia inspirations like Todd Rundgren, King Crimson, and Brian Wilson, alongside a continued adoration of 80s soft rock and disco, resulting in a vibrant sounding record, full of hooks and charismatic structural twists. Even in its nostalgic glow, Long Daze, Dark Nights doesn’t linger too long in the past. Hook-heavy throwback odes […]


The Brooklyn-based punk rockers The Men return in triumphant fashion with New York City, an album marked by its fuzzy, distorted guitar riffs that pack a serious punch. The powerful vocals and distorted guitar riffs create an electrifying atmosphere from start to finish. Though it contains the typical elements of a punk rock album, New […]


Perfectly capturing the feel of 90’s synth pop and shoegaze, Avalon Emerson pushes the boundaries of genre in her newest single “Sandrail Silhouette”. Through Emerson’s precise production mastery, never before has electronica felt so smooth and refreshing. Layered instrumentals accompanied by Emerson’s serene vocals make for a spiritual and otherworldly listening experience. Label: Another DoveFCC: […]

Shame – Food For Worms [Dead Oceans]

The British punk rock phenomenon is back with their third record, featuring new indie-rock sounds. Featuring wild guitar melodies and lyrics about friendship, the record has been getting praise for the maturity of Shame’s new sound. Steering away from their punk roots, Food For Worms is an art rock masterpiece sure to thrill. Label: Dead […]

Dutch Experts – Bound By This (Self-released) [LOCAL]

From promoter: “Written during the pandemic, singer and songwriter Hannah Hoffman was faced with the challenges posed by long-Covid symptoms, isolation, and what she likens to a “deep-dive into her Saturn Return”. Largely influenced by the sonic landscape of 80’s synth pop, Hoffman created a dreamlike tapestry interwoven with the fabric of intimate details from […]