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Maithree–The Music of Friendship

Indian instruments influence some non-Indian pieces, or perform modern Indian works. Play! Advertisements

Oskiyak kisik (Young Spirit)-Mewasinsational (Round Dance Songs)

You will love the Round Dance music with Young Spirit who are one of the top First Nation/Native American singing Groups. Enjoy these high spirited Pow Wow Dances that make it very difficult to stand idle.  Play all!

Guatemaya- Doctor Nativo

Music Original music that you can dance with! Celebrating Mayan Identity Doctor Nativo is speaking to Indigenous Resistance and Mayan Culture and popular track 8  (La Voz Popular) is known by many. Track one celebrates culture, Guatemaya.  Spanish and Salsa Beat! Dance to track 10 and play all for upbeat and positive healing!

Small Island Mix (SR) Small Island Big Song

“The most respected artists of the Indian and Pacific Ocean Region.” An amazing project and film about this music all recorded with traditional instruments. Every song is different and they are all great! Fun fact – this CD came with a wooden toothbrush! Try: 2,3,4,5,10,12,14  RIYL: Field recordings, Traditional music, Pacific Island Music FCC:Clean                                    *TBs Favs

Joss Jaffe (BMI) Dub Mantra Sangha Remix

Some heavy hitters in the DjYoga world on this remix list and some Electronic Producers like Atyya make this a HUGE release.  Try: 3,4,6,7,9 RIYL: DjYoga, dj tonybonez, Dessert Dwellers, Chill, Mantra, Dj Taz Rashid, Kirtan, Dam das FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Brewgreen and the Babylons (SR) A Little Way to Go

Hugh Yamada of “Going S” earlier days. Upbeat rock/folk done by young rockers with Japanese roots. Hugh’s voice wins it for me, such heart! I love the songs in Japanese best. Songs 4&5 were done LIVE on Continental Drift w/tonybonez on 8.29.2018  Try: 2,4,5, RIYL: Japanese Pop/Folk/Rock FCC:Clean *TB Favs

Joseph Sheehan & KINETIC (Ansonica) Songs of Lake Volta

“Ghanaian Traditional Music Reimagined.” Beautiful arrangements. Enchanting Strings! Heavy jazz backbone to this whole album, especially with the female vocals. Try: 1,3,5,8  RIYL: Esperanza Spaulding, Smooth Jazz FCC:Clean

Mariachi Reyna De Los Angeles (Smithsonian Folkways) Self Titled

Mariachi music from al all female group out of CA. Very fresh and fun new take on traditional Mariachi music. Try: ALL  RIYL: Mariachi music, Traditional Mexican music, Latin FCC:Clean

The Blue Dahlin (SR) La Tradition Americaine

 Female vocalist driven quirky and fun music with a French multi-national flair. Love the Accordion work here! “French, Mexican, Caribean, Eastern European & American folk.” I like the ones in French… Try: 2,4,5,6,10,14  RIYL: French Female Vox, Gypsy folk. FCC:Clean

Karavan Sarai (Electrofone) Painted Sands

This pretty much sums this all up – “Electro-acoustic Silk Road mystic melodies meets electronic grooves and enchanting dance.” Incredible instrumentals and sublte sound effects. Try: 2,3,5  RIYL: Dj Cheb I Sabah, Karsh Kale, DjYoga FCC:Clean                              *TB Favs

Costas–Works for Guitar & Flute

Hispanic/Latin pieces, a mix of originals and transcriptions including cultural elements of Moorish, Sephardic, etc. Play!

Sacred Songs Of Native American Healing-Howard Bad Hand and Tom Teegarden

Songs by Howard Bad Hand and Tom Teegarden are song in ceremony and these men have been singing for ceremony since 1971. Special. Play with Respect!

Songs From The Peace Village-Unole

Wonderful Drumming and songs from affiliation with the Sunray Peace Village (Lincoln Vermont), Rev Meli Kitchens produced this CD and recently nominated to the Native American Music Awards for song Air and Water is Life.  Drum with voice,  song in Cherokee.  Play All!

“Crazy Rich Asians” Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack to the biggest romantic comedy of Summer 2018. Includes covers of Western pop hits, traditional Chinese music, R&B, and jazz.  I enjoyed the covers of Coldplay’s “Yellow” [12] and Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” [10]. The other covers I didn’t care for. The jazz songs by Jasmine Chen are all excellent […]

Perfume ~ “Future Pop”

Sixth studio album by electro pop trio hailing from Hiroshima Japan. Excellent album from start to finish. If you like electronic pop music or international music, check them out. Available on Spotify. PLAY: 2, 3, 4*, 5, 9*, 10, 12* (* = best three songs) RIYL: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu FCC: All clean

Issam Rafea and Gao Hong–life as is

Beautiful improvisations for oud and pipa, a combination of elements from Syria and China. Play!

Music of David Loeb–Musica Transcpacifica

Combining Western & Japanese voice and instruments, decidedly Asian in tone. Play!

Fires of Thunder-Thana Redhawk

You can hear the spoken word of John Trudell on the tracks Water Is Power and Invision Drops of Dreams.  Thana aka Redhawk Woman gifts us with her spoken word poetry with a back drop of various electronica.  This Native woman can be found on the west coast performing at venues honoring Mother Earth and […]

Good Ol’ Fashioned NDN Lovin-Pipestone

These round dance songs by Pipestone, an Ojibwe group from Wisconsin beg you to dance and laugh at all the ways to love human to human in this modern world.  The lyrics will make you smile.  Play all!

Traditional Songs From Warm Springs- Ellen Squiemphem, Susan Moses, Bernice Mitchell, Adeline Miller

Located in Oregon and sung by the women of the Warm Springs Reservation these songs are representative of the traditional songs song by the people for 100’s of years and presented here so they may be remembered by the future generations. Originally released in 1998 by Canyon Records.  Part of our “Historical Collection” at WRUV […]

Wild Rice Songs Of the Menominee Nation-Myron Pyawasit, Gil-Shik Pyawasit,Wyne Silas Jr, Shane Webster

Ma-ma -chay-tua (the people that live with the seasons) gift us with these social songs of contemporary and traditional origins.  Released by Canyon Records this is a wonderful sampling of great singing and drumming firmly rooted in Menominee traditions. Play all!

Delgres (PIAS) Mo Jodi

Paris based group sings blues rock in Creole & French. The result is a very unique sound that brings many genres together. Great twangy slide guitars, harmonicas, and a gritty sound permeate the whole album. Beautiful male vocals. Try: 1,2,4,5,7,8,9 RIYL: French, Creole, Gritty blues rock, Black Angels FCC:Clean

Tago Fado Duo (Sorel Classics) Binelle & Da Silva

The first album in the world to feature the Bandoneon & the Portuguese Guitar! This NYC based Duo bring together some incredible instruments to create an amazing combination of Tango and Fado music. Try: 1,3,6,9 RIYL: Strings, Klezmer, Fado, Tango, Traditional music, Romance, Accordions FCC:Clean

Various Artists (Catch me time Records) Gotcha Covered

Famous radio host Chuck Foster brings together reggae artists from all over to re-do some classics. The result is a very diverse album from an all-star crew and some great old tunes re-imagined. Some great dub tracks too! Try: 2,3,4,6,7,8,12,13,14 RIYL: Awesome cover albums FCC:Clean

Angelique Kidjo (Kravenworks) Remain in Light

The famous Talking Heads album re-imagined by the legend herself. The result ends up being some of the best Talking Heads tunes I’ve ever heard. Really fun modern afrobeat funk approach to these songs you know by heart. Try: 2,4, ALL RIYL: Talking Heads, Awesome cover albums, African Queens, Fela Kuti FCC:Clean *TB Favs