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Baby Grand – Riveria EP [Club Grand]

Stick to what you know and avoid disappointment. What we have here is sweet, safe, familiar retro lounge music filled with latin flare and harmonious strings. Can’t go wrong, really. Release Date: 9/30/2019 Play: All

Nathalie Joachim–Fanm d’Ayiti

Haitian/American composer/flutist/vocalist with classical/electronic/folk melange works. Play!

Adam and Cuth — “Actual Cake” [SELF-RELEASED]

Delicious low-tempo, relaxed and groovy hip-hop. Rich with samples and clever wordplay, each song paints a picture of contentment, or at least only mild disgruntlement, mainly aimed at Brexit.     Label: self-released FCC: 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 Start with: 1, 3, 5, 14 RIYL: Moon Dials, Frankie Stew, Teej, Edward Scissortongue, Ty

She Past Away – Disko Anksiyete [Metropolis]

Riding the current 80s vaporwave zeitgeist, She Past Away’s dark electronica would be perfect for late-night studying or for making overcast afternoons feel like a missing episode of La Femme Nikita. Driving synth beats meet lengthy, judgmental Casio chords and a depressed baritone. Also: laser noises! Plus, the whole album’s in Turkish. Label: Metropolis Records […]

Cihan Turkoglu–Beyond the Borders

Beautiful, traditional works for ney, cello, voice–lyrical. Play!

Jeff Adler–A Path of Light

Hevreh Ensemble performs these classical/jazz/world pieces with Native American flutes, clarinet, piano, percussion, strings (Ethel) some electronics. Nice!

Cormac Byrne and Adam Summerhayes–Stone Soup

Fiddles, Indian strings, percussion works with Indian, Middle Eastern, and Irish folk elements. Play!

The Budos Band (Daptone)V

Reminds me of the great psychedelic music from around the world in the 60s-70s. Funky fuzzed out guitar and great horns really make this an amazing album. TRY: 1,3,4,5, ALL!! RIYL: Soweto, Funky Lagos, World Psyheledic, Jazz FCC:Clean          *TB Favs

Nicola Cruz (ZZK) Siku

Organic Andean dance with traditional and electronic instruments that has “…hints of electronica. Studies of the samba, cumbia and rhythms of African, Andean and Hindu origin…” Great stuff! Try: 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10 RIYL: Nicolas Jaar, Chancha Via Circuito, Four Tet, John Talabot, El Boho FCC:Clean          *TB Favs

Jäh Division (Ernest Jenning)Dub Will Tear Us Apart Again

Re-issue of a fun side project of Home, Oneida, Animal Collective, All Stars from Brooklyn area. All Joy Division songs reimagined in a super trippy dubbed out style. This album has 4 more tracks than the original – so good! Try: 1,4, 6,7 ALL RIYL: DUB! FCC:Clean         *TB Favs

Ibibio Sound Machine (Merge Records)Doko Mien

Super funky and danceable mix of disco, funk, and African with fem vox in English and Ibibio. Entertainment Weekly best described them, saying, “If the United Nations’ General Assembly convened at Studio 54, Ibibio Sound Machine would easily be that night’s headlining act” Try: 2,5,6,7,9,11, RIYL: Jamiroquai, Funk, Soul, Ioka FCC:Clean

Bliz Nochi (Tropical Twista)Gokarn Soul

Hypnotic layers of organic electronic sound mixing Didgeridoo with dreamy Saharan vibes all backed by a groovy mid tempo bass. Some tracks have a synth techno thing going that sounds both retro and fresh. I only wish there were more! Try: ALL RIYL: Bonobo, Dr. Didg, Minimal House, Dj Cheb I Sabbah, Karsh Kale FCC:Clean   […]

Dexter Story (Soundway) Bahir

Quote from the promoter sums this up well, “Ethiopian jazz tonalities, Tuareg grooves, eskista dance rhythms, Afro-funk, Somalian soul and forays into more contemporary jazz rhythms, too.” Try:3,5,6,7,9,10,12RIYL: Mulatu Astatke, Bombino, Sudan Archives, Te’Amir, Hailu Mergia Kamasi Washington FCC:Clean         *TB Favs

Grupo Fantasma (Blue Corn) American Music: Vol. VII

High energy Latin music with a BIG sound. Great mix of traditional and modern, and 100% fresh. LOVE their horns! Male vox sound authentic and unique, but keep an old school feel as well. #4 features Ozomatli and Locos por Juana! Try: 1,2,4,5,10,11 RIYL: Modern Latin Fusions FCC:Clean

Cochemea (Daptone) All My Relations

Dap Kings Saxman blends Jazz with ancestral percussion and even throws in some indigenous vocals at times. The result is a funky eclectic album that grooves. The percussion definitely takes on Latin flavors and really ties the whole thing together, with his Sax floating in and out of the whole record. Try: ALL FCC:Clean     […]

Ekiti Sound (Crammed Discs) Abeg No Vex

London meets Lagos in a great blend of African and Electronic sounds, sounds like Afrobeat with a modern twist. Many different vocalists (M&F) singing in English and native tongue; I like some more than others. Try: 1,4, 7, 13,14,  RIYL: Soweto, Antibalas, Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti,    FCC:3 & 6

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble (Slow Walk Music) Monkey See, Monkey Do

Great Afrobeat album with incredible instrumentation and passionate vocals (I just wish more were not in English). Very strong horn section and percussion really stand out. Try: 1,3,4,5,11 RIYL: Antibalas, Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, AFROBEAT FCC:Clean          *TB Favs

Afro Cuban All Stars (World Circuit) A Toda Cuba Le Gusta

Re-issue of the famed 1997 album featuring OGs of Cuban music. True masters coming together to play a variety of Cuban favs. Try: ALL ! !   RIYL: Buena Vista Social Club, Orlando Cachaito Lopez, Ruben Gonzalez, Ry Cooder FCC:Clean          *TB Favs

Eleni Karaindrou–Tous des Oiseaux

Ethereal, gorgeous, sad pieces for a play and a film dealing with the Isreali/Palestinian conflict, with voice, Middle Eastern and Western instruments. Play all!

Nicola Cruz – Sika [ZZK Records]

Fun Fact: The siku is a wind instrument of Andean origin, made of two parts and represents duality. You can hear it on this record, which was made entirely on the road as Cruz traveled from city to city. The Ecuadorian producer’s second full length album is heavy on Latin American rhythm and sound, but […]

Echoes From The Mountain-Crazy Flute

To complete the collection from Crazy Flute here is the CD Echoes From The Mountain.  Some mellow instrumental with percussion. Play All

Spiritwalker- Malou Beauvoir

Haitian-American singer songwriter pays homage to Vaudou spirits in a blend of traditional and contemporary with focus on unity and recognition of spirit everywhere. May be considered Folkloric Jazz with infusion of social responsibility and ‘ walking with spirit’. Play all!

The Darktaris (Daptone) Soul Explosion [Remastered]

In 1998 this was a re-issue of a 1970s album – this is the re-master of that album plus bonus material. Amazing example of AfroBeat & AfroFunk at it’s best played by master musicians Try: ALLRIYL: AfroBeat, Fela Kuti, Soweto, Horns, FUNK FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY

Gentleman’s Dub Club (Easy Star) Lost in Space

Positive Upbeat tunes with great horns! Some catchy tunes here with heartfelt vocals. Lots of vocals here so I wouldn’t call it Dub, but these Brits sure do know how to play some easy style chill reggae. I prefer this to some of the East Coast stuff we get in VT. Try: 3,4,6,9,10RIYL: British Reggae, […]

Jupiter & Okwess (Zamora) Kin Sonic

Really fun and funky African funk/rock/pop with powerful vocal styling in their native tongue. Fantastic guitar driven tunes with modern and traditional sounds. Try: 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,11 RIYL: AfroBeat, Soweto, Guitar Funk, African dance, Saharan Blues FCC:Clean *TB Favs DIGITAL ONLY