Monthly Archives: December 2016

Pursuing Freedom

A lovely  collection of works for vibraphone or marimba, with many pieces by the performer, Juan Alamo. Play!

Chopin and Schumann

Horacio Gutierrez performs the lovely preludes of Chopin and Schumann’s Fantasie. Play!


A nice mix of contemporary works for clarinet and flute. Derek Bermel’s pieces particularly sweet!

Specific Gravity–Music of Steven Roens

Very abstract, intense works for strings or piano, other pieces with soprano voice.

French Saxophone Quartets

Modern, French sax quartets by Pierne, Francaix, Desenclos and others. Play!

Eclipse–Chamber Music by Mischa Zupko

Mostly intense, rhythmically varying works for piano trio. Play most!

New South American Discoveries

A very interesting mix of varying contemporary orchestral works. Play!

Henry Kaiser–Playola

“A collection of curiosities for airplay–1977-2002”. Guitarist Kaiser and his many collaborators here perform something for everyone–rock, avant rock, jazz, avant jazz, blues, folky, with humor. Play!

Bruce Adolphe–Chopin Dreams

Chopinesque, contemporary Romantic works for piano by the composer/pianist of VPR’s Piano Puzzlers fame. Play!

Afrosonics – People Meet Your People (self-released)

An 8-piece band from Boise Idaho but including members from Congo, Nigeria, & Suriname, plus guest musicians. The music is more western than African, except for the percussion, but the musicianship is fine and there’s some nice funk in there! FCC violation on CD1 track #2.

The Gypsy Cuban Project – Havana Night Sessions at Abdala Studios (Universal)

Great Cuban rumba, salsa, & ballads, with distinctive additions of clarinet, accordion, & Gypsy brass & violin. Effort led by a Romanian Gypsy Damian Draghici & 14 other Eastern European musicians, who flew to Cuba to jam with locals and explore synergies. Should appeal to fans of both genres.

ANTH: Latin – Latin Christmas (Putumayo)

Title says it all. Some decent tracks here. I think I’ve heard some of the other tracks while shopping at the mall.

The Lost Music of Deems Taylor–Three Century Suite

A popular neo-romantic composer during the first half of the 2oth century, but perhaps a bit dated now…

Tod Dockstader–From the Archives

Works from 2000-2008 from newly found electronic files, from a well-recognized composer.


Electronic re-workings  by known DJs of classical pieces, mostly well-known works. Some work better than others.

Rhapsodie–20th Century Clarinet Classics

Modern works for clarinet or transcriptions. Quite a variety. Play!

Poul Ruders–Symphony No. 5

Intense, contemporary symphony–trk 2 for less intensity. Play!

Charles Richard-Hamelin–Live

Performs works by Beethoven, Chopin and Enescu–Enescu’s particularly nice!

Henrique Oswald–Piano Works

Gracious, impressionistic piano pieces. Play!

Jia Duqun–Chamber Works Vol. 2

Very abstract works by a Chinese contemporary composer–with Asian/folk elements. Play!

Paul Lustig Dunkel–Alive in the Studio

A collection of works performed by Dunkel, including one of his works. Very nice mix of modern works. Play most!

Gene Pritsker–Melodies Alone Can Proudly Carry Their Own Death

Avant chamber pieces for solo, duo and trio instruments. Play most!

Alvin Lucier–Two Circles

Very abstract electro-acoustic pieces, droning, knocks, voice–sample.

Erwin Schulhoff–Complete Music for Violin and Piano

Modern, lively works!

David Rakowski–Stolen Moments

Jazz- inflected, modern works for piano and orchestra, with staccato and variable rhythms. Play!