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King Heavy- Guardian Demons

King Heavy– Guardian Demons Release date: 2018Jun22 Label: Cruz del  Sur Rating: 4.5/5 My first exposure to Chile’s King Heavy was from their self-titled release in 2015. They’ve only gotten better. Guardian Demons crashes the gates with thick, dirty doom, a sign of things to come. Doom Shall Rise with sinister riffage and epic drums. Fucking right! Come My […]

Green Desert Water- Solar Plexus

Green Desert Water– Solar Plexus Release date: 2018Apr27 Label: Small Stone Rating: 3.5/5 Green Desert Water hail from Spain with their potent blend of blues-tinged desert rock. Open Your Wings uplifts with mellow desert sounds. The Deepest Sea moves with a fast, dirty swagger with strong vocals. Mother Moon echoes Deep Purple with cock-sure drums and filthy licks […]

Pallbearer- Dropout EP

Pallbearer– Dropout EP Release date: 2018Apr13 Label: Profound Lore Rating: 3/5 I was thrilled at first to see new material from Pallbearer. However, I feel that this is an uninspiring effort. The strongest track is I Saw The End, which is a radio edit as well. The other tracks are unmemorable. I personally prefer their […]

David Osbon–Anthems After Prometheus

Contemporary pieces for piano and violin, varying from lyrical to more strident.

Sheree Clement & Perry Goldstein–Tour de Force

Clement’s Piano Preludes composed over a period of 30 yrs with abrupt rhythm changes and abstract (nice!) and Goldstein’s one piece also attractive.

Music of Alexander Klein & Mieczyslaw Weinberg

Mostly gracious piano pieces by Klein  from early 1900’s with a lively piano sonata by Weinberg (1955). Play most!

Harvey Sollberger–The White Labyrinth

Abstract, staccato to smooth flute pieces, modern and contemporary. Play most!

Igor Karaca–Handful of Dust

Bosnian composer living in Sarajevo during the siege reflects the melancholy and chaos through these vary different pieces based in saxophone. Play!

Zhen Chen–On & Between–New Music for Pipa and Ensembles

In my opinion, sort of a disconcerting mix of lyrical classical “lite” with wonderful pipa music overlying by a Chinese-born composer who combines Eastern and Western elements in his works. Do play.

George Perle–Orchestral Music (1965-1987)

Perle sought a “return to tonality” in 1937 and his music is modern, abstract, not quite lyrical yet still engaging. Play all!

With All Strings Attached

Nice mix of modern oboe chamber music with strings, by Larson, Bolcom, Moravec and others. Play!


Robert Young and group performs abstract, contemporary pieces that are a mix of classical, jazz and avant-garde. Play most!

Nicole Chamberlain–Three-Nine Line

Excellent, recently composed pieces for flute, piccolo, music box, piano with lots of percussion. Play!

Amos Elekana–TRIPP

Abstract, rhythmically varying considerably, with a mix of instruments and electronics. Play most!

NEONflicker–saxophone H2/4 duo

Fun, contemporary pieces composed for sax  or saxes, duo or more. Play!

Fantasie–Music for Violin & Harp

Elegant and Romantic + modern pieces–a nice range and mix of composers. Play!

Chrch- Light Will Consume Us All

Chrch– Light Will Consume Us All Release date: 2018May11 Label: Neurot Recordings Rating: 5/5 Infinite is a symphony of crashing drums plodding to woeful bass that intensifies toward the middle. Portals evokes darkness and dread, sinful hooks and thundering drums. Aether seduces the heart with melancholic riffs and soft vocals that induce tears. A profound release that speaks […]

Zhu – Ringers Desert Pt. 1

And who is this mysterious man cutting circles in the Namibian desert ? It’s Chinese-American DJ and producer ZHU delivering the most suitable sort of Electronica for getting down on Ringer’s Desert. An exciting, enjoyable flirtation with Jazz, Blues, Reggaeton, 90’s House, Glitch and Pop. Wow. Release Date: 4/26/2018 Play: 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 RIYL: […]

Gentleman’s Dub (Easy Star) Dubtopia

Gentleman’s Dub (Easy Star) Dubtopia- Many styles and vocals represented on this album, some better than others.  Try:5,12,7,8,9 RIYL: Eclectic Reggae inspired music FCC:Clean

Holly Cook (Merge) Vessel of Love

Holly Cook (Merge) Vessel of Love- Breathy female vocals with ska, rocksteady, lovers, reggae-lite backbeats. She has a lovely voice! Try:5 RIYL: Hire, Nattali Rize, Protoje. FCC:Clean

Dactah Chando (Self-Released) ansestrel

Dactah Chando (Self-Released) ansestrel- Conscious Latin Reggae all performed by one guy! Like one, you’ll like them all. Try:1,2,4,7 RIYL: Ziggy Marley, Spanish lyrics + positive vibes, Reggaeton. FCC:Clean

The Frightnrs (Daptone) Nothing More to Say

The Frightnrs (Daptone) Nothing More to Say- I listened to this for weeks thinking it was an old Rocksteady record, but after closer review it’s a modern group reimagining an old style. They did the genre justice and kept an authentic sound without sounding like iterative. Heartfelt falsetto male vocals, great instrumentals, and that old skool […]

Femi Kuti (Knitting Factory) One People One World

Femi Kuti (Knitting Factory) One People One World- 10th album from legendary sun or Feli. Very positive messages on this album – “Africa will be great again”, “1 people 1 world” etc. Still very political – his Dad would be proud. Try:1,2,4,6,10,13 RIYL: Fela Kuti, Anitbalas, Tony Allen, Edo Taylor, Souljazz Orch, Afrobeat, Nigerian freedom. FCC:Clean                *TB […]

Mark Egan & Arjun Bruggeman (Wavetone) Dreaming Spirits

Mark Egan & Arjun Bruggeman (Wavetone) Dreaming Spirits-Jazzy grooves backed by a talented table player to give it that “world” feel. Definitely has a new age kinda vibe light on the cheese. Many tracks are slower and could be good for massage/meditation. Try:1, 6, 8, 14  RIYL: Krishna Das, New Age, Spiritual, Smooth Jazz, Tabla […]

Imarhan (City Slang) Temet

Imarhan (City Slang) Temet- “New wave Tuareg music”. Great soulful mostly male vocals, with traditional instruments and twangy guitars; African desert surf rock. Great percussion too! Try:1,3,4,6 RIYL: Bombino, Tinariwen, Mdou Moctor, Amadou & Mariam. FCC:Clean               *TB Fav