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The newest Demos EP is full of lively indie rock with a few pop elements. Catchy melodies and a strong presence os electric guitar as well as classic strong drums that make it stylistically rock. Some good stuff ! Label: Young Lion of the West Recording Company Start with: 1, 4 RIYL: COIN, The Wombats, […]


“With powerful, sweeping production that recalls the best pop beats of Matthew Dear and arcing melodies that conjure the majesty of Johnathon Meiburg, Perfect Son Animates sensations of lust, belonging, and newfound trust with tumescent electronic arrangements that threaten the safety of any sound system.” Label: Sub Pop Records Start with: 2,3,6 RIYL: Pavo Pavo, […]

TINY RUINS – Olympic Girls // BA DA BING

Tiny Ruins explores rich, melodic storytelling layered on top of intricate finger picking, dreamy chords, and in a departure from their acclaimed previous work, full band arrangements. A blend of poeticism, dream pop landscapes, and off kilter experimental pop. Label: Ba Da Bing Records Start with: 1, 4, 5 RIYL: Sharon Van Etten, Phoebe Bridgers, […]

Phil Salathe–Imaginary Birds

Fun, quirky, storey-telling works for oboe and/or English Horn. Enjoy!

Larry Grenadier–The Gleaners

A collection  of pieces for solo double bass, mostly by Grenadier with versions of Gershwin, Coltrane and Muthspiel. Mostly slow, quiet. Play!

Fausto Romitelli–Solare

Very abstract pieces for guitar mixing plucking, tapping and other percussive sounds. One raucous piece for electric guitar aptly titled “Trash TV Trance” and other pieces including recorder/Paetzold flute. Play most!

David Carpenter–From the Valley of Baca

A mix of chamber pieces, instrumental or baritone with piano, quiet. Play most!

Ferrucio Busoni–The Late Works

Recognized for his rejection of Late Romanticism and exemplary of the early modern, these are piano pieces composed through his life, from elegant to powerful and strident.

Sustain–Works for Solo Piano and Percussion Instruments

Mostly piano, varied and contemporary and two other works for abstract marimba/vibraphone. Play!

Aaron Lington–Secondary Impressions

Contemporary transcriptions or originals for bass saxophone and piano. Very nice!

Garth Baxter–Resistance

Described in the liner notes as  modern traditional, these are gracious, lyrical, predominantly slow and quiet for strings and piano, some sax and flute. Play!

Eleni Karaindrou–Tous des Oiseaux

Ethereal, gorgeous, sad pieces for a play and a film dealing with the Isreali/Palestinian conflict, with voice, Middle Eastern and Western instruments. Play all!

James Place – Still Waves to a Whisper [Umor-Rex]

This ultra progressive album from New York native Phil Tortoroli is in it’s own world. Repetitive and noisy at first, but layered with enough density to keep listeners intrigued. No bangers or sweat breakers here. Just hypnotic, dreamy techno that straddles sonic dimensions. Release Date: 2/8/2019 Play: 1, 4, 6 | FCC: 2 RIYL: Seefeel, […]

Jacques Greene – Fever Focus EP [LuckyMe]

  Canadian producer Jacques Greene closes out 2018 with an expansion of last year’s full-length debut Feel Infinite. This excellent 6-track EP is everything Greene is known for: warm, melodic dance music with touches of acid house and ambient vocal loops. You will move to this. Release Date: 11/15/2018 Play: All RIYL: George Fitzgerald  


Juliana Hatfield combines singer-songwriter lyricism with strong instrumentals on Weird. Upbeat lively electric guitar themes. She covers a ranges of moods on this album, with lively pop-type tunes to more edgy emotional tracks scattered throughout the album. Label: American Laundromat Start with: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 RIYL: Frankie Cosmos, The Lemonheads, Blake Babies, Liz […]

SOCCER MOMMY – Blossom (Demo)/Be Seeing You // FAT POSSUM RECORDS

Soccer Mommy comes back with a two track demo tape, channeling her classic guitar driven melodic tunes. Soft angsty tunes, slightly lofi vocals, showcasing depth and character. Both tracks are relatively laid back indie rock. Label: Fat Possum Records Start with: Both RIYL: Snail Mail, Hovvdy, Jay Som, Frankie Cosmos, (Sandy) Alex G FCC: Clean


90s type garage rock with strong sharp vocals and many a guitar solo, pretty upbeat overall. SMUG’s new record Gorgeous has a grungy vocal flair that adds some attitude to the album. Label: Admirable Traits Records LLC Start with: 2, 4 RIYL: FIDLAR, Blink 182, SWMRS FCC: 1, 3, 7, 10 (drug references)  


Sticky Fingers returns with Yours To Keep, an album full of light upbeat rock and some more complex acoustic tracks. Fiery vocals throughout, strong rhythm, electronic elements, dynamic lyrics make for easy listening. Label: Sureshaker Start with: 6, 7, 9 RIYL: Tash Sultana, Gang of Youths, Hockey Dad FCC: 1, 2, 3, 4

Cherry Glazerr// Stuffed & Ready- Secretly Canadian

New studio album from female rocker Cherry Glazerr reflects a lot of personal growth for the artist. Album is well-produced, clean sound with a lot of experimentation. Lyrics have been described as “angry” and “showing a deep distrust in the world.” Check it out, really good stuff. FCC: 2 Play: 3, 5, 7 RIYL: IAN […]

Gerhard & Mompou–Complete Music for Solo Guitar

Either brusque or very quiet and lovely, works by Gerhard, Mompou and Pujol. Play most!


Nice collection of transcriptions for harmonica and piano of Baroque to modern classical and jazz works. Play!

Valentin Silvestrov…Touching the Memory…

Silvestrov is considered one of the originators of the Kiev avant-garde, and his works were not performed in 1960’s/70’s Soviet Union. He later renounced this style of composition, believing that there is no new music, just music from memories of older music. These string orchestra pieces (sometimes the orchestra is so quiet!) are contemporary, lyrical […]

Made in Poland

Polish composers from early 1900’s to contemporary, elegant to strident works with string quartet with chamber orchestra.

Continuidad y Deformacion–Contemporary Works from Latin America

Nice collection of percussive, drumming and plucking abstract pieces. Not typical.

Kevin Kastning–Piano I

Mr. Kastning, known for his improvisational guitar pieces with his owned multi-stringed instruments, here performs his abstract, delicate and mostly quiet works. Nice!