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Lenny Pickett with the UMO Jazz Orchestra (Random Act) “The Prescription”

Lenny’s back !!!  From the monster sax soloing with the 1970’s edition of  the band Tower of Power to the years on tv’s SNL band, this soul drippin’, B&B infused saxophone master of the altissimo register can play notes only dogs can hear. Here he’s testifying with Finland’s UMO (founded 1975) doing 8 of his […]

Bunny Beck Jazz Ensemble (Big Round Records) “From the Spirit”

A quintet setting to showcase the compositions of Ms. Beck.  Easygoing, relaxed and at times echoing the ‘Cool’ school of jazz. There’s a cocktail lounge ambience here…for those times when ‘Lite’ is just right.  #7 (Hank Williams!) is the one cover.

Gregory Porter/ Donald Smith/ Mansur Scott (PAO) “Great Voices of Harlem”

From the deep cultural well that is way uptown NYC come three stirring voices. Grammy star Porter can bring to mind BB King or Marvin Gaye but he is his own soulful self. The 2 elders here, Mr. Smith and Mansur may be less ‘marketable’ in today’s music biz but they are the real roots […]

People (Telegraph Harp) ” 3x A Woman “

Where does this belong…??   Never mind, we’ll give it a home in Jazzville even though tracks #1 and #6 sound like a Chamber Brass ensemble.  The brass also make appearances on two of the songs (2 and 4). Songs run the gamut from Dada to Art/ alt./ punk rock and beyond.  #13 is a […]

Trio Amalgamate (Composers Concordance) “Trio Amalgamate”

With more than 400 compositions spanning many genres and projects, boundary dissolving guitarist Pritsker and cohorts bring many moods/colors to this electric guitar / elec. 7 string  bass / drums session. Wide Net Fusion.  Compositions by all three players with help from Mozart (yeah, that one) on #3 which also features the disc’s only vocal […]

John Zorn (Tzadik) “In the Hall of Mirrors”

Music composed by the prolific Mr.  Zorn for piano trio, here expertly rendered by a protean threesome of players.  Beauty, mystery, dark rumblings…. An intriguing and rewarding listen if you leave your preconceptions at the door.

Many Arms (Tzadik) “Suspended Definition”

Philly/ NY based power trio here joined by saxist Colin Fisher (tenor & baritone). Metallic Punk meets Ayleresque free jazz fury. This amazing CD features music that can peel paint.  It will certainly take you to a new place. Track #4 is probably the least jarring for those not familiar with these sonic territories.

Steve Lehman Octet (PI Recordings) “Mise en Abime”

Alto saxist / composer Lehman is back again with a pulsating octet. Thickly layered improvised music that showcases the skills of all involved. Wonderfully twisted compositions (7 of the 8 are originals). All soloists shine.   Excellent.     (DC)

Bobby Hutcherson / David Sanborn / Joey DeFrancesco (Blue Note) “Enjoy the View”

A quartet featuring Billy Hart on drums swings through 7 band member originals. Bobby still plays with youthful vigor that radiates throughout the band.  Joey also plays trumpet & Mr. Hart’s drumming is as fluid as ever.   (DC)

John Zorn (Tzadik) “Alastor: Book of Angels vol. 21”

Avant-garde composer Zorn and his band Masada take another step into the world of new Jewish music.  Influenced by Ornette, this radical and powerful music transports one to the Holyland. It has a classical feel that reveals more with each listen.     (DC)      

Joshua Redman (Nonesuch) “Trios Live”

Mr. Redman leads 2 different trios on Live dates from 2009 and 2013.  Whether on tenor or soprano, his playing is fluid with a constant aggressiveness that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.  On all tracks, Gregory Hutchinson (drums) is a fine compliment to Joshua’s wonderful playing.  3 originals and covers of Monk, […]

Bria Skonberg (Random Act) “Into Your Own”

Bria is a trumpeter/ composer / singer steeped in the early  New Orleans jazz tradition.  She hails from British Columbia and is  now based in NYC. Here she adds pop oriented songs that she wrote  plus nods to Stevie Wonder (#2), John Lennon (#7) and Jelly Roll Morton’s “Whinin’ Boy”. Her fine trumpet work and […]

Ted Rosenthal Trio (Playscape) “Rhapsody in Gershwin”

Ted’s  equal facility in playing Jazz  and Classical music puts him in the perfect place for this project.  The skillful re-arrangement of “Rhapsody in Blue”  includes intriguing sections of stride/ blues/ mambo and the personalized stamp of his improvising. The other 7 pieces  are adept ( and at times witty) renditions of some of the […]

Dave Stryker (Strikezone) “Eight Track”

Soulfully swingin’ renditions of 60’s/70’s pop tunes in the style of that era’s guitar/organ jazz  combos, with additional improvisational interest  provided by Stefon Harris’ Vibes.  Nice variety of tempo ….(the slower tracks are #’s 5 and 8)    

Lotz of Music (VIA) “Blues For Yemaya”

The quintet ‘Lotz of Music’ , led by German flutist /composer Mark Alban Lotz in collaboration with musicians in Havana, Cuba (mostly percussion &  voice) who are deeply connected to the Santeria Tradition.  Recorded in Havana in April of 1997. Mucho Ache ! Authentic re-interpretations of prayer-songs from a powerful Afro-Cuban Sacred Tradition.  

Signal Problems (pfMentum) “Signal Problems”

Trumpeter / Composer Danny Gouker and 3 mates who started playing together in the Baltimore area a few years ago and have since relocated to Brooklyn N.Y.  Very much in this musical moment while taking inspiration from past masters who were not only fine , original players/composers but were able to put together ‘one-of-a-kind’ ensembles […]

The Awakening Orchestra (Innova) “Vol. 1: This Is Not the Answer”

Not your typical Jazz Big Band recording.  One moment the rhythm section is up-front with a soloist….various motives bubbling in the other instruments in the background….then the entire ensemble is roaring to a huge climax.  The music seems to follow a dramatic arc, almost as if a story line is woven as a connecting thread […]

Jean-Philppe Gregoire (Big Round Records) “Sounds From The Delta”

J-P G.’s Quartet (Paris based, 3 Frenchman, 1 Belgian) plays 8 Gregoire  originals & 2 covers (9 & 10). The leader has an attractive guitar sound and uses effects judiciously. As a composer,  his pieces are varied in feeling. From uptempo cookers (1 ,3, 5 and 7) to the laid-back…including  a solo guitar feature on […]

Joe LoCasio and Woody Witt (Blue Bamboo) “Absinthe”

A paired-down , straight ahead homage to the music of Billy Strayhorn. The duo setting invites focus on the beauty of Strayhorn”s music , while the clarity of these works highlights the talents of these two accomplished Houston, Tx based improvisers.

Project Trio (Project Trio, Harmonyville) “Instrumental”

  Brooklyn N.Y. based Chamber Trio whose music exhibits influence from many genres. There’s an attractive feeling of lightness, joy and fun. 2 ‘Classical’ covers (1 & 11)  , a Brazilian Choro (6) and the rest are originals by the group members. Patillo (flute) often uses the breathy, vocal-inflected approach (ALA Rahsaan or Ian Anderson […]

Peter Epstein Quartet (Songlines) “Polarities”

Their are moments that recall the adventurousness of early Ornette while being attractive enough to pull you in. Mr. Epstein’s snaking saxophone lines and his fertile writing are ably supported by three like-minded mates.  Solid.

Kartet (Songlines) “Grand Laps”

Paris based quartet plays finely honed music of original sounds and forms.  Compelling, attention grabbing music from the first notes of track 1. Surprising compositions and fine, empathetic improvising.   Play….Play.

Prism Quartet (Innova) “People’s Emergency Center”

Omnivorous saxophone quartet on a 2 CD set of compositions by their tenor sax player, Matthew Levy.  He has deep experience as a player and  composer.  The quartet is joined by well known players from the jazz world, while also featuring a few pieces from their contemporary classical chamber side ,  e.g. CD 1  #4 […]

Steve Kroon (Kroonatune) “On The # 1”

An accomplished percussionist for 35 years, Mr. Kroon has played with many high profile artists in pop, latin & jazz. This is his 5th CD. It features tasteful, laid-back ‘Latin’ grooves by a fine band.  Cuban, Puerto Rican and Brazilian rhythms and accessible repertoire at medium heat.

The Westerlies (Songlines) “Wish the Children Would Come On Home”

A quartet, 2 trumpets and 2 trombones. Musical sensitivity and ‘ team spirit’ and a fine repertoire by Wayne Horvitz. Three of the group were students of Wayne and he has reason to be proud. These 4 have created something fine. They ‘Sing’ together and the blend is beautifully nuanced.  Mr. Horvitz appears on #s […]