Monthly Archives: July 2017

Richard Cagle and the Voodoo Choir–DOS

Bordering both rock and blues, with excellent raspy vocals–some variety of rhythms here. Play!

Heath Green and the Makeshifters

Alabama-based Americana with soul and rockin’ blues. Play!

Coco Montoya–Hard Truth

You know him already, and he continues to make rockin’ good blues–excellent guitar work!

Left Lane Cruiser–Claw Machine Wizard

Raunchy, hard rocking’, loud blues/ rock, 11th album for this duo.

Doug Macleod–Break the Chain

21st album from a wonderful blues singer/guitarist–continues the storytelling tradition of the old blues masters singing about life and experiences with wit and grace. Play!

Paul Chihara–Take the A Train

Contemporary works for mixed ensembles, solo, abstract, witty and gracious. Play most!

Beethoven for Two Guitars

Gracious transcriptions of string pieces and piano sonatas for guitar duo. Play!

Nordsending–Works for String Trio & Duo

Works by Nordic composers all modern and abstract except for Norgard’s Pastorale from Babette’s Feast–sweet! The title references mythical  arctic winds that affect witches. Play most!

Ad Astra Trio–Piano Trio

Modern works by 4 stylistically different composers: Vasks, Cowell, Shchedrin & Schoenfield, for string trio. Play!

Kevin Kastning & Mark Wingfield–The Line to Three

Continued improvisations for many-stringed guitars & electric guitar, one with piano,  percussion. Play!

Amy Williams–Cineshape & Duos

Fairly intense, abstract works for various duos–piano & flute, piano & strings, flute & percussion, etc.

Grant Cutler–Self Portrait

Mostly mellow, ambient pieces for piano, electronics, organ, also some strings and sax, one with voice.


A play on Beethoven, this trio performs a variety of new music ranging from pulsing electronic to minimalist and/or ambient. Play!

Lafa Taylor /Aabo-Feel

Feel is a collaboration between vocalist Lafa Taylor and producer Aabo. The music is pretty upbeat and mixes elements of Electro Hop, Electro R&B and House. Very fun to listen to. RIYD: Disclosure, Duke Dumont Tracks: 2,4,5 FCC: 1

Sontag Shogun-Patterns for Resonant Space

Patterns for Resonant Space is an album from artist Sontag Shogun. The music is very Experimental and is anchored by the piano. The trio’s pianist, Ian Temple, listened to various recorded sounds and composed his music on the spot to those sounds he heard. The music has a deconstructed feel, you imagine abandoned buildings or […]


The Act of Hesitation is the most recent release from Daktyl. The music is a little hard to describe, there are elements of Electro-Hop, 8-Bit, Bass Music and Ambient. The tracks feel a little disjointed but have a decent sound overall. RIYD: Mount Kimbie Tracks: 1,4

Crooked Colours-Vera

Australian trio, Crooked Colours, debut with an album titled Vera. The album is a mix of Indie with electronica for a smooth, slick sound. A pretty sweet debut. RIYD: Bob Moses, Hot Chip Tracks: 2,3,5,7,8,9

Bogus Order- Zen Brakes vol. 2

In 1990 Bogus Order released Zen Brakes the very first release on Ninja Tune. 27 years later they have released a follow up album titled Zen Brakes vol. 2. The music overall has a pretty mellow vibe with elements of Trip Hop, Dubstep, 8-Bit and Downtempo. The music has a bit of mystery to it […]

Voluptas Mors-Innocence

Innocence is the latest from Voluptas Mors. The music has a Lounge-y, Trip Hop vibe with a seductive, mellow feel to it. Very smooth. Tracks: All Good

Kabanjak-Dubs and Downs,

Kabanjak’s most recent release is titled Dubs and Downs. The album has a straight forward Reggae sound with a smooth mellow vibe to it. Perfect to chill to with a cold drink on a hot summer day. Tracks: All Good

Hippie Sabotage-Drifter

The latest from Hippie Sabotage is an album titled Drifter. The music has a Downtempo vibe with a strong Hip Hop/Uk Garage vibe mixed in. The tracks bounce a bit between smooth downtempo and more gritty Uk Garage providing a nice mix of tracks. Well worth a listen. Tracks: All Good Except FCC: 5,11

Kuniko Kato Plays Bach

Bach like you’ve probably never heard–marimba transcriptions of some of the cello suites and violin  sonatas. Play!

Salvador Brotons–Complete Works for Flute Vol. 1

Contemporary flute pieces–from 1975 forward with duos as the composer’s favored structure–one piece with Catalan elements. Play!

Derek Charke–In Sonorous Falling Tones

Flute-based pieces, with other instruments punctuating, abstract, moody, interesting! Play!

Phillip Ramey–Music for French Horn

Varying contemporary pieces for French horn, some abstract, jarring or smooth, quiet. Play!