Mac DeMarco – Salad Days


Mac DeMarco, the easy-going Montreal songwriter who’s the sole inventor of the “jizz-jazz” genre, has returned with a wonderful new LP, the breezy Salad Days. Never has nonchalance sounded so appealing. Though just as airy and carefree as his last record 2, Salad Days is the mark of a tired man who’s newfound success has been both profoundly exciting and exhausting. Lyrically, each track sounds beyond his years; at only 23, Mac somehow croons endlessly about the perils of life and love. On “Brother”, Mac tells it straight. “You’re no better of living your life, than dreaming at night-this much is true”. Despite his penchant for debauchery and general silliness, it’s clear that he prefers to deal in absolutes. These songs serve as both a testament to his relationship with his longtime girlfriend Kiera, and his dedication to creating sincere, insightful classics. This is Mac at his best and brightest, and is not to be missed.

RIYL: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Shuggie Otis, Juan Wauters

FCC: Track 3 (there is a distinctly audible sh*t before the track starts, but it is otherwise clean)

PLAY: All!

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