Monthly Archives: November 2021

Noah Kesey – Forget [Self-released] (LOCAL)

Former Full Walrus bandleader Noah Kesey’s latest single is a shining slice of lo-fi indie-pop, with low-key reflective lyrics delivered over a backdrop of crunchy guitars and a drum track that sounds like a ‘90s video game (in a good way!) FCC: Clean RIYL: Deerhunter, Real Estate, Remi Russin, Lily Seabird, Hippo Campus

Finding a Voice–Mexican Song Cycles After 1920

From the late 1800’s, Mexican songs performed by tenor voice + piano.

Australian Thais

Saxophone + piano by contemporary Australian composers. Play!

Antonio Ruiz-Pipo–Works with Guitar 3

Modern works for guitar quartet. Play!

confined. speak.

Long, highly abstract but varied works for a wide variety of instruments, some with voice.

Erberk Eryilmaz–Dances of the Yogurt Maker

Turkish percussion + string quartet, mostly fast and intense.


Intense, droning strings, eerie, slow to dissonant.

Raffaele Bellafronte–Guitar Works 2021

All contemporary guitar pieces, some w/ mandolin and percussion. Play!

Camera Lucida

Solo piano pieces from Classical era onward, varied stylistically, play!

Craig Taborn–Shadow Plays

Fully improvised solo piano, recorded live in concert–jazz + classical.

Batucada–South American Guitar Music

Solo guitar works by modern or older South American composers–play!


By various composers, long, slow, minimalist solo piano pieces.

Somar Ajalyaqin–Contemplations

Chamber music for varied instruments, some quite nice!


Ambient piano + strings on some, title suggests content.

Florent Schmitt–Solitude

Romantic + Impressionistic, lyrical solo piano. Play!

Ingrid Arauco–Resonances

Contemporary piano or strings, varied in intensity.

Michael Daugherty–Bay of Pigs

Works for classical guitar or electric guitar + orchestra. Excellent!

Division of Memory

Solo cello or with piano, contemporary, nice!

Guthrie Galileo – Flowers (Winedark Sound) [LOCAL]

Burlington indie R&B artist Guthrie Galileo remixes his 2017 ballad “Flowers” into a chopped-up, club-ready dance number for his latest single. FCC: Clean RIYL: Poolside, Kaytranada, Daft Punk, Fred again..

4 Rhapsodies

Highly varied examples of rhapsodies for solo piano, different musical eras, lots of emotion.

Francesco Molino–I Molinisti

Works for flute & guitar from early 1800’s–lively and gracious.

Hot Sonate

Jazzy saxophone + piano, modern and fun!

Roger Reynolds–Piano Etudes

Abstract etudes for solo piano. Play!

Abstract works, strings forward, all contemporary. Play!

Unsnared Drum

Long, solo snare drum works, varied rhythmically, all contemporary.