Monthly Archives: November 2022

Francesca Blanchard – je sais plus quoi te dire (Tone Tree) [LOCAL]

Local indie-pop favorite Francesca Blanchard’s latest single (translated: “I don’t know what to tell you”) starts with the sound of 60s French pop known as ye-ye and transforms it into a wild and chaotic landscape of hard-driving dance beats, whirring synths and whispered vocals. If you play this song, be sure to announce Francesca’s upcoming […]

BORIS – Heavy Rocks (2022)

Label: Relapse Records Release Date: August 12, 2022 From the label: “The legendary BORIS celebrate a 30 year career as one of experimental music’s mostforward-thinking, heavy, and innovative bands with the new album Heavy Rocks (2022).” This the third in the series of Heavy Rocks records which takes on ’70s rock and avant-garde, experimental, proto-metal screwballs. Seriously, when […]

The Lone Bellow- Love Songs for Losers

This Nashville-based trio, The Lone Bellow, released their newest album, “Love Songs for Losers” on November 4, 2022. This folk/rock fusion album portrays the feelings and consequences of love and the human experience through layered harmonies and a somewhat symphonic feel. You will encounter synth-filled chords paired with delicate acoustic melodies throughout the album that […]

Chris Votek–Memories of a Shadow

Cello performing Indian Classical music. Play!

Travis LaPlante–Green of Winter

Saxophone Quartet layered, droning works, some dissonance.

Caleb Vaughn-Jones–Two Worlds Called Home

Gracious works for cello and piano.


Modern and contemporary works for flute and piano. Play!

Peter Gregson–Piano Reworks

Reworks of cello pieces performed on piano. Lyrical!

Beth Schenck–Above and Below

For solo alto sax, wavering, flowing works.

Works for Violin and Percussion

For a unique combination of violin + percussion orchestra, pioneered by Harrison–very interesting!

Cloches et Carillons

Centuries of piano works showing how the piano can sound like bells.

Raffaele Calace–Complete Works for Guitar

Gracious, Romantic solo guitar pieces. Play!


Greg Stuart performs these abstract solo percussion works by various composers.

Mihailo Trandafilovski–Polychromy

Very abstract, droning works for various instruments, slow.

Da Wei Wang & Tatsu Aoki–Yes Strings Attached

Ambient, droning electric guitar + electric shamisen.

Leandro Ragusa–Eolia en Vivo

For bandoneon and wind quintet. Nice!

Armor For Sleep – The Rain Museum

Release Date: September 9, 2022 Label: Equal Vision Records From the label: “Armor For Sleep’s The Rain Museum is 17 years in the making. It’s a concept album built around a post-apocalyptic world where weather no longer exists on planet earth and people come to a mysterious museum in the middle of the desert to […]

The Music of Don Thompson

Gracious jazz/classical works for double bass + piano.

Victor Herbiet–Airs & Danses

For saxophones & accompaniment, varied pieces. Play!


Contemporary workss for guitar & clarinet, very nice!

Pierre Jalbert–Air in Motion

Abstract, mostly intense string works. Interesting!

Christopher Tyler Nickel–Sonatas & Chamber Music

Contemporary works for oboe and piano, some strings. Lyrical.


Icelandic accordion pieces, modern. Lots of slow starts.

Legends and Light Vol. 2

Varied orchestral works, all contemporary.

Cuba, Alabama–Cuban Works for Clarinet

Highly varied works ranging from classical/jazz to avant-garde. modern to contemporary.