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Rainer Veil – Vanity [Modern Love]

This duo’s debut album is quite possibly the most interesting electronic music you’ll here all month. Again, it’s difficult to categorize what it sounds like, exactly. Lonely fragments of dub and bass music intersect with charred remains of trance. A worthy experiment and a must listen for those glued to the genre. Release Date: 5/9/2019 […]

Suzanne Ciani – Flowers of Evil [Finders Keepers]

Absolutely weird music for the Buchla Synthesiser and voice based on the poem Elevation by Charles Baudelaire. Originally recorded in 1969, it proved too future. The album quickly faded into obscurity, and is being released on vinyl for the first time this July. Frankly, it just isn’t music. Your party guests or pod mates are […]

Dub Trio – The Shape of Dub to Come

Release date: April 26, 2019 Label: New Damage Records Dub Trio is composed of three studio musicians who have released a string of records that redefine the term “dub.” The band started as a dub experiment and each successive album has been heavier and heavier. The Shape of Dub to Come finds the band dipping into the regions […]

Mexico City Blondes – Blush [Burger Records]

What if Portishead made a record in 2019? One can’t help but wonder if this was one of the musical interests Allie Thompson and Greg Doscher bonded over in Santa Barbara, California when they decided to make music together as Mexico City Blondes. Smooth and familiar from start to finish, their debut album on Burger […]

Tim Hecker – Anoyo [Kranky]

More fantastic experimental electronic music from Canadian composer Tim Hecker, featuring a Tokyo gagaku ensemble. An ensemble of this type consists of at least 16 musicians playing only traditional Japanese woodwinds, strings and percussion instruments. It’s 30 minutes of immersive, addictive, and completely unique compositions that perfectly follows Hecker’s last album Konoyo, which also relied […]

Us3r – 1985 [DeepWater]

If you thought 1993 was a good year, take another look at 1985. Back to the Future was the highest grossing movie at the box office, and Chrysler had just turned Grandma’s grocery getter into a menacing torque monster. We had Nintendo, New Coke, the Cold War and lost Route 66. What a time to […]

Clay Beds [Hush Hush]

A couple of electro pop weirdos based out of Tacoma, Washington called “Clay Beds” make their recording debut on Hush Hush Records with thick beats, ambient undertones and washed out vocals. At only six tracks, this cassette only release is densely packed with intricate sound layers spanning R&B, hip hop, dream pop, and rock. It’s […]

Jayda G – Significant Changes [Ninja Tune]

The debut album from Canadian DJ and producer Jayda Guy on Ninja Tune is smooth downtempo dance music for any crowd. Actual orca recordings followed by an arrangement of string instruments on “Orca’s Reprise” is a beautifully sad piece that underscores the artists interest in biology and conservationism. Preserving the natural world is a theme […]

beric. – Irregular In Shape [Hush Hush]

The 6-track debut album from Amsterdam-based electronic producer Tim Roosen is a charming endeavor into atmospheric soundscapes. Meditative at it’s core, this is complex enough for deep listening while maintaining the soft repetition of background music. Own the purple tint tape today for only $5. As to what it all means, Roosen had this to […]

Emancipator & 9 Theory – Cheeba Gold [Loci]

… And that’s exactly that this album is: friggin gold. Forget about what else is going on right now and just pick a track from this 4-song collaboration between two very accomplished artists. Press play. Hear those zips, horns, strings, subtle vocals, and sweet hip hop beats. You can’t miss. Release Date: 3/22/2019 Play: All […]

Fennesz – Agora [TOUCH]

If you’ve heard anything from experimental electronic musician Christian Fennesz before, then you already know that this is going to get weird. It can be a fine line sometimes between great and total crap, and this has to be one of the most engaging ambient music releases of 2019 so far. Sweepingly soft, distorted, and […]

Bliz Nochi (Tropical Twista)Gokarn Soul

Hypnotic layers of organic electronic sound mixing Didgeridoo with dreamy Saharan vibes all backed by a groovy mid tempo bass. Some tracks have a synth techno thing going that sounds both retro and fresh. I only wish there were more! Try: ALL RIYL: Bonobo, Dr. Didg, Minimal House, Dj Cheb I Sabbah, Karsh Kale FCC:Clean   […]

GRIZ – Ride Waves

With his first album since a 3 year hiatus, GRiZ re-enters the scene with a major hit. Ride Waves is filled with an hour of funky, soulful electro-rap beats that are all a must-play. With this new album, GRiZ features a jam-packed lineup of collabs with artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, DRAM and so […]

GLASSIO – Age of Experience // Dolphin Arcade

Electro-pop producer and singer, Glassio’s Age of Experience brings you right back to your favorite 80s rom-com. A mix of springy beats and smooth vocals makes for easy listening for any mood. As their first EP in 3 years, Glassio hits it out of the park with this one! Give it a listen! Label: Dolphin […]


Do you ever find yourself saying, “That last part of the song was really good. I wish they kept that going”? Well 3 minutes and 23 seconds into the opening track EVER is your wish come true. That word “Forever” reaches crescendo, and slowly fades out on repeat over the next several minutes for maximum […]

Apparat – LP5 [Mute]

A lot has changed for the Berlin based musician since the release of his last studio album in 2013. His collaborative work as Moderat with members of Modeselektor has been a commercial and touring hit, in some ways eclipsing Apparat’s success as a solo artist. And while Moderat goes for big, arena filling kinetic dance […]

HVOB -Rocco // PIAS

Soulful vocals, melancholic keys, thoughtful melodies and blistering dance floor beats make for a really dynamic album. Ambient yet engaging, a smooth listen. Play! Label: PIAS Recordings Start with: 1, 3, 9 RIYL: Stereolab, Baths, Sylvan Esso, The xx, Broadcast, Mr Little Jeans FCC: Clean

Big Wild – Superdream [Counter]

Hip Hop beat maker turned vocalist Jackson Stell has released his debut album following the streaming success of his first EP as Big Wild in 2017. This is not your average big body EDM. Stell is an artist; blending the ethereal floating points of progressive house with punchy bass lines and intelligent drops. Some seriously […]

The Cinematic Orchestra – To Believe [Ninja Tune]

If you’ve found British electronic-duo The Cinematic Orchestra too safe, predictable or just plain boring in the past, their first album in 12 years is sure to change that. With features from several different artists like Dorian Concept and Roots Manuva, the album explores the timeless question of what to believe in an era of […]

Muldue – A Place Both Foreign and Familiar [Hush Hush]

The third album and Hush Hush label debut from UK-based musician Max Ramsden. Gentle piano hymns, simple guitar riffs and hazy vocals mark this very mellow 5 track EP. It’s baked in gray, and good for a rainy afternoon. Release Date: 3/1/2019 Play: 1, 3, 4 RIYL: Suplington, Craun  

RAY-EYE – Full Swing // iLL Dust Entertainment

A great new album from an underground hip hop rapper, RAY-EYE, with good rhymes and beats that is definitely worth a listen! This album is unique in the realm of hip-hop but also reminiscent of the old school 90s rap we all love. “Full Swing” should be on your list of things to listen too, […]

ANTHONY NAPLES – Take Me With You // ANS

Anthony Naples, New York City-based DJ, producer, and label boss is a fixture of the New York underground. His labels Incienso and Proibito have released essential club and ambient music from the outer edges of the electronic landscape. Releases by DJ Python (Dulce Compania), and Huerco S (For Those of You Who Have, For Those […]

Sofia Kourtesis – Sofia Kourtesis // Studio Barnhus

Berlin-based Sofia Kourtesis, by of Lima, Peru makes her glimmering, crackling debut into modern dance music on Stockholm label Studio Barnhus. On her 4 track self-titled EP, Kourtesis scoffs at the self-important minimalism of Berlin’s techno bros to bring rich, fruit-filled dance music smothered in delicious melody held by sharp and patient drum work. The […]

Louis Futon – Way Back When [Self Released]

Where did this guy come from??? Philadelphia. He was a bedroom producer, with a background in Jazz, and is now combining hip hop, electronic and soul music together on his self released debut album. It’s big band behind vocal talent for very loud play. Release Date: 2/25/2019 RIYL: KAYTRANADA, FKJ, Kasbo Play: 2, 4, 7, […]

Johnny Jewel – Home OST [Italians Do It Better]

The latest original motion picture score from Italians Do It Better mastermind Johnny Jewel. Dark, drooling synth pop from Chromatics and Symmetry (Jewel is a member of both) are featured on the first half, with ambient compositions to close it out. Fantastic. Release Date: 2018 Play: 2-6, 10, 11, 12, 14 RIYL: Chromatics, Kavinsky