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SSJ4WEED – A song about the ocean [BRAGALA RECORDS]

SSJ4Weed’s newest single is a long ambient track featuring beautiful shining synths and ocean sounds. The track is very calming and meditative; it ebbs and flows with some additional higher-pitched synths at times. The Bragala Records artist continues to shine! Link to stream on Bandcamp: Try: 1 RIYL: Julianna Barwick, Brian Eno, Boards of Canada FCC: […]

Absence of Thought – Darelle Wonder Forver (Side B) [Bragala Records]

Absence of Thought creates lush soundscapes on Side B of a wonderful ambient, electronic, and beatless split project. Darelle Wonder Forver is the debut project for the label Bragala Records with artist SSJ4Weed on Side A. Bragala Records is an independent label based out of New York. The label’s Bandcamp page features the description: “Electronic […]

SSJ4Weed – Darelle Wonder Forver (Side A) [Bragala Records]

SSJ4Weed dazzles on Side A of a wonderful ambient, electronic, and beatless split project. Darelle Wonder Forver is the debut project for the label Bragala Records with artist Absence of Thought on Side B. Bragala Records is an independent label based out of New York. The label’s Bandcamp page features the description: “Electronic Waves of […]

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul (DEEWEE / Because) Topical Dancer

A very fun and unique release here by Belgium Caribbean musical partners. They tackle current social issues like racism, sexism, and more all with a flair and playfulness.  Activism aside, these are just great dance tracks and it will make you think and maybe laugh at the absurdity of humans. Try: Blenda, Ceci n’est pas […]

Velcro (SR) Te la Buscaste

Puerto Rican MC, DJ, Producer, and Local Legend  with a 20+ year career gives us a diverse and well balanced release here. Every song has its own flavor and his lyrical stylings keep things fresh. If you want Latin Hip-Hop at its best, look no further! Try: No Bulto, La Caza, Ficciones, Pa’ La Loiza, […]

Silly Tang (Hawaii Bonsai) Sub Sonidero

Everything this label puts out is always hot! This is Tropical Bass at its best, with classic cambia riffs combined with slammin’ bass. This release gets a little dark at time with some gritty male vocals; the stuff of nightmares at times, but in a good way. Try: Cumbia de Ciudad Real Feat. Pluto, Bailando […]

Sofi Tukker + Amadou & Mariam (Red Hot) Mon Cheri REMIXES

Super fun Remixes of this track, done in many styles and all are great! Beautiful Portuguese female vocals, remixed and backed by uplifting beats. Lots of Latin influences here with some traditional instruments and big bass. If you like one, you will like them all! Try: ALL! RIYL: SOFI TUKKER x Amadou & Mariam, Ultra […]

Divino Niño (Winspear) Last Spa on Earth

Colombian born musicians living in Chicago bring us an eclectic album fusing the best of dreamy pop, reggaeton, and electronic music. Think Manu Chao meets Empire of the Sun! Try: XO, Nos Soltamos, Tu Tonto, Especial, Papelito, Drive RIYL: Bomba Estereo, Toro y Moi, Crumb, Cuco, El Guincho, Buscabulla, Manu Chau FCC: None

Dowdelin (Underdog) Lanmou Lanmou

“Creole afro-futurism at its finest, with strains of reggae, zouk, jazz, afrobeat” sums it up well. Very unique styles on this sophomore release, a great fusion of styles. Upbeat, fun, positive, soulful, and celebratory tunes. Try: Simé Love, Tan Mou, Lanmou Lanmou, Shadow on the Wall RIYL: The Bongo Hop, Voilaaa, Ibibio Sound Machine, Nubiyan […]

Ibibio Sound Machine (Merge Records) Electricity

The forth album from this London based group. Groovy dance music that takes you back and shows you the future. Afrofuturistic tunes that mix many genres into hypnotic dance tunes for many occasions. Try: All That You Want, Electricity, Protection From Evil, Wanna See Your Face Again RIYL: Angelique Kidjo, Hot Chip, Ibeyi, Fela, William […]

Bomba Estéreo (SONY Music Latin) Deja

Electro-folkloric dance music from Colombia – so good! Traditional instruments and vocals, with modern bass and fun samples. Beautiful vocals and nature sounds layered in to make an organic and uplifting album. This album will make you want to dance!! Try: WDeja, Se Acabó, Conexión Total, Agua, Ahora, Soledad, Profundo, Tierra RIYL: Tropical Bass, Amazonica, […]

Reptilian Connection (Hawaii Bonsai) Bubbles in Silence

This little release is heavy on the far out spacey sounds. Sometimes a little dark, it could be the soundtrack to Sci-Fi Horror flick featuring killer Zombie Samurai. Great heavy liquid bass and fun meandering journeys through sound. Try: ALL RIYL: Zero 0ne, Shpongle, Bonobo FCC: None *TBs Favs

Sonido Berzerk (Hawaii Bonsai) Anita

A small but mighty release from this awesome label. Fun dance tracks with slammin’ bass and unique samples; you can definitely feel the Brazilian here – very Carnival!  Try: ALL  RIYL: Tropical Bass, Amazonia,  FCC: None *TBs Favs

Andriana Chobot & Prolific – Like It’s the Last Time (Radiostar Remix) [Self-released] (LOCAL)

Producer Prolific has turned out a driving drum-and-bass rework of Andriana Chobot’s last single, topped off with a goofy faux radio voiceover in the intro and outro.  FCC: Clean RIYL: Goldie, Pendulum, Everything But the Girl, M-Beat

Bonobo – Fragments [Ninja Tune]

The 7th album from downtempo and dance music pioneer Simon Greene is a “meet people where they are” kind of record. It’s comfortable, familiar, easy listening electronica that can be thrown into your speakers pretty much any time without disrupting the status quo. What it isn’t is anything new. So this is good or bad? […]

Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined – [Transgressive / PIAS]

Beverly Glenn-Copeland releases Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined, a multi-artist reinterpretation of his seminal 1986 work. Keyboard Fantasies was also released earlier this year, marking its 35th anniversary. Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined is a collection of songs re-worked and re-imagined by a group of creative kindred spirits. The album features works by Bon Iver, Flock Of Dimes, Julia […]

VTSS – Projections EP [Technicolour]

Polish born, London based producer VTSS’ first project for Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint is hard, fast and uncompromising, cementing her place as one of the new premier techno producers. From the AFX hall-of-mirrors of the opener, ‘The need to avoid’, to the gabber yelps of ‘Propaganda of success’, the EP echoes the heritage of vintage […]

Medium Zach – Bad By Myself [Self-Released]

The Minneapolis producer presents his debut solo instrumental album after 20+ years of honing his craft through his hip-hop group Big Quarters, mentoring young artists in the Twin Cities, developing into a respected engineer himself, while still producing behind the scenes (I Self Devine, Lady Midnight, 26 Bats!, Homeboy Sandman, Mankwe Ndosi, Javier Santiago, Kara Walker, […]

Guthrie Galileo – Flowers (Winedark Sound) [LOCAL]

Burlington indie R&B artist Guthrie Galileo remixes his 2017 ballad “Flowers” into a chopped-up, club-ready dance number for his latest single. FCC: Clean RIYL: Poolside, Kaytranada, Daft Punk, Fred again..

Aspetuck – The Bees Came Back (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Gruff Fulton of Stratton, VT produced his second album of electronic music under the name Aspetuck during the early stages of the pandemic. Layers of synth and echoey guitar wash over minimal beats for a chill experience. Play this while driving at night and your car might just start levitating.  Track Picks: 1, 3, 5 […]

Kutiman (Norman Records) Wachaga in Dub

This is modern psychedelic music at its best. Some farther out than others, this album in Dub definitely combines many genres (jazz, reggae, funk, rpm) and delivers a voyage of an album. Listen to this one late at night with headphones… Try: ALL RIYL: Dj Day, Dudu Tassa, Seven Davis Jr., Alaia, Clutchy Hopkins FCC: […]

Parov Stelar (Le Plan) Voodoo Sonic

Fun, upbeat, whimsical, loungey, raucous, party tunes! House music with a retro feel, taking loops from ragtime and big band jazz makes this a really fun album and could be what your next dance party needs to get to the next level! Try: 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11,  RIYL: Senor Coconut, Balkan Beatbox […]

Aksak Maboul (Crammed Disks) Tous Ko

Going all the way back to 1977, with a 30 year hiatus in there after the early 80s, this Belgian producer is back with a new album. Aksak is the founder of Crammed Disks, an amazing label putting out lots of RPM on the bleeding edge of the genre. The result is a well produced, […]

Sonido Berzerk (Hawaii Bonsai) Raices

Mexican Producer, Sonido Berzerk, delivers a slammin’ 5 track EP on the best record label for Tropical Bass and electronic music with Latin roots. Each track is very well produced and are true treats for the ears; try with headphones for the full experience. Phat bass on every track mixed with traditional hand drums accented […]

Nomad Frequencies (Hawaii Bonsai) Para Nuptial

Slammin’ deep bass tracks with accordion, oboe, mandolin, violin, and other more traditionally thought of instruments. Definitely feels like Cumbia, but also Klezmer/Eastern European vibes with some Saharan flavors as well. Wild stuff that really bumps! Try: ALL RIYL: Balkan Beat Box, Big Bass, Beats Antique, Accordion  FCC: None *TBs Favs