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Big Spider’s Back – Beverly Centaur (Hush Hush)

  Seattle-based electronic artist Yair Rubinstein AKA Big Spider’s Back returns with this 9 track analog playground available as a cassette tape only release. Get lost on a highway with tech-house bangers like “Light Sleeper,” “Outbound,” and “Dream Sequencer.” Or find solace on a long walk with wavey instrumentals like “Ativan” or “Sunset Programming. Where ever you might going, Beverly Centaur will get […]

Ki:Theory – Silence (Kringer Records)

Virginia-based DJ and multi-instrumentalist Joel Burleson aka KI:Theory (pronounced “Key Theory”) blends alternative rock and glitchy electronica on this  blazzey blah of a record. It’s all those tired EDM sounds juxtaposed with Indie Rock angst and exasperated vocals. Pure instrumental tracks such as “Used to Like” and “Goner” make the album almost worth keeping, but those are few and far […]

Carl Craig – Versus (InFiné)

Carl Craig is known for Techno. So what is this? A collaboration between the Detroit iconoclast and a French Orchestra– a fabulous album that takes his music out of the club and into the concert hall. Beautifully minimal and progressive, tracks like “The Melody”, “Domina” and “Technology” are about as close to pure bliss you […]

Kasai Allstars – Félicité Remixes (Crammed Discs)

Remix albums are easy to ignore, so let’s start at the beginning. Félicité is an award-winning film centered around the vibrant music scene of Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The backing band for the lead character in this movie are the Kasai Allstars, a well known act from the region known for mixing traditional sounds […]

Slugabed-Inherit The Earth

Slugabed’s latest work is titled Inherit The Earth. The music has an Experimental Hip Vibe with “rumbling bass, bright blips, laser jags, melodies that either creep or comfort, along with all kinds of unpredictable, hypnotic rhythms.” A little different but an interesting listen. RIYD: Nosaj Thing, Shigeto Tracks: All Good

Lost In Stars-Lost In Stars

Lost In Stars’ self-titled debut album mixes House, UK Grime, Dubstep and Synth Pop with some experimental aspects mixed in. The music has Pop sensibilities with a little grit mixed in. RIYD: M83, Goldfraapp Tracks: 2,6,10

Joe Goddard-Electriclines

Electriclines is the debut solo album from producer Joe Goddard. Goddard has been around for awhile (he was a member of Hot Chip, one half of 2 Bears and is a songwriter, producer, DJ and co-founder of the Greco-Roman label). You can hear some of 2 Bears hear, the music is a mix of Synth […]

Juveniles-Without Warning

Without Warning is the Juveniles second effort. The music has a bubbly Synth Dance/Synth Pop vibe similar to The Juan MacLean or !!!(chk chk chk). The music has a clean, elegant sound that draws you right in. RIYD: Cut Copy, Juan MacLean, !!!(chk chk chk) Tracks: 2,4,7,11

The Gift-Alter

Alter is the latest album from The Gift. The music has an 80’s vibe to it mixing New Wave with elements of Synth Dance and Disco Dance. A little dramatic(not bad in this case) with a sound a little different from what’s out there. RIYD: Tom Tom Club, Dean and Britta Tracks: 3,4,8,10

Thomas Blondet-Move On

Move On is a single from Thomas Blondet. The disc has the original edit plus three remixes. The music mixes jazzy Synth Dance and Disco Dance for a fun, upbeat vibe. Tracks: All Good

Compass: Mexican Institute of Sound-Fire It Up

Fire It Up is a track from Compass: Mexican Institute of Sound. The disc has three versions and mixes Latin influences, Reggae and EDM together for a fresh, club friendly sound. Tracks: All Good

The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society-St Tropez Remixes

The track St. Tropez from The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society has been remixed. The album contains the original edit plus five remixes. The music is rooted in Ambient and has variations that include Ambient Dance and Ambient Dub. There are also some mellower, lazy tracks. Overall a good chill out album. RIYD: Tycho, The Orb […]

darkDARK – Heathered (Self Released)

Welcome to Heathered, the synth-heavy debut EP from electronic duo darkDARK. According to the band, the record is about relationships. “Everything from the first moments with someone, which can be so amazing and fleeting, to the times where you’ve forgotten who you both are, change, and evolve […]” darkDARK recently told Consequence of Sound. Haley Bonar’s […]

Juana Molina – Halo (Crammed Discs)

Take a trip into Latin Folktronica with Argentinian born singer-songwriter and an actress Juana Molina. Having not heard of Molina before, it’s unknown what differentiates Halo from her previous six albums.  Tracks like “Los pies helados,” “Cosoco,” and “Cara de espejo” are upbeat and catchy, but the album’s general demeanor is pretty cloudy. The nearly 57 minutes of echoing vocals and […]

Actress – “AZD” (Ninja Tune)

British electronic musician Darren Cunningham, better known as Actress, returns from early retirement with his densely progressive fifth full-length album AZD. Pronounced “azid,” the album features many songs over 5 minutes and deserves multiple go rounds. Songs like “RUNNER” and “FANTASYNTH”, with their incessant repetition and varied minimalism, paint a vivid picture of a mechanical paradise where […]

Sound – Betty Moon (Evolver Music)

Classic electro-pop remixes of a classic sub-par pop song. Nothing to sneeze at but not something I would listen to in my spare time. RIYL Famba, Zash, or whatever.

Jimmy Whoo – “Motel Music Pt 2” (Grande Ville Records)

Jimmy Whoo, Parisian producer and Co-Founder of  Grande Ville Records, returns with the second part to his Motel Music album that he wrote over a three month stay in Los Angeles. Consisting of “dark, filmic moments that weave together dreamlike visions of L.A. landscapes and night time glamour,” or in this writer’s words, a mellow mix […]

Lusine – “Sensorimotor” (Ghostly International)

The lines between techno and electro-pop continue to blur on the fourth studio album from Jeff McIlwain, aka Lusine. “The concept behind Sensorimotor pulls from a special kind of double meaning of the word,” McIlwain recently noted. Beginning with “Canopy”, an opener seethed in wind chimes and harmonic distortion, the album moves on to more synth heavy, […]

Clark – “Death Peak” (Warp Records)

Another strong album from British electronic musician Chris Clark; his eighth studio release since his musical debut in 2001. Death Peak is just under 45 minutes of varied techno styles mixed with wonderfully progressive ambient compositions. Glittering melodies on tracks like “Living Fantasy” and “Peak Magnetic”, alongside the washed out vocal elements of “Catastrophe Anthem” give the album a less foreboding feel than some of Clark’s previous […]


Fantasmas is an album Zavala. The music is upbeat rooted in Chicago House but also has elements of Techno, Hip Hop, and UK Grime. It’s got a good groove that’s gets you moving. Tracks: All Good

Table Syndicate-Game Of Life

Game of Life is an album from Table Syndicate. The album mixes elements of Downtempo with Hip Hop and Techno and features didgeridoo Joseph B Carringer. The music has a similar vibe to Thievery Corp. or Underworld. Worth a listen. Disc 1: Tracks: 2,3,5,7 Disc 2: Tracks: 1,4,5,6


FROM DEEWEE is the latest work from the group Soulwax. The album was recorded live and in one take and has a retro vibe to it. It sounds a bit like Kraftwerk and a little bit like Simian Mobile Disco with a strong drum machine aspect. Overall a pretty solid album with a nice retro […]

Midnight Pool Party-Dalliance

Sydney producers Midnight Pool Party’s debut about is titled Dalliance. The music has a groovy, funky Disco Dance vibe that’s very upbeat, fun and bubbly. RIYD: Kraak and Smaak, RUFUS DU SOL Tracks: All Good

Lou Canon-Suspicious

Suspicious is the latest work from Toronto based artist Lou Canon. The music is a mix of Downtempo, Dark Electro R&B and Atmospheric Bass Music. Canon’s vocals are slinky and sensual but also have an almost menacing vibe to them at times. The tracks are full of emotion and darkness but have a beauty to […]


Goetic a.k.a. Will Wiesenfield of Baths has made an album titled Abysma. The album has a mellow, pleasant Ambient Dance vibe to similar to Tycho and has been described as being made for “at home listening”. The music does have a laid back Sunday morning, third cup of coffee vibe to it and is a […]