Monthly Archives: December 2020

Peninsula–Works for Guitar by Darko Nikcevic and Srdjan Bulatovic

Lovely and interesting guitar duets with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean elements. Play!

Singing in the Dead of Night

Eighth Blackbird performs these pieces by Lang, Wolf or Gordon, inspired by lyrics from the Beatles. Interesting!

Ekphrasis–New Music for Horn and Electronics

There are some very lyrical pieces here without electronic distortion. Play!

Richard Carrick–lanterne

Highly varying pieces with varied instrumentation ranging from abstract to lyrical. Play most!

Travis LaPlante–Inner Garden

Meandering, slow works for sax, drums and wind chimes–quiet. Sample.


A collection of saxophone and piano pieces ranging over 50 yrs–modern and contemporary, varying stylistically. Excellent!

Antoine Malette-Chenier & Francois Couture–La Suite du Printemps

Solo harp pieces, gracious, lyrical and contemporary. Play!

Scott Lee–Through the Mangrove Tunnels

Inspired by his childhood in the swamps in FL, really interesting, ambient string quartet pieces, with piano and drums, mixing jazz and classical/avant-garde elements. Play!

Rubbra and Bliss–Piano Concertos

British works in the Romantic style, but varied and modern. And one lovely piece by Bax. Play!

Les Musiques de Picasso

A collection of mostly French and Spanish works linked to either Picasso in life or in artworks from the 1920’s on, mostly well-known by Rodrigo, Sarasate, Stravinsky, Satie and others.

Playing Edge 2

The Sirius Quartet performs these contemporary string quartets by various composers, mostly quiet. Play!

Ash-Fure–Something to Hunt

Experimental, electro-acoustic soundscapes, somewhat dark, but not completely. Sample.

Aero–Contemporary Works for Flute

Gracious works for solo and flute duets, with strings, piano or clarinet. Play!

David Loeb–World Winds

For a mix of Asian and Western wind instruments, including khaen, ryuuteki, bass clarinet, shinobue and others, some beautiful pieces here. Play!

Vytautas Smetona Plays Brahms, Chopin and Smetona

All gracious works including Smetona’s contemporary Fantasia. Play!

Christopher J. Keyes–A Connotation of Infinity

Composer Keyes created software to write these gracious soundscapes for orchestra or piano, or duos. Play!

Jan Jarvlepp–Concerto 2000

Mostly vigorous, rhythmically varying orchestral works, play most!

Surfaces and Essences

The Prism Quartet performs this collection of saxophone quartets by various composers, all contemporary. Play all!

Ghost Layers–TAK Plays Scott Miller

Electro-acoustic soundscapes, interesting!

Stara–The Music of Halldor Smarason

Very abstract, ambient and dark string quartets, sometimes quite strong. Also one guitar piece.

Paul Dessau–Chamber Music

Fairly abstract, modern works, varied instruments. Play!


Pianist Paul Hume performs a collection of works/interpretations ranging from Baroque to modern. Very pretty.

Still Life–Collected Music for Cello and Guitar by Stephen Goss

Contemporary, varying rhythmically duos, excellent! Play!

Gerald Eckert–absence

Long, quiet tonal explorations, mostly with acoustic instruments, one with live electronics and tape. Sample!

Edward Cowie–Three Quartets and a Solo

Contemporary works for string quartet, nice! Sample!