Another great effort from Phosphorescent with spacious almost orchestral spans in many songs punctuated by his characteristic voice.  Spanning from delicate vibes to a big sound (a la War on Drugs), this album is a front-to-back listener.  In the middle are some melodic songs that have a grab-a-drink-and-listen tropical and nearly calypso vibe (Track 3, […]

Arlie’s “Wait” has a very happy alt-rock feel to it that you can sway or dance to. Definitely sounds like a band you’d hear off campus at someone’s backyard party. Hints of pop and indie flow throughout the album with a touch of Beatles/Beach Boys as well. Definitely have a listen to this up and […]

From promoter: “Blending R7B grooves with distorted feedback and eperiemtnal noise, Yves’ music will take you on an unpredictable journey. Yves’ music often includes harsh and fuzzy loops, ambient sounds and erratic vocal recordings.” Label: Warp Start w/ 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 FCC: 7 RIYL: serpentwithfeet, Dedekind Cut

From promoter: “Honoring the collective legacies of Memphis, Muscle Shoals and New Orleans, The West Coast Feed – eight members strong – generates a modern and electrifying swagger rock/soul experience. The tight backbeat of the rhythm section, tandem electric guitars and a soaring violin set the stage for the commanding voice of charismatic front man, […]

From promoter: “Lush, textured folk vocals, spacious sound and melancholy backing vocals. His language might be metaphorical and rhetorical, but his tender voice and indie-rock songwriting are both immensely grounding.” Label: Polyvinyl Start w/ 1, 2, 4, 7 FCC: Clean RIYL: Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine, Cat Power

The Dodos are a long running American indie rock two-piece band. They have been praised for their innovative arrangements and daring sound. Label: Polyvinyl Start w/ 1, 2, 9 FCC: 3 RIYL: Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes

This Ep is raw and full of passion. Soham De is a UK based singer-songwriter who combines folk with alternative rock. Label: The Lights Label Start w/ 1, 2, 4 FCC: Clean RIYL: James Vincent McMorrow, Bon Iver, Ben Howard

“From promoter: “Indie rock band Arlie channels a retro, nostalgic sound on their highly-anticipated debut EP Wait. The band gained traction in their hometown of Nashville by playing at local shows and house parties.” Label: Atlantic Start w/ 1, 2, 5, 6 FCC: Clean RIYL: Yoke Lore, Future Generations, Coast Modern

Sometimes the meditation goes well with Native American Flute playing and this is just what Kevin had in mind with this CD.  Track 7 (Abinii-Fireshine) has wild bird with solo flute on all other tracks it is solo flute. Play All and relax!

Started in 1982, Northern Cree (the band) are from Saddle Lake Cree First Nation in Alberta, Canada and came up with the name Nitisanak which means Brothers and Sisters.  There are about 15-16 drummers and singers on this drum recorded live at the Pow Wow.  A favorite and original Northern Style.  Play all!

Very ethereal girl pop album from Madeline Kenney. Female vocals over soft electronic beats, very reminiscent of Mothers. Kenny has a beautiful voice and is a good lyricist- check it out if you’re looking for something fresh on the electronic side. FCC: None Play: 2, 8 RIYL: SALES, Florist, Mothers

5th studio album from Slothrust has really innovative sound for the indie rock scene. Has all the features of a good rock album- intense vocals, hard guitar and percussion, but Slothrust really put themselves out there and expanded the palette on their sound. Listen if you want something fresh! FCC: None Play: 1, 4 RIYL: […]

Classic Adrianna Lenker sound on this album. Lenker is the lead singer of Big Thief, but has produced some really great tunes under her solo project. Soft and dreamy female vocals, very easy listening. Play if you’re looking for something softer. FCC: None Play: 2, 7 RIYL: Big Thief, Mothers

Peach Pit is new to the scene, and their music is fresh on the ears for indie pop. This band has the grooviest guitar ever and well-thought out lyrics. Indie pop bordering a little on the alternative side, makes you want to dance. Would recommend that everyone gives this one a listen FCC: 9 Play: […]

Really spectacular girl rock album from Lala Lala. Little bit of something for everyone, some songs go quite hard and others softer. Amazing female vocals, good percussion. Def check it out if you’re into indie rock and looking for something fresh. FCC: 3 Play: 1, 5, 6 RIYL: Cherry Glazerr, Hinds  

Congratulations to Randy Wood Best Male Artist 2018 with Native American Music Awards! Produced by Canyon Records,Cree musician continues to create music for Round Dances, Pow Wow and Gatherings where everyone can enjoy!  Unique voice contributes to this CD with hand drum accompaniment.  Play all!!

Music Original music that you can dance with! Celebrating Mayan Identity Doctor Nativo is speaking to Indigenous Resistance and Mayan Culture and popular track 8  (La Voz Popular) is known by many. Track one celebrates culture, Guatemaya.  Spanish and Salsa Beat! Dance to track 10 and play all for upbeat and positive healing!

On previous efforts, Windhand let loose glorious moments of crushing gloom and fuzz that made it clear that the band had all of the pieces necessary to make a Sleep-esque record…they just couldn’t quite keep your attention. It’s hard to explain. You know that moment, when you’re  ALL IN for the first three tracks of an […]

Solo piano pieces inspired by famous paintings and “five pieces for piano”. Play most!

With some pieces by the pianist, a nice mix of modern, bravura and quiet pieces. Play most!

As title suggests, solo and four had works for piano by Ukrainian composers–Romantic to modern. Play most!

A society for contemporary composers, for various instruments, interesting inspirations.

Works from 3 eras of the composers life for string trio + piano–Romanticism to modern. Play most!

Modern works for flute and piano by American, Canadian and French composers. Play!

Violin with electronics, echoes,  generally abstract with some atonality. Play most!