From promoter: “On UR FUN, Barnes is more candid than ever, presenting ten concise electro-pop songs that expose the depths of his current life, his private thoughts-both optimistic and brooding-and his passionate relationship with songwriter Christina Schneider of Locate S,1.” Label: Polyvinyl Start w/ 1, 2, 5 FCC: 3 RIYL: MGMT, Prince, Beck

From promoter: “Elliot Moss‘ third album is inspired by large personal changes reflected in his songwriting, and is more raw and uninhibited sound than his previous work, each song awash with vivid imagery and self-reflection.” Label: Grand Jury Start w/ 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 FCC: Clean RIYL: James Blake, Lo Fang, Jack Garret, Bon Iver

From promoter: “Caveboy might not be a household name in America yet, but you’ll want to add this eclectic indie pop trio to your playlist ASAP.  Based in Montréal, Canada, Caveboy consists of guitarist and vocalist Michelle “Minty” Bensimon, bassist Isabelle Banos, and drummer Lana Cooney—all women, all queer-identified or vocal allies to the LGBTQ community.” Label: Self-Released […]

From promoter: “Historical gravitas and art pop zip…all delivered with Field Music‘s customary artful intelligence and verve.” Label: Memphis Industries Start w/ 3, 8, 10, 17, 18 FCC: Clean RIYL: Dirty Projectors, of Montreal, Corridor

From promoter: “Oliver Spalding is a 23 year-old UK artist with musical roots firmly based in the realm of folk, kindred to its probity and emotional weight. His solo voyage has this at its heart, dressed in delicate electronics, waves of epic grandeur and dauntless honesty, lyrically and sonically, throughout.” Label: Monotreme Start w/ 2, 4, 7, […]

From promoter: “It would be easy enough to make an attempt at some pointless term of categorization: psychedelic folk, indie rock, post-folk, or if this were the 90s they would probably be dumped into that “alternative” catch-all. But to experience String Machine, either live or on Death of the Neon, is to enter a unique […]

From promoter: “Erin Moran appeared out of nowhere in 2001 as A Girl Called Eddy with an EP on indie label Le Grand Magistery that showcased a talent that had her being compared to Karen Carpenter, Carole King, Burt Bacharach, Rickie Lee Jones, and Prefab Sprout. She then hooked up with Richard Hawley to make […]

From promoter: “Legal Vertigo, formerly known as Napster Vertigo, is the musical endeavor of producer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Woods. Having made a name for himself across the Montreal music community, working with such bands as Operators, Wolf Parade, and countless others, Legal Vertigo has cut out a wonderfully unique corner of the music world all […]

From promoter: “Pleaser‘s 8 tracks shimmer and pulsate, calling to mind pop artists like Lorde, Robyn, Charli XCX and Gwen Stefani. While McDonald may have felt challenged while writing Pleaser, the experience of listening to the album is anything but difficult. Its unapologetic pop sentiments shine and delight, McDonald’s gorgeous alto soaring above each track.” […]

From promoter: “This album, their first in 5 years, is the final album from the band made up of Greg Albert (has played in Guerilla Toss), Max Almario (has played with Yonatan Gat and more), and Sam Owens (aka Sam Evian). Post-Trash describes the pysch pop trio’s Sunnyland  as “both wild and heavy, diving between jagged moments, […]

An ethereal mix of various synth-wavelengths and drumming that creates a dark yet bubbly world for any mellow house or edm head. This debut album from Norwegian artist Sassy 009 fuses the smooth rock and electronic genres to bring a unique perspective on topics ranging from love, individualism, withdrawals, and regret with smooth layering of […]

Haunt– Mind Freeze Release date: 2020Jan10 Label: Shadow Kingdom Rating: 4/5 This is the third release from Haunt, who are heavily influenced by traditional hard rock. Light the Beacon sets it off with thrashing old school swagger. Mind Freeze takes one back in time with a fast paced guitar/drum attack. Tracks that stood out to […]

Den– Iron Desert Release date: 2019Nov22 Label: Corpse Flower Rating: 3/5 Den hail from Chicago. Pyrite stomps along with sludgy notes. Svalbard slows the pace with soft, sorrowful noise. Bone & Flies focuses more on the soft, atmospheric side of their footprint. Iron Desert is a somber piece that ties together elements of their sound. […]

For recorder and/or accordion, some discordance/loudness vs. almost lyrical.

Modern works for oboe with flute and/or piano. Nice mix!

A mix of classical/jazz and world sounds with harp, guitar and tabla, most pieces by Abbasi or Olivier, a few transcriptions. Play!

New Canadian pieces for viola and piano duo, lyrical to stark, almost atonal. Play most!

For a variety of instruments (winds, percussion, voice, electronics), varying works with plucks, stops, beats and other sounds from the instruments. Sample.

Romantic works for violin, piano and cello. Gracious!

Monolord– No Comfort Release date: 2019Sep20 Label: Relapse Rating: 5/5 Monolord hail from Gothenburg, Sweden. The Bastard Son evokes a sinister plod. It’s one of my favorite tracks. The Last Leaf is a stone groover. Larvae bleeds of harmony and sorrow. Skywards is unabashed bluesy. Alone Together feels so profound that I can’t do it […]

Sunn O))) – Pyroclasts Release date: 2019Oct25 Label: Southern Lord Rating: 4.5/5 It’s best close your eyes and perhaps pack a bowl before diving into this journey. Frost covers an aural landscape of warm, lush instrumentation. Kingdoms emphasizes soft dulcet-like notes that ripple forth. Ampliphaedies burrows deep into the soul, inspiring feelings of sorrow. Ascension completes […]

Rarely does the album’s artwork so perfectly encapsulate the contained music, but on Lapalux’s fourth album, we “find inspiration in birth, death, rebirth, weather and celestial bodies”. The never ending continuum makes for a stupendous, next level electronic experience. Release Date: 11/18/2019 Play: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 RIYL: Skee Mask, Jacques Greene, Machinedrum, […]

Tru Thoughts rolls out of 2019 with their annual compilation of staff picks, featuring classic artists, new signings and inspired remixes. There isn’t a single lame track in 100 minutes of run time. Check it out! Play: All Release Date: 12/3/2019 RIYL: Terror Danjah, Quantic, Moonschild, Sefi Zisling  

It was a busy year for Will Phillips aka Tourist as he closed it out with yet another full-length release for 2019. On Wild, the English musician departs from heart pumping dance music to explore more atmospheric, ambient house. It’s a layered and confident display of composition that’s sure to engage a patient listener. RIYL: […]

Child Bite– Blow Off The Omens Release date: 2019Nov22 Label: Housecore Rating: 4/5 Long awaited fifth release from Child Bite and the first that I’ve listened to (I’m pathetic). Mock Ecstasy roars out the gate with fast, dirty guitar. Vexed Life catches my attention with a touch of dry desert licks. They All Look Away […]