You’ll find a full-bodied groove on every track of this album, with an evident jazz fusion influence sometimes reminiscent of Steely Dan, other times of David Axelrod. The record features prime musicianship and sounds of decades past. The absolute definition of groovy. Play! FCC: Clean TRY: 1, 9, 11 RIYL: Joe Atkinson, David Axelrod, DJ […]

A new album of electrifying art rock from Liza Anne! The record chronicles a self-aware story of Liza’s emotional growth. Creativity and passion are highly evident in this journey toward self love. Immerse yourself in the sounds of bouncing rhythms and hooks reminiscent of The Talking Heads. Worth a thoughtful listen from beginning to end. […]

A heart-wrenching new single from accomplished young guitarist, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram. The song is a tribute to Ingram’s mother, who passed away in 2019, and worked her whole life to give Ingram all the opportunities he deserved. Through soulful vocals and smooth guitar, tears will soon flow from any listener. PLAY! FCC: Clean RIYL: Buddy […]

Age of Entitlement is the debut album and first solo project of The Hoosiers’ frontman, Irwin Sparkes. The tracks feature layered, lilting harmonies, soft guitar, and a beautiful string section. The mood is one of ethereal, mellow meadow sounds- oh so soothing to the quarantine-fried mind. The lyrics are deeply personal and heartfelt. The entire […]

March to May’s single is reminiscent of a melancholy tango layered with a folk filter. The band features mesmerizing harmonies blended with harp, acoustic guitar, piano, violin, and cello. The haunting track is contemplative, and rich with sound. FCC: Clean RIYL: David Steinlage, Funkiller, Aspe, Tadpole Fad

A summer dancehall track from Casely that will have your hips moving in no time. Casely may be a classically-trained pianist, but he clearly has an ear for catchy pop phrases, and has been known to collaborate with artists such as Flo Rida and Lil Jon. FCC: Clean RIYL: Razah, Young Steff, K-Young

An 80s-inspired, synth-filled single from Reardon Love that carries the message of rebellion against a totalitarian and corrupt government. A surface level head bopper with thought-provoking depth. FCC: Clean RIYL: Blossoms, Pulp

In his excellent debut album, Nick Brown gifts powerful lyrics from the heart, layered, harmonious walls of sound, and a treasure trove of unique tracks to listeners. The album is a satisfying balance of classic and new-age sounds. You’ll hear the influence of classic rock and soul combined with Brown’s own distinctive style. Play, play, […]

A fresh blues track from Gabe Stillman, accompanied by the Nighthawks. Sharp harmonica, soulful guitar, and an old-fashioned groove. You won’t feel any shame for giving this one a spin. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Ben Rice, Mick Clarke, Roomful of Blues

A mellifluous collection of Ethiopian melodies set to a variety of unique grooves. You’ll hear a fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, and even some Reggae sounds. An excellent listen- play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Mahmoud Ahmed, Ebo Taylor, Girma Béyéné

An excellent new album from powerful, all-female group LADAMA. The record is a perfect balance of groove and meaningful lyrics that impart a call of action to women across the world to rise up and fight against the injustices of the world. The songs are sung in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and feature a variety […]

The first single off of Immanuel Wilkins’ upcoming release for Blue Note records, Omega. This album is going to be amazing as this track clearly shows.

The second full length record from indie icon Phoebe Bridgers is harmonically strong, tonally muted, and derives much of its aura from that of Elliott Smith. Highly recommended for fans of any genre.

A resident of Biddeford, ME, R.A.P Ferreira evokes the feelings of isolated suburban living in the Pine State. His lyrics are hard to pin down at times, but what is evident is how incredible a rhymer Ferreira is. The sense of realism is very appealing. Check the tracks for profanity before airplay.

A new single from the Paula Boggs band that blends jazz, bluegrass, Americana, and world music. A unique and gritty sound from some incredibly talented musicians. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Paula Boggs

Former and founding member of The Head and the Heart Josiah Johnson makes his solo debut with his newest single, Nobody Knows, a folksy tune about introspection and learning how to take responsibility for oneself. The song is personal and beautiful. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Planes on Paper, Christian Lee Hutson, Clem Snide

A lackadaisical single from Canadian native Hannah Georgas. The artist describes the song herself as being “about those moments when you find happiness within yourself and are open enough that you’re able to share that feeling with someone else.” Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Aidan Knight, Jenn Grant, Royal Wood, Regina Spektor

A delightful 7″ from Cass McCombs and Steve Gunn featuring the sweetest lyrics, vocals, and acoustic guitar. Sweet Lucy (originally by Michael Hurley) and Wild Mountain Thyme (a traditional Scottish song) are both worth a thoughtful listen. A gift to the ears. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Kurt Vile, Phosphorescent, Damien Jurado

Heartfelt lyrics and psychedelic undertones abound in this entrancing new single from Eleanor Underhill. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Underhill Rose, The Get Right Band

You’ll have your funk face on while listening to this new single from ever-groovy Cliff Beach featuring Mestizo Beat. Absolutely delicious Nu-funk. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: The Soul Motivators, Soul Scratch, The Aquaducks

A solid compilation of Indie Rock sounds from Venus Furs, AKA Paul Kasner of Montreal. This angry and melancholy album features heavy guitar riffs and catchy hooks. Keep an ear out for unusual acoustic sounds and unexpected horn riffs too! FCC: Clean TRY: 5, 7

An infectious new single from Bristol-based duo The Allergies. This song will have you movin’ and groovin’ any time of day. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Dr. Rubberfunk, Smoove, Fort Knox Five

From Promoter: “Trumpeter, composer and bandleaderHarvey has been an uncompromising explorer of new sonic territories for decades. He has performed in David Douglas’s Festival of New Trumpet Music; appeared at the Knitting Factory, the Village Gate, the Public Theater, Roulette, and the Berlin Jazz Festival among others; shared the stage with Jaki Byard, Geri Allen, Ricky […]

From Promoter: “The group draws listeners in with its lyricism and simple melodies. But it is a deceptive simplicity. The trio develop their solos to sustain a meditative atmosphere as they play, blending improvisation and composition into an integrated whole. It all sounds effortless and relaxed, but it is the product of great musical discipline, close […]

Tammy Huynh, a graduate from Temple University has been playing in and around Philly for the past few years and garnered attention as a pretty damn amazing vocalist. Huynh released Philly Pop, her first EP during the COVID-19 quarantine. “‘PHILLY POP’ (play on “City Pop”) is a mock radio station set in a dystopian future.” […]