A collection of piano works inspired by childhood, by composers from different eras and world regions.

Dramatic orchestral works with strident elements and lyricism.

Nice contemporary works for flute, other winds, piano and/or cello. Play most!

Bluesy psychedelic rock, heavily inspired by krautrock and Black Sabbath.  Energetic and rhythmic, lots of guitar solos.  Couple jam tracks such as “King Fisher.”  Similar to Cream and Jethro Tull.  All songs are clean and decent.

Soft spoken vocals and understated piano and guitar.  Pretty lyric driven.  Calm and nostalgic. Similar to Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Andrew Bird. All songs are clean and all decent.  “I Run Away” was my personal favorite.


Luciferian Light Orchestra– Black EP Release date: 2016Dec09 Label: Svart Records Rating: 5/5 Fans of Therion might be familiar with vocalist Christofer Johnsson and his newest project, the Lucifierian Light Orchestra.  I was blown away the first time I heard this and it’s taken me a while to put my thoughts to a page. “Evil Masquerade” greets with dark, […]

Second release from Brooklyn based artist Ali Dineen. Beautiful folk with well crafted harmonies and delicate vocals. Influences range from traditional american and celtic folk music to the singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s to the Beatles. Listen on a sunny Sunday morning. RIYL: Vashti Bunyan, Emmy Lou Harris, Mountain Man, The Beatles. Play: 3,4,6 […]


Captain Crimson– Remind Release date: 2016Oct14 Label: Small Stone Rating: 4/5 This is not the first time that I’ve reviewed anything from Captain Crimson (2012’s Dancing Madly Backwards was excellent). Remind has a lot of offer, starting with “Bells from the Underground”, which rolls with dripping grunge-lite hooks and catchy tempos. “Love Street” is full of bluesy […]


This is a cool collection of various artists from Iceland. The album as a whole tends towards the electronic side, generally pretty accessible stuff, with some songs being quite poppy and others more avant-garde, even bordering on ambient. Even a bluesy tune in here (#6)! Another song sounds Bjorkish – unsurprising due to their shared […]

Lovely, contemporary works for marimba and saxophone. Play most!

Very abstract works for solo guitar, interesting mix of rhythms. Most pieces under 3 mins. long.

A mix of contemporary abstract works, some abrupt and loud, others quiet, for duos and quartet (flute, harp, strings, piano. Play most!

Religiously inspired works, modern and contemporary. Messaien’s gracious.

Very abstract pieces ranging from droning to staccato, an interesting variable mix of pieces for solo cello (trk 1 very slow start), ensemble, orchestra and piano.


Kremlin– Kremlin Release date: 2016Oct07 Label: Svart Records Rating: 4.5/5 Kremlin hail from Helsinki, Finland. “Ghost Flyers” greets the ears with an organic rock soundscape with strong ’70s psychedelic/hard rock influences. “Cruhn” is highly reminiscent of Pentagram. “Lizards” takes one on a memorable romp with bluesy guitar and rolling bass, similar to Deep Purple. “Lizards II” increases […]

WRUV Rock Singles for January 2017 – 2 Mixes


A sampling of the many music categories of the annual Native American Music Awards.  Thanks to NAMA for the sampling.  From Rap to Native Heart to Flutist of the year 2016.


“Khu.éex’ translates to “potlatch” in the Tlingit language. Using Alaskan Tlingit music as inspiration, the band performs contemporary funk/jazz improvisations to lay a foundation for traditional vocals which are layered and interspersed with spoken word and storytelling.” website:http://www.khueex.com   With a new CD in the works for 2017 this Seattle, Washington based band, Khueex  and The […]

And With Each Step A Wider And Deeper Dream is a two track single from Bendingbus. The music has an Ambient vibe to it very minor hints of 8-Bit and has a strong analog feel to it. RIYD: Royksopp Tracks: All Good

The Yard Work Simulator Remixes from Max Graef and Glenn Astro contains four tracks from that album. The original edits are pretty whacked out Experimental Jazz but the tracks here, while still funky and off beat have more of an EDM (mostly House) vibe to them balancing the sound. Overall some pretty solid remixes. Tracks: […]

Serafim Tsotsonis’s latest work is titled She Swims. The music is rooted in Ambient but has elements of Neo-Classical, Electro-Jazz and Dream Pop. The music is smooth and has been described as have “whimsical” elements to it. It sounds like upbeat Vangelis yet still retains a smooth, mellow-ish vibe. Very nice. RIYD: Vangelis, Tycho Tracks: […]

The latest work from Portuguese duo MUTUAL is titled After Finitude. Their music has been described as being a “rough and rugged fusion of deconstructed breaks, distorted jungle, immersive house/techno, and atmospheric ambient styles.” The EP only has three tracks making it a tight, concise album that’s worth checking out. Tracks: All Good

Cardio Nova is the debut album on the Hush Hush label from artist Tori Bukle. The album has an Ambient R&B vibe mixed with some Atmospheric Bass. The music sounds like Tycho and Burial were put into a blender. The music is smooth and mellow but also has some good beats backing it up. RIYD: […]


A CD compilation honoring our brother, The Wolf from a Native American Perspective. Featuring leading artists and Award winners from every genre of music from traditional to contemporary. “Everything in creation is a relative, no different than your aunt, uncle, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather or parents..” – Albert White Hat (Lakota) *teacher and advisor on […]

Unique punk-surfish vibe, definitely some Breeders influence in there. Some pretty dittys and interesting riffs in there too. “Pigpen” stands out. Play!