The Ecology is the second studio by West Coast rapper Fashawn. It was produced by Nas and features a nasty guest appearance from him. In fact, all the features are really solid. Beats are provided mostly by Exile (Think Blu & Exile) as well as tracks handled by The Alchemist and DJ Khalil. Fashawn keep […]


The two part release ‘the powers that b'(‘niggas on the moon’ and sister album ‘jenny death’) is an hour and twenty minutes of abrasive, abusive sound from experimental hip-hoppers the Death Grips. The visceral intensity is both revolting and captivating, and Ride’s disturbing vocals are as brutal and in-your-face as ever. Cryptic lyrics address serious […]

The Screaming Females are hard-hitting DIY female-fronted punk rockers with full, deep, unapologetic vocals. Rose Mountain has a forceful but more refined and clean sound, not as wild and screamy as previous releases. Play: 1, 3, 4, 2, 8 RIYL: Sleater-Kinney, Speedy Ortiz, Times New Viking

‘F*cked Up’ guitarist Ben Cook’s side project ‘Young Guv’ is a big leap away from the parent band’s hardcore sound, but the tunes are just as celebratory. Ripe 4 Luv is easy-breezy garage power pop for summer that is just messy enough to stay interesting. Tasty, pleasant pop-rocks with drum kit beats. The album is […]

Made Violent is the debut EP from youngster rock band Made Violent. The EP consists of five catchy, upbeat, chorus-driven rock ‘n roll tunes full of Stones references and riffy radio guitars. Simple music to accompany a video montage of a group of clean-cut, precocious teenagers making mischief in a sunny metropolitan area. Play: 1, […]

This album can give you a toothache with the amount of sugar added through the recording process, which isn’t a bad thing because it really sweetens up the songs. The songs would fit well in an advertisement in which a family in pastels chases after the unruly dog before settling down at a BBQ and […]

A unique sound that blends elements of 60s pop and psychedelic music as well as a neo-soul like vibe. The songs are relatively bare with only guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals but that is all that’s needed to present these simple and pretty songs; the vocals are layered together to create an interesting voice […]


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