Contemporary, interesting works for string quartet. Play!

Modern, varying works by some perhaps less-known composers. Play!

Symphony no. 1 in E min. Op. 39, lovely!

Works for marimba and clarinet, varied through eras, mostly transcriptions, nice!

Works with lots of tempo changes, mood shifts, contemporary. Play!

Creative, playful, lyrical pieces, some somber for a variety of instruments, some voice.

The Univ. of Virginia Percussion Ensemble performs all these recent compositions ranging from raucous to lyrical marimba. Play!

Abstract solo cello, mostly modern, nice!

Surprisingly varied minimalist pieces transcribed or composed for saxophone quartet, by Reich, Glass, Nyman and Torke.

Abstract wind ensembles with Asia elements, nice!

Release date: August 9, 2019 Label: Entertainment One U.S.  The Contortionist have cultivated a style rooted in the dark, intimidating world of progressive tech-death. Despite their propensity for all things heavy and fast, I think the band is it’s best when they slow things down (think Chill-tortionist). Follow is classic Contortionist…pretty catchy, pretty aggressive-yet-jazzy music. Early Grave tackles […]

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’, Frightened Rabbit asked other artists to record their own versions of songs on the album. If you’re familiar with the band, there are fresh takes on old favorites. The album features artists like Josh Ritter, Daughter and Manchester Orchestra! Be sure to check it […]

First full LP for Australian singer songwriter Angie Mc Mahon. Let her rich alto voice wash over you. Sometimes mournful, but her more upbeat tracks are great. Label: Dualtone Start w/: 3,4,5 RIYL: Jack River, Alex the Astronaut FCC: Clean

Bleached is an LA based trio with sisters Jennifer (lead vocals, guitar, synth) and Jessica Calvin (lead guitar, bass) and Nick Pilot (drums percussion). Jennifer and Jessica were formerly members of Miko Miko. It is a punk rock album with great hooks and every song sounds different. Label: Dead Oceans Start w:/ 4,5 RIYL: Fierce […]

17 year old Alex McArtor’s has a powerful voice and writes lyrics with intensity of someone way beyond her years. Spoken Word is an EP has a classic indie pop meets soul. A must play!!! Label: Self-released Start w/: all RIYL: Lana Del Rey, Adele FCC: Clean

Excellent works, ranging from a bit more traditional but modern, to frankly wild. Label: Cedille Start w/: 2, 4,5,6, 8, 12 FCC: Clean

If you’ve heard classic jazz/full band pieces from the 20th century, you will find this album quite reminiscent of the era. Every violin, cello, horn, drum, etc. at the very least sounds like it was played by a human, an impressive feat in this age of virtual instrumentation. A large portion of the album’s vocals […]

Female-Fronted Indie Rock/Power Pop band with crisp guitar sound. Well-written lyrics that are both snarky and poignant. Great use of distortion throughout with catchy rhythms that will have you tapping your feet the whole way through. LabeL: Sub Pop Start w/: 1,2,6,8,9,10 RIYL: Cherry Glazerr, Waxahatchee, Speedy Ortiz, Hinds FCC: 3

The Tennessee Headhunters open up this live album with a bang, heavy guitar and strong vocals. Country twang and tight harmonies bring a softer side to the album as it progresses. Classic rock and country element blend together leaving fans of both happy. Legendary pianist Johnnie Johnson joins the band for the last 3 tracks, […]

Duo Praxedis performs these gracious works. Play!

All contemporary works by Asian composers, graceful, lilting, abstract. Play!

Abstract, Impressionistic piano pieces, some jazzy, some “interpretations” of well-known works.

Bennewitz Quartet performs works by these Czech composers, all perished by the Nazis. Intense, sad, nice.

Varied, contemporary works for guitar, strings or percussion. Play!

Release date: May 18, 2018 Label: Relapse Records Montreal’s Mountain Dust recently released an opus entitled Seven Storms. The band  differentiates themselves from many in the herd with diverse instrumentation and songwriting prowess. Seven Storms is rooted in heavy rock from the late ’60s and early ’70s; however, their sound also references spaghetti Westerns –  […]