Shana Cleveland, front woman of La Luz, puts out a great first solo album. A beautiful album of vocal and instrumental tracks that reminds you of star gazing on a summer night. The soft vocals and mostly acoustic beats by Shana give the album a haunting, mystical vibe and sound. The tracks flow into one […]

In her fourth (and final) installment of her Haunted Items collective, Frankie Cosmos releases three final tracks. At no longer than two minutes each, Frankie delivers short melodic tunes about self-discovery and moving on. Each song builds from the last to tell the story, which is perfectly wrapped up in the album’s final track of […]

Do you ever find yourself saying, “That last part of the song was really good. I wish they kept that going”? Well 3 minutes and 23 seconds into the opening track EVER is your wish come true. That word “Forever” reaches crescendo, and slowly fades out on repeat over the next several minutes for maximum […]

A lot has changed for the Berlin based musician since the release of his last studio album in 2013. His collaborative work as Moderat with members of Modeselektor has been a commercial and touring hit, in some ways eclipsing Apparat’s success as a solo artist. And while Moderat goes for big, arena filling kinetic dance […]

Australian surf rock group The Babe Rainbow returns with a sweet single, Morning Song. Very mellow song with relaxed vocals, still upbeat and groovy. Give it a spin! Label: Century Records RIYL: Morgan Delt, Swim Mountain, Paul Cherry, Moses Gunn Collective FCC: Clean

Meet Giuda: Italy’s premier exponents of insanely infections glam-tinged and gritty rock. Formed in 2007, these lysergic power-pop warriors have a decade of experience. Giuda are a band with proud and persistent roots in the glory days of garage rock and proto-metal. Nice vibey upbeat rock. Play! Label: Burger Records Start with: 1,3,9,10 RIYL: White […]

Elinor Frey performs a variety of new works, all interesting, especially those of Ken Ueno. Play!

Mix of rock, chorus, electronics and song, about America.

“As Weyes Blood, however – a riff on Wise Blood, the title of Flannery O’Connor’s southern gothic classic – the 30-year-old has taken her instrument down some unexpected byways. On a track like Movies – the highlight of Titanic Rising, Mering’s fourth and most assured album – it gradually unfolds, first as an intimate, conversational […]

“U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” Not what one would expect to hear chanted vehemently from the members of an indie rock band in 2019… But Sego seems to get off on doing things one wouldn’t expect from an LA indie band today. Being proficient at their instruments instead of relying on computer tracks to play their new […]

Lovely, contemporary, world premiere recordings. Play!

Gracious works from late 1800’s  on through early 1900’s. Varying rhythmic styles. Play!

Really interesting pieces, not completely lyrical yet not discordant, tensions and jazz elements, too! Matt Haimovitz on cello.

What Is Noise ensemble (strings, wind, piano, percussion) performs these very interesting pieces inspired by highly differing subjects: art, the Spanish descanso in funerals, Roanoke colonialists and the world today. Play!

For symphonic wind ensemble, big sounding works yet Turnbull’s pieces surprisingly delicate. Play most!

Varying piano pieces–some solo and lyrical, others staccato and electronic or with tape. Interesting!

Works for solo piano, multiple hands, lots of variability, some with orchestra. Play!

Works written in the early 1900’s and now rarely performed, modern and Romantic. Play!

Strongly electronic cello pieces–violin works range from acoustic to electronic. Play!

Release date: May 3, 2019 Label: Self-Release Hailing from Winnipeg, Canada, Dizzy Mystics serves up, Wanderlost. This debut album is best described as psychedelic rock seasoned liberally with dashes of funk and metal. The musicianship on this album is indeed dizzying.  Letter opens the album with intense groove. The Frequent See, Consistent Seas exemplifies the surprising catchyness and melody buried beneath […]

French synth-pop sensation L’Impératrice (The Empress) announces their exotic and glittery debut album, Matahari. With a buttery bass line and sizzling synths, Matahari is laden with sumptuous grooves and chock-full of potential singles, comprising of all the right elements, from Air to Frank Ocean. Uncontrollably funky bass lines, analog Moog madness, swooping string orchestrations, and an emphatic brass section combines to form an […]

Soulful vocals, melancholic keys, thoughtful melodies and blistering dance floor beats make for a really dynamic album. Ambient yet engaging, a smooth listen. Play! Label: PIAS Recordings Start with: 1, 3, 9 RIYL: Stereolab, Baths, Sylvan Esso, The xx, Broadcast, Mr Little Jeans FCC: Clean

Former Blondfire/Lost Beach Member Steve Stouth teams up with Lifehouse’s Jason Wade in a paisley and modern-vintage colored kaleidoscope. Fueled by heartbreak and a newfound friendship, the debut album “Sweet Delirium” was written and recorded in 12 days. The opening track, and their debut single “Technicolor Sky” blends The Monkees with their Arctic brethren in […]

Sky Ferreira’s first new song in six years,“Downhill Lullaby”, brings to mind a nightmarish version of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice scene from Fantasia. Drawing inspiration from Disney throughout the recording sessions, Ferreira instructed violinist Nils Gröndahl to “play it as if you’re one of the birds in Snow White, singing underwater, while slowly being suffocated by […]

Toronto punk outfit PUP is returning with their playful take on emotional desolation, releasing their third full-length record Morbid Stuff. Full of booming gang vocals and classic punk chords, the title of the record is in direct juxtaposition to the fun sense of comradery vocalist Stefan Babcock brings to his performance. Embracing the cathartic nature […]