The Music Action Lab  was set up for musicians who seek to have a social impact through music. The 9 musicians on this CD were selected from nearly 100 applicants from 22 countries to collaborate in creating this original music with socially conscious themes. Influences from the Middle East, India/Pakistan, and more. Diverse styles but […]

Sarod master & composer Whetzel first met the Algerian-born Parisian poet YAS more than a decade ago, & they have yearned to pursue a collaboration ever since. Finally, they have reunited to make this music, and it was well worth the wait! This combination of rhythmic musical arrangements & the recitation of French poetry works […]

Who are these musicians? No idea…! Nothing on Google except access to songs. Anyway, great Latin folk with lots of heart & soul. The on-line cover says 100% Cuban music, but it reminds us of the beautiful folksy street music heard on the Pacific coast of South America. Check it out!

This Lebanese jazz pianist & composer explores the music of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East, khaleej music with roots in African polyrhythm, like jazz has. These mostly original tunes reconnect Arabic, African, & western jazz while preserving Arabic quarter tones & styles, with pleasing effect. All good…Wonderful music! Filed in World section

Repeating Flowers is the latest from artist Suplington, an artist on the Youngbloods label co-founded by WRUV alumni, John Moses. The album is Spring based and a limited number of cassettes are available with a bonus download code printed on a biodegradable seed infused card. The music itself has a dreamy Ambient vibe to it […]

All The Keys Are Here is Sebastian Mullaert’s debut on the Apollo Records label. The music is piano based and sounds like Harold Budd mixed with Minimal Techno. The result is a sound that is subtle with a contemplative and thoughtful feel. The album contains four tracks and is thirty minutes long and it’s one […]

January Thompson’s track Whelmed has been remixed. The disc contains the original edit plus five remixes. The original has a mellow, haunting classical feel and the remixes retain the that vibe but with an electronic feel. Tracks: All Good

High By The Riverside is the latest from artist Coucheron. The music has an EDM feel and has been described as having playful synths, slow-burning melodies, energetic basslines, and gypsy jazz. It’s a little different from the norm but still a little stale sounding. RIYD: Lemaitre, Passion Pit Tracks: 2,4

3:33am is the debut from artist Amber Mark. The music is a soulful blend of Downtempo, Jazz, Hip Hop and Classical Indian music. The album tells the story of loss of her mother and the process of grieving and healing that the artist went through. Mark’s vocals are what this album is about and I […]

Palatul De Clestar is an Ep from Romanian artist Ada Kaleh. The Ep contains two songs, Palatul De Clestar and Devotare and each track has a remix. The music is rooted in Minimal Techno but has Tribal, Jungle vibe mixed in giving it an infectious, mystical sound. A sweet little Ep from Ada Kaleh. RIYD: […]


Com Truise’s latest work titled Iteration is the last installment of a multi album spanning story about “Com Truise”, the first robot astronaut. You hear elements of old school New Wave and Synth Dance reminiscent of Joy Division or New Order. There’s also some Experimental mixed in as well giving the music an other worldly […]

Electric Island is the latest release from Glow Flow Hawaii. The group consists of three artists: Dorian Wright, LA Monster, and Savooz. Each artist brings their own flair to the album from Disco Dance to Techno House to Downtempo House. There’s a good amount of variety and a good flow to the album. There’s also […]

Floating Points most recent release is titled Reflections-Mojave Desert. The album accompanies a short film made by the artist and his band in the Mojave Desert while rehearsing for their US tour. The music mixes elements of Ambient, Space Rock, and Jazz. The result is a spaced out jam band sound that hooks you in. […]

Things Change is the full length debut from artist Grabbitz. The music has a soulful EDM sound with an interesting Alternative Rock twist. A nice, creative change from the usual EDM sound. Tracks: All Good except FCC #10,12 RIYD: Gold Panda, DJ Sun Tracks: All Good

Compassion is Forest Swords, second full length album. The music is a little hard to describe. One reviewer described it as “if there was a rave in the Upside Down Dimension in “Stranger Things” Forest Sword would have made for the perfect soundtrack.” There is a corrupted House vibe here but there are also elements […]

World Be Gone is the 17th release from the iconic duo Erasure. The album has Erasure’s Synthpop sound but has more of a raw, angry edge to it. The lyrics bring the recent political atmosphere to the forefront and you can feel Andy Bell’s emotion in the music. Tracks: All Good

The Shapes is the latest from Miami Horror. The music blends 80’s New Wave Pop, Disco Dance, Indie Dance and Synth Dance along with Caribbean influences. The album is upbeat and peppy and will get you grooving. RIYD: Kraak and Smaak, Flight Facilities, The Presets Tracks: All Good

Theory of Colours is the latest work from artist Dauwd. The music has a breezy Downtempo House sound that’s super smooth with a chill vibe to it but there are still some beats in there to keep you grooving. RIYD: Fort Romeau, Romare Tracks: All Good

Artists VVV and Holly team up for an album titled 78SM95. The music has a definite dark streak with elements of Downtempo, Trap, Dubstep and Atmospheric Bass Music. There’s a good mix of tempos with the more upbeat Trap tracks compared to the more mellow, slower Downtempo tracks. Overall a pretty solid album. RIYD: Lee […]

Despite the somewhat confusing name change that Alex G went through right before the release of this record, all of this confusion quickly ignored with the release of this record and its subsequent greatness. This record highlights the power that soft and melodic folk music can provide, but this record is not strictly a by […]

Romantic works for harp by Liszt and Elias Parish-Alvars–gracious. Play!

Very abstract chamber pieces for an interesting mix of instruments. Play!

Modern, abstract,  guitar + string quartets by Brouwer, Sierra, Pujol, and Maier. Play most!

The Palisades Virtuosi continue their performances of American works–contemporary for flute, clarinet and piano. Play!