Guitarist Callum Henshaw performs a nice mix of classical, Romantic and modern works. Play! Advertisements

Solo work by member of the Clogs, with voice, combining elements of folk, avant, classical and pop.

Wild, avant/garde works for sax/accordion/strings, all interesting and varied. Play/sample!

Romantic/modern pieces, gracious plus one contemporary work. Some beautiful pieces here and includes female composers as well. Play!

UVM’s own David Feurzig here has a collection of fun, varied pieces for piano, viola, cello, voice, and mixes thereof. “Homages” are clever imitations of the styles of other composers. Play!

Soprano/new music vocalist/composer Kate Soper here sings/talks texts of philosophers/ideas/language and expression. With musical accompaniment by Wet Ink Ensemble.

Varied, contemporary orchestral works, interesting in rhythms. Play!

Baroque through to contemporary reed quintets, transcriptions and originals. Play!

Transcriptions for brass from ballets, theater and other works, Baroque through modern.

Release date: November 23, 2018 Label: Steamhammer Sodom, the kings of thrash metal have released a four song EP between full-length albums. The Partisan EP is made up of two new tracks and two live tracks. Partisan is a no frills thrash track that provides a pretty bleak picture of where strict partisanship can lead. Conflagration falls within a similar vein stylistically […]

With pieces inspired by nature and/or religious devotion,most contemporary and sonorous–some lovely works here! Play!

Quartet San Francisco performs works from with traditional elements from around the world–African, Chinese, tango–most pieces written by the violinist of the group, Jeremy Cohen. Play!

Original compositions/improvisations for 36-string double contraguitar and 30-string contra-alto guitar (designed by the composer)–ambient, flowing, nice tone. Play!

Release date: September 7, 2018 Label: Entertainment One U.S.  Skyharbor blends progressive metal with emo and hardcore. Essentially the finished product sounds like Circa Survive and The Contortionist got together to record an album. If you’re into soaring vocals paired with the heavy riffs, you’ll dig this album. Dim kicks off the album and is my favorite track. The instrumentation is interesting […]

Instrumental surf rock Christmas album!!! Label: Yep Roc Start w/ 2, 4, 6, 8, 13, 18, 20, 26 FCC: Clean RIYL: Dick Dale, Tropa Magica, The Ventures

Sandra won Best Americana Recording for her debut album, Cluster Stars at the 2018 Native American Music Awards.  Her original music speaks to her heritage/roots as a Metis/Cree woman and is so emotionally moving.  Finding her family as an adult is part of her personal story and her music tells her story as she weaves […]

Cree artists that are from different Cree communities in Canada with band leader Adrian Sutherland from Attawapiskat First Nation.  We play this rock album  and note Heart of Gold (Neil Young Cover) has chorus in Cree.  Powerful tunes that speak to Indigenous life and the challenges living in isolated communities.   Survivor needs no explanation and […]

Ambient, mostly slow, quiet  electronic works. “Anew” with voices, whisperings, flowing.

Interesting pieces, with a fair amount of staccato, abrupt changes. Play most!

Varied pieces for violin, some with piano–all modern to contemporary, a little bravura. Andres’ and Larson’s works lovely!

From promoter: “ the group expands mightily on their core of two guitars and a piano, joined by a number of friends and contemporaries on percussion, bass, cello, violin, trumpet, flute, sax and clarinet, creating a soundtrack that moves far beyond the band’s lean sounds on previous records.” Label: Self-Released Start w/ 1, 4 FCC: Clean […]

From promoter: “Named after a pseudo-mythical Louisiana shark, the Brooklyn-based band Rookin began as a college class project on the Civil War. Years later, it has become a long-term endeavor to craft a new kind of Americana music. A warm and weird blend of folk, rock, and soul, the music of Rookin tells the tale […]

From promoter: “Foxwarren’s backstory reads like a page torn from the manual of rock & roll authenticity. They are siblings and childhood friends who formed a band in college. They went on to live as roommates and recorded an album in the basement of a rented house. Even the band’s namesake comes from the brothers (Avery and Darryl) Kissick’s family […]

From promoter: “It’s a fiery Antipodean showcase produced entirely by Danny Brown collaborator Black Milk. Black Hole Sun works as much as a showcase for Australia and New Zealand’s immense rap talent as it does as a display of the two-star rappers’ lyrical dexterity and intense charisma.” Label: Low Key Source Start w/ 1, 3, 4 […]

Lovely transcriptions for viola and guitar of Schubert and Burgmuller works. Play!