Release date: April 12, 2019 Label: Self-Release Heavy and groovy, Sludgehammer could be described as equal parts Soilwork/Sepultura/Pantera. A young band, Sludgehammer, plays brings a unique brand of death metal that’s heavy on the grooves. Antechamber is the band’s debut EP and opens with a killer single, No Control. The track is full of aggressive drumming and equally ferocious riffs […]

Fun, varied pieces for piano, winds, strings–some jazzy. Play most!

Modern/contemporary British works for solo guitar–short and sweet! Play!

Abstract, meandering, ambient pieces for solo piano or a mix of percussion, vibraphone, bass. Play!

Sonic and tonal explorations,  intermingling, droning, expressing how sounds can be difficult to individualize, just like the color spectrum and its shades. The Dedalus Ensemble performs (elec. guitar, winds, strings, voice).

Prism Quartet performs these 7 movements, sonically  expressing each day of the week, telling a story with jazzy inflections. Play!

The Prism Quartet with the Conservatory Wind Symphony Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City perform this Asian-influenced work, both lyrical and dissonant.

Very interesting percussion works (cow bell, cymbals drums, etc.)–lyrical, and delicate predominantly. Play!

One serenade each of these composers, both formal, well-known and gracious performed by the Archi di Santa Cecilia. Play!

Prism Quartet and Mr. Ellis perform this one piece–jungle sounds morph into sax quartet with drums and marching band like rhythms continuing to  change into other sound patterns.

Mostly, quiet, lyrical solo piano pieces by contemporary composers, including Libby Larsen, Sarah Kirkland Snider and Ingrid Stolzel. Play!

Describing their sound as “alt grit and pop sensibilities combining the best of west coast indie rock”; Fahrenheist’s latest album mixes garage rock with some fun vocal work. There’s a lot of emphasis on drum and guitar, with an overall energetic and upbeat feel. Standard indie rock record with some fun tracks on it. Label: Run To Earth […]

Straight out of new wave nostalgia we have Manics, a duo from San Francisco mixing indie pop vocals with melodic dance music. Don’t let the cover art fool you into thinking this is album yearns for simpler times– a lamentation of days gone by. Oh no, the analog synthesizer and hooks on Binary EP connects […]

You are welcome to heal yourself with the absolute pleasure of house music on this 3 track EP from NYC’s Octo Octa. As her “most vulnerable work to date”, it might also be some of her best. Layered, dubby, progressive– a workout waiting to happen. Release Date: March 1, 2019 Play: ALL RIYL: Jacques Greene

Cellist Saeunn Thorstensdottir plays these very abstract solo pieces by Icelandic composers. Plucking, squeaking and other sounds. Halgrimsson’s lyrical. Play!

John Schneider performs these great just intonation pieces by Lou Harrison, Tom Johnson and others. Yate’s works more folk, with voice.

Romantic, gracious pieces with a singing violin. Play!

A mix of orchestral pieces, duos and chorales, variable in style. Try the instrumentals!

Beautiful, very lyrical, quiet celesta pieces. Play all!

Highly abstract solo piano pieces exploring rhythm, tones, articulations and the expanse of the keyboard. Interesting!

One concerto each by Strauss and Grieg, neither of whom is known for chamber works. Grieg struggled with his piece.

Really  interesting contemporary works for flute with piano, some oboe. Play!

Abstract classical guitar, solo and with accompaniment, some voice. Play!

Bruce Levingston performs pieces from different musical eras, all exploring humanity and emotions. Play!

Amsterdam-based duo Weval‘s sophomore release is heavy on skill, soft on vocals, and emotionally dark. This is the kind of genre-blending electronic music for people that don’t like electronic music. Progressive, groovy and properly mellow. Release Date: 3/1/2019 Play: 1, 3, 6, 9, 10 RIYL: TENDER,