A very mixed fourth outing for longtime MC Lars fans: characteristic story-songs about Jack Kerouac, dinosaurs and The Simpsons vie for place alongside name-dropping odes to the party-DJ lifestyle and Lars himself. Newcomers, try cynical ska anthem “Sublime with Rome (Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime” and the delightful title track, where San Francisco gets destroyed by the […]

Jay Rozen continues his exploration of new tuba music, solo and with a variety of instruments. Includes Zappa’s familiar Peaches en Regalia! Play!

Surreal, eerie, otherworld tonescapes for electro-acoustic percussion

Nice mix of works for piano with clarinet or basset horn by Copland, Carter, McDonald (pianist) and Wyner. Wyner’s abstract. Play!

Lovely, sonorous works for horn and piano, contemporary. Play, play, play!

Ranging from traditional, Baroquish to modern with Arabic influences, pieces for piano, horn and accordion with orchestra. Interesting!

Classical guitar works from different eras, Baroque to modern. Play!

Spare works for voice or instrumental duet or solo, somewhat surreal, eerie.

Romanticized perceptions of Native Americans in the early 1900’s–the “Indianist Movement”, pretty piano pieces by a variety of composers.

Inspired by living in a cabin alone in Maine these pieces range from avant-garde, voice, surreal, to rock. Play most!

half moon run

Sun Leads Me On is the sophomore album from Canadian band Half Moon Run, who play a style of accessible alt-pop-rock, mostly acoustic based, but with a few electronic touches and electric guitars breaking through. Fairly atmospheric but also contatins some louder moments like “Consider Yourself” or the chorus of “Turn Your Love”. Enough variety […]

coheed and cambria

Coheed and Cambria, one of the most popular prog-rock bands of the new millenium, are back with their eighth album The Color Before The Sun. This happens to be their first album not based on frontman Claudio Sanchez’s The Amory Wars science fiction comic story. Instead, these songs are directly inspired by events in his […]

holly miranda

Holly Miranda’s self-titled album is the sophomore album from the former The Jealous Girlfriends frontwoman. A collection of mostly dreamy guitar based songs, soulful vocals. At times it sounds like Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ more mellow songs, especially the first track “Mark My Words”. Many of the song lyrics revolve around a breakup and seem to […]

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.36.26 PM

Coming off the heals of months of touring in support of their latest studio album, English Oceans, released just last year, the band felt that 2014 was a new peak in the life of DBT. It’s Great To Be Alive captures the energy reputation of DBT as a “live”band. This album shows Drive-By Truckers in […]


The first full length album from Baltimore’s Sun Club is a whirlwind of sonic exploration that starts fast and never lets up. Sounds like a punk band who spent their time at the beach being influenced by everyone from the Beach Boys to the Pixies to Animal Collective. An enjoyable album with interesting time changes […]

eliza r

The second full length album  from Eliza Rickman which showcases her hauntingly high voice that carries such a sweetness to it while always having a touch of sadness tucked somewhere deep within. Diverse arrangements highlighted by Jason Webley’s strings are accompanied by a multitude of other instruments from a vast array of musicians, giving each […]

His complete etudes ranging from suprisingly intense to lyrical. Play!

Ambient, somewhat dark pieces for viola, electronics, percussion and other instruments.

A varying mix from different cultures, ranging from intense to witty. Koumatsu’s Japanese Folk Song Suite No. 2 is lovely.

Mostly robust works for orchestra, neoclassical to eclectic over the composer’s lifetime, thus far.


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