Devotion is yeas in the main, recorded mostly in the shared houses and makeshift studios of her South London crew of artists and friends. Devotion is very much a journey – a deeply personal hallucination of British RnB at its best, where the rough edges of writing partner Micachu’s famously experimental sonic scraps are softened […]

Hypnic Jerks, the Philly quintet’s third full-length and second for Tiny Engines, sounds like, as front man Zack Schwartz put’s it, “the state between wakefulness and sleep.” Label: Tiny Engines Start w/ 1, 9, 10 FCC: 2, 4, 7, 8 RIYL: Japanese breakfast, Alex G, Jay Som

Shortly’s haunting vocal delivery and reverb-drenched guitar is further bolstered by her storytelling ability and the live band’s finely-tuned attention to dynamics and powerful harmonies. Label: Triple Crown Start w/ 1, 3, 4 FCC: Clean RIYL: Phoebe Bridgers, Snail Mail, Mitski

Sextile – 3 sees the synth-centric post-punk band returning as a duo and heading in a fancier directions. It’s a new sound, but it’s a very natural evolution. Label: Felte Star w/ 1, 3, 5 FCC: Clean RIYL: A Place To Bury Strangers, D.A.F., Boy Harsher

Gallo’s raw poeticism, crashing drums, fuzzy guitars, and driving garage punk energy, maintain an upbeat sense of urgency and an eagerness to move forward. Label: New West Start w/ 2, 5, 10, 12 FCC: 4, 9, 13 RIYL: Phoebe Bridgers, Mitski, Snail Mail

Low will release it’s most brazen, abrasive (and, paradoxically, most empowering) album ever: Double Negative, an unflinching eleven-song quest through snarling static and shattering beats that somehow culminates in the brightest pop song of Low’s career. Label: Sub Pop Start w/ 3, 5, 8, 9 FCC: 1, 6 RIYL: Sun Kill Moon, Beach House, Blonde Redhead  

This alternative indie rock band’s new album, Uppers & Downers, has lush arrangements & vintage-sounding keys & chords. Label: Autumn Tone Start w/ 1, 2, 3, 7, 11 FCC: Clean RIYL: Beck, Ryan Adams, The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile

Future Generations sophomore album matches sonic exploration with playful pop sensibilities, meshing hooky melodies with highly detailed, synth blasts. Label: Frenchkiss Start w/ 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 11 FCC: Clean RIYL: Local Natives, The War on Drugs, Vampire Weekend  

Mother of My Children is a collection of rock songs with lush rhythmic drums, distorted guitar, and whispery vocals. Label: Saddle Creek Start w/ 1, 2, 3, 7 FCC: Clean RIYL: Mothers, Snail Mail, Big Thief, Mitski  

From Catalonia, Spain, post-punk quartet, Mourn, have released their third full-length album, Sopresa Familia. This album is driven by the drums and hard vocals. This album shows a lot of potential and promise for Mourn, as they explore a more creative style in songwriting. FCC: None Play: 2,5,7,10 RIYL: Preoccupations, B Boys, Omni.

Kevin Krauter just released his first full-length album filled with catchy hooks and jangly synths. This album fuzes pop elements with soothing rhythm sections. An accessible yet unique album, Toss Up, is up there in my favorites for 2018. FCC: None Play: 1,3,4,6,7 RIYL: Real Estate, Hoops, Sam Evian

As the album cover suggests, this is a pretty funky album from Ghostland Observatory. A good mix of electro and funk, music you would want to dance to all night. Check it out for something fresh and different! FCC: None Play: 3 RIYL: Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Ratatat

Really rocking sophomore album from the Molochs. Solid indie rock, good lyrics. Like Foxygen, The Molochs capture another era perfectly. Flowers in the Spring is truly reminiscent of the dirty rock and roll sound of the late 60s, from acts like The Velvet Underground and The Kinks. Give it a listen! FCC: None Play: 1, […]

The Orrall brother’s 13th album is a beautiful example of true sonic growth as a duo. In the 2011 the group was signed to Warner Brothers with their album being produced by the Black Key’s Dan Auerbach. Now seven years later, after being dropped from WB, the brotherhood has released a truly innovative album. Dreamy […]

As the title suggests, a very sad senior album from our man Darwin Deez. To quote Spotify, Darwin Deez is “an equal mix of wacky, Beck, and Fleetwood Mac,” and that description is pretty accurate.  A mix of synth pop with strong vocals. Play all of these songs they’re great! FCC: None Play: 1, 3, […]

Nice album that is a mix of indie pop and indie rock. High pitched female vocals, very beachy sounding with light guitar rifts. Very similar to Best Coast if you’re into them. Check it out, Colleen Green has a nice innovative sound! FCC: None Play: 2, 6 RIYL: Best Coast, Cherry Glazerr

Debut album from self-dubbed “chill wave” group Firstworld. Synth pop, male vocals. Solid album if you like this type of music! FCC: None Play: 3 RIYL: Washed Out, Neon Indian

Aizuri Quartet performs abstract, new pieces written for them, all American composers, ranging from intense, to quiet. Play most!

Pig Destroyer has been releasing quality grindcore for over 20 years. I remember listening to Phantom Limb in 2007 and thinking that they were loud and fast but walked away from the album generally underwhelmed. Pig Destroyer still plays loud and fast and even warns on the opening track that they won’t be held responsible for any […]

Very mellow, nice sounding indie rock album from Astral Swans. Extremely reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens if you like him. Some of these tracks are really innovative, Swan uses his own reverb and pedals to create some groovy sounds. I recommend a listen! FCC: 4 Play: 2, 10 RIYL: Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine

Great sophomore album from indie rock band Mammoth Indigo. Honestly, there was not a track I didn’t like on this album! Male vocals, lyrics are pretty sad, really fresh guitar. Overall innovative sound, check this one out FCC: 9 Play: 1, 4, all RIYL: Snow Patrol, Cage the Elephant  

Hard rock, almost metal-sounding debut album from the Living Strange. Male vocals, strong percussion and heavy guitar rifts. Definitely for you if you like harder-sounding alternative rock! Play: 2, 4 FCC: None RIYL: The Arctic Monkeys, The Foo Fighters

Immerse yourself. Get completely involved in something without any distractions. Draw a picture. Paint a wall. Write 400 words in a single sitting. Walk a mile without checking your phone. This is your soundtrack. Deep, pristine, rolling dub techno with no breaks. Play: Both Release Date: 7/17/2018 RIYL: Fluxion, Basic Channel

Hush Hush 100

In 2012, former KEXP DJ Alex Ruder launched Hush Hush Records to “collaborate with a friend to help share their music with the world.” Here are they six years later celebrating the 100th release with a compilation of exclusive new tracks from Hush Hush artists of all walks: dream pop, techno, ambient, new age, instrumental […]

First album in 14 years from Garage Rock/Post-Hardcore masters and it does not miss a beat. Contains plenty of their signature frenetic riffs and urgent, shouting vocals. Hard hitting and full of great tracks on par with their previous work. Play: 1,3,4,5,6,9,10 FCC: 2 RIYL: Drive Like Jehu, Shellac, Mclusky