Electric Wizard– Wizard Bloody Wizard Release date: 2017Nov11 Label: Rise Above Rating: 4/5 Electric Wizard return with their first new release since 2012’s Legalize Drugs & Murder EP. See You In Hell plods with foreboding vocals peppered with  sinister bass. Necromania is an up-tempo ode to fornicating with the deceased. How else to describe it? Hear The Sirens Scream […]

Sybarite5, a string quartet specializing in 21st century pieces, performs works by Dan Visconti, Andy Akiho and others. Play!

Beautiful, modern classical guitar, Brazilian and more with pieces by the guitarist, Jose Fernandez Bardesio. Play!

Mari Samuelsen and her brother Hakon have commissioned new works from Scandinavian composers. These are minimalist, quiet works. Play!

Acclaimed pianist Jarrett performs his own works, more classical than jazz, but a melding of the two.

Keening, droning solo cello pieces, and interesting in their own abstract way. Play! All composed prior to 1974.

Ethereal, abstract, Impressionistic solo piano pieces. Play!

Romantic, bravura solo piano pieces, yet modern in sound. Play!

Impressionistic piano pieces, some improvisations with a mix of works by the pianist and others. Play most!

Cello and piano works by these Romantic, and Impressionist French composers. Play!

Very interesting contemporary, abstract string quartets, lots of sound changes. Play!

Modern pieces by Lecuona, Farinas and Alen–sprightly, gracious and lilting. Play!

Inspired by myths, electro-acoustic with robotic instruments. Mostly quiet with slow starts.

Very emotive and ethereal, contemporary works for strings with piano or clarinet. Trk 6 is more forceful. Sample due to length. Play!

Abstract, contemporary works for flute & harp by Italian composers. Play!

Disk 1 is more RPM and Dub, while Disk 2 is modern Cumbia/Latin with heavy bass. Everything this record label puts out is AMAZING! RIYL: Bonobo, Gold Panda, Dj Cheb I Sabbah, Nicodemus, Cumbia moderna, bass music  *TB Favs

Slammin’ beats mixed with traditional instruments and vocals – Every track is on fire! Try:2,3,4,7,10,11. RIYL: Karsh Kale, Dj Cheb I Sabbah, DjYoga  *TB Favs

Side project of Surf Punk band the Creepy Creeps, these are throwback tunes for the Ultra-Lounge crowd. Like a soundtrack to a 1960s spy movie or Tiki bar music! Try:ALL RIYL: the electric martini lounge, surf rock  *TB Favs

Great classic Cuban tunes sung and played by very talented women. Great harmonies and fun accents on all tracks! If you like one you’ll like them all! RIYL: Celia Cruz, Female Vocalists, Buena Vista Social Club

Positive vibes on these trax on the sweet and mellow, songs for lovers. Try:2,7,8,10. RIYL: Tribal Seeds, Protoje, Chronixx, Steel Pulse

“An uplifting meld of reggae, go-go, D.C. hardcore, Latin rock, and hip-hop.” Positive & empowering blend of many styles here. Good instrumentation, great horns, and a fav of the summer festival circuit. If you like one, you’ll like them all. RIYL: Twiddle, John Brown’s Body, Nahko, Reggae-lite

“The last Malian bluesman of his generation” Soulful West African mixed with heavy blues harmonica, fiddle, and the feel of the music is blues heavy. Try: 1,3,5,6,8,10,12. RIYL: Blues, West African, African vocals…

Upbeat modern take on classic Boogaloo style. I like the instrumentals but many trax are English & Spanish. Try: 1,3,5,7,8. RIYL: Boogaloo, Sr. Coconut, Modern Latin Music, Nicodemus…

Really fun jazzy tunes with many other styles represented as well. Some are pop-like vocal trax, some are full on jazz odyssey, and most have some kind of Indian raga fusion. Great strings, table, horns, and flute! This is special music…Try: 3,4,5,8,12. RIYL: Wild Indian fusion, jazz, Raga, Ambient… *TB Favs

Beautiful Cuban Songstress delivers on this album. Her voice is both youthful and ancient. Some of her harmonies connect us to African roots, all with an upbeat jazzy Cuban backbone. Try: 1,2,3,7,8,10. RIYL: Cuban music, Angélique Kidjo, Zap Momma, Esperanza Spaulding…