As the title suggests, these pieces are a range of minimalist tempi with the Uruguayan composer adding elements of traditional music. Interesting compositions!

A mix of pieces either transcribed from other instruments or composed for percussion (and for the duet). Contemporary pieces worked better (for me, anyway): Glass, O Duo, Cox & Trainer.

Based on marimba and vibraphone, these pieces slowly become layered with horn, voice and strings in each successive section–minimalist, highly staccato, lyrical. Play!

Rochberg didn’t compose a lot for flute–these pieces are predominantly lyrical, abstract, lilting. Play!

With his signature percussive, and lyrical layering on the piano, one new recording composed in 2003 and some older pieces and transcriptions. Play!


Fuzzily-toned lyrics reminiscent of Sonny and the Sunsets.  Country + surfy guitar, boppy drum riffs and a synthy soundscape to fill out the sound.  Less rocky than Courtney Barnett, but could open for her.  Lead vocals described as ‘eloquently flat’ and ‘an Americanized Nico’. PLAY: 1, 3, 7, ALL | FCC: Clean | RIYL: TOPS, […]


Country-feelin’, breezy, strummy acoustic guitar with some electric countrified accents.  Walkin’ drum riffs and folksy personal lyrics.  Nice true country folk sound. PLAY: 1, 4, 9, 2, 8, 5 | FCC: Clean | RIYL: Ryley Walker, Sturgill Simpson, Ryan Adams, Conor Oberst, Cass McCombs


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