You have to wonder when someone describes an album, or anything for that matter, as simply “interesting.” And what we have here from Mancheser U.K. based artist Chaines is very interesting. No off-the-shelf hits or instant bangers, but rather a masterful orchestration of unrelated elements. Pulses of techno, ambient tapestries, sparkling vocal samples, dropped pianos, […]

The Nova Scotia quartet’s chilled-out, endearing folk-centric rock n roll gets a slightly more cutting edge on on their third album. Label: Paradise Of Bachelors Start w/ 1, 3, 4, 7 FCC: 5, 10 RIYL: Ultimate Painting, LVL UP, EZTV, Stephen Malkmus, Lou Reed

Lauren’s arresting voice slices through the classic rock instrumentation delivered through the perfect modern filter by her band Label: Weekday Records Start w/ 1, 2, 4, 7, 9 FCC: 5 RIYL: Courtney Barnett, Caroline Rose, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Phoebe Bridgers

Recorded at Marfa Myths 2017, Stockholm’s psychedelic masters Dungen and adventurous Brooklyn indie-folk pioneers Woods collaborated to create seven new sweaty, psychedelic songs. Label: Mexican Summer Start w/ 1, 2, 4, 5 FCC: Clean RIYL: Kevin Morby, Chad VanGaalen, Real Estate, Kurt Vile, Vetiver, Ducktails, Cotton Jones

Scottish experimental avant-pop group Young Fathers are back with their most confident project yet, and it is nothing short of transcendent. Cocoa Sugar takes the raw, creative energy we love them for, mixes it disparate sonic motifs and amplifies it through the roof. “chaotic but sleek” – Pitchfork 7.3 Review Label: Ninja Tune Start w/ 1, 3, 5, […]

Former singer of The Slits, Hollie Cook has combined reggae, pop and R&B on her new album, Vessel of Love. Her songwriting and the instrumentation take you on a tropical adventure. Give it a listen. Label: Merge Records Start w/ 1, 6, 8 FCC: Clean RIYL: Hirie, Nattali Rize, Kelissa

This album is full heavy synth tracks. Vitalic has brought together pop, techno, and retro-futuristic disco to create an addicting album. It is full of mostly instrumental tracks but features singers including Mark Kerr, Miss Kittin, and David Shaw and the Beat. Label: Citizen Records Start w/ 1, 2, 6, 8, 12 FCC: Clean RIYL: […]

Both modern and contemporary, abstract pieces. Lovely!

Very nice, contemporary pieces by Mexican composers of varying ages. Play!

Classical and jazz/avant-garde–ambient, flowing strings, drum and piano. Nice!

Classical and avant-like pieces for flute, cello + piano, some with voice. Play most!

Works for guitars + other strings with micro tunings, minimalist sound, following algorithms. Sample.

Pianist Feico Deutekom performs ambient/minimalist works by a variety of composers: Glass, Adams, Sakamoto, Lang, among others.

Rythmic, contemporary, Brazilian works for marimba, vibraphone and other percussion. Play!

Lovely Impressionistic works for flute or transcribed, many well-known in the flute and classical repertoire by Debussy, Poulenc, Dukas and others.

These are slow, ambient, similar, restful pieces for gongs and tam-tam, as the subtitle suggests. Play!

Contemporary works for piano, strings and/or voice. Piano pieces particularly nice!

Contemporary works for flute + guitar ranging from staccato to very lyrical and abstract. Play!

One single piece for strings, ambient, building slowly over time. Sample!

Diverse pieces, voice or strings, and/or computers, interesting, with some political commentary.

Very abstract works for bass horns, strings, piano or ensemble, with silences, odd sounds or droning tones. Play or sample most!

Fairly gracious, contemporary pieces for strings and piano, nice! Play most!

Mostly lyrical pieces for a variety of instruments, a few more strident.

Impressionistic, highly lyrical  solo piano pieces, especially CD 1. Play!

Guitarist John Williams and his Ensemble have recorded two really interesting works including strings, percussion and/or harp. Play!