Jennifer Koh continues her series of solo violin works, this volume with Bach, Berio and Harbison works. Harbison’s pieces lovely! Play!

Works for strings with sharp tones, abstract but with a wistful emotion. Play!

Highly lyrical, gracious and contemporary works for solo piano, performed by the composer.

Modern or traditional works, transcriptions and originals. Nice mix!

The Dover Quartet performs these works, considered amongst the best of Classical era string works.

Varied, decidedly avant and abstract works, but some country pieces!

Rumbling, dark, slow works, very abstract, for winds,percussion and string ensemble.

A collection of pieces performed by saxophone quartet, originals and transcriptions. Moussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition known, Sitzia’s and Nante’s works lovely.

The Amernet String Quartet performs these contemporary/modern works by Alabama composers–intense to sweet.

Abstract and varied works for wind and percussion. Some beautiful pieces!

Combining Korean and western instruments, definitely different aural explorations–abstract. Performed by gamin.

All contemporary piano works, abstract or lyrical. Very nice!

The second EP from one-man indie folk project Glorious Leader sounds as pleasantly snowy as its cover looks. Enveloping arrangements of strings and synths are matched with gorgeous, tender vocals, delivering largely autobiographical lyrics that reflect both his time spent in Iceland and his home in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. (Note: this EP has a download-only […]

Windsor, VT musician Dave Richardson’s latest album feels like a warm blanket. His gentle voice and slice-of-life lyrics set to catchy major-key melodies will put a smile on your face – though there are some darker or more wistful moments too. (One particular lyrical highlight is “Apology to Mouse,” which sounds like a sardonic murder […]

This UVM-based instrumental quartet splits the difference between jazz fusion and jam-band rock. Chiming guitar leads, funky grooves, smooth sax solos and squelchy keys abound. Track Picks: 2, 3, 8, 9 FCC: Clean RIYL: Snarky Puppy, Funky Knuckles, Free Radicals

Folk-rock troubadour Ryan Montbleau rambled around the world for over twenty years before finally making his home in Burlington. On this new EP, the first of four themed releases (Fire, Water and Air to follow) Montbleau reflects on maturing, aging, settling down, and the imperfections of being human, all with a sly, subtle sense of […]

Brattleboro-based musician Liz Simmons’ latest project is a warm collection of beautifully sung and played originals and covers. Elements of American and European folk traditions are blended with pop and jazz in a way that’s timeless but still fresh.  Track Picks: 1, 3, 4, 5 FCC: Clean RIYL: May Erlewine, Joni Mitchell, Rhiannon Giddens

You can tell that these big-voiced “roadhouse roots” singers and players from southern Vermont have beards just from the music they make. Having toured all over New England for about eight years before cutting their debut album, they’ve honed their chops brilliantly. This is music, as they say, to “dance, stomp and sing along” to. […]

Very interesting abstract chamber works with rhythmic shifts and lyricism. Play!

Contemporary solo classical guitar–gracious, interesting rhythms. Play!

The Boston Modern Orchestra Project performs these pieces with underlying tension, featuring viol, cello or bass viol.

Contemporary works, longish, for guitar and orchestra. Caravassilis’ pieces particularly nice!

Referring to Greek mythology of Pan and his flute and Apollo and his lyre, a lovely mix of abstract and lyrical works. Play!

Performed on a guitar made in 1823 in Turin, works from the same area and the same time. Traditional. Play!

An excellent collection of works for violin and piano, from Classical era to contemporary, varied.