Distress Signals

Pollyn have been together since roughly 1998, and “Distress Signals” is their third studio album. Compared to their previous releases, this album is a lot darker and electronic. A lot of the cuts on this album swoon over a moody, bass-charged ambient beat that amplifies the overall darkness of the record. The synths are very […]

Skip a Sinking Stone

Mutual Benefit is the solo project of singer-songwriter Jordan Lee, and his latest album “Skip a Sinking Stone” is a gorgeous collection of orchestral folk songs. This album isn’t that different from Lee’s previous six albums, but on this record he really has refined his sound, and that shows in both the songwriting and the […]


Niagara is a duo who have been pioneering experimental pop music for a minute now, and “Hyperocean” is their third studio album. This album is easily their most experimental to date, as it combines alternative electronica, dark-tinted psych-funk, sweeping electronic arrangements, insanely sputtering rhythms, and BOOMING electronics. The track list flows between an eerie calm, […]


With a band name like Mountains and Rainbows, you would assume that they would make some cutesy synth-pop, or maybe some piano-driven indie-rcok, but if you made that assumption without listening to this album then you would be as incredibly surprised as I was, my friend. This album takes influence of punk rock and classic […]

All We Will Become

Misha is the alias for multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer John Chao and he has been out of the game for a long time. His debut album was released a little over nine years ago, and his newest album is a much more refined release than his last record. This album falls into the synth-pop spectrum […]

Casino Drone

Mike Adams has been making music for a decent amount of time now, but before he was making records he hosted a talk show in Indiana. Adams is a goofball by all means, and his humor has always been a unique aspect of his music, and this latest record is no exception. Throughout this album’s eleven […]


Middle Class Fashion is a pop-rock band that hails from St. Louis, MO and “iii” is their third self-released album. On this latest release, the band expands on previous sounds from their earlier releases just with a more refined sound. Each track contains solid and catchy hooks, infectious and groovy melodies, and performances that are […]

Observed in a Dream

Mayflower Madame is a band that hails from Oslo, Norway, and their sound is a dark and distinctive blend of shoe-gaze, post-punk, and psychedelic rock. Their latest album “Observed in a Dream” is no exception, as it is expanding on the sounds set in their earlier EPs. They have garnered a reputation as an exciting […]

Call Me Back if You Can Dig the Music

Mariya May is a songstress from Portland (don’t ask me which because I am not exactly sure to be honest) and her latest album “Call Me Back if You Can Dig the Music” features an amalgamation of sounds. Each track is a concoction of lush neo-soul, dub reggae, and verdant folk that tells the tales […]

Bloom Forever

Thomas Cohen is the former frontman of the band S.C.U.M. After the band broke up when he was 21, he focused all of his energy into raising his two sons, and his marriage. Sadly, Cohen’s wife passed away in 2014 leaving him to raise his kids on his own, and these experiences have translated into […]


Baby Alpaca is Brooklyn based artist, and their latest album sounds sort of like what it would be like if Morrissey was the lead singer of The xx. Each track is slinky and soulful crooner pop in the vein of someone like Josef Salvat, or even a bit of Jeff Buckley (that is, if Jeff […]

Commissioned works, rather abstract, and intense, except for the work by Gershwin (included because that work was the encore for their final concert in 2015). Play most!

Beyond the Maze

Astronauts of Antiquity are a New York City based group, and “Beyond the Maze” is their debut studio EP. This project projects a spectrum of vibrant textures to convey music that is both accessible and emotionally expressive. There really isn’t a lot of room for error, as this tape only spans a mere six songs and […]

3 CDs of contemporary,  varied wind pieces, some very intense and booming, others gracious.

New works by Carter, Broening, Albright and Helgeson featuring clarinet and ensemble performed by the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble.

Some very interesting contemporary and witty works for cello quartet, cello & piano and cello duo. Play!

Solo piano works by Elgar, Gurney, Francis and others, inspired by the Welsh countryside. Romantic. Play!

Gracious, modern pieces. Play!


A bit of a more produced sound from Sonny and his Sunsets, less of the lo-fi garage sound of his earlier albums.  Still very good and new and psychedelic with inventive, playful storytelling lyrics and vibesy vibes. “Repurposed 80s funk and new wave.” RIYL: Fergus & Geronimo, Jaill, The Growlers, The Beets | PLAY: 2, […]


Dopethrone/Fister– Split EP Riff Dealer Release date: 2016May11 Rating: 4/5 Dopethrone hail from Montreal, QC with fuzzed out sludge. Fister hail from St.Louis, Missouri. “Host”(Dopethrone) comes at you dripping with bleak sludge. It could have been recorded a decade or two earlier. “The Failure” (Fister) sounds (and probably tastes) like what blackened doom would be. […]

Very interesting works for small groups (clarinet & strings or strings) contemporary, varied, fun!

Contemporary works for flute and piano, varied, mostly gracious, very melodic. Play!

Fun, varied works for horn/trumpet and other instruments. Trks 14-19 are highly entertaining, riffs of a Dvorak theme in dated styles. Play!

Contemporary solo piano works by  young, well recognized composers including Missy Mazzoli, Mark Dancigers and others.  Bright, rhythmic. Play most!

Alarm Will Sound is known for being musically adventurous. Here they perform a variety of works, mostly modern/contemporary including the Beatles’ Revolution 9 and Varese’s Poeme Electronique. Play!


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