Named after the place where singer, composer and ceremony leader, Louie Gonnie lives Black Cedar Hills,  this is the latest CD from Canyon Records.  Sung in traditional language Louie is joined by brother Dewey and cousin, Logan Yazzie to bring you these songs of ceremony and prayers sung in traditional Native American Church ceremonies.  With […]


Although produced 10 years ago the traditional singing of Tiinesha Begaye will certainly make your heart smile.  From growing up with tradition and music her talents are steeped in family and community love and relationship to land, language and each other.  Today a mother of 4, Tiinesha continues to sing.  Her songs are accompanied with […]


Beautiful traditional songs sung by father and daughter of the Dine Nation about horses.  Each song in the Dine language gives a story of the relationship between human and horse.  Track 4 you hear rattle and drum and Tiinesha (Jay’s daughter) singing harmony.  Tiinesha contributes songs to this album as well in tracks 8,9 and […]

Very new works by Plog, Reskin and Rokeach, the works of the latter two particularly nice. Play!

Known for TV, film and theater work, these pieces have depth and interest, not “popular” as some commercial work can be. Play!

Alison Balsom’s latest release includes transcriptions and originals from the classical and popular repertoires (Francaix, Hindemith, Ravel, Gershwin, Bernstein amongs others). One piece by Balsom and pianist Tom Poster. Play!

A mix of instrumentals with interesting mix of instruments (strings, kannel, violoncello) and choir (both mixed and male) with accompaniment. Voice pieces tend to be subdued, some eeriness. Play!

Contemporary, abstract works for violin and piano, ranging from quiet pieces, ambient to more strident ones. Moya’s works nice!

Somewhat intense, eerie pieces, some atonality with lots rhythmic shifting. The composer says… [my music] having to fight its way out to, to invent, a new lyricism before your ears.” Play most!

  Contemporary string quartets composed over a lifetime, beginning at age 19. Gracious. Play most!

Renaissance “folk” tunes, instrumental and with voice–lute, komutz, colascione and percussion.  “John Barleycorn” popularized by Traffic included. Play! Suitable for folk programming.

Chrissey and Hawley’s self-titled debut is a mix of Synth Dance, House, Disco Dance and Bubblegum Pop. The tracks are smooth, upbeat and are a fun listen. RIYD: The Juan MacLean, Xeno & Oaklander Tracks: 2,5,6 FCC: 1,4

Autograf’s Future Soup and Heartbeat tracks have been remixed. The disc contains three remixes of Future Soup and four of Heartbeat. The tracks are various forms of EDM and are all smooth and dance floor friendly. Tracks: All Good

Take Her Up To Monto is the latest from artist Roisin Murphy. The album bounces around a bit from Dark Cabaret to Synth Dance and Trip Hop but mostly sticks with the Cabaret sound. The music is dark and sly with Murphy’s vocals anchoring the album. Something a little different from the usual Electronica out […]

Cole M.G.N.’s self-titled debut has been described as having the rhythmic grooves and heavy bass of the Bay Area mixed with Southern Hip Hop. There’s also an Atmospheric Bass vibe element thrown in adding a nice blend of thumping bass and smooth synth work. A pretty sweet debut. Label: Gloriette RIYD: Machinedrum, Arca Tracks: All […]

Empathy is the second album from Chicago artist Eyes Behind The Veil. The album consists of Ambient Soundscapes that drift, float and have a beautiful, haunted quality to them. This is perfect to listen to when going to sleep or laying in a hammock watching the clouds go by. RIYD: Keenya Tracks: All Good

Retrailing is the seventh album from the group Red Martian. The music has a throwback feel with elements of Minimal Wave, very early Synthpop and Electropop. Think Kraftwerk or Klaus Schulze here. The album has a stark feel to it yet there is a certain warmth you feel from the tracks. If retro synth is […]

The latest album from London-based artist James Collier is titled In My Room. The music is Electro-Jazz with a blend of upbeat Funk, mellow Folk, and Downtempo. Tracks: 2,3,8

Black Bubblegum is a full length album from Black Dice’s Eric Copeland. The album is best described as Bubblegum Pop after you picked it up off the ground. There’s definitely some heavy experimentation going on giving the album a quirky, warped out sound. A little off-beat but definitely worth checking out. Tracks: All Good Except […]

The latest from Aphex Twin is titled Cheetah. The music was inspired and made on the annoyingly complicated Cheetah MS800. When the Cheetah was introduced no one bought it and even today with retro synths back in style it’s been deemed worthless. That hasn’t stopped Richard D. James from taking a crack at it. The […]

Embracing Me is a single and EP from the Australian group Safia. The single contains four remixes of the track and the EP contains the original edit plus three other songs. The music is smooth Electro R&B with a chill groove. RIYD: Chet Faker, Hermitude, Jamie Woon Tracks: 1,2,5,6,7

The latest work from the iconic DJ Shadow is titled The Mountain Will Fall. The album is classic DJ Shadow blending Experimentalism with Hip Hop produces a novel, creative sound. RIYD: DJ Krush, Mark Pritchard, Flying Lotus Tracks: All Good Except FCC: 3

Transit is the second album from Seattle-based artist Hanssen. The music is Ambient Dance and has been described as having “Dreamy nostalgic synths, spacious off-kilter rhythms, and space-bound melodies. The music has more of an upbeat, fun vibe compared to his debut, Seven Years Week but still retains a mellow vibe. RIYD: Carmen Rizzo, Lowhitey, […]

We’ve Come So Far is an album from Sebastian Kill & The Beat Ventriloquist. The Music is a smooth, sleek blend of Downtempo House with elements of Electro R&B and Synth Dance. The tracks have that great contradiction of being upbeat yet having a mellow, chill vibe. This is a nice metropolitan album that’s good […]

Coming back with their 11th official studio release, the Red Hot Chili Peppers exhibit a delicate balance between maturity and patience on The Getaway. With the second RHCP album under the belt for Josh Klinghoffer he has added his background of electronica-avante-garde-art-rock, while still keeping the groove of Frusciante’s unforgettable minimalist rock-funk. The Chili’s are finding a […]


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