The Prometheus album from the Polish duo Dasein contains four tracks-the original edit and remix of Prometheus and the original edit and remix of the track Zodiac. The tracks have an Ambient Techno feel that’s booth groovy and spacey with hypnotic beats and organic synth work. Even though the tracks have a pretty high BPM […]

Invincible Ep is the debut from Big Wild. The music is a creative, peppy blend of EDM, Synth Dance/Synth Pop and Indie Dance. Typical sounding genres here but the artist has spun some flair and dare I say it pizzazz into these tracks and you actually want to listen to them. Well worth checking out […]

Stand Up is a single from artist Mr. C. The single contains the radio edit plus four remixes. The original edit mixes Old School Electro and Acid House with Ska and Hip Hop. The remixes have a similar vibe but with bit of variety. Overall great dance tracks. Tracks: All Good

Balkan Beat Box has released two remixes of the track Chin Chin. The Bad Royale Remix has a Electro Reggae vibe with Big Beat and the Gaudi Remix has more of a straight up Reggae sound. Both are solid. Tracks: All Good

depression smiles chaos winks is an album from flowers de moon. The music has a mix of Dream Pop and Trip Hop along with elements of Indie Pop, Hip Hop and Psychedelic. The music has a mellow vibe but cool beats adding an edge to the tracks. They have an interesting cover of Nirvana’s Heart […]

Alphabet is the latest album from the Belgian duo SX. The music is considered Avant Pop and staggers and steps with the emotionally charged, potent vocals from Stefanie Callebaut. Her vocals add great depth to the tracks. There are also hints of Ambient Bass Music mixed in. Very smoky and seductive this is a little […]

Thievery Corporation has returned with an album titled The Temple of I & I. The music has the classic Thievery Corp. Downtempo/Lounge sound but there is a much thicker Reggae influence in the tracks adding a sun-soaked breeziness to the tracks. Another solid album from these guys. Tracks: All Good

Elegant contemporary and modern pieces for saxophone covering a range of rhythms and styles. Play!

Modern works for flute & piano by Juon, Lauber and D’Alessandro. Play!

Vita Lucida is the debut from the duo Cavegreen. The music has a melodic, Folktronica vibe to it with pretty vocals from Eleanor Murray. The tracks are upbeat and pretty. RIYD: Braids, CHVRCHES Tracks: All Good

Funeral and Wolfie are two singles from Golden Features. The tracks have a Big Beat vibe to them with some Synth Dance mixed in. Time to hit the dance floor! RIYD: Flume, RUFUS DU SOL Tracks: All Good

The latest from the French duo, Justice, is an album titled Woman. The music has a funky Disco Dance vibe to it with touches of Synth Dance and New Wave. Very upbeat and fun. RIYD: Chromeo, Hot Chip Tracks: 1,3,7,11

Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society’s self-titled album has a beautifully, mellow Ambient vibe to it. The music is inspired by Delia Derbyshire who was an electronic music pioneer in the 60’s and is the co-creator of the Dr. Who intro. Serene and fluid, the tracks drift at a casual pace but still hold your attention. A […]

One long piece for prepared piano (bolts, screws, rubber, paper, cardboard) utilizing the whole keyboard and its percussive ability.

Highly diverging works seeking to symbolize both resurrection in religion and in surviving difficulties. A wide range of instruments, some jazz, avant and classical elements. Interesting!

One long, seamless piece for solo flute using very difficult techniques: multiple stops, whistle tones and abdominal tremolo. Only Robert Dick has played this piece from 1979.

Pieces inspired by those who have died from incurable illness and/or neglect. A variety of instruments and rhythms (minimalism with folk and classical elements).

French and American works, post impressionist. Nice!

Mostly contemporary works for trombone and piano. Play!

If you like Philip Glass’ piano, you will probably like these lyrical, minimalist pieces. Play!

Electric violin with computer and electronics–very spacey and sci-fi! Sample!

Symphony band music featuring winds, and some voice to female poet’s works. Some nice pieces!

Pieces by two early 2oth century composers–featuring winds, viola, cello. Play!

Anabaptist is the latest work from Inam label founder, Ryan Huber. The music is Drone Ambient with additional static and hissing and has a creepy, mysteriousness to it. Not for everyone but I enjoy his work. RIYD: Olekranon Tracks: All Good

Particle Fields is a collaboration between Robot Koch and Savannah Jo Lack. The music has an Electro Classical vibe to it with an emphasis on the violin. The music has a haunting, mysterious vibe to it and has a lot of emotion in it. Very nice. RIYD: Jon Hopkins Tracks: All Good