Deeeelicious French pop, disco, electronic album. Recommended Tracks: 2,4,5,15

Gentle voice, dreamy sweet energy. Reminds me of still woozy, hether, etc. Recommend tracks: 2, 11, 7

Smooth and dreamy! Recommended Tracks: 1,3,9

Release Date: October 8, 2021 Label: Epitaph Illusory Walls is by far the most technically proficient and hardest hitting music released by the band. You can hear cynicism grown from the dystopian period that we’re all navigating. Queen Sophie For President opens up on a bass line that seems inspired by The Cure. This song […]

Release Date: September 24, 2021 Label: Epitaph Quicksand, continues their post-hardcore renaissance. After lying dormant for 22 years, this is the second Quicksand record in 4 years. Distant Populations has a punchier, more up-tempo sound, with 11 concise songs that are sonic jewels. The band doesn’t waste a single note. Its gripping lyricism and raw […]

What a fabulous day for novelty hockey records! And I say that solely because my beloved San Jose Sharks beat New Jersey last night, so all is well in the world. Also, there’s a new Zambonis record. So all is… okay in that world. I know! I really wanted it to be awesome too. But […]

Solo flute works through Baroque era onward.

Two composers’ works, varying stylistically. Bridge’s Romantic and gracious.

Late Romantic works, lush, emotive.

Impressionistic, quiet, calm works for solo piano. Play!

Modern works arranged for sax + piano–excellent!

Solo violin pieces by 2 composers from Korea, combining Korean folk music + Western elements. Abstract.

All contemporary, abstract works by Spanish composers. Nice!

Late Classical era piano sonatas, gracious and elegant.

Solo piano soundscapes of places in Australia. lyrical. Play!

Ranging from Bartok to Ravi Shankar, amongst others, a lovely collection of works, some transcribed.

A collection of varied harp pieces, Classical to contemporary. Play!

Lovely collection of horn trios (horn, violin + piano), modern/romantic. Play!

Transcriptions of Villa-Lobos works performed by guitarist Gunter Herbig. Lovely!

Collection of string works by female British composers, Romantic to modern. Play!

Described as “cosmic electronic”, piano pieces some lyrical.

Former Full Walrus bandleader Noah Kesey’s latest single is a shining slice of lo-fi indie-pop, with low-key reflective lyrics delivered over a backdrop of crunchy guitars and a drum track that sounds like a ‘90s video game (in a good way!) FCC: Clean RIYL: Deerhunter, Real Estate, Remi Russin, Lily Seabird, Hippo Campus

From the late 1800’s, Mexican songs performed by tenor voice + piano.

Saxophone + piano by contemporary Australian composers. Play!

Modern works for guitar quartet. Play!