One single piece for strings, ambient, building slowly over time. Sample! Advertisements

Diverse pieces, voice or strings, and/or computers, interesting, with some political commentary.

Very abstract works for bass horns, strings, piano or ensemble, with silences, odd sounds or droning tones. Play or sample most!

Fairly gracious, contemporary pieces for strings and piano, nice! Play most!

Mostly lyrical pieces for a variety of instruments, a few more strident.

Impressionistic, highly lyrical  solo piano pieces, especially CD 1. Play!

Guitarist John Williams and his Ensemble have recorded two really interesting works including strings, percussion and/or harp. Play!

Classical/avant-garde/rock & voice with strings, keyboards, computers and percussion ranging from ambient to more forceful.

Rachel Barton Pine & BBC Symphony Orch. perform 2 Romantic pieces composed 44 yrs apart–stirring & evocative.

This is a wonderful CD with a mix of instruments and diverse rhythms mixing classical, Latin and jazz elements. Play!

A more stripped-back, slowed-down effort than their previous bawling and thrashing sound, driven by frontman Patrick Stickles’ rambling, existential lyricism and anthemic hooks. Label: Merge Start w/ 3, 5 FCC: 1, 2 RIYL: Okkervil River, The Microphones, Deer Tick, Jeff Rosenstock

Scottish indie-pop vets compile three very good EPs into a tasting menu of their strengths featuring aspects of funk, soul, psych, and house music in addition to the expected spate of hushed acoustic guitar pieces, sometimes all at once. Label: Matador Start w/ 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 14 FCC: Clean RIYL: The Clientele, Yo La Tengo, […]

A series of intimate, fuzzed-out bedroom pop recordings. “Seamlessly blending sounds and influences as diverse as american folk & country traditions, drum n’ bass, japanese ambient music, modern rap, classic scuzzy 80s+90s indie rock, and synth-ballads recalling badalamenti & julee cruise’s iconic, haunted film scores for david lynch, A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This is an album that everyone on earth will […]

Originating from NYC, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Caroline Rose now sports a red jumpsuit and plays incredibly catchy, fun, and sarcastic pop-rock anthems. LONER was written, arranged, and played by Caroline Rose, however, she also tours with a group of talented Burlington musicians. Catch them the next time they hit the local scene. Preview: Bandcamp Label: New West […]

3 albums from this incredible World/Tropical Bass Label. Dragao is darker electronic with great bass and cumbia roots, with some great female accompaniment from Nidia Gongora. Ghetto Kumbe gives us 4 slammin’ tunes with more of an edge, but sill features great traditional percussion and Amazonian roots. The last two tracks are more traditional and […]

Really fun album with lots of upbeat Latin styles. Good quote from the promoter, “In this second volume, we’ll go deeper into “modern” Champeta, introducing pioneer Rata Piano from Barranquilla and his “guarapos”, a unique genre of champeta remixes of African anthems, typically dropping some catchy soukous guitar samples and going mad on some cheap […]

It’s been 7+ years since their last album, and this one really delivers! West African instruments and stylings all with a gritty southern edge make every song on here a winner. Every track rocks, but Try: 1,3,5 RIYL: Barika, Western African Music, Instrumental jams, surfy rock. *TB Favs FCC: Clean

Another AMAZING release from Hawaii Bonsai featuring the best new Tropical Bass tunes in the world! Slammin’ dance tunes with creative instrumentation all with a Cumbia backbone. Try: 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 15, 17 RIYL: Tropical Bass music, Cumbia Moderno, Nicodemus FCC: Clean *TB Favs

Great Latin Jazz tunes here, with about half female vocal tracks – I like the instrumentals best. Try: 2, 4, 5, 7 RIYL: Latin Jazz, Buena Vista, Celia Cruz, Latin Jazz Fusion…

Great classic Cuban tunes sung and played by very talented women. Great harmonies and fun accents on all tracks! If you like one you’ll like them all! RIYL: Celia Cruz, Female Vocalists, Buena Vista Social Club FCC: Clean

Sounds exactly like you would think- traditional Indian Ragas with a Soprano sax solo. Bhushan Parchure on table and percussion really holds it all down here. Try: 7, 8 RIYL: Classical Indian music, Raga music, Ravi Shankar, Saxy Jazz…

“Playing Rough” is singer/songwriter/guitarist, Mark Cameron’s fourth blues album. His powerful vocals and strings are backed by Bill Keyes on harmonica, Scott Lundberg on bass, Dan Schroeder on drums and Sheri Cameron on flute. The addition of flute throughout the album gives it a unique sound reminiscent blues and rock of the 60s, particularly in […]

A collection of clarinet and piano pieces by women composers, elegant and nice!

Except for the 1st tr., very abstract pieces, trk 4 with droning voice.

Gracious and elegant pieces from 18th and 19th century. Play!