Monthly Archives: June 2016

Detlev Glanert–Elysion

German composer known for his opera works, here are chamber works, piano, strings, and/or winds ranging from lyrical and abstract to spritely and staccato. Play!

Philip Thompson–Separate Self

The composer was inspired by the visual arts (painting, sculpture, theater) in these works: abstract and very interesting. Nocturnes surprisingly somber, even dark. Play!

Brian Hulse–Stain

All works composed within the last 5 yrs–abstract, floating, playful, or forceful, for varied combinations of instruments: strings, organ, winds.

Scott Wheeler–Portraits & Tributes

Solo piano works, abstract and lyrical. Play!

Carl Vollrath–Three Pastels

Contemporary, gracious and mostly lyrical works for piano and orchestra. Play most!

Syrnko-Changes Remix

Changes Remix is an Ep from Syrnko. Changes was Syrnko’s debut and the four remixing artists are Legowelt, Sven Weismann, DBridge, and Helios. The music has a smooth Minimal Techno feel to it. Tracks: All Good

Max Graef and Glenn Astro-The Yard Work Simulator

Where The F**k Are My Boiled Eggs is an album from the duo of Max Graef and Glenn Astro. The music has an eclectic, experimental Jazz sound that feels old school and funky. RIYD: Seven Davis Jr., VHS Head Tracks: 2,3,6,8 FCC: Track 2 title

Jesus Velazquez-Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves is a self released ep from artist Jesus Velazquez. The music is a mix of Chill Trap, Chillwave and Downtempo. The first two tracks have a smooth, mellow vibe to them with a sleek metropolitan feel to them. The last three still have a mellow-ish vibe to them but with a little more […]

CRi-Tell Her

Tell Her is the latest work from Montreal artist CRi (pronounced cree). The music is a mix of House Synth with some Electro R&B touches. Overall a pretty smooth and shimmering album. RIYD: Jamie XX, Bob Moses Tracks: All Good

Douwe Eisenga–The Piano Files

Dutch minimalist pianist here explores pieces with one to four pianos. Play!

Kamran Ince–Passion and Dreams

The title is accurate. Pieces ranging from dissonant and cacaphonous to quietly lyrical, fusing Turkish/Balkan and western music. Most pieces for western instruments, but track 11 is beautiful with cello & ney. Play!

Eleonore Oppenheim–Home

Bassist Oppenheim explores the variations of sounds and effects of the bass. Works by Ghys and Dune amongst others. Varying works.

Nedudim–Fifth House Ensemble + Baladino and Dan Visconti

Lovely mix of folk, traditional Ladino,  raga, blues and contemporary classical elements! Play, play, play!

Maya Beiser–tranceclassical

Cellist Beiser continues her exploration of the cello with electronic devices and effects, performing Bach to Lou Reed and Robert Johnson among others, very eclectic. And there are muted or hushed vocals as well. Play!

Yann Tiersen–“Pour Amelie” Piano Music

Vinyl release of Tiersen film music for Pour Amelie and Goodbye Lenin. Minimalist, quiet pieces. Play!

Bartok, Schnittke, Lutoslawski

Miranda Cuckson and Blair McMillen perform these Slavic composers’ sonatas and partitas–modern and contemporary, intense, abstract and emotive. Play or sample most!

Seven Kings–Meridian Arts Ensemble

Contemporary works for wind ensemble (horn, trumpets, trombone, tuba) + percussion. Interesting works ranging from intense, with elements of jazz, to abstract and mellow. Play!

Czech Portraits–Czech Viola Music

Works from the early 20th century  for viola and piano (or transcribed) by Janacek and others. Emotive!

Narratives on Life–Music for Cello & Piano

The unifying characteristic for these pieces is that they are by Jewish heritage composers (not necessarily following the faith), generally varying stylistically from classical to modern classical. Play most!

Gernot Wolfgang–Passing Through–Groove-Oriented Chamber Music, vol. 3

Contemporary, abstract, stylistically varying works–jazz, reggae, classical. Fun!

Ethel + Robert Mirabal–The River

A collaboration between Ethel (string quartet) and the Native American flutist/drummer Mirabal, celebrating water (the Rio Pueblo). Poetry + music or instrumentals. Play!

David Stock–Concertos

Contemporary works for oboe, percussion, strings. Play most!

Ursula Mamlock–Vol. 5

Over 7 decades, a sampling of works influenced by Shapey & Brahms, for piano, horns, strings, and/or sax. Play!

James Zingara–Textures–New Works for Trumpet

Interesting pieces for solo trumpet or with piano/electronics/clarinet. Ovid’s Dream (with electronics) is especially interesting. Play!

Mixed Doubles–Unforced Errors

Contemporary, classical guitar duets, improvised. Play!