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Bobby and The Crew – Let the Candle Burn (Single)

Label: Benton RIYL: Blondie, Heart FCC: Clean From Promoter: “Bobby And The Crew are an amazing 4 piece act from Norway, with a bright sound and a wide open road ahead of them.With just a modest body of work so far, it’s worth noting just how quickly they have established their sound. They describe themselves […]

Whitney – For a While (Single)

Label: Secretly Canadian RIYL: The Lemon Twigs, Foxygen, Twin Peaks FCC: Clean Exciting new single from California group Whitney! Classic laid-back San Francisco sound. Produced by the talented and iconic Jonathan Rado (Foxygen, The Lemon Twigs), this single is light and airy; chock-full of bittersweet nostalgia as always for Whitney. 

Gone to Color – Gone to Color RMXS 

RIYL: Ulla, Dorian Concept, Gia Margaret FCC: Clean Check out: #1, 5, 6 A synth-heavy electronic rock album! Full of collaborations from artists such as Jessie Stein, The Field, Oval, and many more. Each track has its own distinct vibe, so there’s something for everyone tuning in. Atmospheric and clean. The 606 – The Field […]

Five State Drive TX – Electronic Waste

Label: Salt on Fries RIYL: The Front Bottoms, Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182 FCC: Clean Check Out: #3, 4, 10, 11 A brand new album from Five State Drive TX; reminiscent of late nineties to 2005 emo/pop punk scene. A decades-old band releasing their first (official) album available on streaming platforms. Feels like an instant classic! […]

James Houlahan – Beyond The Borders

Self-Released RIYL: Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young, Tom Waits FCC: Clean Check Out: #3, 6, 7, 9 LA singer-songwriter James Houlahan’s seventh studio album Beyond The Borders modernizes the distinct sound of iconic artists of the sixties and seventies. Clearly takes inspiration from Townes Van Zandt in his poetic, storytelling lyrics atop complex guitar-driven melodies. […]

Paul Giger–ars moriendi

With pieces by Giger and others, both contemporary and Baroque, dark and eerie.

Arthur Lourie–Chamber Music Vol. 1

Influenced by French and Russian music, modern works for a variety of instruments. Nice!

SPARKS–Eye of London

Relatively short orchestral works, all contemporary mostly robust.

A Golden Cello Decade

Romantic cello + piano works, quite a few composers. Play!

Naama Liany–Daydream

Mezzo soprano performs highly varied composers’ works. Mompou’s especially nice!

King Tuff – Smalltown Stardust [Sub Pop]

From Promoter: “Smalltown Stardust, a spiritual, tender and ultimately joyous record that might come as a shock to those with only a passing knowledge of the artist’s back catalog. On Smalltown Stardust, Thomas takes us on his journey to a place where past and present collide, where he can be a dreamer in love with all […]

Mac Demarco – Five Easy Hot Dogs [Self Released]

A relaxed endeavor of instrumental tunes that have some nice repetitive chord changes and melodies. The production is classic Mac, but the music calls to mind the Yacht Rock of the 70’s. RIYL: Doobie Brothers, Jon Hassell, Steely Dan

The Heart Collectors – Timeless Space (Spins the Gold Records)

The new EP from Australian folk group The Heart Collectors is truly emotive of joy, nostalgia, and a whole collection of other feelings. But that is just a happy side-effect to the true showcase of this release: the beauty of music, specifically acoustic instrumentation and the human voice. Written during the pandemic, Timeless Space is […]

Candlemass- Sweet Evil Sun

Candlemass- Sweet Evil SunRelease date: 2022Nov18Label: Napalm RecordsRating: 5/5 Candlemass formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1984. Wizard of the Vortex is a hell of a trad-doom stomper to start, followed by the melancholic soundscape of When Death Sighs. Devil Voodoo hits with solid riffs at a steady pace with the commanding vocals of returning original […]

GA-20 – Crackdown (Karma Chief Records)

Boston blues band GA-20 have come out with their new album Crackdown. A crushed production approach gives this Chicago Blues release a definite blues-rock sound, a real nostalgic-feeling drive. Fairweather Friend starts this off with a modern Black Keys-eque sound, whereas Easy On the Eyes, Be My Lonesome and, I Let Someone In, amongst others, pull […]

Weyes Blood – And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow (Sub Pop Records)

The second chapter in a trilogy that began with her 2019 album Titanic Rises, this installment continues themes of isolation and melancholia. Weyes Blood’s arrangements are beautifully meditative with lush orchestral undertones, making this folk pop album into something much more otherworldly. FCC: Clean RIYL: Angel Olsen, Adrianne Lenker, Julia Jacklin, Jessica Pratt

Gambit – Cozy Throne (UNI Records)

The latest single from New Hampshire band Cozy Throne, Gambit has everything you want from a punky power pop track. With standout vocals reminiscent of a grunge Hayley Williams, this track hooks you in and keeps your attention. Powerful, exhilarating instrumentals throughout. Exciting track; Cozy Throne has a forthcoming debut album, and in the meantime, […]

Arlo Parks – Weightless (Transgressive)

“Weightless” is the brand spankin’ new lead single off of Arlo Parks’ forthcoming sophomore album My Soft Machine. R&B meets bedroom pop. Lyrics addressing anxieties of independent life. Parks creates a soundscape filled with hypnotizing repetition; and scattered throughout are poetic, metaphorical lyrics. RIYL: Clairo, Japanese Breakfast, Lava La Rue, Orion Sun FCC: Clean

Blair Gun – Man of the Hour (sonaBLAST! / Enabler no. 6)

Fun 2000’s-inspired power pop single. Catchy, repetitive riffs that are easy to groove to. Totally could have made an appearance on the soundtrack to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. Just enough fuzz & distortion to give it a hint of punky-ness. Overall, it makes for a nice pop/rock track. RIYL: Robber Robber, The Roof Dogs, […]

Breanna Barbara – Nothin’ But Time (Fuzz Club)

Strong female vocals that evoke a comforting nostalgia. Barbara is clearly inspired by 60’s and 70’s Laurel Canyon and Americana. The warm, charming opening track “Diamond Light” will hook you in to listen to the rest of the album. Think: empowering, poetic cowgirl tunes. Or something to that effect. Finishing off the album is “Weaning” […]

Aatocaster – moonlight

Sounds like the epitome of upbeat Lo-fi house tracks. Heavy, layered synth blended with light vocals. Very atmospheric, and a great listen for those who like independent experimental electronic. Self-released RIYL: Lo-Fi Study Playlists  FCC: Clean

Dave Rowntree – Radio Songs (Cooking Vinyl)

Rowntree is a London-based artist whose vocals are very reminiscent of Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz. Tracks varying from instrumentals (#5 and 10) to dark pop and electronic. Feels like something your dad would show you (to prove he listens to cool music, too).  RIYL: Blur, Wild Beasts, Everything Everything, Foals FCC: Clean Check […]

Black Spell- Season of the Damned

Black Spell– Season of the DamnedRelease date: 2022Dec09Label: Regain RecordsRating: 4/5 Black Spell hail from Italy. Satanic Majesty throbs with pitch-black bass set in bleakness. Black Abyss draws one in with a low and dirty feel. Other tracks that stand out to me are Witches’ Brew (a sinister mid-tempo rocker), Season of the Damned (pays […]

Blondshell – Joiner [Partisan]

From promoter: “This new track exemplifies her ability to layer her wry sense of humor atop weighty topics. Powered by brilliant, crystalline melodies, Teitelbaum’s eloquent writing takes root in the concrete: every line is literal, a keyhole to a bigger truth. Blondshell is about learning and unlearning, about untangling the ways we’re taught to accept bad […]

Negativland – Speech Free [Seeland]

Really neat music, with ambient noise, some cool drum machines and noises that make my brain go “brrrrrr”. It had some of the same beats and various other tones that reminds me somewhat of Squarepusher. Definitely for those who like unusual music. RIYL: “Library Music”, Cluster, Matmos,Faust, Swingle Sisters, Happy the Man, Esquivel,Steve Fisk, Thurston Moore […]