Monthly Archives: April 2019

Grace Williams–Chamber Music

Modern works for a variety of instruments and combinations ( trumpet, strings, piano, winds). Play!

Simon Laks–In Between

Really interesting, modern works, varying stylistically in their classicism. Play!

Refracted Resonance

Rhythmically varying, producing interesting sounds from the guitar. Play/sample!

At Home and Abroad

Contemporary works for guitar and violin, abstract but also Latin! Play!

Beyond the Traveler

From 20th century Arkansas composers, solo piano works that vary greatly in style an\

Starflyer 59 – Young in My Head

Release date: April 26, 2019 Label: Tooth & Nail Records In 1994 & 1995 Starflyer 59 released Silver and Gold, two of what I think were the best shoegaze albums ever made (if you’ve never listened to these albums, stop what you’re doing and listen to Duel Overhead Cam). Almost 25 years later the band has traded their heavy drone for […]

Chamber Music of Stephen Rush

From lyrical to abstract, interpretations of images by the musicians. Imaginative!

Kindred Spirits

Robust, varying pieces from a range of eras.

Johann Kaspar Mertz–Fantasias for Solo Guitar

Following the piano styles of Chopin and Mendelssohn, lovely Classical works.

Kinan Azmeh–Uneven Sky

Clarinetist Azmeh performs his own and others’ works–Middle Eastern, nice!

Time, Place, Spirit

Romantic and modern works for flute/piano, lilting, gracious. Play!

Harold Meltzer–Songs and Structures

A mix of songs with poems for tenor and piano, or instrumentals for strings. Nice melodies!

The Other Half of Music

All contemporary pieces by women composers throughout the world–flute forward. Play!

Paul Hindemith– Complete Works for Violin and Piano

Modern works– “wild” but Romantic for violin, piano or viola. Play!

CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN – The Balance // Capitol Records

Considering he was named after Van Morison, it’s no surprise that Van McCann grew up to be the frontman of one of the biggest rock acts in the UK. Catfish and The Bottlemen have released 2 full-length albums and have played Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, Gov. Ball, and Bonnaroo. The band’s newest album, The Balance, was created […]

RADICAL FACE – Therapy // Bear Machine

A continuation of his three part album series “Family Tree”, Radical Face releases his newest EP “Therapy” in which he delves into six tracks of introspection and the idea of opening his soul. Each track attempts to give listeners a glimpse in to what Radical Face has learned and gained from his own personal experience […]

KIWI JR. – Football Money // Mint Records

Toronto based group Kiwi Jr. debuts with this album and it is a hit for sure. This album is a mix of 80’s and 90’s rock and is a feel good album all the way through. The album deals with the very real demands of adulthood in Toronto all the way through. Add to your […]

PANDA BEAR – Buoys // Domino Recording Ltd.

Returning to PERSON PITCH producer Rusty Santos, Noah Lennox’s latest record as Panda Bear bears little resemblance to his first. You’ll recognize the spaced out/headphones-friendly feeling, but BUOYS feels intentionally (and sometimes beautifully) sour. The sound palate seems intentionally limited—percussion is mostly provided by dripping/splashing/flowing water. Beyond that, Atari phaser sounds and a single reverbed […]

ORVILLE PECK – Pony // Sub Pop

Psych-country crooner Orville Peck hides behind a fringed mask and sings tales of love and loss from the American Frontier. “Pony” follows the journey of a young cowboy’s nosedive into love and subsequent heartbreak all through a great bellowing voice that recalls past greats like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Strady rhythm beats, twangy guitars, […]

DIANE COFFEE – Internet Arms // Polyvinyl

Doing something a bit different than usual, Diane Coffee takes a turn toward the electronic on this album, which features a relaxed, digitized rock sound full of pulsing, driving beats. Coffee comments on the digital world and American life- everything from the abyss of the internet to capitalism and the working-class American- through a synthesis […]

GRIZ – Ride Waves

With his first album since a 3 year hiatus, GRiZ re-enters the scene with a major hit. Ride Waves is filled with an hour of funky, soulful electro-rap beats that are all a must-play. With this new album, GRiZ features a jam-packed lineup of collabs with artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, DRAM and so […]

ANDREW BIRD – My Finest Work Yet // Wegawam Music Co

This Andrew Bird album is a must play if you like folk rock. This release is amongst the many since Birds start in 1992. This album breaks new grounds. The starter Sisyphus sets a beautiful tone for the rest of the album. I would hands down recommend every song. Bloodless ends with an unexpected violin […]

RITE HOOK – Modify // Leedz Edutainment

This album has a ton of energy. Rite Hook presents hip hop in a fun light adding an R&B/ rock edge to the songs on the album. Most songs violate FCC but the ones that don’t are must plays for an energetic playlist. The Rain features Sadie Vada and is a personal favorite on the […]


Don’t be fooled by the punk-rock-looking album cover. This is easy breezy indie rock right here. This lil’ EP is your typical indie breakfast with some nerdy vocals and twangy guitar. It has an easygoing vibe but has a few moments where things get a little interesting. It’s something you might play on your speaker […]


Chai is not only for lovers of J-pop, but anyone looking for something fresh and uniquely fun. These highly-listenable tracks are shipped right from Nagoya, Japan, and their bouncy, optimistic mood is perfect for walking down the street on a sunny pseudo-spring day. While “Punk” could be described as a pop album, there is a […]