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The Wolf In Our Own Backyard – …Sings The Hits! [Records DK]

The Wolf In Our Own Backyard has once again made an exceptional folk album featuring a diverse variety of tunes that flow along with wonderful cohesion. The album contains excellent instrumentation, including some fantastic guitar playing, solid drums, and some delightful horns, banjo, and pedal steel guitar on certain tracks. The LP is rounded out […]


A combination of soulful harmonies and country-esque guitar riffs, sometimes supported by horns or strings, create this album of upbeat tracks. Teddy Grossman’s voice rings softly yet strongly, complementing the instrumentals on his solo, full-length debut album. FCC clean, except for Giving Up Recommended tracks: Out Of Thin Air, Ready.

UNA – It’s OK [SINGLE], Cool Jewel Records

UNA delivers profound pop using predominantly downtempo jazz inspired beats and Wurli electric piano, contributing their vibe to what was once labeled electronica but is now considered as a new style. Dream-Pop, Indietronica, and Alternative R&B have all been recognized as influences in UNA’s recent work; their newest single, It’s OK, certainly embodies these latter […]

Immy Owusu – Mantra [Single], Hopestreet Recordings

Immy Owusu, a multi-instrumentalist from the Australian Surf Coast, has released his first single with Melbourne label Hopestreet Recordings, Mantra. Immy’s ‘Afrodelik’ style to music, which encompasses psychedelic rock, funk, and West African roots, is captured in Mantra, a dreamlike slice of his music. While exhibiting an atmospheric and psychedelic unique afro-funk sound, it’s clear […]

William Susman–Quiet Rhythms Book I

Minimalist, ambient solo piano works. Play!

Into The Green

Electroacoustic or acoustic clarinet, varied works, abstract.

Emigre and Exile–Arcomusical

The berimbau instrument with Afro-Brazilian origins is explored here. Beautiful percussion!

Wilfredo Terrazas–the Torres Cycle

For various instruments, somewhat discordant, abstract.

Stefania de Kennessey–in her words

As title says, talking with interesting electronic music.

Chinoiserie–Building New Musical Bridges

European + Asian works performed by guzheng and guitar. Play!

Frederic Hand–Across Time

Gracious solo guitar performed by the composer, some voice.

Arvo Part–Wherever I Go…

Beautiful works performed on electric guitar. Play!

BadBadNotGood – Talk Memory (XL Recordings)

BadBadNotGood return with a solid new album of spacey, modern jazz fusion that at times pushes into realms of R&B and Electronic. Featuring great guests like Karriem Riggins (percussion), Brandee Younger (harp) and Terrace Martin (alto saxophone). Give this a spin! Not just for jazz programming. Play: 4, 1, all FCC: Clean RIYL: Flying Lotus, […]

Sarah King – Poison [Stripped] (Self-released) [LOCAL]

VT singer-songwriter Sarah King muses on ways to deal with “a man who won’t listen” on her latest single, an alternate solo piano version of the opening track from her EP The Hour.  FCC: Clean RIYL: Kat Wright, Susan Tedeschi, Nick Cave, Giovanina Bucci

Chris Walton – Fade [Self-released]

Boston, MA’s Chris Walton has serious talent. His casually passionate vocal performances and smooth funk-rock grooves will have you hooked in. Highly recommended!  Track Picks: 1, 2 FCC: Clean RIYL: Michael Kiwanuka, Son Little, Gregory Porter, Cory Henry

Lavendula – Lavendula (Self-released) [LOCAL]

The debut release from Montpelier folk trio Lavendula sounds like it was performed and recorded by a group of friends sitting around a campfire – warm, welcoming and familiar. Now available on all streaming services! Track Picks: 1, 2 FCC: Clean RIYL: Gillian Welch, Low Lily, Adrianne Lenker, Rhiannon Giddens

Julia Randall – Slow Dance (Self-released) [LOCAL]

UVM-based singer-songwriter Julia Randall says her debut single, a gorgeously melancholy piano-based lament about the end of a relationship, “sounds like creaky floorboards and attachment issues.” A wash of strings and slide guitar courtesy of producer David Francisco brings the bedroom-recorded track into high definition.  FCC: Clean RIYL: Mitski, Phoebe Bridgers, Francesca Blanchard

Nate Gusakov – Running Clear (Self-released) [LOCAL]

A collection of gorgeous vocal and instrumental numbers by deep-voiced singer-songwriter and banjo wizard Nate Gusakov. Originally released 11 years ago, but it’s never too late to get some airplay! Also consider Nate’s excellent, harder-rocking EP “Many Mountains” released in 2021, reviewed here! Track Picks: 2, 5, 6, 7 FCC: Clean RIYL: Bruce Cockburn, Mark […]

Fern Maddie – Hares On the Mountain (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Self-described “old-time balladeer and multi-instrumentalist” Fern Maddie returns with a modern update of an old British folk song, recorded in collaboration with producer and fiddler Colin McCaffrey. FCC: Clean RIYL: Rosalie Sorrels, Rhiannon Giddens, Sandy Denny


Soft, calm vocals on this EP create a placid feeling in the listener. These songs are short love stories, reminding the listener of the happy ending to a coming-of-age film. Good vibes all around! FCC: clean, one use of ”damn” on track 1 GMR: No Track Picks: 1, 3 RIYL: Dodie, Blue Wilson, Andriana Chobot

Claudette Sorel–Rediscovered

Classical & modern works, sound quality dated as these are old recordings.

Florence B. Price–Uncovered Vol. 2

Gracious string quartet works from 1930’s onward, with African-American elements. Play!

1919–Hidden Treasures from an Epoch Year

Based on a viola competition in 1919 with unidentified pieces performed. Nice!

La Volpe e Luca–dal barocco al jazz

Classical and jazz pieces for mandolin and guitar, varied.

Nine Trumpets and One Piano

Varied contemporary works for trumpet, brass and/or piano. Play!