Monthly Archives: November 2017

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons transcribed/changed by composer Mestrovic + 3 pianos. Play! Advertisements

Jesse Jones–Ephemera

Varied pieces for different instrumental combos + voice in some–lyrical or somewhat eerie. Sample due to length.

David Virelles–Gnosis

Hard to describe as this CD has pieces that are equally both classical, jazz and avant in both, with elements of Cuban music. Play!

Saint-Saens–Organ Symphony & Carnival of of the Animals

Two known pieces. Carnival of the Animals has witty,  short pieces. Play!

21st Century Spanish Guitar Vol. 3

Recent works by Spanish composers, abstract, not typical guitar.

Mara Gibson–Sky-Born

Abstract, staccato-stopped pieces for piano, or sax or strings.

In Search of Freedom

Modern works transcribed for sax quartet, all European pieces. Play!

Paul Hindemith–Works for Saxophone

Quite a mix of varied pieces–original works and transcriptions for sax quartet–abstract, lyrical. Play!

Poppy – “Poppy.Computer” (Mad Decent) [Review]

Avant-Garde bubblegum pop. Fun, catchy and creative. RIYL: J-Pop PLAY: All songs are good, but especially 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

West Meets East

These are abstract pieces by Western composers, contemporary, both lyrical and less so. Play!

Doug Bielmeier–Betty and the Sensory World

Described as electronic music for meditation. Too loud in my opinion, but each to his own. Sample.

Afierossis–Solo Cello

Somber, elegant and modern pieces for solo cello by Ligeti, Sallinen, Rozsa and more. Play!

Empyrean Atlas–Poly Rush

Really cool works for electric guitar, minimalist with African rhythms, spacey sounds and more! Play!

Trios for Violin, Harp & Cello

Except for Schubert’s piece, these are modern works by Ibert, Renie and Halvorsen. Nice!

En Voyage–Music for Violin & Cello

Violin & cello duets are not usual–these range from gracious to forceful all modern or contemporary. Play most!

Wine Dark Sea

A collection of pieces for wind ensemble (Univ. of Texas) all contemporary, Ticheli’s jazzy, Mackey’s more forceful. Interesting. Sample!

Trios for Two

Two performers, three instruments (viola, piano/percussion), highly varied collection ranging from loud, to quiet and eerie. Play most!

Mille Morte–Recital Pieces for Bassoon and Piano

Quite a varied collection of works, most of them modern a few from an older era. Chihara’s are great!

Stefano Battaglia–Pelagos

Mostly improvised, some compositions, for solo and prepared piano, lyrical, quiet, except for two that are struck on the strings–nice!

Transient Canvas–Shift

Avant collection of works for bass clarinet and marimba, mostly quiet, some force–sample/play!

Rick Davies – Rick Davies Thugtet

Davies, Rick  (Emlyn Music)  Rick Davies Thugtet.   Fourth CD of original tunes from this local Latin jazz musician who died in late 2015.  Great musicians from both sides of Lake Champlain.  Thugtet is based in Plattsburgh; Alex Stewart (sax) and Ray Vega (trumpet) from UVM sat in on the recording.  Great energy in the music […]

Guy Klucevsek – Teetering on the Verge of Normalcy

  Guy Klucevsek  (Starkland Records)  Teetering on the Verge of Normalcy.  This is not your polka party accordion.  The songs and performances are passionate (2,14,17) and Klesmeresque (15, etc.) and more in the European tradition of accordion.  Klucevsek, American-born, has performed internationally and has composed for the solo accordion as well as for music groups […]

Brother Roy- “Last Man Standing” (Self-Released)

Classic style from a little known name. Piano and horn are my favorite parts of this one. Rock-leaning. ****RIYL LOW CUT CONNIE*** FCC: Clean Play: 2, 5, 8, 9, 10 Also RIYL: Bob Dylan, Dan Auerbach

Yusuf- “The Laughing Apple” [Cat-O-Log]

Most of this is made up of stuff that was released in demo form back in the classic Cat Stevens days, or has been reworked since them. Just as great as everything else he’s put out. (Acoustic guitar, soft vocals.) FCC: Clean Play: 2, 5, 6, 11 (start with these but play all!)    

Bette Smith- “Jetlagger” [Big Legal Mess]

TL;DR: folk-rock, heavier on the rock. great guitar. super unique voice. This one from Bette Smith is pretty different from anything I have heard before. It’s her debut album, but already has a lot of really solid work. The most distinctive part is definitely Smith’s unique voice, but I was also a big fan of […]