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Northeastern Native American Animal Stories-Jim Bruchac

Jim Bruchac an Abenaki Traditional Storyteller tells these stories of Northeastern Native American Animal Stories not only to entertain but to teach life lessons.  For all ages, stories are an important part of Culture. check out Jim’s website of The Ndakinna Wilderness Project and the Ndakinna Education Center and Nature Preserve.  

Dragonfly Days- Eric Marczak

Dragonfly Days with World Flutes played Eric Marczak.  Track one starts with flute and piano added.  Enjoy a kind of Pan Flutes in tracks7 and 2.  Dragonfly Lullaby (Track3) brings in world drums and strings for a sweet harmony.  Track 6 is a short Polish traditional with flute and piano.  Higher pitched flute on Lamoka […]

The Boy Who Lived with the Bears And Other Iroquois Stories-told by Joseph Bruchac

These stories belong to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and are told by Joseph Bruchac whose stories about his Abenaki ancestors have entertained and instructed for over 30 years.  These stories Joseph says..” are for all human beings that want to live in good relationship with the world and the beings around us”.  For all ages stories […]

Oscar Espla–Music for Piano

Spanish composer (1889-1976) composed highly lyrical, impressionistic works for piano. Play most!

Leo Brouwer–Beatlerianas

Cuban composer Brouwer (b. 1939) arranged some beatles tunes for string quartet and guitar–flowery. Try his own compositions, especially those for solo guitar.

Samuel Adler–String Quartet Nos. 8 & 9

Fairly intense, abstract, contemporary pieces. Try 2, 3, 5, 7.

Mákina Kandela – Mákina Kandela (self-released)

Musicians from Colombia, Chile, & Mexico who joined forces to share their love of the authentic music of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, including cumbia, merengue, puya and porro. They embrace traditional instruments like gaita hembra & gaita macho (indigenous flutes), maracas, & primitive drums, but they also rock horns & guitar and add entertaining […]

Chico Trujillo – El Gran Pecador (Barbes)

Perhaps the most popular band in Chile, offering mostly original songs featuring a fusion of cumbia, traditional Chilean songs, rock, & ska. National pride contributes to the vibe as do several high profile guest musicians of national significance. Fine Latin party music!

Azam Ali & Loga R. Torkian – Lamentation of Swans: A Journey Towards Silence (self-released)

Described as an introspective musical refuge created by this wife & husband team, Iranians now living in Montreal, to cope with the rigors of touring the world with their 1st little child. Ruminating sonic landscapes featuring classical Middle Eastern instruments, vocals, & vibes.


Barbarians is a single from Escort. The single contains the original edit plus three remixes. The music is funky Disco Dance that is upbeat and fun. Tracks: All Good

The Admirers-Involuntary Memory: The Remixes

Involuntary Memory-The Remixes from The Admirers takes six tracks from the Involuntary Memory album. The remixes include Disco Dance, Grime, Electro Rock and Pop Dance with a nice variety to the tracks. Tracks: 1,4,5

Maya Jane Coles-Comfort

Debut album from Maya Jane Coles is titled Comfort. The music is a mix of House, Bass Music, Downtempo, R&B and Ambient Dance. The sound feels dialed down but there are strong beats which keeps the music moving. Overall this is a solid debut that offers a sound that is smooth and slinky. Tracks: All […]

Tecla-We Are The Lucky Ones

NYC rapper, DJ, singer, producer Tecla is back her second album titled We Are The Lucky Ones. The music mixes Electro Hop, Caribbean, Tropicalia, Pop and Funk into a fresh, upbeat sound. Her vocals are deep yet bubbly with creative, contemporary lyrics. The tracks have great hooks that pull you right into the tracks, bolstering […]

The Human Experience feat. Rising Appalachia-Soul Visions

Soul Visions is an album from The Human Experience featuring Rising Appalachia. The music is a mix of Electro-Blues, Bluegrass and Downtempo. It’s an interesting combination and the vocals from Rising Appalachia are soulful and clear. However, the lyrics are very trite and have no creativity or originality to them. It’s hard to tell if […]

EGP–Extreme Guitar Project–Music from Downtown NYC

Marco Cappelli’s Extreme Guitar Project, seeking to sample the avant-garde NYC scene known as Downtown Music, commissioned works from various composers. This CD is the result. Use of the guitar as percussive instrument, plunking, through lyrical, Asian and rock examples.  Try 1, (rock/avant) 2 (avant/dreamy),4 (avant), 5, 7, 11( jazz/avant)

Daniel Wohl–Corpus Exquis

Highly abstract/avant pieces with percussion, electronics and strings, plus other instruments, voice. Some pieces with more melodic classical undertones. Try 4-6, 8, 9.

20th Century Italian Clarinet Solos

Forgotten pieces by various composers from the the late 1800’s to 1900’s, seeking to create “art” music. Mostly lyrical, slow, quiet, almost monotone.

Incanto–Contemporary Venezuelan Music

Mostly lyrical, somewhat folky pieces for solo flute or with piano by modern composers. Play most!

Mark Gustavson–Dissolving Images

Sort eerie, abstract, tense pieces for solo clarinet or with accompaniment, some with jazz elements. Try 4-8, sample.

From The Unforgetting Skies–The Piano Music of Margaret Ruthven Lang

First American female composer to have her orchestral pieces performed by major orchestras from the turn of the last century, these are mostly lyrical, playful. She stopped composing in 1919 and was forgotten.

Weekend – “Jinx”

On their second full-length album Weekend increase their precision, clean up a bit, but retain the shattering waves of distorted guitar, dark new wave bass lines, stammering breakdowns, eerie build-ups and echoed vocals. Guitar is the main attraction on each track, Weekend is able to build intriguing textures by wrenching out some impressive guitar noises. […]

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – “Any Port In A Storm”

Craig Darmody, the man behind Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, recently relocated from Australia to NYC, and on “Any Port In A Storm” Darmody is lashing out as the city eats him up. His deadpan vocal delivery fits oddly over the wail of the distorted guitars.  The songs are about  rock n roll, city living, and how frustrating […]

Quiet Lion – “Whatever You Say”

An addition to WRUV that’s long overdue. “Whatever You Say” is the debut full-length from Burlington’s own Quiet Lion. The band is co-fronted by the founder of  Jenke Arts, Tommy Alexander. Alexander is well matched with Alanna Grace Flynn, and their lush and gentle folk is a group effort, epitomizing what their artists collective can […]

July Rock Singles Vol. 2

July Rock Singles Vol. 2 1. San Cisco – Fred Astaire (RCA) 2. San Cisco – Wild Things (RCA) 3. The Polyphonic Spree – You Don’t Know Me (good records) 4. Franz Ferdinand – Right Action (domino) 5. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know? (domino) 6. Hot Chip – Night & Day (daphini Mix) […]

Come To Me Great Mystery (Native American Healing Songs-Various Artists

Each track a unique prayer traditional or original.  Doug Foote track 2 and 7 are traditional Lakota.  Thirza Defoe sings on track 1 a Traditional Ojibway song and on track 5 an Algonquin Traditional.  These songs are intended to heal body and spirit.