Monthly Archives: March 2013

Young Dreams- Young Dreams

Young Dreams is an album full of sound. At times it sounds like electro-indiepop and at others psych pop, either way its great. It doesn’t rely heavily on a computer but rather incorporates so much diverse sound. With standout tracks like “Footprints,” “When Kisses are Salty” and “Young Dreams,” its definitely worth a listen. FCC: […]

Caitlin Rose- The Stand-In

This seems like a country album, but a country album from 1958, circa Patsy Cline. It has a lot of character and sound. While at times, it relies heavily on conventional song-writing conventions, you’ll love it if you dig classic country rock heroes. At times sad, at others quick-witted and daring, this album is worth […]

Rhye- Woman

If the opening track to Woman is an indication of the impact of this album, you’ll be hooked in 30 seconds. “Open” is an infectious, emotive electro-downer-pop jam that one could melt for. This album is sensual, yet accessible, hard-hitting yet catchy. Electro-indie pop at its most masterful. Check it out. RIYL: if the xx […]

Woodpigeon- Thumbtacks and Glue

This pastoral, Fleet Foxes-esque folk rock album is essentially sad people singing sad songs. Thumbtacks and Glue begins with a song entitled “The Saddest Music in the World.” And while thats a lofty statement, there certainly is no sunshine to be found in this album. At times dark, at times angsty, at times just sad, […]

Low – The Invisible Way

Low have been around for 20 years now, and something that has made them so lasting is the way they embrace and then emulate their producers. Having worked with Kramer, Steve Fisk, Steve Albini, Dave Fridmann and Matt Beckley they’ve been across the board. On The Invisible Way the band joins with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, […]

Water Liars – Wyoming

  After their first album, Water Liars were receiving tons of comparisons to heart-wrenched folk rock acts such as Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes. On Wyoming Water Liars are refreshingly unique in their gritty and rowdy delivery. They don’t fear getting loud, they maintain the mellow touch, and thrive in rebounding between the two. Wyoming is gorgeous most the […]

Cheatahs – Extended Plays

For Extended Plays Cheatahs make music that sounds like it was made in the heyday of 90’s alt rock, but with a increasingly common shoegaze influence. The lyrics dwell on some cliches of runaway love and the rhythms are best suited to be blasting over the sound system of a convertible on the Pacific Coast Highway. The songs get pretty monotonous, without […]

Superhuman Happiness – Hands

Art-pop dance music that is a clever mix of organic and electronic euphoria. Hands is filled with syncopated handclaps, sing-along vocals, and upbeat horns. Refreshingly unique, these guys are at their best when they pick up the tempo and don’t hold off. They get Colin Stetson to do some sax wailing, and the band members themselves are […]

Cloud Cult – Love

Folk-rock anthems all based on the idea that the world needs a whole lot more lovin’. Cloud Cult have been around since 1995 making music in an environmentally friendly way. They have become known for their live shows that include a painter, sculptor or other live creation.  The sound is very lush, a result of […]

Tropical Popsicle – Dawn of Delight

  Dawn of Delight is the second full release from the San Diego group Tropical Popsicle.  Fuzzed-out garage and surf rock has become the norm of SoCal music and these guys are caught right in the middle. There’s an edge of New Wave synths on tracks like ‘Ghost Beacons’ and ‘The Beach With No Footprints’ as well as […]

The Black Angels – Indigo Meadow

More twisten than dark, but still psych. On their 4rd studio album, The Black Angels have left some of the scuzz behind and have added some pep to their baselines. The lyrics are still dark, but the instrumentals seem to have lightened up a bit. ‘Holland’ stands out with bubbling distortion on the vocals and a […]

Dump – Superpowerless

Lo-fi music can be really hard to judge, because its intentionally imperfect. Dump is the lo-fi solo project of James McNew, the bassist of Yo La Tengo. As Dump, McNew originally released Superpowerless in 1993 as a collection of four-track home recordings. These recordings include some original material and some obscure covers. The lo-fi quality on […]

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Two Weeks EP

On his second full-on release as Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Craig Dermody sticks to the subjects and delivery he used on his previous album ‘Para Vista Social Club’. The lyrics are biographical, the guitars are fuzzy, the drums are strait-forward, and the combination makes some pleasant slacker rock. This EP definitely marks a step-up from his last […]

Greg Boring – Heavy Syrup

They describe their music as ‘slackerdelia’, and confess that, “we have no recollection of recording this”, but Greg Boring’s music hints at subtle intention. The music is a analogue-synth muddle of aspiring jazz, where psych and pop get slathered in improvisation. The songs often begin with a decently clear melody, but the melody will be […]