Monthly Archives: October 2018

Arthur Gottschalk–Art for Two

Jazzy, abstract and contemporary works for sax, clarinet and/or piano.

Music for Bassoon and Piano

Modern works for bassoon, piano and flute by various composers–Dutilleux, Tansman, Boutry, Saint-Saens and others.

Joseph M. Levin–September

Lyrical pieces for piano, flute and clarinet–play!

Kenneth Kuhn–Piano Works

Lyrical solo piano pieces, contemporary and romantic.Play most!

Anthony Cheung–Cycles and Arrows

Very abstract, varying pieces both with lyricism and dissonance. Play most!

The Flow of Music

Pieces by Elliott Carter and Milton Babbitt, staccato, abruptly changing rhythms.

Dreams Laid Down

For solo classical guitar, contemporary pieces, yet still resembling older era’s pieces. Play!

Rough Wind/Smooth Wind

Modern to contemporary works for flute, clarinet and piano by a variety of composers: Jalbert, Carter and Wilder amongst others. Play!

Zack Browning–Soul Doctrine

Really interesting pieces, abstract, a bit atonal, nice instrumental mix. Play!

Kyle Gann–Custer and Sitting Bull

A one voice opera with Native American music, based on Custer meeting Sitting Bull. Also other pieces for voice and electronics.

Jan Krzywicki–Catching Light

Ranging from choral to string quartet, harp etc. Nice!

Stephen Yip–Whispering Fragrance

Abstract mix of Asian and Western music with guzheng and sax amongst other instruments. Play!

Michael Wittgraf–Manifold

Guitar-based pieces both lyrical/abstract, with computer and/or voice. Play!

Chris Liebing – Burn Slow [Mute]

Bloody dark techno from German DJ and producer Chris Liebing that will seep through your speakers like a sieve. The spoken word pieces, although nothing new in this form, are intriguing and artistic. Most appropriate for the frequently cold and gray forecast this time of year. Play: 1, 2, 3, 7 RIYL: Martyn, Kolsch, Mark […]

Alkaline Trio- Is this Thing Cursed? [Epitaph]

Hard rock album from Alkaline Trio. Male vocals, heavy guitar, very boy-band esque. Watch the FCC tracks, there are a lot of them! Play if you like heavier rock FCC: 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 Play: 6, 8 RIYL: Fall Out Boy

Monta at Odds// Argentum Dreams [8D Industries

I really liked this album because it does’t sound like anything I’ve heard before. I would describe as Adele meets the 80s meets the current electric scene. FCC: Clean Play: 2, 8 RIYL: Adele, ODESSA

Leonie Kingdom// “So Much More” Single- [Self-Released]

New single from Leonie Kingdom. Very soft female rock, nice vocals, piano and guitar. Check it out if you like Regina FCC: Clean RIYL: Regina Spektor

Mantell// Thirty Two- [The A&R Department]

Indie Rock summer vibes, male vocals, familiar guitar rifts. Some of the songs are a bit on the slow side. Mantell does a nice job of combining sounds from different genres, blending lofi and scratchy rock. Check it out FCC: Clean Play: 1, 3 RIYL: Cage the Elephant, Alex G, Fidlar

Total 18 [Kompakt]

Eighteen releases and counting from Kompakt. This iteration spans the last several months, and features exclusives from the like of……. several people we’ve never heard of. Time to change that! Release Date: 8/24/2018 Play: ALL RIYL: George Fitzgerald, Kolsch, Gui Boratto… Anything on the Kompakt label.

Shinichi Atobe – Heat [DDS]

Japanese “object of desire” techno done with crystal clarity. Watch the twilight shimmer. Play: 1,3,7,4 RIYL: Ian Pooley

Aphex Twin – Collapse EP [Warp]

DJ Tom noted earlier today that when listening to the entirety of Aphex Twin’s catalog, you’ll probably only like 50% of it. It can be confusing and hard at times, but give this one a try. Richard D. James still has it. Label: Warp Play: 1 RIYL: Aphex Twin  


Another great effort from Phosphorescent with spacious almost orchestral spans in many songs punctuated by his characteristic voice.  Spanning from delicate vibes to a big sound (a la War on Drugs), this album is a front-to-back listener.  In the middle are some melodic songs that have a grab-a-drink-and-listen tropical and nearly calypso vibe (Track 3, […]

Arlie – Wait

Arlie’s “Wait” has a very happy alt-rock feel to it that you can sway or dance to. Definitely sounds like a band you’d hear off campus at someone’s backyard party. Hints of pop and indie flow throughout the album with a touch of Beatles/Beach Boys as well. Definitely have a listen to this up and […]

Yves Tumor – Safe in the Hand of Love [Warp]

From promoter: “Blending R7B grooves with distorted feedback and eperiemtnal noise, Yves’ music will take you on an unpredictable journey. Yves’ music often includes harsh and fuzzy loops, ambient sounds and erratic vocal recordings.” Label: Warp Start w/ 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 FCC: 7 RIYL: serpentwithfeet, Dedekind Cut

West Coast Feed – West Coast Feed [Swagger Soul]

From promoter: “Honoring the collective legacies of Memphis, Muscle Shoals and New Orleans, The West Coast Feed – eight members strong – generates a modern and electrifying swagger rock/soul experience. The tight backbeat of the rhythm section, tandem electric guitars and a soaring violin set the stage for the commanding voice of charismatic front man, […]