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Mark Ronson – Uptown Special

Play: 6, 9, 5, 2, 8 DO NOT PLAY #4 (Uptown Funk – #1 on Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks) FCC: 3 (clean edit, but some questionable lyrics) RIYL: Tame Impala, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan

ting tings

The Ting Tings – Super Critical

Pop duo The Ting Tings are back with their third album Super Critical. This album has more of a funk/disco sound and moves away from the rapping of their last two albums. Overall, the album is a little dull and takes away some of the things that made them interesting. “Do It Again” is a […]


Geographer – Ghost Modern

Ghost Modern is Geographer’s second full-length, officially being released on March 23. The lead single “I’m Ready” sounds like something that could be played on commercial radio – catchy, but loses some of what makes Geographer’s music interesting. The other songs are more complex. Strong vocals, very melodic and laid back, but the instruments pack […]


Paperhaus – Paperhaus

Self-titled debut full-length from Washington, D.C. band Paperhaus (after releasing an EP three years ago). A mix of shoegaze, post-punk, post-rock and prog rock. Beautiful guitar melodies with Nick Cave like vocals. Like a combination of a variety of styles that were a signature of college radio from the 80’s into the early 90’s. The […]

Silva-Ocean View Remixes

Ocean View Remixes is a remix album from artist Silva.  The album contains the track Vista Pro Mar with three remixes and two versions of Ocean View.  The music is a breezy mix of Lounge, Caribbean, Latin and Reggae has a nice easy feel that is perfect for the beach. Label: Six Degrees Tracks: All […]

Max Cooper-Artefact

Artefact is a recent release from Max Cooper.  The three track EP is a mix of Minimal Techno and Ambient with the piano dominating the music.  The tracks are lush yet somber and have a similar vibe to Jon Hopkins’ music. Label: Fields RIYD: Jon Hopkins Tracks: All Good


Hue is the debut EP from NYC/LA artist Eaves.  The four track EP has been described as “dark, dystopian beats inspired by architecture, interface, and physicality.”  More specifically it is a mix of Dark Ambient and Bass Music and the tracks have an opaque lushness to them. RIYD: Uladat, Actress Tracks: All Good


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