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Currents-TAME IMPALA (Interscope)

The opening track for Currents sounds like it could come from a video game as it transitions with each level completed leading to a new universe all within a single song. The production of Tame Impala tracks has always been a wonder of some kind with the crisp drums and recognizable bass tones that make […]

Calling Out-EZTV (Captured Tracks)

Reverb-soaked guitar licks with soothing melodies. This album has a warm sound that envelopes the listener in a kaleidoscopic daze without losing song structure and keeping each song short and sweet. TRACKS: 4,3,5,6,9,10,13 RIYL: Ultimate Painting, The Kinks, Twin Peaks, White Fence

Ezra Furman – Perpetual Motion People (Bella Union)

Relentlessly upbeat and different in the good way, “Perpetual Motion People” features the off-kilter earnestness of Bowie, the zaniness of Madness and a splash of Motown. I’m just going to apologize in advance for popping around corners singing #6 at full volume. FCC: None Play: 1, 6, 7, 8, 13 RIYL: Sufjan Stevens, Violent Femmes, The Wombles

Fist City – Everything is a Mess (Transgressive)

Super-short, experimental uptempo noises that tend towards messy surf but stop short of punk. Like fuzzy garage but looser and less organized; they stay melodic and will definitely find fans. 6, 8, 9 & 10 are instrumentals. Play: 8, 14 FCC: 2, 3, 4, 5, 12 RIYL: Honeyblood, The Raveonettes

love is the great rebellion

BEN LEE has is 10th record now, “love is the great rebellion” and it is the classic singer song writer rock you expect from him. Play it! PLAY: 4, 5, 9 FCC: None RIYL: Mika, Adele LABEL: WB

recreational love

BIRD AND THE BEE have a new album “recreational love” and it is awesome. Indie + pop _ retro _ dance. PLAY: 3, 7, 2 RIYL: Mayer Hawthorne FCC: None LABEL: Rostrum

The Monsanto Years-NEIL YOUNG + PROMIS OF THE REAL (Warner)

Neil Young’s latest political effort is aimed at Monsanto, the food producer that has a tight grip on the farmers of America and elsewhere. Neil Young does not hide behind many metaphors in this album to disguise the story he is trying to tell. The farmers of America are being affected by Monsanto, Young has […]

Many Levels of Laughter-J Fernandez (Joyful Noise)

With that twangy guitar sound that has been so popular recently, this album straddles the line between melancholy and optimism. The music is guitar-heavy but utilizes strings and vocals to adorn the twangy riffs making for a very unique and pretty sound. TRACKS: 1,3,6,7 RIYL: Homeshake, White Fence, Mac Demarco

Heydays-TOTAL BABES (Wichita)

Fiery rock music pulsating with energy. Nice melodies and guitar riffs that are positive songs just looking to have fun. TRACKS:1,2,4,7 RIYL: Sonny & the Sunsets, Broncho, Japandroids, Twerps, Hockey Dad

The Silver Lake Chorus-THE SILVER LAKE CHORUS (Six Degrees Records)

With music composed by the upper echelon of indie music, the choir creates hurricane-like swirls of vocals that make you want to sit out the storm in the comfort of this album. It is incredibly beautiful. Choirs are not typically associated with the composers of these songs, but each composers’ past work is written in […]

For All My Sisters-THE CRIBS (Arts&Crafts)

Very Brit-pop that excites and brings back to the early aughts. The music is very guitar heavy, while the vocals are drawn out in a strained singing method that sounds like a muffled shout or a bedroom vocalist fearful of waking up their parents. Fans of the Cribs earlier work will enjoy this album as […]

Nova Heart – Nova Heart (self-released)

Excellent dark & otherworldly midtempo electrogoth, with strong female vocals. 11 is a Patti Smith cover, 5 is a super-danceable tribute to Blondie’s “Rapture”. 1 & 6 are instrumentals. Play: ALL THESE FINE NOISES esp 1, 4, 5, 7 FCC: none, but play 9 outside school hours RIYL: Kate Bush, Rosetta Stone, Jan Hammer

Being the Begone-THE ORANGE PEELS (Minty Fresh)

With that classic “indie pop” sound that throws you right into any low budget movie of the 2000s. The guitarist seems weighed down and it effects the singer as many songs seemed to be dragging out and draining themselves of energy. It is the classic slacker guitar rock album that everyone likes to stare into […]

2075-STOKESWOOD (self)

Futuristic pop music. To quote my roommate who was eavesdropping on my review session, “It feels like I’m drowning in ecstasy.” The music is quite sweet and could give someone a cavity if exposed to for lengthy periods of time. Lots of energy. Maybe in 60 years this is what we will be listening to […]

Frequent Seas-THE HUMAN CIRCUIT (Joyful Noise)

Quirky piano rock that is similar to a band playing music that does not interrupt conversations but allows you to marvel at the obvious talent that lies at the fingertips of the players that accompany your meal. The music is very interesting and puts on many different hats. It is goofy rock that is seriously […]

The Shape of Brat Pop to Come-HOLY CHILD (Glassnote)

Glitchy pop, in fact brat pop is a good description, the music is a mix between industrial sounds and unfiltered pop songs. It can be a little overwhelming, but in today’s world our brains are filled with constant stimuli; whether it’s the ads that pop up on any possible screen or the constant shuffling of […]

Whine of the Mystic-NAP EYES (Paradise of Bachelors)

Dark music similar to Velvet Underground that puts the lyrics and vocals in front with nothing to hide. The music is guitar-based giving it a light side, yet the vocals seem to be yanked from the vocal cords of the singer that gives the lyrics an element of sadness. TRACKS: 1,2,3,5 RIYL: Velvet Underground, Belle […]


Jangly, feel good rock music. An easy going vibe that stretches from beginning to end while rolling along. The music contains a major country influence but each song is different and does not follow a single genre throughout the recordings. TRACKS: 5,3,7,9 RIYL: Shakey Graves, New Pornographers, Guster

Primaries-WIN WIN (Arts & Crafts)

Psychedelic dance pop that bops around genres to form an album that just wants to have fun. The album builds and builds like any good psychedelic recording should do. The buildups are often given a decision between going deeper or moving into a calmer direction that allows you to catch your breath before diving back […]

Magnifique-RATATAT (XL Recordings)

The name Ratatat is synonymous with groovy bass lines and high pitched guitar shrieks that mark the beginning of a new part of each song. The group’s latest effort, Magnifique, sees their formula perpetuated with the same large sounds that marked them as a success in the past. While I am not an expert on […]

Magnifique-RATATAT (XL Recordings)

The name Ratatat is synonymous with groovy bass lines and high pitched guitar shrieks that mark the beginning of a new part of each song. The group’s latest effort, Magnifique, sees their formula perpetuated with the same large sounds that marked them as a success in the past. While I am not an expert on […]

Last Forever- WESTKUST (Run for Cover)

Noise rock that maintains a pop element without losing all to the noise. It is a nice summer noise experiment that excites and energizes without losing a beat. The album is raw with thrashing guitars and banging drums that would be heard best in a small basement bunker to not let a sound escape. TRACKS: […]

Maudlin Days- OCEAN CAROLINA (Old Hand Record Company)

It goes against the age-old proverb, but Maudlin Days perfectly sums up the feel of the music brought by Ocean Carolina. There is a sentimentality that pulses through the music with each song sliding into the next. The album is easy-going and seems content to continue to roll by without trying to attract to much […]


MeWithoutYou – Pale Horses

Label: Run For Cover MeWithoutYou’s latest album Pale Horses is a mix of post-rock, art-punk, post-hardcore…whatever you want to call it. Almost spoken word type lyrics – a mood of doom and despair persists throughout the album with an occasional glimmer of hope. The music is very aggressive at times like in the songs “Watermelon […]


Failure – Hot Traveler EP

Label: INgrooves Grunge rockers Failure return with The Heart is a Monster, their first album in nearly 20 years. They’re best known for their single “Stuck On You” from their 1996 album Fantastic Planet. After their initial breakup, frontman Ken Andrews went on to a bunch of other projects, including the bands On and Year […]


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