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Glorious Leader – The Analog Cabin Mystery (Polar Islands) [LOCAL]

The second EP from one-man indie folk project Glorious Leader sounds as pleasantly snowy as its cover looks. Enveloping arrangements of strings and synths are matched with gorgeous, tender vocals, delivering largely autobiographical lyrics that reflect both his time spent in Iceland and his home in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. (Note: this EP has a download-only […]

No Showers On Vacation – Aquaband [Self-released] (LOCAL)

This UVM-based instrumental quartet splits the difference between jazz fusion and jam-band rock. Chiming guitar leads, funky grooves, smooth sax solos and squelchy keys abound. Track Picks: 2, 3, 8, 9 FCC: Clean RIYL: Snarky Puppy, Funky Knuckles, Free Radicals

Ryan Montbleau – Wood [Blue’s Mountain] (LOCAL)

Folk-rock troubadour Ryan Montbleau rambled around the world for over twenty years before finally making his home in Burlington. On this new EP, the first of four themed releases (Fire, Water and Air to follow) Montbleau reflects on maturing, aging, settling down, and the imperfections of being human, all with a sly, subtle sense of […]

boys cruise – boys cruise (Stick ‘n’ Move) [LOCAL]

BTV’s beloved surf punks have gone through some changes in sound and personnel since their debut album. This record is a much fuzzier and more psychedelic record than their first, with more complicated song structures and a lot of horror allusions, but the core of their sound – chiming surf riffs and confessional, emotionally forthright […]

Fleet Foxes – Shore

Release date: March 19, 2021Label: Anti- Shores, Fleet Foxes fourth album, demonstrates the progression and maturity of a songwriter. After returning from a long hiatus with brooding and confrontational Crack-Up, Shores is a wall of sound full of grace. The album opens with several tracks that are likely to get stuck in your head. Sunblind is […]

Clever Girls – Constellations (EggHunt) [LOCAL]

The 2nd album from Winooski’s Clever Girls amps up their sound, featuring both catchy indie-pop numbers and massive, distorted grunge ballads. Many of the lyrics are inspired by frontperson Diane Jean’s journey to self-acceptance, self-understanding, and coming out as non-binary.  Track Picks: 3, 5, 8, 9 FCC: 7 RIYL: Phoebe Bridgers, Hop Along, girl in […]

Jonathan Badger–Piano Quartets

For saxophone, piano and electronics–playful, interesting rhythms. Play!

Madaila – Good Lord Nancy (Self-released) [LOCAL]

VT indie-pop wizard Mark Daly’s latest musical project may be his most ambitious yet – a concept album telling the story of a woman who leaves her life in New England to chase her dreams in Vegas. Sonically, the record is a blend of Madaila’s typical dance-pop style with both folky and orchestral elements, and […]


Biiiig slide guitar from Kerry Kearny on this classic blues album. Kearny enthralls with the sounds of the delta, plenty of storytelling lyrics, and a voice that sounds like a bucket full of rusty nails (as it should). There’s even a little bit of organ, as a treat. Play! FCC: Clean TRY: 2, 5, 9 […]


Instrumental grooves of all kinds of Tommy Guerrero. These tracks create ambience that keeps you interested. Some songs are more dissonant than others, but you’ll just have to give it a listen yourself to find the ones you really vibe with. FCC: Clean TRY: 2, 6, 10 RIYL: El Michels Affair, Calibro 35, Menahan Street […]

GROUPLOVE – This is This [Canvasback]

From promoter: “GROUPLOVE surprises the world with the secret release of their new album, This Is This. It is everything that fans of the band could hope for, incorporating all of GROUPLOVE’s best traits: relentless chaos, powerful rushes of instrumental, and an all-around cheery attitude that makes for an uplifting listen. The excitement is present […]

Signal Pine – “Tomatoes” & “Origami” (Triple Drive) [LOCAL]

VT rock band Signal Pine have released two singles (each with an A & B side) in anticipation of their debut album. Folk-rock guitars and piano blend with emotionally loaded indie songwriting. The musicianship and vocal harmonies are tip-top.  Track Picks: “Origami,” “Good Enough”  FCC: “Tomatoes” (email for clean version) RIYL: Hippo Campus, My […]

Fiddlehead – Million Times[Run for Cover]

Classic fuzzy Indi-pop and exciting to see Fiddlehead release something new! Check it out!

Touche Amore

Release date: October 9, 2020Label: Epitaph Too heavy for pop punk and not heavy enough for hardcore, Touche Amore are genre misfits. Jeremy Bolm’s lyrics are never short on emotion and his vocals fall somewhere between hardcore and emo. A jarring contrast when paired with shoegaze guitars. Touche Amore‘s last record, Stage Four, was all about Bolm […]

Greaseface – Chrometophobia (Self-released) [LOCAL]

The latest EP from BTV punk oddballs Greaseface is a whirlwind trip of lo-fi genre-hopping. Blown-out guitars, fuzzy drum machines, shouted vocals and more blend together in a dizzying sonic attack that’s thoroughly compelling. Track Picks: 2, 3, 5 FCC: 4, 6 RIYL: Pons, Parquet Courts, Gang of Four, Mr. Bungle

Nullhegan – “Run” & “Fly On” (North by South) [LOCAL]

BTV band Nullhegan’s first two singles are soulful slices of roots rock. The kiss-off song “Fly On” burns with a mid-tempo, bluesy jam-band groove, while “Run” blends an upbeat, almost Motown rhythm with fiery guitar licks. Play both! FCC: Clean RIYL: Lake Street Dive, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Alabama Shakes

Couchsleepers – All the Best Intentions (Self-released) [LOCAL]

The latest single from BTV indie project Couchsleepers may be their best one yet. Described as a “sister song” to the previous “All the Worst Things,” the track’s got big hooks, loud guitars, and exceptional storytelling and imagery about giving in to impulses you probably shouldn’t.  FCC: Clean  RIYL: Car Seat Headrest, Pinegrove, Peach Pit, […]

Danny & the Parts – Drifting [Voltage Controlled Life] (LOCAL)

VT singer-songwriter Danny Lefrancois’ first full-length album is a joyous collection of power-pop and Americana with a sense of humor. Expect jangly guitars, super-catchy melodies, and all-around good vibes. Track Picks: 1, 5, 7, 9 FCC: Clean RIYL: Wilco, Big Star, Neil Young, Maple Run Band


A double-sided single from Come Closer. “High Life” is an energetic song fit for a Burlington basement concert. “Get It Wrong” shows a little more emotion while keeping that same energy. Listen for strong rhythm guitar and lots of cymbals. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: TPT, Hooverville, Having Trouble Breathing


Some sweet acoustic and electric sounds from Tigers Jaw on their latest release. Most of the album is upbeat indie rock featuring some lovely harmonies. These are songs to belt out when you’re alone in your car- give ’em a spin! FFC: Clean TRY: 1, 7, 10 RIYL: The Menzingers, Ratboys, Citizen, Joyce Manor

Delta Spirit – What Is There

Release date: September 11, 2020Label: New West Records After a six year hiatus, Delta Spirit is back with What Is There. Like more recent releases from several other former indie sweethearts that have gone on to find mainstream success (see Kings of Leon, The Black Keys), this record seems to lack the grit and raw emotion […]


Heavy rock guitar and rough, raspy vocals feature prominently in the latest album from British indie rock band The Luka State. It’s an interesting mix of intense, angry headbangers with some less extreme interventions sprinkled throughout (including the titular track, where things get a bit more emotional). Stick around for a big ending chord. Play! […]


A pop anthem with crashing drums and full synth from The Juliana Theory. Give it a spin for big motivational, hill-climbing vibes. FCC: Clean RIYL: Further Seems Forever, Acceptance, Mae, Hot Rod Circuit


Sounds for all seasons on this latest album from Rick Sal. There is a certain joyous storytelling in all the songs, even the more somber ones. A fun, bouncy song on some tracks, latin rhythms and influences on others. Trigger warning for Track 10, many mentions of death, including suicide. Other than that, give it […]

Napalm Death – Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism

Release date: September 18, 2020Label: Century Media Records Napalm Death released their first record in more than five years towards the end of 2020. Although it’s unmistakably Napalm Death, this record is far from predictable. Backlash Just Because is raucous, quirky and discordant and ultimately catchy-as-anything rampaging noise. Contagion presents a more stripped-down Napalm Death. It’s chocked […]