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The Young Love Scene – Holy Punch [Bad Dummy] (LOCAL)

Gordon Goldsmith, the singer-songwriter behind Burlington’s The Young Love Scene, takes his cues from the best indie and alt rock of the mid-90s on the project’s debut album, which collates several singles and EPs released over the past year. The harmonized fuzz of Goldsmith’s guitars and vocals bring his music’s emotional heart to its full […]

Reveries – Innervoice [2814962]

Really enjoyable electronic duo that reminds me of M83, Postal Service, and Alvvays. Short EP that packs a punch!

Turnstile – GLOW ON [Roadrunner]

Pretty intense vibes here that do not fit the happy-go-lucky pink puffy cloud art on the cover. Great stuff nonetheless with some solid drumming and swampy guitar playing.

The Beths – Aukland, New Zealand, 2020 [Carpark]

Really hype and rocky live show from “New Zealand darlings” The Beths. Reminds me of the Cranberries with different subtleties and complexities.

Deafheaven – Infinite Granite [Self-Released]

Heady, densely constructed, and swirling. Shoegaze-y, too, which I dig quite a bit!

26 BATS! – Portal Party

From promoter: “Songs about magic, anarchy, and yearning by Bailey Cogan (they/them). The album “is a departure from the heavy jazz and R&B sounds that once defined the band’s music, introducing more experimental song structures, drum machines and synths.” Being unmoored to any one genre puts the group in a unique spot, allowing them to […]

Wednesday – Twin Plagues [Ordinal]

From promoter: “Beneath a wall of overdrive, distortion, and reverb, songwriter Karly Hartzman processes memory with power and tenderness through flashes of vivid, raw imagery and emotionality. In this follow up to 2020’s I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone, an undercurrent of the Southern Gothic permeates Wednesday’s unique synthesis of shoegaze, grunge, and […]

ALEXALONEWORLD – alexalone [Polyvinyl 2021]

From promoter: “alexalone is fronted by Alex Peterson (they/them), who has played in Hovvdy and Lomelda’s live bands, and alexalone will back Lomelda and embark on a joint tour in January. The sounds of alexalone will usher you into warm, fuzzy, lonely spaces, then shock you alive with pulsing energy. ALEXALONEWORLD, their debut album, isn’t […]

The Kevtones (SR) Monkey Mind

This band is a bit of a mystery and this isn’t really World music, but this album is so good it deserves a review. This is an all instrumental album that really features a trippy guitar on all tracks. Great bass and solid percussion back up the guitar on a meandering album. Sounds like surf […]

Boogarins (OAR) Manchaca Vol. 2

BrazilianPsychedelic Rock band brining some unique tracks on this album. Sounds like the band was really having some incredible creative energy when recording these tracks. They say these tunes are the more polished of both Manchaca recordings and they definitely have some great production. Cool psych rock with fun effects and unique instruments with airy […]

Turnstile – Love Connection (EP)

Release Date: June 28, 2021 Label: Roadrunner Records I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that Turnstile is currently one of the hottest bands in the country. Prior to the release of their full-length record this month, they simultaneously released a four-track EP and a short-film. There’s something here for everyone. Fans of Tame Impala […]

Reality Grey – Beneath this Crown

Release Date: May 7, 2021 Label: Self-Released Reality Grey delivers metalcore that will destroy your speakers. They blend brutal and aggressive metal with sweet melodies. Kings of Nothing begins with a groovy and brutal intro with crazy riffs, gives way to a “spacey” interlude with a fusion guitar solo. Preachers of Hatred may be the […]

Sonny And The Sunsets – New Day With New Possibilities – [Rocks In Your Head]

Cute and folksy but has some edge to it. Gives me Weezer vibes (in a good way) w/ a pretty typical vocal sound. Enjoyable.

Emilie Khan – Gemini [Secret City]

Kind of in the outsider vein, vocally speaking. Funky, warbley instrumental as well. Fans of Bjork and Joanna Newsom will enjoy.

Rostam – Changephobia [Mastor]

Indie darling of the great Vampire Weekend. What’s not to dig. Really nice production on this one – vaguely lofi.

Theory of Why – Pomegranate [Self Release]

From promoter: “Some bands break up when members move across the country. Other times people embrace the distance. Theory Of Why is a cross country project that brings together two musicians who now live two thousand miles apart. The breathy guitar playing and the driving bass of Anton Kropp’s instrumentation and the ethereal, yet hopeful, […]

The Zolas – Come Back to Life [Light Organ]

Cool, crunchy music that’s got that HAZE. Check it out.

Lillian and the Muses – Lillian and the Muses [Self-released] (LOCAL)

Burlington’s Lillian Seibert blends bedroom-pop and neo-soul on her debut EP, co-produced by VT hip-hop veteran Jarv. Seibert softly intones her lyrics about romance and heartbreak over gentle guitar and Jarv’s funky drum loops. (Also consider airing her ethereal, jazzy, timeless-sounding single “Spring” from earlier this year!) Track Picks: 1, 3, “Spring” FCC: 2, 4 […]

Francesca Blanchard – Loon Song [Tone Tree Music] (LOCAL)

Burlingtonian singer-songwriter Francesca Blanchard’s latest single might be her best yet. Over a shimmering nu-disco groove, Francesca both sings (in English) and recites (in French) lyrics which evoke looking forward, taking chances, and the awe-inspiring power of nature. FCC: Clean RIYL: Maggie Rogers, Phoebe Bridgers, Christine and the Queens

Pons – The Pons Estate [Stick ‘n’ Move] (LOCAL)

UVM garage-rock freaks Pons recently left BTV for Brooklyn, leaving this EP as their parting gift. Their trademark whirlwind wall of noise is intact, with bludgeoning punk tracks with squawking sax (courtesy of UVM’s Cam Barnes) alongside thumping electronic numbers, all surrounded by a massive fuzz of distortion. Track Picks: 1, 4, 5 FCC: Clean […]

Dan Strauss – A Fake James Bond [Self-released] (LOCAL)

Brooklyn’s Dan Strauss and Burlington’s Ted Looby team up for this twangy alt-rock number that could have come straight out of the mid-90’s, with its jangly guitar chords and clever lyrics about the male ego. FCC: Clean RIYL: Semisonic, Wilco, Dinosaur Jr., Gin Blossoms


Yes, that Killing Moon. A very good Echo & the Bunnymen cover that goes slower and more emo than the original, with gloriously syrupy results. O’Connell’s voice remains the best instrument at her disposal, but this arrangement well does it justice, with layers of synth and guitars and whatever the plunking thing in the corner […]

Red Fang – Arrows

Release Date: June 4, 2021 Label: Relapse Records Red Fang, the stoner rock quartet from Oregon, released their fifth full-length record in June. Stoner rock bands are seemingly a dime a dozen these days. However, Red Fang consistently deliver their distinctive brand of grungy, sludgy stoner rock. You might have to brush the grit off […]


Hailing from the Boston area, This Bliss brings a mix of rock and atmospheric pop fused into a series of scintillating tracks that explore the boundaries of trip-hop and electronica. Looking for something completely new yet with a throwback feel? Give this one a spin. FCC: None TRY: 1, 4 RIYL: CHVRCHES, Vita and The […]


Giant electronic beats and sleepy vocals from Sulene, who grew up in South Africa and moved to the U.S. at age 19. Since then, she’s been busy touring around the world and creating music for TV, film, and commercials. This latest EP explores addiction and pleasure through dark pop motifs. Big FCC warning on this […]