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The Antlers – Green to Gold

Release date: March 26, 2021Label: Anti New York’s The Antlers recently released the wistful Green to Gold, their first new album (along with a full-length film) since the 2014 release of Familiars. Familiars occupied a space between slinky jazz and smoked-out space rock. It was eerie and full of melancholy. Truly a record for listening after […]

The Mommyheads – Coming Into Beauty

Release date: February 12, 2021Label: Mommyheads The Mommyheads recently remastered and re-released their 1992 sophomore release Coming Into Beauty. This is early, pioneering experimental indie-pop. There is dark whimsy on the instrumental track Nino Wrote a Tune. I Started Breathing might be the album’s focal point. The tune gently strides along the spare ukulele and rattling percussion, […]


1976–Self-TitledRelease date: 20210514Label: AudibleRating: 5/5 1976 is a collection of twelve tracks produced by Martin Goltermann. I decided to focus on the texture of tracks of interest because I’ve noticed that not many reviews go into depth like that. 2 conjures a country drive on a cold fall day, leaves scattering in the wind. 4 […]

Jess and the Ancient Ones- Vertigo

Jess and the Ancient Ones– VertigoRelease date: 20210521Label: Svart RecordsRating: 4/5 If you’re not familiar with Jess and the Ancient Ones, you will be after hearing this. Burning of the Velvet Fires kicks things off with melodic, mid-tempo beats. Talking Board is full of contagious guitar riffs set against mesmerizing vocals. I love the opening […]


The fourth album from Marble Party, based in Marin County, California. Marble Party, composed of Dan Barbee (keys, vocals), Eric Eisenberg (guitar, lead vocals), Greg Merriman (bass, vocals), Andy Trapp (drums, vocals), is influenced by power pop, alt-rock, and psychedelic pop. Fans have compared them to Fountains of Wayne, Weezer, and Wilco, with a hint […]

various artists – 1980-something: an 80s cover comp for no more dysphoria [heavenly creature]

Mmm. Covers. You know they’re either going to be spot-on or ultimately forgettable, and who even is going to make that determination? That’s right: you will. You, the listener. Great idea, amazing cause, and quite a few enjoyable covers. Plus: lots of vaporwave! Even better, all the proceeds from the album go to the nonprofit […]

Princess Nostalgia – Moonlight Inquisition (Self-released) [LOCAL]

BTV singer-songwriter-producer Princess Nostalgia returns with a smooth, slow burning electronic R&B groover. Smoky vocals with abstract, vaguely astrological lyrics float atop a swung trip-hop beat full of synthesized choral voices. FCC: Clean RIYL: Everything But the Girl, St. Vincent, Maggie Rogers, Tricky

Dari Bay – DB 17-19 A Perfect Eruption (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Brattleboro-based one-man band Dari Bay’s latest release is a fuzzy collection of lo-fi post-punk with locked-in, angular guitar and bass lines at its core. Vocals are buried in the mix, and alternate between punky recitations and tuneful melodies depending on the track, creating a truly unique sound. Track Picks: 2, 3, 5 FCC: 4, 8, […]

The Young Love Scene – Bloodstained Man (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Burlingtonian rockers The Young Love Scene wear their love of 90s indie rock on their sleeves. Tracks on this EP alternate between fierce, fast-paced melodic rock numbers and slowed-down melancholy jams, and they’re excellent at both. Creative guitar riffs, screaming guitar leads and octave-apart vocal harmonies are all highlights too. Track Picks: 1, 4, 5 […]

Pons – Leland (Self-released) [LOCAL]

BTV garage-punk weirdos Pons are as wild as ever on their latest single, which features a pounding club beat topped with surreal, David Lynch-inspired lyrics and a fuzzy miasma of instrumental noise (including sax riffs courtesy of Cam Barnes).  (if you play this song, please announce that Pons will be performing alongside Princess Nostalgia and […]

Couchsleepers – Just a Minute (Self-released) [LOCAL]

The latest of five singles released by BTV rock outfit Couchsleepers this year, “Just a Minute” is their purest slice of power pop yet, with big hooks, screaming slices of guitar and organ, and a quiet-to-loud arrangement which complements the lyrical theme of emotional catharsis. FCC: Clean RIYL: Jimmy Eat World, Pinegrove, Semisonic


Soft pop rock with driving beats, perfect for summertime backyard relaxation. Play! FCC: Clean TRY: 1, 3, 7 RIYL: M Ward, Grizfolk, Reuben and The Dark, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Bow Thayer – The Zen of Snug (Self-released) [LOCAL]

The latest record from veteran VT musician Bow Thayer is a smooth batch of alt-folk numbers blending a variety of styles. Straight-ahead funky drumbeats lay a foundation for all flavors of twang, with a few oddball electronic flourishes thrown in for good measure. Thayer’s lyrics reflect the confusion, pain and isolation of the last few […]

Lily Seabird – Bug (Self-released) [LOCAL]

BTV singer-songwriter Lily Seabird’s debut single is an inspired slice of twangy alt-rock in uncommon time, with screaming guitar leads and charming vocals delivering lyrics about feeling small and helpless.  FCC: Clean  RIYL: Big Thief, The Breeders, Courtney Barnett, Dinosaur Jr.

Couchsleepers – Creature Comforts (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Harrison Hsiang, the singer-songwriter behind BTV indie project Couchsleepers, can’t figure out if his latest single “is a love song or something opposite.” This duality is reflected in the song’s haunting, dynamic instrumentation, which largely centers around folky picking and slide guitar, occasionally punctuated by massive stabs of drums and keyboard.  FCC: Clean RIYL: Pinegrove, […]

Don Walker–A Mixed Bag

Modern works for winds/brass and/or orchestra–varied, one baroque style.

Surfaces & Essences

All compositions written for the Prism Quartet, young composers, varied.


I began listening to this album as the snow came back for a visit this April and as much as I was angry at yet another false spring, these tracks fit the mood perfectly. Quiet Canyons’ debut album envelops the listener with the softest of vocals and sweetest guitar on a collection of dreamy, foggy […]

Black Fly – 01 (Samedi Records) [LOCAL]

Enigmatic one-man VT indie project Black Fly’s debut album alternates between dark yet danceable synthpop and slower, more piano-and-string driven numbers. The brilliantly produced sonic landscapes evoke a subtly sinister mood, and the artist’s talent for hooks is undeniable. Track Picks: 2, 5, 6, 8 FCC: 3, 7 RIYL: Bleachers, Reptaliens, Bon Iver, Radiohead, Madaila

The Ghost Inside – The Ghost Inside

Release date: June 5, 2020Label: Epitaph A Ghost Inside released a self-titled album last year, their first since a tragic 2015 bus accident that took the life of both drivers, their drummer’s leg and resulted in extensive physical and mental injuries for each band member. Over the past six years, the band has slowly been forging […]


Funky indie rock bass lines abound in this short and sweet EP from Sports, complimented with bubbling dream pop riffs and fuzzy vocals. Play! FCC: Clean TRY: 2, 3, 6 RIYL: Portugal The Man, The Drums, Passion Pit, Tame Impala


Super layered tracks with a variety of sounds from pop folk to indie rock. Lots of quirky lyrics and some social commentary. These melodies are so catchy they’ll be floating around in your head for weeks! Play! FCC: 1 uses “d*mn” and “b*tch,” both technically allowable but up to you! TRY: 1, 4, 10 RIYL: […]


Fresh electric delta blues all the way from Belgium! Sexy slide guitar, wailing harmonica, and more await you on this track. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: The Dynamite Blues Band, The Goon Mat, The Damned and Dirty


Get emo with some pop punk tracks on this short EP that will take you right back to the early 2000s. Bring your low-rise jeans and chunky highlights. Play! FCC: 3 (Clean version available, reach out to TRY: 2, 5 RIYL: State Champs, Bring Me The Horizon, All Time Low


Absolutely electric blues from Selwyn Birchwood! Some songs feature accents of horns and some organ, others feature boogie woogie basslines you won’t be able to keep yourself from grooving along to. So much good stuff on this record- give it a spin! FCC: Clean TRY: 1, 11 RIYL: Mike Zito, Anthony Gomes, Curtis Salgado