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When the Storms Come

Holy Holy – “When the Storms Would Come”

Holy Holy is the name of Australian indie-rock duo featuring members Timothy Carroll and Oscar Dawson, and their latest album “When the Storms Would Come” showcases the talented abilities of both members. Carroll’s lush vocal performances and clever songwriting combined with Dawson’s fantastic guitar playing an compositions make this album a piece of sonic enjoyment […]

Tipping Point

The Battlefield – “Tipping Point”

The Battlefield is a Los Angeles based folk-rock group, and on their latest album “Tipping Point,” the group retains it’s traditional deep rooted folk sound. This album is filled with harmony, and the songwriting deals with the conflicts of an average person’s heart and mind. That combined with the harmonizing of all three member’s unique […]

We. Animals.

Lila Rose – “We. Animals.”

Lila Rose is an independent Canadian-born, California based singer/songwriter, and “We. Animals.” is her latest full length album. “We. Animals.” is smoldering with combative every. Rose’s voice can at times be elastic, but also concrete at other times. The production is thunderous with radiant keyboards, crunchy guitars, and beats that don’t seem to quit. This […]

Quit or Die

People’s Blues of Richmond – “Quit or Die”

People’s Blues of Richmond is a band which I assume is from Virginia, and their latest album “Quit or Die” really showcases the bands progression as a group over the past few years. The tracks still have a carnival-like mayhem in their dark, blues infused psychedelic rock, but the bands chemistry as a group is far […]

Camp Echo

Highasakite – “Camp Echo”

Highasakite is an indie-pop band hailing from Norway and “Camp Echo” is their sophomore studio album. On this project, this band is expanding on the sounds from their prior records, just a lot more refined. Each track features a blend of exciting electronic production with off-kilter samples, and powerful vocals from frontwoman Ingrid Havik. This album […]

Waltzed in from the Rumbling

Plants and Animals – “Waltzed in from the Rumbling”

Plants and Animals are an indie-rock trio hailing from Montreal, and “Waltzed in from the Rumbling” is their fourth studio album. Although the album isn’t necessarily new territory for the band sonically, this album is easily one of their most refined and beautiful records to date. Each instrument played is so in tuned, the horn […]

Your Mine

Ronnie Heart – You( r ) Mine

Ronnie Heart is a former member of the band Neon Indian, and his latest EP leaves little room for failure! At a short 5 tracks and a little less than 20 minutes of run time, Heart emmulates the pop sounds of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with his synth-pop fueled funky tracks. The incorporation of […]

Light Enough

Jaye Bartell – “Light Enough”

Jaye Bartell is originally from Massachusetts, but he moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2013 which is where he recorded his latest record “Light Enough.” This album is primarily driven by an acoustic guitar, but some tracks feature subtle background instrumentation. Each song is very personal, and tells a story in a very Mark Kozelek fashion, […]

Pussy's Dead

Autolux – “Pussy’s Dead”

Autolux is an experimental rock trio from Los Angeles, and “Pussy’s Dead” is the band’s first album in six years. I personally have always believed in quality over quantity, so if a band takes as long as six years to release an album, it’s usually because they’re taking the time to craft it into something […]

In All That Drifts From Summit Down

A Dead Forest Index – “In All That Drifts From Summit Down”

In 2008, A Dead Forest Index originally began as the solo project of Adam Sherry, but by 2010, it had evolved into a collaboration with his brother Sam. After touring extensively from 2012-2014, the band is releasing it’s debut studio album “In All That Drifts From Summit Down.” The tracks on this album features richly […]



A concept album about fatherhood takes Sturgill Simpson from his quintessential country sound to a blended R&B vibe complete with the Dap Kings as backing horns to his album.  While he does belt out some of his more trademark sound, he jumps into new territory with songs like “All Around You” (Track 8) which is […]

Ladies Drink Free

Ladies Drink Free – “Ladies Drink Free”

Ladies Drink Free is a post-funk band hailing from New York, and if you were lucky enough you could have caught them live on WRUV last week! It’s hard to exactly define the bands sound because it is such a crazy mix of sounds! There is a little bit of gritty funk, some sultry r&b, […]


The Crane Wives – “Foxlore”

The Crane Wives are a four-piece Americana/indie-folk group hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, and “Foxlore” is their fourth studio album. This album is different than their previous releases, as it is their first without banjo player Tom Gunnels, so the EP takes more of an indie-folk direction than their typical Americana style. These songs are […]

A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog – “Pile”

I know every time I get a package in the WRUV mail that’s addressed from Merge Records, I know that I am always in for a treat, as they never disappoint with their album releases this year. That trend still continues on the new album “Pile” from Austin, TX based indie-rockers A Giant Dog. The lyrics […]

Fire Island

San Felix – “Fire Island”

San Felix is a garage rock band hailing from Victoria, British Columbia and their latest EP “Fire Island” features a nice blend of pop-punk, alternative rock, garage rock, and indie rock. At only six tracks and just under twenty-five minutes, the group really leaves no room for error on this release! Each track is punchy, […]

Delusions of Grand Fur

Rogue Wave – “Delusions of Grand Fur”

Rogue Wave is a California based indie-rock band that have been steadily making waves since 2002 with their blend of mellow indie rock tunes with soothing vocals. On their sixth full length album “Delusions of Grand Fur,” the band is still playing entirely based on acoustic guitar, but there is a nice synthesizer that adds a […]

White Hot Moon

Pity Sex – “White Hot Moon”

Following up their fantastic 2013 debut “Fesat of Love,” the Ann Arbor, MI quartet have spent the last three years refining their sound built on heavy chords and tight, but flattened vocal dualities, all wrapped in this haze of shoe gaze. On their new album “White Hot Moon,” Pity Sex weaves lovely melodies as both […]

Ended Up Making Love

Miwi La Lupa – “Ended Up Making Love”

Miwi La Lupa is a Buffalo, NY based singer-songwriter whose new sophomore album “Ended Up Making Love”  sees improvement over the past two years. His songwriting is a lot more conscious than on his last albums, and his melodies are a lot more solid as well. On each track, La Lupa sings songs of experience […]


Islands – “Taste”

Islands is the same indie-rock band hailing from Montreal, Quebec but currently residing in LA from the last review, only this album is a lot more different than any of the groups previous works. Unlike their other record they just released which borrows a lot of the same sounds from their 2013 album, “Taste” is […]

Should I Remain at Sea

Islands – “Should I Remain Here at Sea?”

Islands is an indie-rock band that formed in Montreal, Quebec but are now based in LA. The group has been busy since the release of their last album “Ski Mask” in 2013, as this is one of two albums that the group will be releasing in May! This album sees the band return to their […]

Fracture. Repair. Repeat

In Letter Form – “Fracture. Repair. Repeat.”

In Letter Form is a San Francisco based alternative rock band, who has never minded showing off their influences (early Cure, Joy Divison, Bauhaus etc.) and that doesn’t change on their latest full length album “Fracture. Repair. Repeat.” Each track features haunting vocals and echoing guitars that makes the overall vibe of the album more […]

Guided Meditation

Hurry – “Guided Meditation”

Hurry is an indie/power-pop trio from Philidelphia, PA and “Guided Meditation” is their sophomore studio album. This album sees the band doing a return to form on what they were doing on their last record, just a bit more toned down. Each of these tracks are more melodic, and they flow together very well, rather […]

With the World

Duvchi – “With the World”

Jens Duvsjo, also known as Duvhi is a Swedish alternative R&B singer, and “With the World” is his studio debut. Each track features experimental electronic music, and Duvchi’s vocal delivery sounds rather feminine at times, but I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. Duvchi is able to blend elements of EDM, pop music, […]

Still Life of Citrus and Slime

CFM – “Still Life of Citrus and Slime”

Charles Francis Moothart, also known by his alias “CFM” has been a part of numerous bands throughout the past decade, and “Still Life of Citrus and Slime” is his solo debut, and it’s an exciting one. This record bounces back and forth between tracks that are fast, slow, wonky, and straight, but no matter how […]

Dolls of Highland

Kyle Craft – “Dolls of Highland”

Kyle Craft hails from the border of a tiny Louisiana town and Mississippi, and “Dolls of Highland” is his fearless solo debut. For starters, Craft’s voice is very abrasive and loud, but not in an off-putting way. The dude can definitely sing, and his lyrics are personal, dealing with love and loss. Craft rocks out […]


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