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“They make shoegaze that feels tied to the tides, cyclical currents, and the glimmering inevitability of the sea.  It’s a slow steady melancholic reflection on the horizon–moody, curious, and resigned at the same time.” from STEREOGUM.  Mellow, shoegazey rock.  If you dig shoegaze, you’ll dig this. RIYL: Widowspeak, Cults, La Sera Alvvays, Eternal Summers, Rilo […]



Ryan Adams delivers haunting and 80’s-rock-vibed covers of Taylor Swift’s entire 1989 album.  His effort creates new angles and provides new perspectives into and from Swift’s original lyrics and songwriting. RIYL: Wilco, Bruce Springsteen, War on Drugs, Taylor Swift | PLAY: 6, 5, 8 | FCC: None

Midnight Snack-HOMESHAKE (Sinderlyn)

Homeshake’s newest record is a night album. The oozy synthesizer tones and drum machines beats keeps your head nodding off like your sleepily watching a movie, yet you cannot surrender to sleep because you want to hear the next song. It is a slice of 80s bedroom-pop with a twist of R&B. The twangy guitars of […]

B’lieve I’m Going Down-KURT VILE (Matador)

A more acoustic and ethereal effort than Vile’s last release. The whole album expertly plays at the contrast between light music and dark lyrical content and how Vile can blend those aspects like paint on a palette to show light in dark topics and darkness in light music. It’s an album that touches on many […]


The Fratellis – Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied

Label: Cooking Vinyl The Fratellis are back with a new album of their brand of catchy, bluesy rock. On Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied they incorporate some country/folk elements and many of the songs are based on acoustic guitars. Some recommended songs to check out are lead single “Baby Don’t You Lie To Me!” as well […]

chelsea wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss

Abyss is the latest album from “doom folk” singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe. This album is both her most accessible work but at the same time some of her darkest and most powerful work emotionally. The music throughout is dark and foreboding, with haunting vocals. At times noisy like on opening track “Carrion Flowers”, other times very […]

state shirt

State Shirt – Lost Hills

Label: LFA State Shirt is the project of Ethan Tufts, a truly independent Los Angeles artist who writes, performs and produces his music that combines a variety of genres. He has also been a frequent contributor to the Song Fight! website. His latest album Lost Hills is more electronic than usual and in particular it […]

beach house

Beach House – Depression Cherry

Beach House, possibly the most popular dream pop band in the country, return after a string of critically acclaimed album with Depression Cherry, a focused, consistent set of songs. They try some new things on this album, like the electric guitars that pierce through “Sparks” and “Beyond Love”, while singer Victoria Legrand sings in a […]


Foals – What Went Down

Label: Warner Bros. Foals have proven themselves to be one of the best British rock bands currently active and their latest album What Went Down doesn’t disappoint. They go heavier on opening track “What Went Down” and side B opener “Snake Oil”, while other songs such as “Birch Tree” and “Night Swimmers” show their unique […]

boss moxi

Boss Moxi – Oddball

Label: Bedlam Boss Moxi is a band from Australia, and the title of their latest album Oddball suits them perfectly. They play lo-fi rock with a variety of influences – the best description would be Tom Waits fronting a surf rock band, with a saxophone and other brass instruments. It’s a long album and not […]

yukon blonde

Yukon Blonde – On Blonde

Label: Dine Alone On Blonde, the latest album from Canadian band Yukon Blonde, is a set of feel good pop rock – perfect for a weekend drive. There are some 80’s inspired sounds (jangly guitars, keyboard synths) but it doesn’t become too obvious. A good mix of retro and modern sounds throughout. Some highlights are […]

night beds

Night Beds – Ivywild

Label: Dead Oceans Night Beds, the project of singer/songwriter Winston Yellen, returns with sophomore album Ivywild, a very ambitious project that heavily focuses on the electronic R&B sound that has become popular in recent years. He has ditched the dream-folk of his last album Country Sleep, with just a hint of that sound showing up […]

rey pila

Rey Pila – The Future Sugar

Label: Cult Rey Pila is a synth rock band from Mexico who were discovered & signed by Julian Casablancas (of The Strokes). Their songs actually have a similar sound to the most recent album from The Strokes and Julian Casablancas’ solo work, but a bit more synth based on this album. The songs are fun, […]


ON AN ON – And the Wave Has Two Sides

Label: Roll Call And the Wave Has Two Sides is the sophomore album from Minneapolis trio ON AN ON. It follows their excellent 2013 debut Give In. The new album is quite a bit more mainstream and radio friendly than its predecessor, but still keeps a lot of the strengths that made their first album […]


Jeen – Tourist

Label: self-released Jeen aka singer-songwriter Jeen O’Brien has released a deluxe version of her album Tourist with 4 bonus tracks. Alternative rock with sweet vocals and pop hooks, covers a variety of styles from uptempo rock in “Buena Vista”, “No Fade” and “Way Up”, to mellower pop like “Sad Boy” and “Orange”. Jeen has previously […]

daughn gibson

Daughn Gibson – Carnation

Label: Sub Pop Daughn Gibson’s third album Carnation finds him moving toward a sound that is less rock & roll than his previous efforts and more dream pop, with synth textures and baritone vocals. On first listen the music is very pretty, but it disguises some dark lyrics that you might not catch the first […]

son lux

Son Lux – Bones

Label: Glassnote Bones is the latest album from Son Lux, the project of NYC artist Ryan Lott. Experimental pop with very interesting percussion, warped sounds and vocals. This album features new additions to the lineup – guitarist/composer Rafiq Bhatia and drummer Ian Chang. Play: 2, 4, 5, 8, 10 FCC Clean RIYL: Dirty Projectors, Yeasayer, […]



Slacky, grungy, and surfy.  Mutiple vocalists sing chanty/spoken word lyrics (a la Pavement) over the rock musics.  First album in 8 years and a decent improvement on last effort.  More mature, whole sound. RIYL: Pavement, Stephen Malkmus, Yo La Tengo, Neutral Milk Hotel | PLAY: 2, 3 | FCC: 4, 11



Refreshing female lead vocals.  Mellow breezy guitar on some tracks and a little grunge behind the breeziness in others.  Really great for folks who like mellow surfy vibes and Rilo Kiley. RIYL: Beach House, Rilo Kiley, Jessica Pratt, Courtney Barnett, Waxahatchee | Play: 3, 1, 4, 8, 5 | FCC: Clean



College rock to a T.  Garagey, hip with big vocals, guitars, and drums, all the parts.  Produced by Brian Canning (Broken Social Scene) and you can feel it from the very beginning.  WRUV rock listeners will like this, give it a spin. RIYL: The Black Keys, Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Broken Social Scene | Play: […]



Independent country album.  Tones of Bill Callahan, Robyn Hitchcock, and even Hootie & the Blowfish.  Pretty quintessential modern country from Australia, not Nashville junk. RIYL: Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Lowell Thompson, R.E.M., Bill Callahan, Hootie | PLAY: 5, 8, 2 | FCC: Clean

Highest Point in Cliff Town- HOOTON TENNIS CLUB (Heavenly)

Hooton Tennis Club play guitar pop that is both scrappy and slacker. The album is lo-fi with pop gems of the 90s hidden within each track’s catchy guitar riffs. It will go nicely with the changing colors of fall and leaves falling. TRACKS:2,3,5,6,9,10,12 RIYL: Pavement, FIDLAR, The Babies, Real Estate


Beirut has made music that draws on various influences over the course of his career. This new album finds its place closer to a modern time than some of his past records have shown. It is not of the same grandiose style as The Rip Tide turned out to be, no large horn sections vivifying […]

The Names-BAIO (Glassnote)

As the bassist for Vampire Weekend, Chris Baio provides the groove to the peppy, African-tinted music that has influenced countless new bands in the creation of their sound; this new album still possess the groove of those records but with a direction pointed more towards the dance floor than Cape Cod. He has stated David […]



Warm tunes for autumn inspired by Tom Petty but feeling more like Bahamas, Yo La Tengo, and Great Lake Swimmers.  Lyrically nostalgic but the sound is modern.  Recorded in his secluded home in the Ontario country-side, it is intended as a “journey album.  A road trip album.  A driving album.” Each song has something to […]


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