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Usually described as “garage punk”, Cosmonauts takes on psychedelia and dream pop on their new EP, “A-OK”, released on Burger Records. Definitely one to check out! LABEL: Burger Records FCC: Clean PLAY: 1,2,5,8 RIYL: Allah-Las, Parquet Courts, White Fence


Green Day – “Revolution Radio”

Green Day is a notorious pop-punk band that was far more relevant ten years ago than they are today,.but for some reason they still are releasing albums this day. If you didn’t get enough of these guys a few years back when they jammed three of their albums down our throats, then this album will […]


American Football – “American Football”

American Football is a seminal emo rock band who released one of the most influential albums of the late 1990s. I have been a fan of that album for a good while, so I was pretty stoked to hear that 17 years later they were going to have a follow-up. I didn’t really know what […]

Various Artists – Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith (American Laundromat)

A collection of rock so soft it’s one amp away from folk, these covers of Elliott Smith tunes are down-tempo and slightly dreamy, with some solid standouts. Track 5, Juliana Hatfield’s “Needle in the Hay” is musically complicated and hummable and has Juliana Hatfield in it. Track 9, “Waltz #1” by Escondido, is the best thing I’ve heard […]


HalfNoise – “Sudden Feeling”

Coming from Nashville, TN musician Zac Farro brings his passion for live drums and fuses it with electronic elements and his unique voice to bring you “Sudden Feeling”. For those of you unfamiliar with Zac Farro and HalfNoise, it was a project that originally started when Farro left Paramore and decided to work on his […]

WRUV Rock Singles – October 2016


FIL BO RIVA- If You’re Right, It’s Alright

Super similar sound to Matt Corby and Hozier. Raspy vocals. Singer-songwriter. Folk/rock/pop mix. Very catchy. Definitely recommend that you check this out! Label: PIAS FCC: None Play: 1, 2, 5 RIYL: Matt Corby, Milky Chance, Hozier


PARTYBABY- The Golden Age of Bullsh*t

The first word that comes to mind when listening to this album is corny- but not in a bad way! Super familiar sound, though I can’t exactly place my finger on it. Sort of sounds like Green Day and Weezer’s lovechild, though not like either of them. Pop punk for sure. Last tune tones the […]


Devendra Banhart- Ape In Pink Marble

Here we have Banhart’s 9th LP. This album has the same sound as his others, and is a bit solemn compared to his past releases, but is still just as attention grabbing. His cutesy lyrics go perfectly with his simple instrumentals. These are perfect songs for a long walk, or mindless listening while you’re studying. Super intimate […]


Warpaint – “Heads Up”

Warpaint is an all female indie-rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Their new album Heads Up marks their fourth full studio album release. Heads Up combines vast indie rock elements, moody and mellow vocals and unique guitar chords all in one. The songs on this album are relaxing and casual but some songs also […]

Bleach Day -Where to Dream

Hot new rising band out of our very own Burlington VT. Lo-Fi, reel to reel recorded by AF Tapes. An official selection for Cassette Store Day. Sounds like early Dr. Dog meets Mac DeMarco and Girls. Label: AF Tapes FCC: 9 Play:4, 2, 7 RIYL: Dr. Dog, Mac DeMarco

PI JA MA – Radio Girl EP

Parisian singer/songwriter that does indie pop well. Also shines with introspective ballads. Label: Bleep Machine FCC: None Play: 1, 3 RIYL: Feist, Beach House

Essential Tremors – The Visitor EP

Noisy, industrial offering from Jack White’s label Third Man Records. Recalls the Pop Group and Gang of Four. For the dance party in hell. Label: Third Man Records FCC: Clean Play: 1, 3 RIYL: Liars, Black Dice, The Pop Group

Atmosphere -Fishing Blues

A hold over from late in the summer, the Minnesota duo holds it down with a strong offering on its latest LP. Label: Rhymesayers FCC: Clean Version Play: 2,4,5,6,10,13 RIYL: Aesop Rock, Brother Ali


Tuns – “Tuns”

Tuns is a Canadian indie super-group comprised of Chris Murphy of Sloan, Matt Murphy of Friendz, and Mike O’Neill of the Inbreds. All of these guys have already seen international success and toured worldwide while also receiving Juno nominations along the way. So they decided to take their collective talents, styles and influences to create Tuns. This […]


Rituals of Mine – “Devoted”

You may know the band Rituals of Mine by their former alias Sister Crayon. They have now returned under a new moniker, and with a change in name also comes a change in sound. Devoted sounds a lot different than any other Sister Crayon album, because Rituals of Mine is a lot more dark a lot more […]


Christian Loffler – “Mare”

Christian Loffler is one of the founding members of Ki Records, but in addition to that he also has a highly emotive sound as an electronic musician. On his latest release Mare, he does what he does best; using deep house as a framework for his tracks, and then expanding the sounds to something that sounds fantastic. […]


Jackie Zealous – “Psychic Data”

Jackie Zealous is a three-pieced indie rock band hailing from the shores of Santa Cruz, and this latest album sounds like it would fit very snugly into the 1960s British rock scene. On Psychic Data, Jackie Zealous wears a lot of their influences on their sleeves, borrowing queue’s from classics like the Kinks and the […]


Jenny Hval – “Blood Bitch”

Jenny Hval is a Norwegian avant-garde/art-pop singer, and Blood Bitch is her sixth studio album to date, but her fourth under her own name. Since 2006, Jenny Hval has really developed her distinct take on intimate sound, and on this album we see that amplified in the best of ways. Her voice is absolutely stellar, and her […]


Holy Sons – “In the Garden”

Avant-garde Portland-based songwriter Emil Amos, or as he is most commonly known Holy Sons, has been releasing albums for over two decades now. In the Garden is Amos’ thirteenth studio album, and his sound is far more refined than prior. This album is a deep exploration of melody because Amos doesn’t have a traditional structure like verse, […]


Headwaves – “Headwaves”

Before writing this review, when I was searching the web to find a featured image of these guy’s album cover, I couldn’t find one at all, so the picture you see isn’t actually the album cover, so all apologies. Anyways, Headwaves is a band that I have no idea where they are from, but their […]


Ex-Cult – “Negative Growth”

Ex-Cult is a garage rock/punk outfit hailing from Memphis, TN and Negative Growth is their third studio album, and their first out through In the Red Records. This album features what you would come to expect from a garage rock album. Loud thrashing guitars, passionate vocal deliveries, and intense chemistry that really makes the album much more […]


Emerson Star – “Great Escaper EP”

Emerson Star is a quintet hailing from Southern California, and Great Escaper is the band’s latest EP. At a mere five tracks and just a little over twenty minutes of run time, this EP really doesn’t leave a lot of room for error. Each of the five tracks features an eclectic range of influences, but it still […]


Boreal Sons – “You & Everyone”

Boreal Sons is a Calgary-based art-rock band that released a pretty fantastic album in 2013, so when I saw we got there new album, I was excited to see how it was. On You & Everyone, the band absolutely excels at minimalism. This album is loaded with rich, minimalist melodies and the most unconventional arrangements, but it […]


Bellows – “Fist & Palm”

Bellows is a Brooklyn-based recording project that is comprised of Eskimeaux member Oliver Kalib and Told Slant, and Fist & Palm is the duo’s debut album. Overall, the album is rather delicate, most of the time being subtle and quiet. At times it erupts with these frantic wabbling drums, large spontaneous orchestral sections, and random noises pushing […]