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Francesca Blanchard – Ex-Girlfriend (Tone Tree Music) [LOCAL]

The latest single from this Burlington-based singer-songwriter starts out as a story of personal romantic jealousy and builds into a commentary on social media addiction and its impacts on mental health. (If you play this song, feel free to announce Francesca’s upcoming shows – Weds. Feb. 26 at Light Club Lamp Shop and Thurs. March […]

Ali T – Smoke + Mirrors (Big Mo Records) [LOCAL]

VT-based singer-songwriter Ali T’s debut album is a polished and heartfelt collection of tunes in a variety of styles, with lyrics on topics ranging from gun violence (“Smoking Gun”) to escaping Vermont winters (“Paradise Reality”). Track picks: 3, 4, 6 FCC: Clean RIYL: Alanis Morrissette, 4 Non Blondes, Miriam Bernardo

A2VT – Twenty Infinity (Mercury Rising Music) [LOCAL]

A2VT is an Afropop group founded by African refugees in the Burlington area. Their latest album is all bright, shiny dance beats and hooks, with lyrics (in English, Swahili and Maay Maay) tackling both lighthearted and serious topics. Highly recommended! Track Picks: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 FCC: Clean RIYL: Rema, Burna Boy, Wizkid

Princess Nostalgia – Thank Heavens 4 Opposable Thumbs (Self-released) [LOCAL]

This UVM singer-songwriter-producer’s debut album is full of slick, shiny synths, vocals often drenched in autotune, funky guitars and deeply hooky grooves, all coming together to form a low-burning collection of electronic alt-pop. Track Picks: 1, 3, 5 FCC: 4 RIYL: Mitski, Maggie Rogers, Lorde

Brickdrop – Change the Channel (Self-released) [LOCAL]

The latest release from Burlington jazz-funk instrumentalists Brickdrop is perfect for fans of music with hefty grooves, pristine playing, and lots of horns.  Track picks: 1, 7 FCC: Clean RIYL: Lettuce, Snarky Puppy, Galactic

Couchsleepers – 2019 Singles [Self-released] (LOCAL)

Burlington indie group Couchsleepers have released three singles in 2019 – the uptempo melodic rock numbers “Want” and “In My Head,” and the smooth Rhodes funk groover “All I Want.” A fourth, the ballad “Half the Night,” dropped at the beginning of 2020. All songs have heartfelt lyrics about relationships and longing. Track Picks: All! […]

Danny & the Parts – It Came From the Box [Self-released] (LOCAL)

Burlington singer-songwriter Danny LeFrancois’ latest EP is a collection of twangy alt-Americana full of warm fuzzy guitars and power-pop harmonies. Track Picks: 1, 5, 6 FCC: Clean RIYL: Wilco, Kurt Vile, J Bengoy

Roost – Basic Phases (Self-released) [LOCAL]

This local dance-punk group’s latest EP is full of long, slow-burning tracks with driving electronic grooves and low, often spoken vocals. A musical melange of various new wave and post-punk sounds straight out of the turn of the 1980s. Start with: 2, 4 FCC: Clean RIYL: LCD Soundsystem, New Order, Human League, Yaz, Guerilla Toss

Clever Girls – Remember Pluto (Single) (EggHunt Records) [LOCAL]

The latest single from this Burlington indie rock group features a twangy, very catchy guitar lead, a soaring wordless chorus, and production which gradually grows more and more lo-fi and distorted, for a sound that’s at once familiar and unique. FCC: Clean RIYL: Hop Along, Real Estate, Frankie Cosmos, J Bengoy

Miriam Bernardo – Songs from the Well (Flower Fields Records) [LOCAL]

Vermont music veteran Miriam Bernardo turns in a wonderful, lush collection of folk and folk-rock on her first solo album. Featuring contributions from many Vermont musicians and songwriters, including Hadestown creator Anaïs Mitchell (“I Got A Well”). FCC: Clean Track Picks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 RIYL: Anaïs Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, Iron and Wine, Shana […]

Jason Baker – Common Man Blues (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Local ex-punk-turned-folkie Jason Baker describes his music as “sociopolitical Americana.” All acoustic, mostly solo, with plain-spoken lyrics about social and environmental issues sung in a deep, world-weary voice. FCC: 2 (clean version available)  Track Picks: 4, 5, 11 RIYL: Pete Seeger, Leo Kottke, Gordon Lightfoot

The Onlys – Flyying Kite (Single) (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Shoegazey indie quartet The Onlys (currently split between Burlington and NYC) have a sound that’s upbeat yet full of melancholy. Their latest single is an understated,  melodic number with abstract, poetic lyrics.  FCC: Clean RIYL: Deerhunter, Real Estate, Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils

Chazzy Lake – Not Afraid of Your Crying Eyes (Single) (Self-released) [LOCAL]

The latest single from this Burlington singer-songwriter is a pristine, energetic folk-rock track with a soaring vocal performance and heartfelt lyrics about compassion and devotion.  FCC: Clean RIYL: Fruit Bats, Dr. Dog, Kyle Craft, Jason Isbell

Matthew Mercury – Matthew Mercury (Self-released) [LOCAL]

The debut album from this VT-based group blends the sounds of modern alternative with a classic-rock songwriting sensibility. A very strong set of tunes. Start with: 3, 5, 6, 7 FCC: Clean RIYL: Spoon, Arcade Fire, The Growlers, Alabama Shakes

boys cruise – Jerry (Sleepyhead Music Group) [LOCAL]

The debut album from Burlington’s preeminent snow pop group (a term coined to refer to their particular brand of surfy, melodic punk) is packed with super-catchy riffs and hooks, and lyrics typifying the emotion and confusion of youth. Start with: 4, 6, 10 FCC: 2, 3, 8, 9 (track 12 has explicit title but clean […]

James Levy – Somebody (Innit Recordings/The Orchard) [LOCAL]

Shelburne, VT native James Levy returns from collaborating with the likes of Charles Bradley and Julian Casablancas with a mellow collection of country-folk-pop-rock, based mainly around piano, acoustic and steel guitar.  Track Picks: 1, 2, 5, 12 FCC: None RIYL: Whitney, Avett Brothers, Orville Peck, Chris Isaak

Come To Your Senses- Pater Mayhew Band

A cool review in 7-days, “”  winner of best rock album in 2017.  Album dedicated to Mother Earth…Rock local we appreciate!!  play all

Rick Davies – Rick Davies Thugtet

Davies, Rick  (Emlyn Music)  Rick Davies Thugtet.   Fourth CD of original tunes from this local Latin jazz musician who died in late 2015.  Great musicians from both sides of Lake Champlain.  Thugtet is based in Plattsburgh; Alex Stewart (sax) and Ray Vega (trumpet) from UVM sat in on the recording.  Great energy in the music […]

Journey Home-Raphael Groten

  As Raphael suggests,” close your eyes and journey within.” original music with acoustic guitar to open your heart and be calm.  A local Vermont artist Raphael is a UVM graduate and plays fantastic guitar.  Play all and check out the website at

Let’s Whisper, As Close As We Are

Local! Let’s Whisper’s 4th album.  Now a trio; Colin Clary, Dana Kaplan, Brad Searles.  Easy Indie pop that is (as always) fun and happy.  “all of our songs are love songs” Pleasant vocal harmonies and really a ton of fun! Try:4,6,7,8 <—my fav!

Crazyhearse – Holy Water and Gin

LOCAL  An older release that is new to WRUV.  It’s a primer for their upcoming new album.  Very fun.  Again, I dare you not to move while listening. FCC #6 (too bad, it’s hilarious ) Try: everything else…

Zephrus – Liquid Sun

LOCAL  Zephrus’ 2nd studio release.  Lots of depth and range of tempos.  The guys are getting tighter, more adventurous, and all around growing into an even better band.  Taking Prog rock, classic rock, and a bit of jam to a higher level. FCC: clean RIYL:  Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Solid rock n roll Try:3, 6, […]

Gang of Thieves – Thunderfunk

LOCAL   Fantastic album! Catches you right off the bat on track 1.  Gang of Thieves takes Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, Sublime, and P-Funk; throws it all together and comes up with their own special brand of AWESOME.  I DARE you to listen without moving.  Seriously. FCC #9 RIYL: Alice in Chains, Rage, […]

Mike Gordon – Overstep (ATO Records)

This album was recorded (partly) in Colchester, VT!!! Any fans of Mike Gordon can appreciate this album.  It does tend to get pretty weird in some parts, and the many different genres represented (everything from Phish-style jams, to acoustic blues, to jazz, to reggae, and even just straight-up alternative rock) cause this album to sound […]

Quiet Lion – “Whatever You Say”

An addition to WRUV that’s long overdue. “Whatever You Say” is the debut full-length from Burlington’s own Quiet Lion. The band is co-fronted by the founder of  Jenke Arts, Tommy Alexander. Alexander is well matched with Alanna Grace Flynn, and their lush and gentle folk is a group effort, epitomizing what their artists collective can […]