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L. Teez brings smooth hip hop sounds fresh out of Montreal on his latest EP. The project has a strong international influence (L. Teez is quite the international citizen himself) and features bits of classical jazz as well as more contemporary sounds. Give it a spin… FCC: Clean TRY: 1, 2, 6 RIYL: Miles Barnes, […]

Lee Scratch Perry (Megawave) Rootz Reggae Dub

The Legend is back with another release, this time collaborating with “Spacewave, working with backing musicians Speak Easy. Adding percussion from Larry McDonald and backing harmonies from Detroit-based female trio Dames Brown and The Groovematist.” Try: 1,6,11,12 RIYL: Spoken Word, Dub, FCC: None

ALEX MCARTOR – Spoken Word

17 year old Alex McArtor’s has a powerful voice and writes lyrics with intensity of someone way beyond her years. Spoken Word is an EP has a classic indie pop meets soul. A must play!!! Label: Self-released Start w/: all RIYL: Lana Del Rey, Adele FCC: Clean

Firemakers- N’we Jinan and Youth Artists

with producer David Hodges, this is Vol 7 of songs youth of various Nations wrote lyrics for and produced this amazing collection with hip hop beats and heart-felt words often sung in traditional languages.  also on

Bunniez n’ Bearz- Wanbli Ceya

Hip Hop from Pine Ridge and young singer/ songwriter Wanbli Ceya.  Songs are about his life desires.  Living on the Rez is his theme and returning to traditional culture as well as youth and sexuality.  His public service announcement (track 7) is called Practice Safe Sexuality..find more info at his Ceya and his performance […]

We Belong To The Music- Crazy Flute

Newest CD from Crazy Flute with spoken word tracks Unity and Unbroken Chain. Some guitar riffs from Brandon WhetBruk  add depth and beauty (Reflection). For instumental background and music to contemplate with play We Belong To the Music CD.  Check out interview with founder Jack here: and check out website at

Spiritwalker- Malou Beauvoir

Haitian-American singer songwriter pays homage to Vaudou spirits in a blend of traditional and contemporary with focus on unity and recognition of spirit everywhere. May be considered Folkloric Jazz with infusion of social responsibility and ‘ walking with spirit’. Play all!

High Road-Midnight Shine

Cree artists that are from different Cree communities in Canada with band leader Adrian Sutherland from Attawapiskat First Nation.  We play this rock album  and note Heart of Gold (Neil Young Cover) has chorus in Cree.  Powerful tunes that speak to Indigenous life and the challenges living in isolated communities.   Survivor needs no explanation and […]

Fires of Thunder-Thana Redhawk

You can hear the spoken word of John Trudell on the tracks Water Is Power and Invision Drops of Dreams.  Thana aka Redhawk Woman gifts us with her spoken word poetry with a back drop of various electronica.  This Native woman can be found on the west coast performing at venues honoring Mother Earth and […]

River Song-Evan Pritchard

All music performed  by Evan Pritchard with traditional songs arranged by Evan.  Subtitle says it all: Native American songs for healing and contemplation.  Especially wonderful prayers in Lenape and Algonquin languages and Micmac, Evan’s heritage.  Guitar is played as well as flute and drum.  Voice of The Land, a spoken word with the names of […]

Cory Hills–Drum Factory

“Childrens” singer/songwriter/ percussionist Hills has both stories and instrumentals on this CD, his version of a retelling of Button Factory. He is the originator of  the Percussive Storytelling program,  bringing classical music and stories to children throughout the world.

The N’we Jinan Tour is a music initiative that brings a mobile recording studio into schools and community centres across First Nation communities in Canada. The tour is a collaborative project commissioned by the Cree Nation Youth Council in Quebec. The program is aimed to create an environment where youth can express themselves musically and […]

Poems on the Edge of Time-Crow Suncloud

From the Penobscot Nation, Crow Suncloud writes these spoken word poems.  Part of the duo Timbered Lake we hear the passion for life, culture, Mother Earth and all that is part of the living Wabanaki Culture today as we visualize and remember the connections we all have to living in harmony with sweet Mother Earth.  […]

Long Long Ago- The Storytellers

These popular stories are told by Ken Quiet Hawk and Deborah New Moon Rising with original flute songs  by David Searching Owl.  The Oral Tradition, track 1 explains story telling.  Wisdom of Elders expressed in track 6 and 4.  All ages can enjoy!  These folks are Abenaki residing in New Hampshire.

Granfather Speaks Vol3- Ken Quiet Hawk

In Grandfather Speaks Vol 3, Ken Quiet Hawk gives us” Native American Wisdom”      The spoken word is on top of flute playing by Jan Micheal Looking Wolf and Richard Soaring Owl.  A timeless and contemporary style of storytelling.

Grandfather Speaks Vol. 2-Ken Quiet Hawk

Grandfather Speaks Volume 2 is about the spoken words of Elders and traditional ways and are arranged spoken in a gentle way by NH Abenaki Ken Quiet Hawk on this CD.  Flute Player is Jan Michael Looking Wolf from the Grande Ronde Nation.  Each track gives credits at the end of quote.

Grandfather Speaks -Ken Quiet Hawk

Native American Wisdom and Original Poetry by Ken Quiet Hawk.  This is Vol 1 and has original flute playing behind the spoken word of this Abenaki Storyteller.  Quotes used include Chief Seattle, track 4, Tecumseh, Track 5, Black Elk track 8.  The original poem track 3 called Grandmother is a beautiful tribute.  more info at  […]

Stories From The Social Fire-The Storytellers

These are delightful intertribal stories.  Track 7 is a Cherokee story.  Track 4, The Bowhead Whale from the Artic Peoples.  Enjoy an Abenaki Racoon (Azaban) story.  These traditional stories are told in a non-traditional way! Ken Quiet Hawk and Deborah New Moon Rising are the Storytellers” keeping the tradition alive”.    

Iroquois Stories-told by Joseph Bruchac

This photo is of a book written by Joseph Bruchac but the CD here at WRUV is also called Iroquois Stories told by Joseph Bruchac who is a storyteller with Vermont Abenaki roots and author of over 100 books.  Animal stories he tells us are usually lesson stories and in the introduction he gives us […]

Ancient Wisdom Our Most Asked For Stories-The Storytellers

Stories told in a non-traditional style by Deborah New Moon Rising and Ken Quiet Hawk.  Together they are “The Storytellers” and can be found at  Tracks 1 gives the listener a little History of stories. Track 2 also tells a story about stories told by “stone”.  From Ancient Wisdom you will hear different cultures’ […]

The Storytellers Native American Stories & Legends- Ken Quiet Hawk & Deborah New Moon Rising

The Storytellers  Ken Quiet Hawk and Deborah New Moon Rising are Abenaki from New Hampshire.  This CD won Native American Music Award for Best Spoken Word.  Ken is telling the stories on tracks 1,3,5,7,9,and 10.  The lesson story on track 1 is about anger.  The Gluskabi stories are traditional Abenaki and will appeal to all […]

Northeastern Native American Animal Stories-Jim Bruchac

Jim Bruchac an Abenaki Traditional Storyteller tells these stories of Northeastern Native American Animal Stories not only to entertain but to teach life lessons.  For all ages, stories are an important part of Culture. check out Jim’s website of The Ndakinna Wilderness Project and the Ndakinna Education Center and Nature Preserve.  

The Boy Who Lived with the Bears And Other Iroquois Stories-told by Joseph Bruchac

These stories belong to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and are told by Joseph Bruchac whose stories about his Abenaki ancestors have entertained and instructed for over 30 years.  These stories Joseph says..” are for all human beings that want to live in good relationship with the world and the beings around us”.  For all ages stories […]

The Wind Eagle and Other Abenaki Stories-Joseph Bruchac

This collection of Glusabe (a cultural hero of the Western Abenaki) stories as told by storyteller Joseph Bruchac will delight all ages and persuasions.  The Flute and Abenaki introductions to each story are by Jesse Bowman Bruchac, who has created an Abenaki syllabus and website devoted to the preservation and teaching Abenaki language.  more […]

John Trudell-JT DNA (John Trudell Descendant Now Ancestor)

This is a collection of prose and poetry of one of the most important voices of Indigenous People of  Great Turtle Island today.  Each track played separately is a powerful spoken word piece.  This collection was recorded in Illinois 1999. Play: Tracks 4, 5, 18, 22