Mákina Kandela – Mákina Kandela (self-released)

makinakandela.inddMusicians from Colombia, Chile, & Mexico who joined forces to share their love of the authentic music of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, including cumbia, merengue, puya and porro. They embrace traditional instruments like gaita hembra & gaita macho (indigenous flutes), maracas, & primitive drums, but they also rock horns & guitar and add entertaining vocals. Excellent music, but little-known outside of Colombia.  A WRUV exclusive, at least for now.

Check out their style here: http://www.lamakinita.com/artistas/makina_kandela/  You can also listen to the music on Bandcamp.com

Eden Carrasco – gaita hembra, tenor sax, clarinet
Carmen Gloria Vilches Lienqueo – voice
Antonio Tobon – gaita macho, maracas, guacharaca
Cristian Urrutia – cheerful drum, percussion
Mariana Galarza – Caller drum, percussion
Gina de la Hoz – tambora, percussion
Pablo Contreras – electric bass
Marcelo Troncoso – electric guitar
Sebastian Carrasco – trumpet

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