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Apollo Chamber Players–Within Earth

Abstract, somewhat  intense (but varying) works for string quartet mostly, but also with dan bau and winds. Play!

Lola Williams–Where Should This Music Be?

A self-taught composer, with songs based on Shakespeare’s sonnets, with piano accompaniment.

Francaix/Nielsen– Clarinet Concertos

Modern concertos for clarinet with orchestra, graceful to forceful. Play!

Frank Horvat–What Goes Around

Really interesting contemporary pieces for various instruments (harp, winds, marimba,piano)–trks 5 & 6 more avant. Trk 6¬† voice repetitions. Play!

Guitar Works by Grawemeyer Award Composers

Contemporary solo guitar works overing many rhythms, by Takemitsu, Dean, Tower and others. Play!


Flutist Jennie Oh Brown was inspired by her grandmothers and their survival of hardships–lyrical, fun, sad. Play!

Boston Symphony Commissions–Andres, Nathan, Shepherd, Tsontakis

Contemporary works by American composers with inspirations ranging from artists of Abstract Expressionism to Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Nice!


Contemporary works for trumpet and organ, a truly classical combination–both intense and lovely.

Mozart Piano Concertos Vol. 1 K. 415 & K. 238

You know these, enjoy!

Christopher Stark–Seasonal Music

Excellent contemporary works for strings, piano, clarinet, both tense and sweet. Play!

Ferhan & Ferzan Onder Play Fazil Say

Turkish composer Fazil Say wrote these works for the sister pianists Onder–both strident and lyrical, piano duos + orchestra. Nice!


Stick & Bow (marimba and cello!) perform these transcriptions of classical pieces from Baroque on, + a Radiohead song.

Mikiko Miyakawa–Elegy in Violet

Short piano pieces, inspired by people, places and feelings–lyrical, mostly quiet.

Beneath the Tide– A Collection of Concertos

A mix of intense works for chamber orchestra, a few quieter, with soloists–guitar, violin, clarinet or piano. All contemporary.


Early 20th century works for wind quartet–whimsical, fun!

The Etudes Project–Vol. 1 Iceberg

Varying interesting mix of piano studies and mostly contemporary/modern, intense to lyrical. Play!

Byron O’Keefe– Works for Piano

With the sound of Chopin and other 19th cent. composers, these pieces all were composed between 2009 and 2019. Play!

Daniel Lentz–Ending(s)

Slowly building, quiet string orchestra–2 long works, second with voice, sample!

Hommage to Women Composers

A collection of works from Romantic to contemporary by women composers, varying in rhythms and styles. Play!


Works for violin and piano by women composers, nice mix of varying works, some with Asian elements, Romantic, etc.

Sergei Prokofiev–Piano Sonatas Nos. 4, 7 & 9

Nice, modern sonatas from different eras of the composer’s life. Play!

Mason Bates–Children of Adam and Ralph Vaughn Williams–Dona Nobis Pacem

Chorale works performed by Richmond Symphony and chorus–contemporary and modern. Bates’ more intense.

My Time Is Now–Inspirations from the Gershwins

Works of classical/jazz by Gershwin and others.


Nice mix of contemporary works for string trio, also modern and baroque together. Play!

Almost All-American: 21st Century Works for Clarinet

Contemporary works for clarinet, piano, some voice. Play!