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Chris Votek–Memories of a Shadow

Cello performing Indian Classical music. Play!

Caleb Vaughn-Jones–Two Worlds Called Home

Gracious works for cello and piano.


Modern and contemporary works for flute and piano. Play!

Beth Schenck–Above and Below

For solo alto sax, wavering, flowing works.

Works for Violin and Percussion

For a unique combination of violin + percussion orchestra, pioneered by Harrison–very interesting!

Cloches et Carillons

Centuries of piano works showing how the piano can sound like bells.

Raffaele Calace–Complete Works for Guitar

Gracious, Romantic solo guitar pieces. Play!

Leandro Ragusa–Eolia en Vivo

For bandoneon and wind quintet. Nice!

Victor Herbiet–Airs & Danses

For saxophones & accompaniment, varied pieces. Play!


Contemporary workss for guitar & clarinet, very nice!

Pierre Jalbert–Air in Motion

Abstract, mostly intense string works. Interesting!

Christopher Tyler Nickel–Sonatas & Chamber Music

Contemporary works for oboe and piano, some strings. Lyrical.


Icelandic accordion pieces, modern. Lots of slow starts.

Legends and Light Vol. 2

Varied orchestral works, all contemporary.

Cuba, Alabama–Cuban Works for Clarinet

Highly varied works ranging from classical/jazz to avant-garde. modern to contemporary.

Vincent Ho–Sandman’s Castle

Extremely varied works, classical to rock for percussion/piano/strings, solo and duo works. Play most!

2020 Visions

the Fischer Duo, togetherd for 50 yrs., performs these modern and contemporary pieces for cello + piano. Nice!

Italian Guitar Rarities

Various musical eras, Baroque to modern. Play!

Otto Leuning–Music for Cello

Modern works for cello + piano.

Miniature Symphonies

Contemporary, short works interspersed with Milhaud’s symphonies. Nice!

Avant l’orage

String trios by French composers, Romantic period forward. Play!

Philip Glass–Etudes

Piano studies, repetitive, minimalist, each piece alternating in tempo.

The Wonderful World of Nino Rota

Known for movie scores, these are playful pieces for guitar and flute, modern.


Solo double bass works from different musical eras.


The Crossing perform songs of bird extinction and relationships.