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Sean Shibe plays these modern, Impressionistic works transcribed for guitar. Play!

Hindemith–Complete Sonatas for Wind Instruments & Piano

Modern works composed from 1930’s to 1950’s–abstract, lyrical with tension.

The Schumann Project

Lovely Romantic era piano pieces by both Schumanns ( Clara & Robert, the “power couple” of music at the time).

Herb Deutsch–Encounters

Contemporary, really interesting works with jazz elements, winds and strings. Play!

Belgian Saxophone Music

Modern & contemporary works for sax + piano, 2 pieces from Classical era.


Live recordings of several orchestral works, one with text, sample.

Turning in Time

Solo, modern violin pieces, reflecting passed musical eras.

Pancho Vladigerov–6 Exotic Preludes

Bulgarian composer’s solo piano works. Impressionistic, Romantic, lush.

Matthew Schreibeis–Sandburg Songs

For varied instruments, these are abstract works, contemporary, lyrical yet with tension. Play!

Drifting–The Lullaby Project Vol. 3

Gracious, abstract & lyrical, slow solo guitar works. Play!

Giacomo Gottifredo Ferrari–Music for Harp & Piano

Although composed in the Classical era, these works have a Baroque sound due to the old forms of the instruments, relative to current instruments.. Gracious & elegant.

Two Minutes

Iwona Glinka performs these short, solo, contemporary flute pieces.

David Loeb–Remembrances

Strings with/out Asian instruments. Varied solos, duos, trios, all interesting. Play!

Frederic Chopin–Complete Nocturnes

Lovely, Romantic era solo piano pieces. Play!

James Campbell, Clarinet

Classical era to modern, works for clarinet and piano. Play!

Evening Dusk Serenade

Mostly modern works for violin & piano by Finnish composers. Nice!

Elias Parish Alvars–Works for Harp

Romantic era harp works–gracious.

Marc Satterwhite–Nazca Lines

Inspired by travels, varied percussion works. “Four Postcards” are lovely.

Jose Serebrier–Last Tango Before Sunrise

Modern + contemporary, varied works with percussion, flute, horns etc. Interesting!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart–String Quartets Dedicated to Haydn

A Classical era composer, in hommage to a fellow Classical composer.

Visions Fugitives

A collection of very short solo piano pieces, varied composers and eras. Nice!


Music for 2 clarinets and piano–different eras. Holkamp’s lovely!

Sound & Light

Featuring the euphonium. big horn, big sound range–play!

Carlos Salzedo–Iridescence

Romantic but modern works for solo harp, play!

Francisco Coll–Orchestral Works

Contemporary Spanish works for orchestra, varied, lots of rhythmic shifts. Play!