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Komitas–Piano and Chamber Music

Mostly lilting and gracious works by an Armenian composer with folk elements. Play!

Russian Giants–Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Weinberg, Stravinsky

Great works for viola and piano, especially Weinberg’s! Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet  well-known.

Mieczyslav Weinberg–Chamber Symphonies

Beautiful, modern chamber symphonies, lyrical yet with tension. Play!

Debussy & Hosokawa–Point and Line

Pianist Momo Kodama performs these lovely abstract and impressionistic pieces. Play!

Bright Circle–Schubert, Brahms & Del Tredici

Lovely pieces by Schubert, Brahms and one contemporary piece by Del Tredici.

Stories for Our Time–Music for Trumpet by Women Composers

Nice collection of contemporary pieces for trumpet and piano. Some lovely pieces here!

Ruth Lomon–Shadowing

Abstract, variable pieces for piano, strings, inspired by Native Americans and New Mexico. Play!

Alla Elana Cohen–Red Lilies of Bells

A mix of instrumental and voice, more tense and edgy than quiet, interesting!

Rachmaninoff–Complete Works & Transcriptions for Violin and Piano

Lush, Romantic pieces. Play!

Of Love of You

A mix of piano pieces with piano and voice, lots of American works.

Reflections on Time and Mortality

Ranging from Romantic, Ne0-classical, Impressionistic and contemporary, quite a nice mix of piano pieces exploring the title ideas. Play!

The Lightning Fields–New Music for Trumpet and Piano

A collection of contemporary works, some really lovely pieces for trumpet! Play!

New Music from Bowling Green Vol. 7–The Voice of the Composer

Continuing series of contemporary, fairly intense and abstract works for orchestra. Varied in style and duration, with explanations by the composer interspersed.

Enrique Soro–Sinfonia Romantica

Robust orchestral works by a well-known Chilean composer. Modern romantic!


Contemporary, abstract works for piccolo/flute.

Latin American Piano Music

Beautiful piano pieces from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s–traditional and modern. Play, play, play!

Gwyneth Walker–When the Spirit Sings

A long-time Vermonter, modern pieces with that American sound. Play!

Felix Draeseke–Chamber Music

Neo-Romantic works for horn and winds by a forgotten composer. Play!

Portraits of England

English works for clarinet and piano, mostly modern. Play!

Brahms–String Sextets

The Cypress String Quartet chose Brahms for their final recording. Elegant, with Baroque, classical and Romantic elements. Play!

Bohemian Trio–Okonkolo

Really nice mix of classical with jazz, and Afro-Cuban rhythms (piano, cello and sax). Play!

Canadian Panorama

Modern Canadian pieces for various wind configurations, varying in style.

Hat Trick–Garden of Joys and Sorrows

Modern and contemporary works for harp, viola, and flute. Play!

sevenfive–The John Corigliano Effect

Gaudete Brass performs pieces inspired by Corigliano, contemporary, varying in style.

Michael Byron–The Celebration

Flowing, strident and lyrical music for piano quintet with baritone voice and poems by Anne Tardos. Play/sample most!