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Alan Hovhaness–Suite for Band

A mix of works for wind ensemble or solo flute, and percussion, ranging from quiet to marching. Advertisements

Gregory Wanamaker–Light and Shadows, Waves and Time

Interesting mix of winds, duet or ensemble with elements of jazz, modern. Play!

Frederic Hand–Samatureya

Contemporary guitar-based  pieces, some with flute and/or guitar duo. Play most!

For Lenny–Lara Downes and Friends

A tribute to the 100th anniversary of Leonard Bernstein’s birth, with pieces by the composer and others composed for him, varying from bluegrass, classical, jazz, etc.

Snapshots–Trumpet Pieces

Anthony Plog performs works by Hovhaness, Bozza, Reynolds and others in an exploration of modern trumpet duets (trumpet, piano, organ, voice). Varying styles. Play!

L’Heure Exquise–French Piano Music

Post-Impressionistic piano pieces by Poulenc, Francaix and others. Play!

Federico Albanese–By the Deep

Ambient, minimal piano with electronics, occasional  other instruments. Nice!

Sara Feigin–Piano Works

Interesting solo piano pieces, abstract and lyrical or strident. Play!

Joaquin Homs–Music for Guitar and Guitar Duo

Both modern and contemporary, abstract pieces. Lovely!

Guitar Music of Mexico

Very nice, contemporary pieces by Mexican composers of varying ages. Play!

American Canvas

Classical and avant-like pieces for flute, cello + piano, some with voice. Play most!

Feico Solo

Pianist Feico Deutekom performs ambient/minimalist works by a variety of composers: Glass, Adams, Sakamoto, Lang, among others.

Ney Rosauro–Brazilian Fantasy

Rythmic, contemporary, Brazilian works for marimba, vibraphone and other percussion. Play!

Debussy et Ses Amis

Lovely Impressionistic works for flute or transcribed, many well-known in the flute and classical repertoire by Debussy, Poulenc, Dukas and others.

Justin Rubin–Variations on Life and Loss

Contemporary works for piano, strings and/or voice. Piano pieces particularly nice!

Castillos de Viento

Contemporary works for flute + guitar ranging from staccato to very lyrical and abstract. Play!

Peter Dayton–Notes to Loved Ones

Fairly gracious, contemporary pieces for strings and piano, nice! Play most!

John Beckwith– Calling

Mostly lyrical pieces for a variety of instruments, a few more strident.

Mark John McEncroe–Musical Images for Piano

Impressionistic, highly lyrical  solo piano pieces, especially CD 1. Play!

Stephen Goss & Philip Houghton

Guitarist John Williams and his Ensemble have recorded two really interesting works including strings, percussion and/or harp. Play!

Elgar & Bruch Violin Concertos

Rachel Barton Pine & BBC Symphony Orch. perform 2 Romantic pieces composed 44 yrs apart–stirring & evocative.

Alejandro Rutty–Exhaling Space

This is a wonderful CD with a mix of instruments and diverse rhythms mixing classical, Latin and jazz elements. Play!

Set No Limits

A collection of clarinet and piano pieces by women composers, elegant and nice!

Nouvelle Vie–French Flute Music

Gracious and elegant pieces from 18th and 19th century. Play!

Andre Jolivet–Complete Chamber Music with Piano

A varied collection of pieces ranging from Impressionistic, abstract to Romantic even a bit avant. Play!