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Peter Janson–Places in Time

Gracious, flowing solo guitar works, originals and covers. A mix of classical, jazz and world. Play! Advertisements

Vitezslava Kapralova–Complete Piano Music

Czech composer, pieces vary from intense to gently. Play!

Gregory Mertl–Afterglow of a Kiss

Each of these pieces for wind ensemble and primary instrument, moves through different emotions, intensities and rhythms. Play most!

Bill Whitley-I Dream Awake

The composer describes his music as suspended sound objects–nice mix of instruments, flowing rhythms. Play!

Sweet Dreams

Excellent collection of contemporary works for piccolo w/ accompaniment (piano, alto flute, flute, xylophone). Play, play, play!

Tomorrow’s Air–Contemporary Works for Orchestra & Large Ensemble

Very gracious works for orchestra, play or sample all!

Portraits–Works for Flute, Clarinet & Piano

McGill/McHale Trio performs works by Schoenfield, Coleman (with readings interspersed of Langston Hughes), Rachmaninoff and others. Play!


A mix of pieces Romantic through contemporary for clarinet & piano, including pieces by Cage, Saint-Saens, Cope, Cavallini and more. Play!

American Sonatas

Lovely Modern (early 1900’s on) sonatas for violin & piano by Bolcolm, Ives and Corigliano. Play most!

Steve Rouse–Morphic Resonance

Varied abstract works interesting instrumental combinations. Play!

Monologos–Contemporary Mexican Concert Music for Solo Violoncello

Lovely collection of pieces for solo violoncello. Play most!

Carl Vollrath–Warrior Monks

Wind and Percussion ensemble works influenced by Asian arts, a mix of tender vs. strong pieces.

Sergei Bortkiewicz–Piano Works

Gracious pieces by an overlooked composer, inspired by Chopin and Liszt. Play!

Rob Keeley–RING!

Fun, gracious works for flatted clarinets, bass clarinet and/or saxophone. Play most!

Boyd Meets Girl

Old to new, transcriptions for cello + guitar of some lovely pieces, most Latin/Hispanic in rhythms. Play!

Hugo Weisgall and Paul Hindemith–Piano Works

Martin Perry performs two lovely pieces: Weisgall’s Piano Sonata and Hindemith’s Ludus Tonalis. Play most!

Paul Hindemith–Complete Chamber Music for Clarinet

Nice, modern works for clarinet and accompaniment (strings and/or piano). Play!


Pieces for wind quintet from a range of eras but reflecting modernity. Play!

Variations–for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Pieces from 1952 through 1980, abstract, nice!

Music for Two Violas

Compositions written from late 1800’s on but sounding modern, and from different cultural backgrounds. Play most!

Fleeting Realms–Chamber Works

Mostly very recent compositions for various duets and small ensembles. Really interesting and varied–vibraphone, strings, sax, piano, voice. Play!

Jean Sibelius–Piano Works

Gracious, Romantic  and early-modern piano works. Play!

Argot Trio–Mostly Mississippi

Pieces for trio of piano, violin and clarinet, by composers either southern by birth or by residence (except Katchaturian)–all modern. Play most!

Wayne Peterson–Transformations

Contemporary pieces both brash and quiet, for sax quartet or orchestra.

Trumpets in the Baroque

Trumpet with organ (not an instrument that I appreciate) in these Baroque pieces by Bach, Albinoni, Telemann and others. Slower pieces meditative.