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Modern pieces exploring color through music, including Debussy, Ligeti and Akiho (especially nice!). Advertisements

Mark Volker–Young Promotheus

Lyrical, abstract pieces for winds, strings. Play most!

Dmitri Tymoczko–Rube Goldber Variations

Contemporary pieces for an interesting mix of instruments/ensembles: guitar, percussion, horns, strings, etc. Abstract.

An-Lun Huang–Piano Music

Fairly Western style pieces by a Chinese composer who survived the Cultural Revolution, some inspired by Bach.


Beautiful Brazilian pieces for oboe, guitar and other instruments, modern and contemporary. Play!

David del Tredici–Mandango –Piano Works Vol. 2

Mostly lovely solo piano pieces, contemporary. Title track celebrates LGBT community.

Laura Schwendinger–Quartets

The JACK Quartet performs these interesting, abstract, somewhat intense pieces, some with voice of poetry/essays.

Frank Martin–Music for Winds

Winds + percussion + piano, mostly gracious, one Swiss march.

Reflections on the Firebird

Longish pieces for string ensemble, mostly quiet, performed by the Bechtler Ensemble. Nice!

Salvador Brotons–The Complete Works for Flute Vol. 2

Contemporary and abstract works for flute and woodwinds. Play!

Third Coast Percussion–Paddle to the Sea

Contemporary and traditional songs about water, including one of their own. Play!

Music for Harp and Piano

Mostly well-known pieces, transcribed for harp.

Shelter from the Storm

These are lovely contemporary and modern flute pieces except for Bach’s. Play!

Celebrating David Geringas

Cellist performs diverse pieces including some from Lithuanian composers, his ethnic background. Play!

Robert Prester–Rapsodya

Jazz pianist performs big names in classical, and his own sonata.

Breaking Ground–Trombone Pieces

Nice mix of contemporary trombone pieces by women composers. Play!

Crossings–Flute & Guitar

Transcriptions for flute and guitar of pieces across musical eras Romantic to modern. Play!

Jean-Philippe Rameau–Les Tendres Plaintes

Transcriptions from harpsichord and piano to guitar of Rococco style Baroque era.

Passages–Music for Flute & Horn

A diverse mix, modern or Romantic pieces.


Sybarite5, a string quartet specializing in 21st century pieces, performs works by Dan Visconti, Andy Akiho and others. Play!


Beautiful, modern classical guitar, Brazilian and more with pieces by the guitarist, Jose Fernandez Bardesio. Play!

Nordic Noir

Mari Samuelsen and her brother Hakon have commissioned new works from Scandinavian composers. These are minimalist, quiet works. Play!

Giacinto Scelsi–Music for Solo Cello

Keening, droning solo cello pieces, and interesting in their own abstract way. Play! All composed prior to 1974.

Neil Thornock–Cosmology

Ethereal, abstract, Impressionistic solo piano pieces. Play!

Georges Bizet–Piano Works

Romantic, bravura solo piano pieces, yet modern in sound. Play!