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It’s a Girl!

Romantic piano trio (cello +violin) by women composers. Play most!

Music for Brass Septet Vol. 7

Works for brass septet by Copland and Gershwin performed by Septura. You’ve heard these pieces before…

Dustin O’Halloran–Silfur

Lyrical, minimalist piano, some with strings.

Mozart–Piano Concertos Vol. 3

You’ve heard him before, and now you can hear him again! Classical piano concertos performed by Anne Marie McDermott.

Lars Hegaard–Octagonal Room

Guitar-based works + string ensemble, abstract + lyrical. Play!

Archtypes–Sergio & Clarice Assad

Nice mix of contemporary percussion, piano, some voice. Play!

Mirror Images

Violeta Vicci performs a mix of Baroque to modern works, also improvisations which are interesting.

New Heartbeats–Music of Robert Carl & Larry Alan Smith

Mostly lyrical, modern works for flute (some more than one), with piano. Nice!


A collection of various composers works’–intense to quiet, Trk 7 really slow start+ 1 min in.

Play Pretty

Gracious works for clarinet & piano, with varied keyed clarinets.

Insights–New Music for Trumpet & Piano

Modern & contemporary works, play most!

Transformations–Kirchner, Sessions, Schoenberg

Modern and contemporary works for violin, cello & piano.

Andrew Sparrow–Pluto’s Crossing

Very emotive music, as if for film, gracious, sometimes too gracious.

Luxembourg Contemporary Music Vol. 1

Works for large ensembles, mostly intense, and a bit dark.

With Malice Towards None

The Apollo Chamber Players perform these fairly abstract works for strings, half with voice, and all contemporary.

Daniel Goode–AnnCela Express

Highly varied works, some “classical”, but with contemporary influences. Nice!

Moto Eterno

Contemporary works for cello, violin & piano. Excellent!

De Profundis

Nice mix of abstract, modern & contemporary works for various saxophones. Play!

Jurgis Karnavicius–String Quartets nos. 1 & 2

Gracious, Romantic quartets by Lithuanian violist/composer. Play!

Konstantia Gourzi–Anajikon

Composer/conductor Gourzi’s pieces are lyrical and strident, one quartet, one duet and one orchestral piece on this CD.

Poul Ruders–Dreamcatcher

Mostly strong works, eerie, tense but lyrical, with accordion and symphony.

Michael Waldrop–Time Frames

A mix of percussion instruments, with strings and other instrments on some pieces–jazz and classical, gracious and lively marimba! Play!

Louis Karchin–Five Compositions

Varied, contemporary works for symphony, solos or duos. Play most!

Amelia Kaplan–String Music

Expressive contemporary works for strings with piano and/or clarinet.

Vagn Holmboe–String Quartets Vol. 1

Strong, vibrant string quartets, all modern