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Joe Taylor Sutkowski – Of Wisdom & Folly [Danger Collective]

Bon Iver-esque finger picking with a Jerry Paper-esque vocals. Dig.

Madi Diaz- History of Feeling [Anti]

Absolutely gorgeous folk music. Expressive voice that is superficially reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers. Chords choices are excellent FCC: 1,5,7,10


Remember when we all went temporarily batsh*t for exactly one sea shanty some dude made a Tik Tok about? Well, spoiler alert: some people have never gotten over their love for singing about the ocean. Also? Goth mermaids. So, you put that all together with a (me-)hearty dash of mythology and homicide, and you get […]

Lissa Schneckenburger – Bedlam Blues [Self-released] (LOCAL)

Brattleboro-based singer, songwriter and fiddle player Lissa Schneckenburger’s latest single is a much more tender and somber affair than its title might suggest. A simple but gorgeous duet between Schneckenburger’s voice and Jefferson Hamer’s fingerpicked acoustic guitar, the song’s lyrics are inspired by her experience as a foster parent, and use imagery of birds to […]

Sonny And The Sunsets – New Day With New Possibilities – [Rocks In Your Head]

Cute and folksy but has some edge to it. Gives me Weezer vibes (in a good way) w/ a pretty typical vocal sound. Enjoyable.

Giovanina Bucci – Storytellers (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Local singer-songwriter Giovanina Bucci’s latest release combines elements from Americana, blues and a hint of jazz into a bittersweet, warm blend. Upright bass and brushy drums provide the backdrop to Bucci’s sharp guitar (alongside local blues hero Bob Wagner), sweet vocals, and lyrics about the ups and downs of love. Track Picks: 1, 3, 4, […]

Balmorhea–The Wind

A mix of classical, New Age, and folk, for guitar and piano with other accompaniment.

Aneken River – Aneken River (Self-released) [LOCAL]

On their debut EP, folk singer-songwriter Aneken River displays a distinct blend of current and retro sounds. Rootsy instrumentals lay a backdrop for River’s inward-looking indie-folk songwriting and their achingly tender, gorgeous vocals. Features contributions from Eric George, Kat Wright and Meg Rice! Track Picks: 2, 4 FCC: Clean RIYL: Adrianne Lenker, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien […]

Dave Richardson – Palms to Pines (Branch and Thorn) [LOCAL]

Windsor, VT musician Dave Richardson’s latest album feels like a warm blanket. His gentle voice and slice-of-life lyrics set to catchy major-key melodies will put a smile on your face – though there are some darker or more wistful moments too. (One particular lyrical highlight is “Apology to Mouse,” which sounds like a sardonic murder […]

Liz Simmons – Poets (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Brattleboro-based musician Liz Simmons’ latest project is a warm collection of beautifully sung and played originals and covers. Elements of American and European folk traditions are blended with pop and jazz in a way that’s timeless but still fresh.  Track Picks: 1, 3, 4, 5 FCC: Clean RIYL: May Erlewine, Joni Mitchell, Rhiannon Giddens

Saints and Liars – These Times (Self-released) [LOCAL]

You can tell that these big-voiced “roadhouse roots” singers and players from southern Vermont have beards just from the music they make. Having toured all over New England for about eight years before cutting their debut album, they’ve honed their chops brilliantly. This is music, as they say, to “dance, stomp and sing along” to. […]


A melancholy chant with gorgeous guitar instrumentation and somber vocals. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: B.Alone, Flavia Coelho, Voilaa

Peg Tassey – Winter Comes (Flower Fields) [LOCAL]

The first single from veteran Vermont singer-songwriter Peg Tassey in almost twenty years, “Winter Comes” (a collaboration with producer and multi-instrumentalist Jer Coons) takes the form of a traditional folk round, set to a haunting arrangement featuring the sounds of birds and crunching ice, with lyrics about isolation that resonate particularly strongly in this unusually […]

Nate Gusakov – Many Mountains (Self-released) [LOCAL]

Lincoln, VT banjoist and singer-songwriter Nate Gusakovs’ latest EP is an excellent collection of folk and blues. His deep voice (perfectly contrasted by Moira Smiley’s harmonies) is just the right vehicle for his lyrics, which sometimes stretch the boundaries of a typical meter in a way that only increases their emotional resonance.  Track Picks: 1, […]


From their Spotify page: ” RED RED was marooned on Earth when their ship exploded after they tried to fuel it with used fritkot oil. They play psychedelic rock music beamed from the turntables of the Great Galactic Ape… RED RED is good for the pancreas, liver, and the easement of manly afflictions.” A Side […]


A gorgeous and full Americana sound on this latest single from Jim White. The driving beat will have you imagining yourself taking a long car ride at sunset surrounded by waving fields of golden wheat. Sugary harmonies are the cherry on top. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Willard Grant Conspiracy, Richmond Fontaine, Giant Sand


An absolutely stunning single from Oliver Wood of the Wood Brothers. Honeyed horns hum in the background while Wood’s vocals spin a soulful yarn, sometimes accompanied by sweet harmonies. Beautiful, melancholy, thoughtful, and a real treat for the ears. Play, play, play! FCC: Clean RIYL: The Wood Brothers, King Johnson, Phil Cook, Cordovas

Maple Run Band – Maple Run Band [Back Pasture] (LOCAL)

Local Americana quartet Maple Run Band’s debut album feels totally timeless – despite being brand new (apart from one Roger Miller cover), these songs feel like they’ve always been around. Real campfire sing-along material, with gorgeous guitar licks and harmonies as well.  Track Picks: 2, 4, 9 FCC: Clean RIYL: The Avett Brothers, Gram Parsons, […]

The Larkspurs – Live at East Montpelier Meeting House [Self-released] (LOCAL)

The first release from local roots revival quartet The Larkspurs features a mix of originals, covers and adapted standards played with freshness, vigor and passion. Track Picks: 1, 3, 6FCC: Clean RIYL: The Wild Reeds, Oh Hellos, The Head and the Heart

Honey and Soul – Separate Her Heart [Tank Recording] (LOCAL)

The new single from Burlington folk trio Honey & Soul is a particularly gorgeous acoustic piece, with soaring strings and gentle guitars topped with passionate three-part harmonies. FCC: Clean RIYL: Brandi Carlile, Iris DeMent, Alison Krauss, The Wild Reeds

Maple Run Band – Hangin’ ‘Round (Self-released) [LOCAL]

One of Vermont’s premier Americana acts, Maple Run Band’s latest single gives a country spin to an old Lou Reed song. With their lead and backing vocals and clean electric guitars sounding as great as on their recently released debut album, this track will fit neatly into any playlist with a bit of twang. FCC: […]

Rachel Angel – Highway Songs [Public Works]

Country folk music that is reminiscent of Esther Rose. Recommended!


The Harmed Brothers bring listeners beautiful folk rock for a summer day with more than a hint of Americana and twang. Lyrics reminisce on the time band members have spent growing together throughout their careers and gorgeous melodies abound. Play for sure! FCC: 3 TRY: 1, 2, 8 RIYL: Tom VandenAvond, Willy Tea Taylor, Ugly […]


Ben Harper and Rhiannon Giddens cover Nick Drake in this stunning new single. Featuring strings and harmonious vocals, a haunting treat for the willing ear. Play! FCC: Clean RIYL: Donavon Frankenreiter, Brett Dennen, Citizen Cope, Amos Lee


Thin Lear’s newest is a lullaby-like, quietly luminous stroll through the night sky. Sweeping, soft vocals are backed by romantic piano and gentle strings, with some more uptempo tunes featuring driving drums and surprising brass solos. The lyrics are perfectly melancholy as they tell their story. Worth a listen from beginning to end- play! FCC: […]