Category Country/Folk/Bluegrass

Robbie Lee and Mary Halvorson–Seed Triangular

Avant-garde/folk with 1800’s era instruments (guitar, banjo, baroque flutes, clarinet)–wild! Advertisements

Aquene-Grandmother Puddingstone

This is an Algonquin woman singing with acoustic guitar accompaniment.  Aquene means peace in Algonquin and these tracks are intertribal and familiar and played at social gatherings and Pow Wow’s.  Play all of these “cover” folk songs in Native American genre as well.

The Beast and The Garden- Annie Humphrey

Writing songs that express love, past, present and future of life and and all living, Annie Humphrey gifts us these songs from an indigenous women encouraging us all to stand up with each other from stopline3 movement to honoring the Earth you will hear her music.  An old classic Geromino’s Cadillac is done so beautifully […]

The Hands Free

Wild mix of classical/avant-garde and bluegrass–banjo, accordion, strings.

Tom Beaulieu – Rogue Corgi

Tom Beaulieu’s latest album Rogue Corgi has a mix of folk and slow rock with hints of psychedelics that acts as easy background tunes. Beaulieu incorporates musical styles from musicians such as Neil Young, Jerry Garcia, and John Lennon. Rogue Corgi incorporates multiple genres into one packed album. One song will hold a folk theme […]

Rounder Songs

Emily Pinkerton and Patrick Burke team to compose pieces that combine folk/Americana storytelling with chamber ensemble. Play!

Brother Roy- “Last Man Standing” (Self-Released)

Classic style from a little known name. Piano and horn are my favorite parts of this one. Rock-leaning. ****RIYL LOW CUT CONNIE*** FCC: Clean Play: 2, 5, 8, 9, 10 Also RIYL: Bob Dylan, Dan Auerbach

Yusuf- “The Laughing Apple” [Cat-O-Log]

Most of this is made up of stuff that was released in demo form back in the classic Cat Stevens days, or has been reworked since them. Just as great as everything else he’s put out. (Acoustic guitar, soft vocals.) FCC: Clean Play: 2, 5, 6, 11 (start with these but play all!)    

Bette Smith- “Jetlagger” [Big Legal Mess]

TL;DR: folk-rock, heavier on the rock. great guitar. super unique voice. This one from Bette Smith is pretty different from anything I have heard before. It’s her debut album, but already has a lot of really solid work. The most distinctive part is definitely Smith’s unique voice, but I was also a big fan of […]

Joshua Davis- “The Way Back Home” [Soundly]

What can I say? We get so many great lyric-driven singer-songwriters here and this is another one. If you don’t think folk is your thing this is a great one to check out, it trends more toward the soft-rock acoustic side of the genre and away from the bluegrass that you might associate with the […]

Langhorne Slim- “Lost at Last vol. 1” [Dualtone]

If you don’t know Langhorne Slim what are you doing?! Another great and not well enough known folk-rock artist– lots of acoustic guitar, raw vocals, killer lyrics. RIYL: Shakey Graves, The Suitcase Junket, Deer Tick FCC: Clean Play: 1, 2, 10, 13

Ordinary Elephant- “Before I Go” [Self-Released]

IF YOU LIKE FOLK- PLAY PLAY PLAY!! Husband-wife duo, great songwriting, great vocals, great banjo instrumentals– if that’s your thing (and even if it isn’t- give it a shot!) these guys have it all. Music you and your ‘folks’ (the parental ones!) can both get behind. RIYL: The Civil Wars, The Stray Birds, Bonnie Raitt […]

When Santa Was A Pagan- Georgie Jessup

True to form with great back-up Georgie Jessup gifts us with a truly “tongue in cheek” tales of the season.  Looking out from inside the jailhouse is the Xmas Time In Jessup first track story.  We recommend When Santa Was A Pagan with a wonderful country beat to bring smiles. for more about Georgie […]

Sean McConnell- “Undone” [Rounder]

I happen to know Sean McConnell is a Massachusetts native, because his father played at open mic nights at a local coffee shop I frequented in high school. Now moved on to bigger things, McConnell’s latest release from Nashville label Rounder is a gem if you’re into acoustic singer songwriter tunes with poignant story telling […]

The Wild Reeds- “The World We Built” [Dualtone]

The Wild Reeds are a folk-rock group that has flown largely under my radar until recently. They fit well into the established indie americana ish genre that has been emerging, characterized by intense choral vocals and heavy instruments. Their new release is another solid album from the group, with a few standout radio tracks in […]

Offa Rex – The Queen of Hearts

Offa Rex are a new band featuring members of The Decemberists plus vocalist Olivia Chaney. The music of pays homage to psychedelic folk rock of the 60s, fusing traditional English/Celtic folk music with some rock influence as well. Traditional songs as well as a few covers of more recent work. Some standouts are “Blackleg Miner”, […]

Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues–Different Voices

Mix of folk, Asian or Indian elements, harmonica and string quartet. Fun! Play!

Uncombed Hair- Annie Humphrey

New to the studio here at WRUV FM Burlington from this Ojibwe artist, Annie Humphrey all original and described as alternative music but has a message within.  Great stories are told in this CD like a story about Winona LaDuke. (track called Tipi To A Tesla).  We The People, a track that challenges us all, […]

The Suitcase Junket- “Pile Driver”

Matt Lorenz is the incredible one-man force behind The Suitcase Junket. This is best described as a folk-rock album with everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink: Lorenz’s claim to fame is his use of everyday objects as elements in his music, including a “suitcase drum, cookpot, circular sawblade, and that nasty old guitar.” The bluesy, raw […]

Trouble in the Wind – “Lefty”

Trouble in the Wind’s stripped-down organic sound is a multi-instrumental collective fronted by a staggering powerful voice. The group’s expansive instrumentation of accordion, upright bass, brushes, banjo and guitars color the emotional songs on Lefty, which blend and range from ballads to surf folk to soulful rockers. Label: Self-Released Play: 2, 4, 5, 7, 8  FCC: 9 […]

Julie Byrne- Not Even Happiness

Julie Byrne’s third album combines wonderfully poetic lyrics, with a soulful voice as smooth as silk, and the beautiful sound of a lone guitar. This is mellow album that is easy to get lost in as Byrne’s hypnotic voice takes us through the many labyrinthine hallways of love and loss. RIYL:Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Weyes […]

Alison Krauss- Windy City

This newest edition to the Folk/Country singers discography is a a great dive into classically country break-up songs. Swinging back and forth from sad and downtrodden, to upbeat, and square-danceable, this artist is always incredibly soulful. Pretty great album all around, highly recommended to anyone who likes country and folk, or is looking to get […]

David Crosby-Lighthouse

A New one from Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young founding member, is a soulful reflection on life, love, and the world today. While not terribly upbeat, this album contains all of the classical guitar playing and singing styles that made Crosby famous, combined with some beautiful choral accompaniment. If your a fan, you’ll love it. If […]

Nikki Lane – “Highway Queen”

“Highway Queen” is Nikki Lane’s third album, with the so called ‘First Lady of Outlaw Country’ tossing out an emotional tour-de-force. Strong country influences and some old fashioned rock and roll, the album is reminiscent of the emotions Johnny Cash’s music had. A good listen if you’re fond of country music. Label: New West FCC: #6 Play: #4, […]

Leif Vollebekk – “Twin Solitude”

Leif Vollebekk’s third full-length record, Twin Solitude, is incredibly easy to listen to. NPR said, referring to the first track, “the song grabs you by the heart and pulls you into its hypnotic whirl of melancholia.” This could not be a more perfect description for the entire album. The lyrics are clearly heartfelt, lying on […]