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Spirit Walk Various Artists

A release that features music by Native American artists arranged from the slowest of rhythms to peak stride to cruise control to cool down.  Like a walk or workout or New Age listening.  Pick your speed for a single play.  Walk in Good Health and Beauty is the theme.

Running For The Drum- Buffy Sainte-Marie

Longtime singer songwriter and Native American sociopolitical activist , artist and educator, Buffy sings of corporate greed in “No No Keshagesh”, and political establishment in “Working For The Goverment”.  She dedicates “Easy Like The Snow Falls Down” to hospice  caregivers.  “Still This Love Goes On” she says she sings to herself when missing the sensual […]

The Wind Eagle and Other Abenaki Stories-Joseph Bruchac

This collection of Glusabe (a cultural hero of the Western Abenaki) stories as told by storyteller Joseph Bruchac will delight all ages and persuasions.  The Flute and Abenaki introductions to each story are by Jesse Bowman Bruchac, who has created an Abenaki syllabus and website devoted to the preservation and teaching Abenaki language.  more […]

Guitalian Quartet– Contemporary Italian Music for Guitar Quartet

Contemporary quartets ranging from lyrical or tense to staccato. Trk 1 lovely, try 4, 5,7, 10 (busy but interesting).

Collected Music of Jerome David Goodman

Contemporary pieces for various instruments, some quite vigorous, but most not. For wind quintet, piano, saxophone quartet or symphony orchestra.

Old New Borrowed Blue

Duo Imaginaire (John Corbett, clarinet & Simone Seiler, harp)  provide a luscious collection of transcriptions of pieces by Debussy, Michans, Granados and others. Play most!

Elizabeth Brown–Mirage

Originally a flutist, Brown also plays theremin and shakuhachi, and there are interesting compositions on this CD for all of them. Theremin pieces eerie, dreamy, shakuhachi pieces with that Asian abstract feel. Play most!

Riders of The Healing Road- Johnny Whitehorse

Ancestral Kundalini, track 5 and Hand Tremblers, track 7 = powerful spoken word. Enjoy the Flute Playing of Johnny Whitehorse aka Robert Mirabal with some drum and gentle background for the CD dedicated to Healers. PLAY: 5, 7, 10

David Lynch – The Big Dream

Described by Lynch as “modern blues”, The Big Dream is filmmaker David Lynch’s sophomore album. Full of electronic beats and dreamy sounds, The Big Dream is a twisted, dark modern electronic blues album that should definitely be given a listen. Play: 1, 2, 6 FCC: 8 RIYL: David Lynch Films, Gonjasufi

Audacity – Mellow Cruisers

  Really awesome skater punk-rock from some cool youngin’s. This garage pop-punk album showcases Audacity’s interesting take on Rock n’ Roll. Very fun and fast record! Play: 3, 4, 1 ALL! FCC: Clean RIYL: King Tuff, White Fang, White Fence

Azam Ali and Loga R. Torkian-Lamentations Of Swans (A Journey Towards Silence)

Lamentations Of Swans (A Journey Towards Silence) is an album from Azam Ali and Loga R. Torkian. The music is a blend of Middle Eastern mantras with Ambient soundscapes. The music is very mellow and serene, something to listen to while drifting away from the troubles of everyday life. RIYD: Dead Can Dance Tracks: All […]

Quentin Quatro-Disco Quatro

Disco Quatro is a single from Quentin Quatro. The disc contains the original edit, three remixes and two addition tracks. As the title implies the original track has a Dance Disco vibe to it but with some subtle Latin influences infused into the track. The remixes are similar but range from Deep House, Chicago House […]

Soft Metals-Lenses

The latest from Soft Metals is titled Lenses. The music has a dreamy Dark Synth sound similar to early Austra or Lady Frnd. There are hints of early synth sounds here as well with Klaus Schulze and Chris Carter influencing the band’s sound. The result is a sound that is sharp yet ethereal, mysterious and […]

Solar Year-Waverly

Waverly is the full length debut from the group Solar Year. The music has a dialed down Electro-Gothic sound which makes it an interesting listen. Rather than smack you in the face with glitz and glam this has a more subtle feel with a darkness threaded into the music. The music is very mysterious and […]

Fat Freddy’s Drop-Blackbird

Blackbird is the third full-length album from Fat Freddy’s Drop. Considered one of New Zealand’s best in Dub Reggae, they continue to push their boundaries and create great music. The album still full of Dub Reggae(Blackbird) but also has some R&B infused into it (Clean the House), Jazz (Silver and Gold),Downtempo (Never Moving) and Funk(Bones). […]


The latest from Mindelixir is titled Lunology. The music is mostly Bass Music with elements of Electro Hop and Trip Hop. The music has a gangster feel to it but not in a menacing way. More like something you listen to while cruising the streets on a hot summer night looking for some kind of […]

GoldFFinch-Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour from GoldFFInch is a two track single containing the tracks The Eleventh Hour and Sultry Steel. The tracks have a mellow Lounge/Dance feel to them and are sleek and sensual. Tracks: All Good

J. Viewz-Far Too Close

Far Too Close is a single from J. Viewz. The disc contains the original edit as well as the track Holding a Map and a Far Too Close Remix. The tracks are Pop Dance with a 80’s Pop feel to them. Tracks: 2,3

Wax Poetic-Tonight

Tonight is a single from Wax Poetic. The disc contains two remixes, the Nouvelle Vague remix and the Rob Garza remix. The first is a mellow, folksy track with an Ambient/Downtempo feel and the second is more Dance based. While the tracks are quite different in sound, they are both solid tracks. Tracks: All Good

Peven Everett-King Of Hearts

The latest from Peven Everett is King of Hearts. The music is Disco and Soul with an early Chicago House sound. Everett has been around for quite a while but his voice hasn’t lost any of its emotion or strength as his croons about the many aspects of love. This is a very upbeat and […]

Mekon-Piece Of Work

Mekon is back, this time with an album titled Piece Of Work. The music is best described as a mix of 8-Bit and Electro Hop but it does bounce around quite a bit. You’re not sure what you’re going to get from one track to the next. Even with the music all over the place, […]

CFCF-Music For Objects

The latest from CFCF is titled Music For Objects. The music has a mellow, Ambient vibe to it and the tracks have a mix of Jazz and New Wave influences threaded into them. The album is also quite short with 8 tracks totaling 24 minutes. The album won’t necessarily blow you away but it does […]

Danger Muse-Red

Red is an Ep from newcomers Dangerous Muse. The music is Pop Dance/Synth Dance with an edge to it. The music is upbeat yet has a harder undercurrent to it similar to early Depeche Mode. The Ep is a preview to a full length album due out soon. RIYD: Depeche Mode, Hot Chip Tracks: All […]

Congo Natty-Jungle Revolution

The latest from Congo Natty is titled Jungle Revolution. The music is a mix of Reggae and Jungle music. There are some solid beats here with songs of liberty and revolution. Tracks: 1,4 FCC:5,7,8

Zomby-With Love

Zomby’s third album is titled With Love. The album is two discs long with a total of 33 tracks. Disc one is considered the “tough” disc while disc 2 is the more “contemplative” disc. The music blends Bass Music, Dark Downtempo, and Burial like Dupstep with hints of Dark Ambient, 8-Bit, Jungle and Drum & […]