Friendships-Nullarbor 1988-1989

Nullarbor 1988-1989 is the latest from the Australian duo Friendships. The music has a dark, rough edge to it but and has some serious beats. The music manages to blend the genres of Dubstep, IDM, Drum & Bass, Tribal and Industrial together rather than mix them. Usually when there are different genres put together you hear the elements individually in a song but here you hear them as a whole like a baked cake as compared to a bowl full of individual ingredients (and no I am not stoned when I wrote this). There is a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks and most of the vocal tracks have a hip hop and/or tribal vibe to them. Overall the tracks have a raw, carnal feel to them, sort of a fight or flight vibe that raises your heart beat but still gets you grooving.

RIYD: Dim Past, Actress, Lord RAJA

Tracks: 1,4,7,9,11,12 FCC: 2,5,10

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