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American Football – “American Football”

American Football is a seminal emo rock band who released one of the most influential albums of the late 1990s. I have been a fan of that album for a good while, so I was pretty stoked to hear that 17 years later they were going to have a follow-up. I didn’t really know what […]

Dream Images–Crumb, Scriabin, Berio & Ustvolskaya

Perhaps to describe a dream, both gentle to tormented, these modern pieces cover the range. Play most!

Vykintas Baltakas– b(ell tree)

A young Lithuanian composer who seeks to be different from the traditional Lithuanian sound. These are avant works for various instruments (orchestra, piano, sax) or voice with electronics. Play or sample!

Czech Music of the 20th Century

A mix of composers, traditional to modern and more abstract. Play!

Florent Ghys–Bonjour

Bassist Florent Ghys’ group Bonjour, performing ambient, lyrical, abstract works, some more forceful, with rock elements. Play!

Beats Antique – Shadowbox (self-released)

Another fine blend of world beats & electronica from this Oakland California trio, including tracks recorded in Moscow & Tel Aviv with local artists. Strong Arabic influences on some tracks (4,7), others more Balkan (1,8), & some dub (12), & more. Worthy!

Amira Medunjanin – Damar (World Village)

Amazing vocalist from Bosnia sings poignant Sevdah songs “from the beating heart” of her homeland, beautifully arranged ancestral songs with lots of gorgeous acoustic guitar by Bosko Jovic, & some nice piano from Bojan Z. Some say she’s “The Billy Holliday of Bosnia!”

Roberto Fonseca – ABUC (Impulse!)

Great Cuban music from a fine pianist, composer, producer & Grammy winner; some big band, some great vocals, orchestral pieces, & lots of great percussion, basically sampling the breadth of Cuban music (read the title backwards). Includes several notable guests.  

Piers Faccini – I Dreamed and Island (Six Degrees)

Really interesting; sort of folk or indie-rock, but with Middle Eastern elements throughout. By a British songwriter living in Southern France, the songs celebrate cultural diversity & express dismay at the ravages of religious and national extremism. Nice!

Aquaserge – Guerre EP (Crammed Discs)

From Toulouse France, another in a long series of collaborations between a core group of three musicians & their friends. An interesting mix of tunes with elements of rock, pop, chanson, & French film music. Vocals in French. Translations in liner notes.

Orkesta Mendoza – Vamos a Guarachar! (Glitterbeat)

From Tucson Arizona, a Latin orchestra with lots of attitude & innovation led by Sergio Mendoza. Great musicianship, classic in some ways, but continually surprising too. Six band members plus 11 guest performers on various tracks. Great cumbia, mambo, & more.

Locos Por Juana – Caribe (Rock The Moon)

Energetic Grammy-nominated Latin alt-rock band, incorporating elements of cumbia, Afro-Colombian, champeta, reggaeton, dub, hip-hop & more. Bet they do a great live show!

La Lucha – Eljuri (Manovill)

Latin alt-rock from a singer-songwriter & fine guitarist of Ecuadorian & Lebanese heritage, raised in Manhattan. The guitar riffs & percussion are great, as are the vocals.


Monday is an album from Starro. The music is a mix of Electro R&B, Synth Dance and some very minor touches of Electro Hop. Several guest artists appear lending their own vocal talents and influences to the tracks. The tracks are all smooth, even the more upbeat ones and there is a good blend of […]

Balkan Beat Box-Shadowbox

Shadowbox is the latest from Beats Antique. The album is their tenth in ten years and spans many genres and cultures. You have Electro Hop, EDM, Afro-Jazz, Dub and Downtempo along with Arabic, Gypsy, and Asian influences. The music is exotic and alluring and let’s hope Beats Antique is around for another ten years. RIYD: […]

Cheap Treasure-Saturn Soul

Saturn Soul is an album from Moscow-based producer Maxin Palchikov a.k.a. Cheap Treasure. The music has a Synth Dance vibe to it with some touches of Funk, Disco and Retro Synths and melds sounds both new and old into the tracks. Very upbeat, smooth and groovy and you can’t help but tap you toe and […]

People’s Palm-Habitual

Habitual is People’s Palm debut on the Seattle-based label Hush Hush. The music is a breezy mix of Ambient Soundscapes, New Age and Downtempo. There’s also an Asian and Tropical feel as well conjuring up images of sun soaked beaches on some far away exotic island. Very easy to listen to and worth checking out. […]

RUFUS DU SOL-Innerbloom Remixes

RUFUS DU SOL’s track Innerbloom has been remixed. The disc contains the original edit plus five remixes. The original is Alternative Dance and the remixes are all upbeat dance as well. Tracks: All Good

Adrian Younge-The Electronique Void: Black Noise

The Electronique Void: Black Noise is an album by Adrian Younge. The music has a quirky, experimental vibe to it and also has a very early electronic sound to it similar to early Kraftwerk or Jean-Michel Jarre. A little offbeat but still has a cool sound. RIYD: Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre Tracks: 2,5,6,9

Samuel Proffitt-The Grey Notebook

The Grey Notebook is the latest release from artist Samuel Proffitt. The music has a smooth, mellow, powerful Electro R&B vibe and the tracks are filled with emotion and depth. RIYD: River Tiber, Sohn Tracks: All Good

Aksak Maboul-Ex-Futur

Ex-Futur, an album originally set to be released in 1981 by Aksak Maboul has be re-discovered and reworked by several different artists and is now titled 16 Visions of Ex-Futur. The music has a quirky, Belgian 80’s Pop sound and has a breezy feel to it. Tracks: 1,4,5,9,14

Karen Nielsen-Deliverance

Karen Nielsen returns this time with her third album, Deliverance. The artist continues to sharpen her skills and this album while dark, raw and moody has a nice polish to it. There’s also an Industrial/Gothic streak threaded into the tracks adding to the darkness of the tracks. Nielsen works as a physician and has treated […]

Wax Tailor-By Any Means Necessary

Wax Tailor is back with an album titled By Any Means Necessary. The album is rooted in Hip Hop but the artist is constantly pushing the boundaries of the genre and here you hear elements of Blues, Psychedelic Rock, Soul, Trip Hop and Funk. There’s also a Wild West feel giving the album a rebellious […]

French Horn Rebellion-Classically Trained

Classically Trained is the latest album from French Horn Rebellion. The music is a fun mix of Indie Electro-Funk and Synth Dance and “boasts multi-layered pop choruses, “yacht rawk” inspiration and irresistible synth riffs that put the fun back in the funk!” A little cheesy but still fun to listen to. RIYD: Passion Pit, Glass […]

Fort Knox Five-Pressurize The Cabin Remixes

To celebrate Fort Knox Recordings 100th release, Fort Knox Five have compiled 20 remixes from their Pressurize The Cabin Album. The album is a mix of Funk, Electro Hop, Glitch, House and Reggae. The tracks are all upbeat, funky and fun. Give it a spin. RIYD: Basement Freaks, Quantic Tracks: 1,4,5,7,11,14