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The xx – “I See You”

The xx is an English indie-pop band that I have been a fan of since their debut album. Although I wasn’t impressed with their sophomore released, I have enjoyed a lot of Jamie xx’s solo output, so I was stoked when I started hearing singles from this thing drop. Overall, the album draws a lot […]

The Flaming Lips – “Oczy Mlody”

I have never been the biggest fan of The Flaming Lips, but that isn’t going to stop me from listening to their latest album. On Oczy Mlody, the band continues to provide dazzling experimental rock music that is over-the-top, maximalist, and a high-energy onslaught of the senses. Compared to a lot of their previous efforts, this album is […]

The Last Shadow Puppets – “The Dream Synopsis EP”

As someone who wasn’t too fond of the Last Shadow Puppets’ last album, I didn’t really have high expectations going into this, but in all honesty I was very impressed by this EP. Besides the first track, Alex Turner and Miles Kane perform 5 covers, and they perform them with such emotional intensity that it […]

STRFKR – “Being No One, Going Nowhere”

STRFKR is a band I have been a fan of for a very long time. Back in 2010, they played at Higher Ground when they were touring off their self-titled album, but I was too young to drive myself, and my mom wouldn’t let me go. Luckily, I caught them in 2013 when they were […]

Sam Kogon – “Psychic Tears”

Sam Kogon is a New York based lo-fi garage rock artist, and before this album I was unfamiliar with his work, but I really enjoyed his track with Frankie Cosmos, so I thought I would give this whole album a listen. I didn’t know what to expect, but Kogon over the course of twelve tracks […]

Jay-Som – “Turn Into”

Jay-Som is the alias of San Francisco based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte. Her latest album Turn Into is a nine track bundle of alternative indie-pop that is even tinted with a little bit of shoegaze. This album is a collection of both finished songs that were recorded over the past two years, and they really […]

Nicole Dollanganger – “Observatory Mansions”

Nicole Dollanganger is an Ontario born lo-fi dream-pop artist, and Observatory Mansions is her fourth album that was released in 2014 and it was re-released through Run For Cover Records on physical copies for the first time, so you may already be familiar with this album. This is my first taste, and I didn’t know what to […]

Branches – “White Flag”

Branches is an indie-folk pop band who I wasn’t really too familiar with before I had listened to this album, so I didn’t know what to expect. This album has a mix of harmony driven indie-rock with a blend of folk instrumentation. Not only that, but there are also electric guitars and banjos, wildly harmonious […]

Sam Roberts Band – “Terraform”

My first taste of Sam Roberts Band came in 2014 when I was in Montreal at Osheaga, and I was waiting for Childish Gambino to perform, and these guys played beforehand. Although I wasn;t the most thrilled with their performance then, I consider myself a fair guy, so I decided to give their new album […]

The Range – “Superimpose”

The Range is the name of Baltimore based electronic musician James Hinton, and the album he released earlier this year was absolutely stellar. My friend Henry and I saw him at Osheaga, and his performance was also fantastic, so I was more than stoked to see we got the EP to accompany his new movie. […]

Rafter – “XYZ”

Rafter is an indie electro-pop artist who I was unfamiliar with before this released. On his latest release, Rafter provides a solid ten tracks of fun and danceable electro-pop that can be enjoyable to a wide array of people. The synthesizers are fast, and the drum beats are pulsating, and each track makes you just […]

Paul & The Tall Trees – “Our Love in the Light”

I had never heard of Paul & The Tall Trees before listening to this album, but I thought that the band had a pretty rad name, so I would give their album a chance. Going into this album with virtually no expectations, I have to say that what I did hear was very interesting. The group […]

Honeyblood – “Babes Never Die”

Honeyblood is a Glasgow based lo-fi indie rock duo, and Babes Never Die is their second studio album. Although I personally am not familiar with the group, I was curious as to see what this album had to bring to me, and I was impressed. The group isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel here, but what they do […]

His Clancyness – “Isolation Culture”

His Clancyness began as the solo-project of Canadian singer/guitarist Jonathan Clancy, but he has since evolved his project into a full fledged band. This album is my first taste of the group, but I have to say I was really enjoying what this album had to offer me. Overall, this music is very minimalist and […]

Empire of the Sun – “Two Vines”

Empire of the Sun is an Australian synth-pop duo who I have been pretty familiar with in the past. I enjoyed their 2013 album Ice on the Dune, and their debut album is fantastic as well. Not to mention they are also signed to Astralwerks, which released my favorite album of 2016 thus far, The Avalanches’ Wildflower. Although I personally […]

Communist Daughter – “The Cracks That Built the Wall”

Communist Daughter is an indie folk band that comes from the mind of Twin Cities native Johnny Solomon, and The Cracks That Built the Wall was my first taste of the group. On this release, the band isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, but what they do provide is a quality eleven track album of refined indie folk […]

C Duncan – “The Midnight Sun”

C Duncan is an indie folk artist hailing from Glasgow Scotland, and his latest album The Midnight Sun was my first taste of his music. On this album, Duncan provides ten consistently quality tracks with shades of lovely multi-layered harmonies. The vocals are layered, the synths are sweeping, and the instrumentation is dreamy. It’s definitely a very […]

Purling Hiss – “High Bias”

Purling Hiss is a Philadelphia based psychedelic rock band, and High Bias is their sixth studio album. Although I myself am not familiar with these guys, I was really impressed with this release. Each of these nine tracks are incredibly fuzzed out, with a blend of lo and hi fi abrasive guitars, and the drum beats are […]

Port Juvee – “Crimewave”

Port Juvee is a California surf-punk and garage rock outfit, and Crimewave is their debut album. Unfortunately I couldn’t even find an official album cover for this release online. Regardless, this band is album is filled with tons of energy, with pounding guitar rhythms and dizzying arrangements. This album is very California to say the least, and […]

Minihorse – “Big Lack”

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I was listening to a band with as silly of a band name as Minihorse, but since the EP was only five songs long, I didn’t think that the commitment would be too dreadful, and overall I wasn’t disappointed at all. As previously mentioned, there are […]

Kuroma – “The Dark Horse Rides Again”

Kuroma is a group that to my understand is affiliated with MGMT, and it makes sense because this album has a very introspective and psychedelic vibe that would be influenced by MGMT. The melodies are gorgeous and out front, and the guitars are shimmering and arpeggiated. It’s hard to describe how beautiful this album is […]

Kan Wakan – “Molasses”

Kan Wakan is a Bulgarian producer, and his latest EP Molasses doesn’t leave a lot of room for error. At a mere four tracks, and just barely spanning over twenty minutes, Kan Wakan still manages to captivate throughout the tracklist with a hazy collection of downtempo beats with lush and enveloping orchestration. The arrangements are lovely, and […]

Jones – “New Skin”

Jones is an alternative R&B singer hailing from London, and I fell in love with her latest album New Skin almost instantly. As someone who enjoys a strong female R&B singer such as FKA twigs, Solange, SZA, or Lianna La Havas, Jones was easy for me to enjoy. Her voice is absolutely lovely, and her instrumentals are […]

Gallant – “Ology”

Gallant is a singer-songwriter hailing from Columbia, Maryland and Ology is his latest studio album. Although I hadn’t heard a lot from Gallant beforehand, I had faith in this album because it comes from a label that I trust, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. He blends emotional R&B with jazz and blues, and just listening to […]

The Faint – “Capsule: 1999-2016”

The Faint is an indie rock band hailing from Omaha, NE and this album is a collection of a lot of their previous works. Their dance-punky synth revival has influenced many different popular bands today, and this collection has a lot of fun tracks that you can crank at full volume and dance around to […]