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VERZACHE – Messed Up [SINGLE] // self-released

From promoter: “On his latest single, “Messed Up,” Toronto-based producer Verzache sings about the turbulent mindset that follows a break-up. Starting out producing trap-inspired beats, Verzache has recently leaned into more lo-fi production, bridging acoustic sounds and laid back electronic production in a way that feels as organic as it does synthesized. This duality lends […]

OKEY DOKEY – Once Upon One Time // Park The Van

From promoter: “Okey Dokey is no longer a band. Indeed, what was once the Nashville duo of Johny Fisher and Aaron Martin has decided to do what no other band has ever done and grown into something bigger… a community. Where most bands attempt to use their exclusivity and fame to attract their fan base, Okey Dokey wants […]

CHINA CLUB – Ming & Zhizhi // self-released

From promoter: ” If you’re yearning for an auditory trip to another dimension, listen no further than China Club. Originally a two-piece from Dallas, TX, the band pivoted to a collective of musicians headed by Kamaron Black (he/him, they/them). Their eclectic soundscapes reflect a marriage of East and West and were borne from a camaraderie […]

NAILBITER – Brace // Hand Drawn Dracula

From promoter: “Nailbiter is the alter ego of Josh Korody, Toronto’s studio guru and producer (known for his work with shoegaze bands WISH and Beliefs). Following his critically acclaimed EP Waveshaper, Korody dove face first into the Techno scene, focusing his creative energy on experimentation rather than form. His next release, Brace (out October 30) is a collection of freeform ideas, experimental […]

REPTALIENS – Wrestling [EP] // Captured Tracks

From promoter: “Reptaliens’ Wrestling EP differs in two major ways from the groups previous releases: It is the first recording project engineered, produced, and mixed entirely by the songwriting duo of Bambi and Cole Browning. Also, it stylistically differs greatly from anything the band has released before, resulting in a darker and more emotive sound, […]

THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS – Made of Rain // Cooking Vinyl

The Psychedelic Furs hit us with their first full length album since 1991! Full of heavy guitar driven melodic and chaotic tracks, Made of Rain is a nice taste of the 80s group gone 2010s rock. Complex instrumentation and a lot of fun melodies makes for a really complete sounding album. If you want to […]

CUT COPY – Freeze, Melt // Cutters Records

From Promoter: “Grammy-nominated electronica act Cut Copy returns with their sixth studio album, Freeze, Melt, breaking from their traditionally dance-oriented music to provide a more thoughtful, ambient record. With tracks averaging over five minutes and creating a textural landscape of synths, drum machines, and (sometimes) founder DJ Dan Whitford’s melodic vocals, Freeze, Melt is certainly […]

ELDERBROOK – Why Do We Shake In the Cold? // Parlophone/Atlantic

From Promoter: “London based artist Elderbrook’s debut full-length, Why Do We Shake In The Cold? is a lyrical ode to his singer-songwriter roots set in a modern electronic sound. After dropping his first EP Simmer Down in 2015, his collaborations and remixes have since garnered acclaim with fans. Elderbrook (a.k.a. English musician and producer Alexander […]

YELLOW DAYS – A Day In A Yellow Beat // RCA

From Promoter: “Self-described as an “upbeat existential millennial crisis”, A Day In A Yellow Beat is the newest album from indie-pop R&B project Yellow Days. The brainchild of Manchester-born George Van Den Broek, Van Den Broek’s latest album serves as a long-awaited followup to his first two albums, released in 2016 and 2017 respectively when […]

THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS – “Don’t Believe” [Single] // [Cooking Vinyl]

The Psychedelic Furs are out with a new single “Don’t Believe,” from the highly anticipated upcoming studio album, Made of Rain. From its exhilarating opening bars, Made Of Rain – the first Psychedelic Furs album in 29 years – sounds like them and them alone. It’s a joy to hear again, fresher than ever, that unique […]

TALL TALL TREES – A Wave of Golden Things // [Joyful Noise]

Tall Tall Trees is the indie folk project of singer-songwriter Mike Savino, a regular in the touring ensemble for group Kishi Bashi. A Wave of Golden Things is full of lovely stripped down accessible folk with very simple and raw instrumentation along with soulful singing and rich lyrics. Really smooth listen !!! Play. Label: Joyful Noise Start […]


NY singer/songwriter Anna Shoemaker’s new single “Funny” is a grooving and moody pop track about turbulent relationships and the difficulties of love. Shoemaker got her start as a Soundcloud sensation when her mashup of Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” and Chance The Rapper’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses” went viral; since then she has released […]

REAL ESTATE – Paper Cup (feat. Sylvan Esso) [Single] // [Domino]

Real Estate’s “Paper Cup” is a shimmering disco-inspired track that signals a new direction for the band while staying true to their wistful indie rock roots. This track contains the first ever feature on a Real Estate song, with guest vocals from Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso. Delicate vocal harmonies by Meath and lead singer Martin […]

AVEY TARE – Conference of Birds/Birds in Disguise [Domino]

“New York artist Avey Tare’s latest EP Conference of Birds / Birds In Disguise is a hypnotic and spacey exploration into indie pop music. Tare got his start as a member of Animal Collective and from there branched out to a number of different projects and collaborations to expand his songwriting ability and back catalogue. […]

DEVON GILFILLIAN – Black Hole Rainbow // Capitol

From promoter: ” Nashville singer/songwriter Devon Gilfillian is giving R&B and soul a modern twist on his debut record Black Hole Rainbow. Born in Philly, Gilfillian first made a name for himself as the drummer and singer of Cafe Ole but relocated to Nashville in 2013 to find a community appreciative of his blend of social […]

CHERRY AMES – Bailey // self-released

From Promoter: “Cherry Ames is a Washington, DC-based indie rock trio that welds psychedelia, shoegaze and noise into a melodic, loud, gorgeous, sonic pigpile. The heart of their sound is the distorted, alternate-tuned guitars of Matt Vandenbroek and Jamie Darken and Trae Tomko’s propulsive, lyrical drumming. Founded in 2017, and after the usual growing pains of lineup […]

HOOPS – They Say [Single]// Fat Possum

From Promoter: “Hoops was born in frontman Drew Auscherman’s teenage bedroom as a solo ambient and beat-driven project à la Oneohtrix Point Never’s Replica. Auscherman named the band after the hoop houses at the nursery where he worked (not for his home state’s mania for basketball). Eventually he corralled a few of his friends to flesh out his […]

VÉRITÉ – New Skin // AWAL

From promoter: “Brooklyn artist Vérité is crafting catchy and ambient tracks on her new record New Skin. Written while traveling between Nashille, New York, and Los Angeles; her lyrics focus on the blandness of everyday romance in contrast to the normally cinematic depiction of love in other songs. She utilizes her smooth vocal style to […]

JESCA HOOP – STONECHILD // Memphis Industries

From promoter: “While Hoop‘s trademark finger-plucked guitar and ethereal textures remain, the songs and their presentation are ever more direct. “He – Parish – was a gentle collaborator until he killed one of my darlings” Hoop jests. “I’ve never been so brutally edited, and I wasn’t shy about expressing my discomfort at the sight of […]

TOTH – Juliette [Single] // Northern Spy

From promoter: “Brooklyn artist Tōth’s new single “Juliette” is a nostalgia dripping lament to a lost love. Getting his start with the band Rubblebucket and putting out his debut LP earlier this year, Alex Toth is a songwriter who is constantly creating and it is . “Juliette” implements low-fi acoustic guitar and Beach Boys-esque melodic […]

THE DISTRICTS – HEY JO [Single] // Fat Possum

From promoter: “It’s been two years since The Districts released Popular Manipulations, and their new single “Hey Jo” is the first single from the upcoming album You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere. The founding members – vocalist/guitarist Rob Grote, bassist Connor Jacobus, and drummer Braden Lawrence – have known each other since attending grade school together […]

CHROMATICS – Closer To Grey // Italians Do It Better

From COS: “Some may argue that with this album, Chromatics have completely left behind their original punk, lo-fi, noisy, chaotic sound and instead grown into their “Italo-Disco”-influenced sound of more recent times. However, you can arguably hear little gems of punk in the guitars of tracks like “Through the Looking Glass” but served in a […]


From Promoter: “Their new EP, Phasing, retains that same sweet, sun-drenched malaise of past No Vacation releases, but everything has now been tightened up a notch. The band says it’s a result of being more collaborative and understanding that each member has something unique to contribute. On Phasing, Nat was able to flex her classical […]

SKEGSS – My Own Mess // Loma Vista

Australian rock’n’roll trio Skegss blends a noisy and folksy sound with the raucous boom of garage rock on their new record My Own Mess. Hailing from Byron Bay, the trio have seen their following steadily grow due to their rowdy live performance and songwriting capability. The new record sees the band utilizing jangly guitar passages […]

JIMMY EAT WORLD – Surviving // RCA Records

It just took some time, but pop punk powerhouses Jimmy Eat World end a three year silence with their new record Surviving. This record showcases the same ear for melody that helped skyrocket the band after their 2001 record Bleed American, and removes some of the angst to show a more mature and refined version […]